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reform00.jpg An amazing and important art show occured in NYC this weekend ~ RE:FORM SCHOOL, a REDU Project! And luckily, while i couldn’t make it, Anna of Sub-Studio was willing to go check it out for us!!! And WOW! So many incredible pieces! With three floors of art, over 150 artists participating, and a mind blowing weekend of events… looks like it was quite the show ~ and brought together by the folks behind the incredible Manifest Equality and Manifest Hope. How do they describe it? “RE:FORM SCHOOL is a high profile group art exhibition, event series and public awareness campaign taking place in New York City, that brings together the creative community in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System.” Now… on to some of the many incredible pieces… see the next page!





reform16.jpg Patrick Martinez’s I Don’t Like To Dream About Getting Paid


reform7.jpg Anthony David Adams - Leave Them Kids Alone, and the view in the girls bathroom!

reform3.jpg Kelly Towles - Dunce, Elbow-Toe - Sleep with One Eye Open

reform1.jpg Mark Ecko - Dead Prez Series

reform2.jpg Michael Murphy - USA Pencil Installation

reform4.jpg Erik Otto - The Rediscover Bus

reform5.jpg Eric Otto - Collective Force

reform8.jpg Ron English - Stereo Magritte

reform9.jpg Mike Perry - City, Town, Village

reform10.jpg Mike Perry

reform11.jpg Dave Barnes - Knowledge Is Power

reform12.jpg Scott Albrecht - Don’t Give Up, Every Day Is A New Day

reform13.jpg Andrew Bannecker - Held Captive, Julian Callos - Tabula Rasa


reform15.jpg Jose A Mercado (Munkone) - Knowledge Is Power

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Very interesting. I just hope positive developments will come about from these well-meaning events.

----- T. E. Samad 15.10.10 05:53

AMAZING theme and totally positive messages. I love it.. Truly inspirational mate.

----- Avi 13.10.10 21:34

This looks awesome. I love “Stereo Magritte”

----- Marie 13.10.10 14:39



----- Gonçalo Osório 13.10.10 11:20

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