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Favorite Places: Seals + Carne Asada Fries- 10.18.10

seals0.jpg NOTCOT’s Favorite Places ~ here’s a new series of posts sharing some of my favorite places in (and around!) Los Angeles! This content series is brought to you by the All-New 2011 Kia Sportage. Welcome to the Next Level.

Have you heard? LA weather has been pretty heinous lately ~ gloomy grey raininess is upon us! So sad, since some of the favorite spots i wanted to show you are definitely more fun outside! So here’s one to mix it up a little ~ though an LA native, and having ended up back here ~ i spent quite a few years on and off living in San Diego! And being a mere 2 hours away, and loving a good drive to clear my head, one of my favorite things to do while in LA, is just pop down, sometimes for a few days, sometimes just for a day trip! And inevitably hit up a few nostalgic spots… this saturday, i popped down to get some much craved Carne Asada Fries (though apparently sometimes referred to as Mexican Poutine as i just found out ~ though they are far better!) from Cotixans… and checking out the harbor seals that haul out at Casa Beach in La Jolla. There is something so incredibly blissed out about the way the pups look when sleeping! So this favorites post is dedicated to some nostalgic comfort food and a dash of nature… it’s also just so calming to be on the edge of the sea as it crashes into the rocks and beach as tide comes in… See awesome pics of seals and fries that Tasteologie editor, Jackson, took on the next page!







and… Carne Asada Fries! From Cotixans are a must! roadtrip-fries.jpg

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I haven’t been able to visit your site for a while. My computer has been on the blink. Anyway, I love those photos. Seals always look as if they are smiling. I live on the west ( wet ) coast of Canada near Vancouver. One day this past summer I was out in my kayak riding ( surfing ) some fairly decent waves when I looked across and saw two seals doing the same thing. Once we got close to shore we would paddle back out and surf in again. The two seals stayed with me for a good 20 minutes. Every now and then one of them would come quite close and give me a big grin. I wish I had had a camera, one of the neatest experiences of my life.By the way the food looks great, it’s difficult to find good Mexican food up here.

----- seb 24.10.10 14:14

@MINNOW They were shot with a 300mm lens from up on seawall :-)

----- Jackson 21.10.10 10:18

I’m glad you’re a fan of the Sea Lions in La Jolla Cove, but unfortunately, the La Jolla locals there are voting to no longer protect that beach for seals. Instead they want to convert it back to a “children’s pool” because obviously children have no where else to go to the beach in San Diego (note the sarcasm). As a San Diego local, I really don’t approve of people setting foot on that beach but rather enjoying the presence of seals from above and away from the seals so they can rest in peace.

I really hope the pictures you posted were taken at a distance with a really good camera! But if not, spread the word! We want to save these seals so everyone can enjoy them!

p.s. Tacos El Gordo in Chula Vista have the best mexican food :)

----- Minnow 21.10.10 00:57

The happy sleeping sea lion looks like it’s eating carne asada fries too haha! :D

PS. Cotixan is pretty good, but carne asada fries from Jalapeno’s in Carmel Mountain wins everytime.

----- randi 19.10.10 09:22

I’m sorry, but You have to go to Lolita’s if you want the best carne asada fries. Just fyi next time you come down here

----- Chris 18.10.10 22:47

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