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Hard Graft Phone Fold Wallet- 10.26.10

wallet1.jpg Hard Graft’s Phone Fold Wallet in Grey is so lustworthy… for those moments when you can’t grab a full purse/wallet, and only need to run out the door with your phone, cash, and a few cards (key’s will have to be figured out separately!) ~ how cute is this nice grey version of the Hard Graft fold wallet (originally in brown). So tempting. I love the attention to detail: Metal snap keeps wallet closed (snap is not exposed to phone) and the headphone jack even has access! And it can fit your iPhone 4 with bumpers, albeit a bit more snugly… perfect to grab and toss into a clutch for a night out… see more pics on the next page!






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the headphones pictured are called the Apollo from Nixon watches

----- aaronaut 27.10.10 02:17

Hello Notcot,

Nice Wallet…
I like the Headphones to, what Type or Label are there?

Thanks a Lot.


----- Roman 27.10.10 01:29

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