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Inspiration: X-rays- 10.26.10

xray0.jpg Here’s the fourth post in our Inspiration series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching across the internet around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! This time fascination with x-rays as an art form are my inspiration! So on the next page you can find a variety of artists and photographers who use x-rays are their medium ~ as well as a peek at my Veer Album of X-ray pics!

Jim Wehtje makes incredible x-ray images out of other objects! xray2.jpg

Hugh Turvey x-ray’s flowers! xray3.jpg



EIZO: Pin-up Calendar 2010 X-ray’s of pin ups are far creepier than you’d imagine! xray6.jpg

WIRED’s article on Nick Veasy is a great look into how the artist works… xray7.jpg

Even more fascinating is taking a look at the work on Nick Veasey’s site! Here are a few of my favorites ~ he manages to shoot everything from insects and plants to objects and tech! xray8.jpg





Now even more fun ones that inspired me from my Veer Album of X-ray pics! xray13.jpg





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