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Design Glut Jar Tiles- 10.25.10

jars0.jpg I have Hookmakers all over my house ~ someday, maybe i’ll even have a wall of them like the Design Glut ladies… or a living wall of them filled with succulents and air plants? But i digress, how exciting is it that the Hookmakers have now been joined by Jar Tiles!!! So take a peek at their latest on the next page…

p.s. also worth taking a look at ~ their new jewelry line that needs some kickstarting!




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3 Notes

Those are fantastic. I have never seen anything like them.

----- Seb 28.10.10 21:08

Interesting concept, practical and a nice touch on the walls.

----- eve Politanoff 25.10.10 13:48

I love these two items together. These are perfect to clean up little things that need a place in your home. You can never have too much storage!

----- Ellen 25.10.10 13:40

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