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Logitech Revue Google TV- 10.23.10

googletv000.jpg First in my series of posts about my adventures with smart TVs ~ sponsored by the fun folks at Intel’s smart TVs! As usual ~ content and pics and all that fun is all me and they are supporting me to do it!

Google TV unboxing time! …with the Logitech Revue that literally disappears into my media center! As you saw earlier, amazon managed to get the Logitech TV Cam to me before the box itself, so you’ve already seen that unboxed. The Logitech Revue showed up the day after, so here’s the unbox/setup and first impressions… in usual Logitech fashion, the hardware is sleek, simple and feels great. So check out the unbox on the next page ~ as well as a peek at KidRobot’s new Simpson’s Mini Series 2

Unboxing ~ first thing you see is the keyboard/remote! googletv2.jpg

Beneath that tray ~ the Revue unit! googletv3.jpg

It looks… like little more than a glossy black box. Matching my media center perfectly! googletv4.jpg

The cables ~ power, hdmi, IR blaster… googletv5.jpg

And the coolest part is definitely how thin the keyboard is! And it stands up vertically to take up a tiny footprint… and to show you JUST how thin it is ~ there’s the sneak peek of the Simpson’s Mini Series 2 Willie that just showed up from Kid Robot… you have to see the freaky zombie ones in the series (like you can scoop out Bart’s zombie brains!) as well as the adorable mariachi characters! googletv7a.jpg

A close up of the keyboard ~ nice big font ~ track pad ~ and your usual DVR remote buttons even… googletv7c.jpg

Zooming out ~ here’s the view from the couch… see? The revue disappears… that tiny green light? is where it is… nested between the ps3 and slingbox over directv DVR… googletv7b.jpg

I must say ~ i really do adore that they were thoughtful enough to just let the box look so clean and not need to scream out to grab attention in the media center… in fact to make your own Sony GoogleTV equivalent, its thin enough you could probably just mount it on the back of the TV! googletv7d.jpg

Next step while getting things set up ~ started downloading the Logitech Harmony app for my HTC Legend! googletv7f.jpg

Which works beautifully ~ it is kind of fun to be able to wander around the house (so long as i’m in wifi range of my network) and be able to turn the tv/DVR/googleTV on and off… googletv7g.jpg

You can seemlessly swap between TV and googleTV ~ including having picture in picture ~ or TV in Internet! So here’s testing out TV while poking at NOTCOT.orggoogletv8.jpg

Testing out the twitter app… googletv9.jpg

And you can zoom ~ which seems to switch the resolution of the browser ~ since as you zoom in and out ~ our flowing interface has the posts slide up as they shrink! Doesn’t Tasteologie look pretty? googletv10.jpg

… and how fun is NOTCOT.org look with tons of posts? (All of which are totally readable from the big screen!) googletv11.jpg

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