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Logitech TV Cam Unboxing- 10.21.10

camtv1.jpg On design details to lust after, Logitech always manages to deliver ~ while mildly frustrating that my Logitech TV Cam arrived today ~ but my Logitech Revue/GoogleTV isn’t coming until tomorrow… it’s still such a pretty object, i’ll share the unbox first! It beautifully mounts even on the thinnest of TVs and sturdy enough, no need to worry about it leaping off in an earthquake. Armed with a Carl Zeiss wide angle lens with 5x digital zoom and two digital, directional microphones, it promises to take “HD video calls” to a whole new level. Since there’s no Revue to play with today, tried it out with ichat ~ and it works! Nice auto focus, wide angle, and

p.s. on silly design details ~ i love that the blue stripes seen in the website pics aren’t lit up when its off! It’s sleek and black and disappears right into tv…


I love that it tells you to enjoy under the paperwork… camtv3.jpg



While i haven’t poked at it in action yet ~ there’s a cute little mail icon! camtv6.jpg

Beautiful sleek, simple stand! camtv7.jpg

… you can see how many ways it can be mounted… camtv8.jpg

Mounted on the tv… camtv10.jpg

Connected to my macbook pro… camtv11.jpg

… so who to call first? camtv9.jpg

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