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Ultimate Ears 18 Customs- 10.22.10

uecustoms0.jpg First impression. Wow. I mean, i’ve heard ABOUT the Ultimate Ears Customs for some time now, but being custom, no one elses will ever really fit you perfectly… so you can’t know how incredible they can sound, until you try your own. And wow. They sound and feel amazing! Freshly arrived today are a set of Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors, which i got molded for back at NAMM (but was bad and had trouble deciding colors/prints/etc ~ as you can see, i went with the smoke!) From the goo they stuck in my ears, out came these perfect fitting molds hand made right here in socal! I’ve never loved the feel of ear plugs or headphones very much, but i barely notice these after wearing them for a while… and they sound incredible. While i can’t exactly SHOW you how they sound, i can show you the thoughtful packaging and what you receive when your customs arrive… take a peek at the unbox on the next page!

Black on black ~ gloss on matte… uecustoms1.jpg

Certificate of Authenticity is on the side… uecustoms2.jpg


It’s cute that the envelope thanks you upon opening ~ before jumping into the directions, details, etc… uecustoms5.jpg

Now, into the big metal box… uecustoms6.jpg

… with little metal box inside… as well as the cleaning wand… uecustoms7.jpg

… and within the little box are the customs! I must admit i was a little freaked out at the idea of looking at what the cavity in my ears would look like molded… uecustoms8.jpg

Each one has the model number, my initials, and serial number… uecustoms9.jpg

Close ups ~ i love how you can see the guts! And the braiding of the cable reminds me of lanyards as a kid… uecustoms10.jpg

Don’t worry ~ as complicated as this looks, it’s really easy once you’ve done it once… uecustoms10a.jpg

Stickers!!! And other nicely designed pieces of info in the “How Music Is Meant To Be Heard” envelope… uecustoms01.jpg

Here is a reminder pic of my molds as taken by blue goo at NAMM ~ to fitting perfectly in my ear today! uecustoms11.jpg

Thank you, Ultimate Ears Customs! You’re so right, I don’t think i would have fully understood how awesome these sound ~ or the whole customs process any other way!

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Holy cow those are pricey! but I’d love to own a pair. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be wondering how I can swing a pair for the rest of the year now!

----- Shawn 23.10.10 00:53

Thanks for the unboxing pics! I am an amateur audiophile - if that even exists - and I currently own a set of UM2’s. I have loved them since I bought them a few years ago in college. Now that I am out of college and I have put quite a bit of wear and tear into the headphones, I am looking to replace them with a new - possibly upgraded - set.

How would you compare the sound of the customs to any of the lower models? Can you give me a bit of insight into some of the benefits you have noticed from using them?

Thanks! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

----- Kevin K. 22.10.10 14:01

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