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Outstanding In The Field: Prius in Malibu- 10.11.10

outstandingpriusMAIN.jpg Happy 10th Anniversary, Prius! As you saw in my “day in my life through pics” post of the 8 hour event yesterday Prius threw in Malibu’s Wright Organic Resource Center… the Outstanding In The Field dinner was an incredible site to behold ~ not to mention feast to enjoy! So as promised, here’s a closer look at the meal itself ~ from preparation to table design to the fun of the dinner itself! And of course… more looks at the dinner from afar as the sun set… it was just bubbling with everyone’s excited energy and conversation! Not to mention the wine that kept flowing courtesy of Whole Foods too! (Though half the group probably couldn’t drink, needing to navigate the way out of the twisty s-curves of the canyon!) So take a look at our Prius 10th Anniversary Outstanding In The Field dinner on the next page! Bon Appetit!

p.s. for more about Outstanding In The Field ~ check out my previous post about them!



Fun corrugated cardboard lamps! outstandingprius3a.jpg

here they are prepping in the kitchen space popped up under the trees… outstandingprius4.jpg

… as well as up above near the bar! outstandingprius6.jpg

Grilling up some pork belly… outstandingprius7.jpg

… the result: Honey lacquered pork belly with pickled golden raisins… outstandingprius8.jpg

Grilling peppers… outstandingprius9.jpg

… the result: Grilled padron peppers with sea salt outstandingprius10.jpg

Seared and slow-roasted lamb shoulder being prepped… outstandingprius12.jpg

A peek at the full menu ~ and pics of the Local albacore tartare with ginger and cilantro on cucumber and the Brandade made from local rock cod, roasted red peppers, and flat breads outstandingpriusFOOD.jpg

Then we were sent to find our seats just as the sun was setting! outstandingprius15.jpg

The tables were literally glowing in the light! outstandingprius16.jpg




Then from the path there’s the kitchen beneath the trees… outstandingprius21a.jpg

Where they were working steadily… outstandingprius21b.jpg

… and dinner is served family style! Big portions for each table to share! outstandingprius22.jpg

Here’s the squid & mussels with leeks, chantrelles, preserved lemon & frisee… outstandingprius23.jpg

The final seared and slow-roasted lamb shoulder… with grilled rapini, sauteed mustards & wedges, roasted squash & parsnip puree… outstandingprius24.jpg

Finished with Autumn fruits in a red wine gelee, rose meringues, and creme chantilly! outstandingprius25.jpg

See how lovely each table was? outstandingprius26.jpg

And the whole spiral… outstandingprius29.jpg

And when i ducked up under the table to get out from within the spiral… and wandered up the hill i the dark! Look at the glow of that last bit of sunset ~ and sparking moon and stars… over this surreal spiral of a few hundred person dinner?!?!?! outstandingprius30.jpg

Huge thanks to Jackson Stakeman, our Tasteologie Editor, for shooting pics with me for the dinner! And for all things deliciously inspiring… see what we’re loving around the web at our freshly launched Tasteologie!

OH! And never forget to look UP when you’re at an Outstanding in the Field dinner! 10prius35.jpg

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2 Notes

OSITF was in Texas a few years back, tickets sold out before I could get them. Although expensive, their dinners are a once in a lifetime event.

----- christopher 12.10.10 10:49

Outstanding! This looks so perfect and delicious. I wished I could have been there. You’re doing some outstanding things right now. But you’re not in China next week, are you? If so, please tell me. I will be there with Mercedes.

----- Markus reuter 12.10.10 02:31

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