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Prius 10th Anniversary in Malibu- 10.11.10

prius10MAIN.jpg 10.10.10 was the perfect day to celebrate 10 Years of Prius! Hosted by Toyota, along with Shift.com, WIRED Magazine, Outstanding In The Field, and Reverb ~ up on the Wright Organic Resource Center in the hills of Malibu, home of grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, Eric Lloyd Wright - architect and founder of the center. Firstly, there couldn’t be a more stunning Los Angeles day ~ sun beaming, clear skies, and the s-curves up to the house were stunning… and at the center, being surrounded by mountains and the whole of Santa Monica bay to look down on… they set up a series of sustainability workshops, live music, talks, and the coup d’etat ~ a special Outstanding in the Field dinner (remember i wrote about them recently?) As you can imagine, with such a stunning celebration underway, i ended up with hundreds of pictures, all of which could easily become many a post… or one huge epic one… so here’s the plan. On the next page ~ check out the pictures for an overview ~ think of it as a day in the life… walking through 2-10pm with me! And i’ll have more to show you on the stunning Outstanding in the Field dinner HERE! Absolutely incredible day, so nice to have a beautiful day outside surrounded by the sea, the mountains, music, food, drink, tech, and great people ~ coming together to celebrate 10 years of the Prius! SO! If you’re ready… check it out on the next page!

Wandering along PCH and up into malibu… map-prius.jpg

The views were spectacular ~ such a clear, sunny day! I couldn’t help stopping along the way! 10prius1.jpg

With all of the twists and turns on the way up the canyon… love the happy little Prius even signs that lead the way! 10prius2.jpg

Leading us right to the Wright Organic Resource Center! Home of grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, Eric Lloyd Wright - architect and founder of the center. 10prius3.jpg

Press badge! 10prius4.jpg

Driving up, you’re greeted by a pile of priuses… and a lovely pond! 10prius5.jpg

… as well as a Plug In Hybrid Prius, like the one i played with for a few days last week! 10prius6.jpg

Looking back down the hill ~ was a parking lot filled with Priuses (ok, so Pri-EYE sounds more appropriate, but how do you spell that?) parking.jpg

A huge puzzle billboard in the making… 10prius7.jpg

The pond was huge! And incredibly shallow… 10prius8.jpg

… filled with huge koi, plate sized red eared slider turtles, schools of even more little fish and huge catfish as well… fish.jpg

Wandering out to the edges of the unfinished concrete house with no walls… the views will make your jaw drop. The whole of Santa Monica Bay ~ possible in one glance! 10prius9.jpg

… can you imagine the view from the trailer that Eric Lloyd Wright lives in next to the house? 10prius10.jpg

Here’s the three story house… every floor filled with beautiful views, great air flow 10prius11.jpg

Lovely Shepard Fairey pieces! This one is so unbelievably beautiful! 10prius12.jpg

… especially up close, you can see the print over the layers… 10prius13.jpg


Amongst the many events happening, Flora Grubb gave a talk on succulents, living walls, and sustainable gardening… inviting everyone to plant their own succulents in jars to take home! succ.jpg

Although fake inside… playful piece showing what could be turned into living lighting? 10prius15.jpg

In the WIRED Sustainable Gadget Lab… interesting use of cardboard tubes to make Stalactites… 10prius16.jpg

they also used iPads and iPhones (often in succulent displays!) to provide more info about each product … fun interactive info cards? 10prius17.jpg

Everything from wood watches, to surfboards and wetsuits, portable solar panels, auto-composters, bikes, solar cookers and more… 10prius18.jpg



The screen printing guys might have had one of the best views, perched on the roof of the house… printing custom tees for people with fun Prius anniversary sayings… 10prius20.jpg

View looking left up to the tip of malibu… 10prius21.jpg

Looking right… down across Santa Monica all the way to palos verdes, with a clear view of Catalina… 10prius22.jpg

The puzzle is all done! A peek at the new prius… 10prius23.jpg

Veev cocktail time ~ the bartenders were very into it… 10prius24.jpg

Playing with the camera ~ love the star burst the sun made… unedited pic! 10prius30.jpg

M. Ward and what he says is the most dramatic backdrop he’s ever played! 10prius25.jpg

And right at that magic hour… you can see everyone bathed in the most amazing golden glow! 10prius26.jpg

Meanwhile, they’ve been setting up the Outstanding in the Field dinner table… (read more about that dinner here!) 10prius28.jpg

A peek at the sun setting through the table setting… 10prius29.jpg

The sunset was absolutely magical! 10prius31.jpg

And after M Ward ~ Shepard Fairey Played a set as the sun set… 10prius27.jpg

Afterwards, everyone headed down to dinner… 10prius32.jpg

That last moment before the sun disappeared over the horizon… 10prius33.jpg

A peek at dinner… (read more about that dinner here!) 10prius34.jpg

View straight up from the dinner table… the stars were SO bright! 10prius35.jpg

Even the glow of the solar lighting made beautiful patterns… 10prius36.jpg

As i headed home ~ the glow of the prius lighting the grass… the glow of the city lights across the bay grew brighter and brighter… 10prius37.jpg

For a fun peek at the goodies they gave us ~ LOVE that they turned Prius Billboards into Tote Bags by Billboard2Swag! Really nice heavy wood cutting board… Outstanding in the Field cook book, and Jim Denevan was there signing them and doodling on each and every one of them… Cute copy - a packet of sunflower seeds saying “Spread some sunshine”… goodies.jpg

beautiful video from toyota time lapsing the puzzle!

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