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The Mission Workshop- 10.25.10

mission0.jpg Oooh, more fun pictures just showed up in the inbox! Gabe Brosbe went by to visit my friends at the Mission Workshop in The Mission in San Francisco! (If they sound familiar ~ it may be because this is founded by the original founders of Chrome Bags!) And he’s been test driving one of their Rambler backpacks for a few weeks on his crazy daily 9 mile bike commute (even through the ridiculous rainy season we’re having in cali these days!)… check out his pics on the next page! I love the oil drums in the interiors! Also awesome? A peek at the adorable soles of their collab with DZR on bike clip in shoes…

Living in SF and riding my bike to work almost everyday, I was lucky enough to be sent on a mission to The Mission; to checkout the Mission Workshop for NOTCOT. mission1.jpg

Tucked away in an alley in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District on Rondel, I arrived to the sound of a screeching band saw, as Evan and Matt were knee deep in building out new displays for the shop.


The Mission Workshop bags represent an evolution - 15 years of designing bags for the urban cyclist, paired with the technical know-how of a mechanical engineering degree.


That the bags are made in America by a factory that manufactures equipment for the US military allows them to rarity of a Lifetime Warranty within their 1st year of manufacturing.



I was lucky enough to ride away with their black Rambler backpack, a sleek minimalist 5 gallon bag that expands to 10 gallons. The bag looks good enough to blend in at meetings while not compromising any of the technical rigging more likely to be found in backcountry backpacks (carbon fiber frames, urethane coated zippers). After 4 weeks commuting with the Rambler, 9 miles a day of a 15” laptop, a U-Lock, notebooks, groceries and clothes, I’m not looking back.


Mission Workshop is moving quickly, scaling to 40 dealers worldwide and a true understanding of bicycle culture has allowed them to open their first London store in collaboration with the folks at 14 Bike Co built out in their signature palette of reclaimed wood, rebar & wine barrels.

Beyond bags, natural collaborations include partnering with DZR for low profile but slickly designed clip-in shoes.



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