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Vosges Ultimate Choc Chip Cookie- 10.03.10

ultichoc0.jpg Mmmmmm… on sunday fun, while working my way through the backlog of stuff that awaited me here in LA when i got home, Linhchi and i decided to try out Vosges ULTIMATE Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ~ when a delicious chocolatier decides to go cookie mix, how could we not try? And if you follow their instructions exactly, they are HUGE! We’ve also enlisted some of the Kidrobot 2Tone Dunny characters to help us out for a sense of scale! On the next page, take a peek at their awesome packaging, cheeky copy, our experience baking them, and of course, the final product!

We keep wondering what’s up with the amazing silver claw… is it part of some tongs? ultichoc1.jpg

Crunch on the outside - chewy in the middle - chocolate chip cookies! ultichoc2.jpg

Love that they tell you SMOOSH the stack… like a melting snowman… and that its great stress relief! ultichoc3.jpg

Inside the box, you find these three bags… ultichoc4.jpg

Mixing it all up! ultichoc5.jpg

The chocolate chips are so delicious… we couldn’t help sneaking one… or two… ultichoc6.jpg

And just to mix it up, we decided to chop a few up to mix in… ultichoc7.jpg

Thick and doughy, we mixed in the chips… ultichoc8.jpg

So fun how glowy it all looks chilling in the fridge! ultichoc9.jpg

On clean up, we didn’t want to let any go to waste… ultichoc10.jpg

Snowman time! And then smooshing… and into the oven! ultichoc11.jpg

Here’s how huge the giant cookies are! Like big cafe sized ones… we shared one, and still couldn’t finish it! ultichoc12.jpg

There is some SERIOUS chocolate going on in here… ultichoc13.jpg

Conclusion? Vosges ULTIMATE Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix = YUM!

As for the dunnys… how cute are these guys??? Check out Kidrobot 2Tone Dunny Series here. ultichoc14.jpg

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They are just mouthwatering!

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