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Skateboard Swing- 10.03.10

skateboard_swing1.jpg Remember the Stacks Skateboard decks? And the random idea i fixated on to make a fun swing out of a skateboard? Well when popping by ikea, ran into the $14 Ecorre Swing and couldn’t resist using some of the parts with the skateboard… so on silly little experiments ~ here’s a look at trying it out in the tree!



View looking up while swinging! skateboard_swing4.jpg

View beneath the swing… how cute is the knight? skateboard_swing5.jpg

Tied some quick double 8 knots ~ while the tree holds up fine, thinking it might need some plastic/etc to help the wear on the rope/tree a bit? skateboard_swing6.jpg

SO fun!!! skateboard_swing7.jpg

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Hello. What a super idea. I was about to make a new seat from some spare wood I have, looked on Pinterest to get some ideas and saw your skateboard swing. Now I have to go shopping at lunchtime to get me a skateboard. My kids will love the idea. Thank you for sharing.
Kelly in England

----- Kelly Sands 30.04.14 00:12

besides the neat idea, nice scene composition with all those red details. cheers!

----- vinicius 07.12.10 12:57

those are so cool- maybe i’ll make my own!

----- Annelise A. 01.12.10 17:03

Really happy to see the idea materialize. Did you consider slipping something through the truck-bolt holes to situate the board into each stirrup, thus minimizing slippage, or does the weight keep it nice and snug? Also, big thanks for the Stacks black friday coupon; I was actually just a few bucks short, so the assistance will really helped me make my future a bit midknighty.

----- korey 25.11.10 19:20

Nice Idea - But I would put something between the tree and the rope. Otherwise the rope will fray and break. We all want to be healty, cause we need NOTCOT.

----- matt 04.10.10 04:36

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