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Amanda Visell’s Posters for Girls- 11.16.10

girls1.jpg Freshly launched, an adorable series of prints ~ Amanda Visell’s Posters for Girls… while my natural inclination towards things too girl focused is that it’s reverse sexist against boys… (and really, i’m just not that girly pink kind of girl)… i do find myself wanting to gift these prints to a bunch of my friends who are new moms with adorable baby girls. Seriously, what girl doesn’t need the poster of the knight? To grow up remembering the importance of having the ability of self-saving (also dragon-friend-making is key!) - granted whether/when you USE that ability is a whole other lesson. I look at the maverick one, and i just think of poor goose. and iceman… but she is looking pretty bad ass with the parachute and aviators. And the captain is pretty cute too ~ though, the wild bigfoot beast frightens me a tiny bit, but the trees are so happy! See them all on the next page!





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Your right, it’s reverse sexism. Princesses need to get back up into towers where they belong. … Sigh.

----- Brigitte 18.11.10 18:57

I absolutely ADORE these posters! The next step has GOT TO be a series of books, please please!

----- Audrey R 16.11.10 18:35

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