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Mercedes-Benz Sculpture Experiments- 11.16.10

mbsculpture.jpg There are some fascinating design shifts happening at Mercedes-Benz ~ from the design studio in Sindelfingen to Como to Tokyo to Carlsbad, the message was clear - the hunt is on for “Perfect Aesthetics” and in doing so, they are aggressively pushing their designs to be more fresh, young, emotional, and sexy ~ phrases like “enjoyment of innovation” + “inspire our customers” + “sensuality and joy” + “importance of perception” kept recurring in addition to talk of the future and fascination and playfulness. It was most definitely a buzzwordfest, but the excitement and passion of the design teams was impossible to ignore. There was an inescapable giddiness throughout the week around where the future may take us, and a need to think far beyond their more traditional production vehicles. Steffen Kohl’s gung ho push from the design side to gain the freedom to explore the insane ideas are guaranteed to frighten corporate types a bit. It’s inspiring to see his team indulge in the ideas designers dream about as students ~ you know, that awesomely idealistic time when you believe absolutely anything is possible?

A big part of this is the fight to create more artistic explorations through sculpture to push abstract concepts. The idea of art being key to Mercedes-Benz design strategies as well as a beautiful way to tease designs earlier in the year is intriguing. And i love these form studies of Oliver Samson, Thomas Stopka,Yves Renaud, and Sylvain Wehnert from Karim Habib’s team. Exploring lightweight forms to play with strength, perspective, and transparency, the results resemble polygons, honeycombs (all sharing one central perspective point), string art, and woven chaos. See them all on the next page!


As a reminder ~ here’s the first sculpture they released… a teaser of the CLS as if emerging from liquid metal ~ or draped with their signature silver clothes before unveiling… mbsculpture0.jpg


Exploring the lightweight nature of polygons… mbsculpture3.jpg

All of the honeycombs are focused into the same central point ~ and as a result, moving around the sculpture creates a fascinating exploration of transparency and visual openings and closings for a unique optical illusion of sorts… mbsculpture4.jpg

Weaving in an organized chaos of sorts, playing with density through transparency… mbsculpture5.jpg

Inspiration for shaping with strips… mbsculpture6.jpg

String art creating a nearly batmobile like web… mbsculpture7.jpg



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3 Notes

I like that plane Mercedes ;)
That`s the future ;)

----- Ivo Spasov 29.01.11 09:11

These are incredible! Where were they shown? Can we still see them?

----- Riya 23.11.10 04:57

Loving the designs, but I’m not patient or healthy enough to wait 100 years before these designs finally drive around my city. The bottom right pic: bat-mobile, anyone?

----- Rutger 16.11.10 08:27

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