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Holiday Giveaway #2: Wejetset- 11.26.10

4-wejetset.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Simon in Toronto, Canada!

Happy Black Friday! NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #2 is here ~ and today our friends over at Wejetset are giving one lucky reader an incredible NotVentures ready prize package containing: Moleskine City Notebooks, a pair of Classic Summer Safari shades, a Hideo Bean 19 Suitcase, an Arkitip Tokyo laptop sleeve, a pair of AIAIAI’s Track Headphones, and a Jack Spade’s Tarpaulin duffle.

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Nov 30th (PST) ~ sharing where you would go if you were to load up your new suitcase and jump on a plane, train, automobile… NOW!

p.s. You can also get 15% off at Wejetset using the code: NOTCOT from 11/25/10 - 1/3/11! (See more Coupons)

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832 Notes

I would go to Himalayas to feel the power of nature :)

----- Pavelas 01.12.10 00:46

I’d leave and go to Thailand to finally tell my friend that He’s the only one I ever want to be with for the rest of my life!

----- Payton 01.12.10 00:11

If I won, I would divvy up the items and send them with different people as they go on mission trips over the holidays. Then do a feature on each person on my blog. I’ll admit I would also keep one of the items for myself and visit family in New York.

----- Mike 30.11.10 23:52

oh this is nice. I’d love to go back to Europe

----- Ann 30.11.10 23:44

My bags would be packed for Barcelona! I’d visit some friends and get a tattoo done by my friend/artist named Chui. I’d hang with her and her fiance, Joe. We’d eat, drink, see the sights and laugh until our abs and cheeks hurt! Odio els pallassos!

----- Vince 30.11.10 23:43

Always loves travel and a long time fan of the NotCot empire. Would love to ge my hands on these:)

----- Olov Lindgren 30.11.10 23:42

I would go to Africa. I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant to the middle of nowhere and have lunch. :)

----- david 30.11.10 23:42

I would love to go island hopping in Italy and fill Moleskin books full of memories.

----- Denise 30.11.10 23:42

I would so go to Seattle. Except a train trip sounds nice … except that the only place I can reach by train is Fairbanks, so no thanks.

----- Dave 30.11.10 23:41

I’m going to Colombia!

----- april_d 30.11.10 23:40

Christmas is a time for family, so even though I’m definitely a city girl with a taste for first world amenities, I would go and visit my sister who is all alone in Dominica.

----- Lisa 30.11.10 23:40

I’d head somewhere warm. Maybe Bali.

----- Darci 30.11.10 23:39

I would love to take a trip to Europe. Or even a Mediterranean cruise

----- Kathy 30.11.10 23:35

Straight to Bora Bora off i would go. without a doubt

----- Amir 30.11.10 23:28

I’d love to go absolutely anywhere out of state. I’d probably want to go to Italy though. Go big or go home, right?

----- Cassie 30.11.10 22:56

I would go to Indonesia. It might not be such a bad idea if I never went home.

----- John C. 30.11.10 22:38

St. Barths!!!!!!!!!!

----- Damoy 30.11.10 21:27

It getting cold in the northeast. A nice trip to southern cali, sound like a good idea.

----- ZeroBaBo 30.11.10 20:59

i think i’d like to have a simple java island tour, from west to east, visit my relatives, having culinary adventure, watching merapi and bromo from a distance, also the candi and all the culture around me. when night comes, i think i’ll be sitting by the window in my kampung writing my fun trip that day.

----- suriani 30.11.10 19:54

Barbados! (Does this get me bonus points?)

----- Ben 30.11.10 19:51

i just bring along all those straight to RAJA AMPAT!! fully packed with goggles and snorkling goods. also my underwater camera! (for sneek peek just google “raja ampat”. it’s in papua, indonesia..:) )

----- maria 30.11.10 19:45

I’d take that suitcase and its sweet wheels down to Brasil for the winter.

----- Gabriel G 30.11.10 19:34

I would love to go to Japan and visit some friends and go shopping.

----- Tooky 30.11.10 19:28

I would hop on a plane and go to Tokyo, Japan!! Ever since I was a wee itty bitty girl, I’ve always loved the many things that Japan has created. It started with the love of their anime, then it was their dramas, the language, the ridiculous tools, and now their style. I want to be there to experience the great Japanese culture one day!

----- Florence Yuen 30.11.10 19:22

I definitely would make an Asian trip. Japan, China and then Taiwan. According to Google Maps, I will have to drive from sunny Florida to Washington state and kayak 2,765 miles to Hawaii. From Hawaii, I will have to kayak another 3,879 miles to Choshi, Japan. I have never been to Japan before, but after what I see in FRUiTS magazines, anime and many many Japanese films, I might never leave. I really want to visit the places where they filmed my favorite horror movies: Audition, Ichi the Killer and Ju-on.

If I do decide to leave, I will need to jet ski 486 miles to China. I would love to see the new architecture! The Shanghai World Financial Center and the CCTV building are amazing to look at in pictures, but to see them in person would be absolutely wonderful. I will probably stare at those buildings all day long if my husband let me!

The final stop is Taiwan. I will have to swim 102 miles from Pingtan, China to Taipei City, Taiwan. My mom was born and raised in Taiwan. I would love to see my grandmother again. I haven’t seen her in almost 15 years. To get to her in Tainan City, Taiwan from Tampa, Florida will take 39 days and 11 hours. That sounds like a great vacation! I’m up for it!!!

----- Lily R. Hoddinott 30.11.10 19:14

I would go home to the Philippines, which is my birth place. I haven’t been there in years, and I miss the beautiful beaches, people, and late night rendezvous.

----- Trisha 30.11.10 19:08

I’d love to visit three of my best friends from college who live in Hong Kong. Would want to grab a guidebook on my way to the airport.

----- Sarah 30.11.10 18:23

The old-world charm of chugging along the railway tracks, taking in the scenery along the way can never be experienced anywhere else. Hopping on a plane would be too stressful while taking a car ride would be simply too tedious.

After much careful deliberation, I would take a trip exploring the whole of Peninsular Malaysia. And time will be the only thing by my side. A trusty companion. Having been born and bred here, the little things that made Malaysia unique to others seemed trivial to me at times. It is odd that most of us tend to aspire to travel to some place foreign and exotic when our own backyard has those very characteristics as well. The vast paddy fields and little wooden houses dotting the Malaysian countryside will be viewed through a fresher perspective. Mine.

All of this brings to mind of an old proverb used in Malay, which generally means that it is better to be in one’s own nation than another distant land even though it might be seen that there are more benefits and positives from being somewhere far-off. ‘Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri’. Succinct, heartfelt and close to heart. This is home.

----- Gary 30.11.10 17:21

Because living in the desert gets to be dull during this time of year, Phoenix, AZ to be exact, and due to the lack of season changes and such, at this moment I’d pack it up and take refuge at the simple yet modern Mandala Hotel in Berlin, Germany. Relishing at the opportunity to subsume all the aspects of the German culture, lifestyle and sights that the German people embrace and Berlin has to offer.

----- Aaron 30.11.10 17:12

I’m gonna go back to Poland!

----- craig clark 30.11.10 16:38

I NEED THIS!!!!! The giveaway package is just what I need for my trip to Monaco, and Paris France next summer!!! I will be the big 3-0 on July 7 and definitely need some super stylist gear to bring in my 3rd decade;-)!

Hope I win!!!



----- Liz Williams 30.11.10 15:20

I NEED THIS!!!!! The giveaway package is just what I need for my trip to Monaco, and Paris France next summer!!! I will be the big 3-0 on July 7 and definitely need some super stylist gear to bring in my 3rd decade;-)!

Hope I win!!!



----- Liz Williams 30.11.10 15:18

Hi, so where will i go to? I think i will go to the bedroom, jump onto the bed and write down everything what comes up in my head.

Best regards and have a nice xmas-time

----- Jens 30.11.10 14:19


----- Anna Eschenburg 30.11.10 13:52

I’d be off to Fontainebleau tout de suite to see a rather amazing girl

----- Grant 30.11.10 13:47

Most likely Paris, France. Just to see the style.

----- Elliot 30.11.10 13:36

There’s no better place to go than Florianopolis.. Endless smiles from everyone and good looking people all around.. A good way to get away from the cold and hustle of this busy NYC!

----- Miguel Esparza 30.11.10 13:33

I think it would be split between two options: Road Trip on the old Route 66! OR jump on a plane to Australia and New Zealand. I think both of these trips would be life changing and simply amazing!

----- Jessica 30.11.10 13:22

On the Algarve coast of Portugal, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, is the town of Sagres. If you come out of the old fort and hang a left, head up the road a kilometer or two, you’ll see the top of an iron staircase peeking over the bluff. If I could, I’d go down those stairs again and enjoy that spit of sand between the sea and the cliffs, one of the most wonderful and well-hidden beaches I’ve ever visited. Only this time, I’d bring a surf board.

----- Alex 30.11.10 13:12

Let’s go to Barcelona!

----- Alisa 30.11.10 12:55

I would fly from SFO (US) to OSL (Norway) then train it to Bergen, stay a few days, then take a boat to the farm on a fjord where my Grandfather was born (I’ve never been). My surname comes from this farm, where there is a small cemetery where my ancestors are all buried, and I would take a notebook to remember the names on the grave markers. It will be freezing, I know, but the aurora should be lovely this time of year, and hot glogg should warm the belly.

----- GINELLE 30.11.10 12:26

I’d fly to the Netherlands and just sit on a patch of green grass somewhere.

----- John 30.11.10 12:23

I would definitely pack up for portland for nye and a mini college friends reunion.

----- George 30.11.10 12:14

Because I live in a place that is beauitful- but cold - during this time of year, I would pack a small bag of essentials and head for the Dalamatian Coast. Dubrovnik, Croatia, to be exact.

----- Magdalena 30.11.10 12:01

I would take my girlfriend with me to Japan, New Zealand, and Australia! She’s never been out of the country, can you believe it? Time to stamp up that passport baby!

----- Roger B 30.11.10 11:54

As I round out my fourth year of post-college life, the feelings of regret for not taking a semester abroad are occasionally overwhelming. If I could, I’d pack my bags and travel Spain along with any other European getaways I might have gotten as a young dumb art student.

----- Graham 30.11.10 11:34

One of my best friends just moved to SF from Boston. I’ve never been. I already have the flight to go visit and now just need the swank gear!! Hook a brother up! I’m in dire need of good travel gear.

----- Ryan 30.11.10 11:10

I will soon be disembarking from the US on my own Jet-set adventure to Europe (first time ever for me!). Design students rejoice, I have landed a traineeship with a design consultancy in Paris, France. And although I will come home with no money to my name, it’ll totally be worth it. This set of travel essentials would make my journey across the atlantic and thru europe even design-ier. The luggage, bag and moleskin are my favorite items, plus where else can I document my adventure and design inspirations besides in a moleskin? :)

----- alexandra 30.11.10 10:42

I would go hiking in Cinque Terre, on the coast of Tuscany. I went there for a day trip in 2007, and would love to go back, spend some more time there, and share it my boyfriend.

----- Jessica 30.11.10 10:25

I would probably hit New Zealand. My sis is moving there on the 5th and it would be cool to run around w/ her when she first gets there.

----- CleveRoh 30.11.10 10:00

I would go to Kopenhagen to visit the design studios, the museums and Christiania. Inspiring city full of positive energy (and pretty ladies).

----- Luuk Langenhoff 30.11.10 09:55

I would go home (Hawaii) to escape from this unusually cold southern California weather.

----- Tim 30.11.10 09:51

Rome for Christmas and New Years can’t be beat!

----- Diane 30.11.10 09:22

I’d love to go to Colorado for snowbording & rock climbing amongst many other thongs outdoors.

----- Matthew K 30.11.10 09:21

My boyfriend is in Tokyo for the next six months, given a ticket that’s where I’d go!

----- Cait 30.11.10 09:05

If I could drop everything and jump on a plane, I’d head out west to Oregon to take photographs. Never have been there and it’s been a dream of mine to visit. I’d grab my college roommate too and tell her to meet me there who I haven’t seen in years.

----- tracy 30.11.10 09:05

Back home to the Pacific Northwest, out of New York for a bit.

----- Steve 30.11.10 08:57

too many friends i haven’t seen in far too long — chicago, new jersey (ha, yes, i’m serious), or china (for family).

----- Kate 30.11.10 08:22

I’d go to Petra, Jordan ! The photos I’ve seen are just wonderful.

----- Greg 30.11.10 08:19

I’d take my kids to visit my parents in Utah. We don’t get to see them very often.

----- Jon 30.11.10 08:19

I would fly away to Iceland and explore the wilderness of the country.

----- Teresa 30.11.10 08:12

I would to go Japan in a heartbeat.

----- Lindy 30.11.10 08:11

I would hop on the next Amtrak and see the whole USA

----- Veronica 30.11.10 08:02

Canary Islands and I might even take my Husband with me…

----- Michal 30.11.10 07:53

I’d pack my stylish luggage, put on the headphones for quality listening of my favourite tunes, and jet off to NYC to write down on my moleskins my thoughts about the amazing architecture and vibrant fast-paced lifestyle of the city!

----- Jorge Almeida 30.11.10 07:32

I’d pick a whole slew of cities, put them in a hat and draw them out one at a time. I’d stay a week and towards the end of each week, pick a new city out of the hat until I ran out of cities or money. Whichever comes first!

----- Jason 30.11.10 07:26

I’d be headed to Zimbabwe to take a swim in The Devil’s Pool at the top of Victoria Falls! http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/taking-a-swim-in-the-devils-pool.html

----- Anna 30.11.10 07:12

Rome! On a photographing extravaganza :)

----- Alex 30.11.10 07:10

Straight back to Germany. This is the best time of year to visit Germany. Christmas Markets!!!!!!

----- tony f 30.11.10 06:54

As weird as it might sound, I wanna join the Doctor and travel through time and planets in the TARDIS. I’m sure I’d have the more interesting things scribbled across the moleskin!! :D

----- RyanYX 30.11.10 06:52

Tokyo, because people are experimental in their personal styles.

----- Diana 30.11.10 06:37

I’d go to the Bahamas. It’s getting too cold here and I could go for a drink on the beach

----- Chris Wilkinson 30.11.10 06:28

I would go to the Mississippi Delta to see the sunshine and check out where I’ll be living next year!

----- Kat 30.11.10 06:25

I would love to go to Hawaii or Hong Kong where all my distant family is! To celebrate the XMAS spirit and bring in the New Year together! DO GIFT ME WITH THIS LOVELY PACKAGE so I can travel in style to my peeps! :)

----- Alisa 30.11.10 06:20

Hong Kong. It’s been almost 10 years since the last very short trip there. Could use a little hustle and bustle right now.

----- Scott B 30.11.10 06:11

I would visit my girl friend’s family this winter coming up. I got her a plane ticket there but since I just lost my job, I’m a bit tight on money. With all these accessories, I would probably make the trip happen (or at least hope for the best).

----- Jasper 30.11.10 06:02

Beat the below -15C in Stockholm right now with a trip to the Arctic wildlife…

----- Dev 30.11.10 01:54

The luggage looks so lovely- I would take it for a week in Tokyo to explore the sights and the sounds, then a week in Yukiguni to bask in the beauty of the cold silence.

----- Hannah 30.11.10 01:29

I would load up my suitcase with my NOTCOT fanboy shirt and head down south to visit family for the holidays and tell them what’s up.

----- Chris Saavedra 30.11.10 01:23

Straight to New Mexico on a train.

----- Sarah 29.11.10 23:35

New Zealand! for lots of outdoor adventures!

----- Michelle 29.11.10 22:52

Well, I would opt out of going through airport security at the present moment and take my new suitcase on a road-trip cross country; making sure to stop at all the most memorable local eateries along the way! This is #1 on my bucket list and what better time than the present!! : )

----- Brigid Burnham 29.11.10 22:46

I would go to Japan to get lost in it’s busy streets.

----- Calvin 29.11.10 22:21

i’m actually leaving for korea in 3 weeks! but i guess that’ll be too late. i’d go to vietnam or singapore and check out all the amazing cuisine i keep hearing about

----- Kye 29.11.10 21:19

I would jump on the first non-stop flight to Salvador, Brazil and change these gloomy winter days for sunshine on the most beautiful beaches in South America!

----- Roger Penguino 29.11.10 21:18

I would definitely have to go to Easter Island and take some pictures.

----- Derek 29.11.10 21:13

Twice, I’ve hopped on the plane and sat there like a good child for 12 hours to London. I wish I don’t have to come back. So I’ll have to go there again and again and again… It’s love that makes people keep walking back.

----- Addy 29.11.10 21:13

santorini, greece has been on list of places to go for a long time now…that’s my must go before i settle down one day. i’d also pack a beautiful, bright chiffon dress to billow in the wind.

----- Kim 29.11.10 21:03

i would go all around the southwest. its freezing over there but its so amazingly beautiful and spiritual it makes you forget about the cold.

----- maximo 29.11.10 20:48

I would grab my camera, leave Montreal and go to northern England to visit family and friends and make new and fresh memories while snowboarding it up, like old times.

Wish me Luck :3 xox

----- James Element 29.11.10 20:06

I would love to give this pack to my girlfriend.

She is going to europe. This is perfectly her style.

Let me be a good boyfriend for once.


----- Brendon 29.11.10 20:04

I might go to the forbidden island. Shhh!

----- Kay 29.11.10 20:00

three words. harry potter castle.

----- Shera 29.11.10 19:54

I would love to load up my suitcase and go to Belize!

----- Brenda 29.11.10 19:43

I would fly to Paris to visit my beautiful girlfriend. I only get to see her a few times a year until I graduate next fall. I need to see her as many times as I can before then.

----- Will 29.11.10 19:31

I would jump on a plane to New York City. Have to experience Christmas and New Year’s in NYC once in a lifetime!

----- Martin 29.11.10 19:12

Id pack my bags and go straight to Rome. Seeing the colosseum has always been my dream!

----- Santos 29.11.10 19:09

I want to go home to San Jose. I know my family misses me but I’m still trying to save money.

----- Eric 29.11.10 19:01

Without a doubt, I would go to Venice. It looks so fantastic in images. I’d love to actually get to see it.

----- Brandon Locke 29.11.10 18:31

I would fly down to Costa Rica, head straight to the beach for some serious hammock time with a cerveza and ceviche

----- Agnes 29.11.10 18:27

I want to learn how to surf in Hawaii!

----- Keri 29.11.10 18:15

I would drive around the U.S.A. visiting all of the great buildings that I have always wanted to see.

----- Max 29.11.10 17:53

I would pack the Hideo Bean 19 Suitcase full of warm clothes, some books and other essentials to head to Dundee, Scotland, where my husband and i will be living for the next year while I get my Master Degree in Design Ethnography…The Moleskin City Notebooks would come in handy to explore our new home, the Arkitip Tokyo laptop sleeve would help protecting my macbook filled with ideas, and the pair of AIAIAI’s Track Headphones would be great while riding the train to school in the mornings or through the beautiful Scottish landscape.

----- Lena 29.11.10 17:47

Sure could use some carry on luggage.

----- tudza 29.11.10 17:36

I’d love to hop on a plane NOW and relax in Southern France :) dreams!

----- Dylan M 29.11.10 16:59

I’d love to visit my friend in San Francisco, as well as check out the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

----- Robert Zeman 29.11.10 16:55

yes please!

----- sf 29.11.10 16:45

I’d surely go to Barcelona and brush up on my Spanish!

----- Anthony Flores 29.11.10 16:30

I would set off for the little piece of land that is further away from any other piece of land on this world: Easter Island!

----- Ana V. 29.11.10 16:03

I would pack toys and books for my son, a french dictionary, and a camera. We would go to Paris for macarons and to play under the Eiffel Tower. No clothes to pack, there are too many shopping options.

----- Trevor S. 29.11.10 15:59

If I won this giveaway, I would set out on a great American road trip, visiting the country coast to coast.

----- Pikachu 29.11.10 15:49

If I were to win the suitcase I would fly off to Dublin to see a friend play football, then to Munich for the next Oktoberfest. Then head over to Istanbul to take in some of the sights and culture. Next I would hit Nepal to have a meal with some of the locals and finish it up with a few nights in Okinawa.

----- Brian 29.11.10 15:25

I would head anywhere and everywhere the wind takes me! Especially some place warm! I can almost smell the ocean and feel the warm sand between my toes…….

----- Mel Hennigar 29.11.10 15:19

I would use it for my upcoming trip to San Francisco!

----- Randy B 29.11.10 15:19

I would love to go to Puerto Rico and enjoy the slow life for a bit

----- Cortney Martin 29.11.10 15:14

I would totally want to jet set to San Fran and see my long lost friend who I haven’t seen in forever! We are soul mates and I miss her terribly!

----- Sean 29.11.10 15:11

I would get out of freezing Chicago and head south to Brazil for some much needed R&R!

----- Michael 29.11.10 15:01

I’d pick up the suitcase and fly to London in a heartbeat. It is only my second home ;)

----- nolita*wanders 29.11.10 14:48

I think I would head back to Tbilisi, Georgia. I went in 2006 and my friends regularly go back to visit our other friends there. It’s a crazy place (trying to keep up with the locals vodka drinking is impossible) but the most interesting I’ve ever been.

----- Chase Turner 29.11.10 14:38

I would go to Manchester, UK to visit the person I think is (maybe) the love of my life. Probably would write everything that happens in the notebooks and listen to good music with the headphones. I haven’t seen that guy for 2 years but it was real emotional love I would really love to see him again.

----- Yolanda 29.11.10 14:26

Super-sweet package up for grabs.
I’d love to get my hands on all that sweet wejetset stuff.

----- Andrew 29.11.10 14:20

I am taking a trip to Seattle in January and winning this gift set would mean the WORLD! I work hard for a small bussiness that is blossoming and never have time for myself so this would be a wonderful treat. I would tell everyone how awesome it was!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

----- Mandie 29.11.10 14:13

I would take a plane to istanbul and go to the old spice bazaar; then head over to the worlds oldest Grand Bazzar, get lost and emerge myself amongst 4000 merchants.

----- kacy 29.11.10 14:09

I would go home…Portugal, a nice place to wear those amazing sunglasses!

----- Joana 29.11.10 13:55

Space! Virgin Galactic. Sweeet.

----- Alice 29.11.10 13:42

I would either head to Central America (Belize or Costa Rica) or to Boracay, still the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen …

----- Paul 29.11.10 13:29

Bolivia. No doubts.

----- Anders 29.11.10 13:27

I would love to jet off to New York for New Years!

----- Lorenzo 29.11.10 13:18

I would start by taking my new kit into use in ‘my’ city London. The first 2 people that compliment me on any of the items, will be lucky to share in the joy, as I will gift that item to them. Then I will be jetting off to see my friends in my favourite city Barcelona. The same applies, the first 2 items complimented on, will become gifts to those that love them. That will leave me with 2 things… shall I give one away during a business trip in Copenhagen, the world style capital? The remaining items is my personal prize, to remind me of all my great experiences around the world, and how lucky I am to have all these beautiful people and artifacts around me!

----- Guerita 29.11.10 12:41

the simple thought of going anywhere in this world of ours sets my mind wandering. i would head to the south of france to start. then off to roma, then greece. after, perhaps istanbul. and then? wherever the wind blows me.

----- heids 29.11.10 12:36

Paris to visit my family and friends? Or New York to spend a crazy time? I cannot choose!

----- Baptiste 29.11.10 12:13

Straight on a plane to brave the weather in NYC to get some QT with my pals.

----- JenG 29.11.10 12:07

i would jump into a plane and head straight to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to visit Mai Tam House of Hope (orphanage) that my family raises money for.

----- hannah dam 29.11.10 12:06

i’d pack this suitcase and show it off in Tokyo where my family and friends are.

----- nobu 29.11.10 11:46

I’d hop on the first flight back to the US so I could visit my family.

----- Ashley 29.11.10 11:43

If I could hop on a plane right now and go anywhere - I’d go to San Francisco. It’s been way too long since I’ve visited my friends there!

----- Diana 29.11.10 11:32

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia of course! Would catch up with old friends while enjoying some Chingis Khaan Vodka and khushuur (fried meat pies)!

----- Mikell Johnson 29.11.10 11:25

while it would be hard to leave this gloriously warm Miami weather, I’d pack my bags and head to snowy, cold Germany ;)

----- kristen lauren 29.11.10 11:23

i’ll go…anywhere but here.

----- natalie fein 29.11.10 11:23

I’d pack my bag and head off to Barcelona!

----- Jennifer Cox 29.11.10 11:06

Bologna, Italy. I want to tour the Ducati factory. It’ll happen…someday.

----- chrismay 29.11.10 11:04

i’d go to tokyo and gawk at everything there!

----- Ricah 29.11.10 10:54

I’d fly to NY from LA in a heartbeat to visit one of my best friends. We both left FL 3 years ago to chase our dreams and she can’t be home for the holidays this year. Traveling the world is great, but I’d rather spend time with people who’ve been a big part of my life.

----- Joanna 29.11.10 10:43

I would go to Chile to warm up from the cold. It’s said that when God was finished creating the earth he took all of the left over scraps and created Chile. I want to see it.

----- Audrey 29.11.10 10:26

We need to hit the Caribbean after an extended period of unemployment (and thus, no travel at all). Help us go there!

----- Bruce 29.11.10 10:17

Paris!! Is there really anywhere else to go? I went there for 9 days last year and I have yet to even uncover the many amazing things in Paris.

----- Drew 29.11.10 10:14

Tokyo to see old friends!!!

----- Ted 29.11.10 09:59

I would go to Williamsburg Virginia to visit my girlfriend! Long distance relationships suck..

----- Michael Chen 29.11.10 09:50

I’d go to san francisco as I’ve been dying to go for ages…

----- Wei 29.11.10 09:39

that suitcase is so beautiful! i have a list of places i want to go, but honestly, i might let the fates take over, by shuffling through the moleskine guides and just picking one and going!

----- Lia F. 29.11.10 09:30

To beautiful Buenos Aires! Perfect time of year for my favourite city.

----- Andrea 29.11.10 09:22

I’d take a trip to just about anywhere on the other side of the border. Travel for travel’s sake please!

----- Nick C. 29.11.10 08:47

the azores. i recently found out that my maternal grandmother’s entire lineage springs from the azores. i also recently found out that the azores is a real place and not some kind of extensive practical joke. thank you denver public schools high school geography class.

----- guy l'orange 29.11.10 08:44

I would make like Brando and head to Tahiti.

----- Alejandra M. 29.11.10 08:39

I would travel to Northern Italy where much of my family lives. I would sit and listen to their stories all day in the one local bar next to the old church. I would spend the rest of my time enjoying all the norther Italian architecture I remember from when I was young.

----- Timothy 29.11.10 08:21

I’d take a month off work and go to Copenhagen, then Berlin, and then New York. And then I’d go to Portugal and would stay there, if I could.

----- olga 29.11.10 08:08

I would pack up and head to Japan, my next big travel destination!

----- Chelsea Raine 29.11.10 08:07

I would pack up my suitcase with a teeny bikini and head to St. Tropez!

----- jillian 29.11.10 08:01

I’d head somewhere warm and sunny…

----- Renee Perez 29.11.10 07:28

I would find a small corner of the world that would be a better place simply because I was there.

----- Kevin 29.11.10 07:19

well, if I could go ANYWHERE then I’d hop into a time machine and go back in time, to either Ancient Greece where I could meet Hippocrates or to Florence in the late 1400s to meet the young Leonardo da Vinci.

----- Grace 29.11.10 07:17

I would head for Barcelona!

----- Cara 29.11.10 07:15

I’d load up the bags, fly to California, hop on a train with my neice and nephew and take them to see their other uncle who’s about to depart for a new military posting in 3 weeks.

----- Matt Price 29.11.10 07:10

west coast - never been.

----- Bethany Renzo 29.11.10 06:51

I would head down to Perth, Australia which i am planning to do in April. First time there :D If i get this awesome giveaway (thanks to Notcot & Wejetset), I will use
the Moleskine City Notebooks to jot thoughts, inspirations, observations..etc,
the pair of Classic Summer Safari shades to hide my eyebags if i decide to not wear make up which is often,
the Hideo Bean 19 Suitcase to keep all purchases i’ll be doing over there,
the Arkitip Tokyo laptop sleeve for my macbook,
the pair of AIAIAI’s Track Headphones to accompany my 120gb ipod classic and me through the journey,
and the Jack Spade’s Tarpaulin duffle as my day bag.
i so want them all!!!

----- S. 29.11.10 06:45

Al parque con la familia, rayado en estilo.
Suerte a todos. Chebo Campos from México.

----- Chebo Campos 29.11.10 06:42

I would take my new suitcase and head west.

----- Paul O'Hearn 29.11.10 06:10

I would jet off to Fiji! Unbelievable!

----- bob ewing 29.11.10 05:58

fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars ::]

----- Sarah 29.11.10 05:50

A round the world trip - LA to see my best friends, London to see family and then onto Sydney for friends and family. Looking smart and traveling lite around the globe.

----- Cindy Hewlett 29.11.10 05:30

I would hopefully get the Barcelona City Moleskine and take a nice relaxing trip there, rather than spread myself too thin trying to see everything at once! Just finished up with my MBA and it would be really nice to relax for a week.

----- brado1977 29.11.10 05:25

In my dreams, I’d make a world-wide tour!

----- Domjan Kati 29.11.10 04:50

I would go straight back home to Brunei to see my family and my cat and to 30 degrees celsius sunshine!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been back for years now :o(

----- Yvonne 29.11.10 02:38

with all these babies on my back i would finaly visit my good friend in London UK

----- martins 29.11.10 01:35

I would go to NY. Dream of my life. (Yes, I know, I’m just another one… :)

----- Ruben 29.11.10 01:21

I would pack up my new suitcase and head to New Zealand! I would go Zorbing, sledging, and Scweebing!

----- Benjamin D. 29.11.10 01:20

I love the tokyo laptop sleeve and the suitcase. Very nice! I would love to travel more just to show everything off!

Well, except for the enhanced TSA measures right now. Maybe I’d just use it all to look like I was heading to the airport to fly off to some dream destination.

----- Leslie 29.11.10 00:56

I would go to Finland!

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 29.11.10 00:03

If I could get some leave, I would take the girl across from me at work to Taipei and spend whole time eating at the night market. From what I gather she is especially partial to barbecue pork bun.

----- Michael K 28.11.10 23:51

I would go visit my friend Anne in the Netherlands so she wouldn’t be alone for the holiday season! She’s studying abroad there and is always homesick. I’d probably try to pack her boyfriend because he misses her too considering they haven’t been apart for 8 years… but im sure that’s all sorts of illegal.

----- RYANNE 28.11.10 23:17

I would like to go to South Korea to visit my mom’s side of the family. I’ve never been there yet and it’s always been an aspiration of mine to just jump on a plane and leave the States for a visit!

----- Jolie 28.11.10 22:46

i’d go to egypt and race my boyfriend to the top of the pyramids. i’d actually beat him this time.

----- j pham 28.11.10 22:09

I’d travel to the past, to Peru..up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

----- Clint 28.11.10 22:02

I would use this to travel back home in southern California. It would be perfect for me bc I travel by train and bus. It would be great bc I need a new suitcase and duffle bag, I love to listen to music and it would just make my traveling easier. It would most certainly take some ease off of my mother who worries when I travel. This would be perfect for me!

----- Miguel 28.11.10 22:02

I would go to New York City. I’ve never been.

----- Alison F. 28.11.10 21:59

I have a big trip coming up with my family. The last great adventure together. Israel, Kenya, Egypt, Florida (for Disneyland of course), Venezuela and so much more. You better believe I’m broke as hell and am going to be in desperate need for luggage to drag all my new global goodies in, plus cool bits and pieces to show the world how styling I am.

----- Alex P 28.11.10 21:46

I’d hop on a plane and hot foot it back to Virginia. I just got home from a visit to the Alexandria/DC area and I’m already drowning in regret for all the amazing places I missed on the trip!

----- Adri 28.11.10 21:41

I’d hop on the first flight to Chamonix for a quick sprint up Mont Blanc.

----- Niles 28.11.10 21:27

I would love to head to Switzerland with the whole fambly!!! Nothing like frigid snow and the Alps to make it really seem like Christmas! Plus, my sister and mom know some French, German, and Italian, so with all that we should be able to find some way to communicate!! Mmmm… I can just feel that roaring fire in my rustic ski chalet right now!

----- Tessa 28.11.10 21:07

I’d go to Alaska. It’s not only a part of the world that my best friend and I have been planning to go to for some time, but it is also a place that exists in an interesting niche. It is politically very close to the greater US and contributes significantly to US stats, but it is geographically part of something else entirely.

----- Megs 28.11.10 21:07

I’d go to Philippines to visit my family ^___^

----- Darrell 28.11.10 20:55

I’d surprise some friends in Madrid!

----- Yooney 28.11.10 20:51

I’d go to Japan. A place I’ve always wanted to go and have yet to have the opportunity.

----- Keri 28.11.10 20:30

Where to? Orta San Giulio, Italy on Lake Orta. I’ll go now if I get this gift pack - or really close to now. Otherwise, I’ll move there next year when the stars are better aligned.

----- Derek 28.11.10 20:30

First, its be off to NYC to visit my new apartment (Im moving there soon) and then it would be off to Scotland! I’ve always wanted to visit there, I just got my passport and I’d love to use it for the very first time in Scotland and with all of these goodies!

----- Danielle 28.11.10 20:23

as a student I am too poor to actually travel anywhere exotic. With my wejetset adventure prize pack i would wander down to a local hipster coffee shop with my shades and headphones and make notes in my moleskin. Then I would head to the airport and wander around for a bit checking out the duty free wares and dreaming about istanbul, Portland and Berlin.

----- Sydney 28.11.10 20:22

I could definitely use this stuff for my trip from Buenos Aires back home to Atlanta: Buenos Aires > Mexico City (7 hour layover!) > Miami > Atlanta..a full 24 hours of travel…but if I could, I’d take the chance to extend my stay anywhere in the southern hemisphere for more summer!!!

----- Bethany 28.11.10 20:14

wow, these are amazing wejetset goodies!!! i would so leave with my suitcase empty on my way to Paris, FR to fill with great finds!!!

----- Lizelly 28.11.10 19:33

I would head to Oregon and take in all the beauty of the west coast.

----- Laura Martin 28.11.10 19:20

To the moon.

----- Kristen 28.11.10 18:58

I would love to fly to Japan or Texas (gotta think about my wallet haha) with the bf. He’s never been to either of my favorite places…

----- Stephanie 28.11.10 18:57

I had the most amazing dried fruit it florida. I would purposefully not pack anything in the suitcase so that I could fill it with all the dried fruit i can!

----- Sandy 28.11.10 18:49

I would definitely jetset off to Singapore… I’ve been craving stingray for 2 years now!

----- Jason 28.11.10 18:47

I would go to Malaysian Borneo. I really want to see a Sumatran Rhino in the wild before they become extinct and they have a concervation project in the state of Sabah that is working to protect them and they need volunteer help.

----- Stephanie 28.11.10 18:41

To Iceland for a romantic winter getaway!

----- Robert 28.11.10 18:31

Orleans, FR!
Because that’s where my best friend relocated and I love France. (and I’d eat tons and tons of French food)

----- Andrea 28.11.10 18:20

I would head out to San Fran for a nice weekend away and some time with both sun and fog.

----- John W 28.11.10 18:08

i would hop a plane to japan and ski some deep powder!!!

----- Erik 28.11.10 18:04

Rabat, Morocco. Parisian living at North African prices.

----- Niut 28.11.10 17:54

Some local adventures: hike the Kimberlies in Western Australia, scuba diving in QLD.

----- Tim D. 28.11.10 17:52

I would hop on a plane to Prague, Czech Republic. I studied abroad there in college and haven’t been back since even though I loooovvvve it.

----- Lauren 28.11.10 17:51

Oh my! I’d go straight to Tokyo as soon as I could, as it’s been my dream for years.

----- Jess K 28.11.10 17:41


----- Yoshio 28.11.10 17:34

I would start driving west across America, destination to be determined.

----- Christina 28.11.10 17:27

i’d jump on a plane and head to Istanbul!

----- gresu 28.11.10 17:22

The Azores! This year, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary but the death of a dear family member in the spring and a miscarriage kept us from going out and really celebrating the milestone. We’ve always dreamed of seeing this beautiful region…

----- Keri 28.11.10 16:54

This beautiful set would assist me in my upcoming trip to Florida greatly, but would actually sway me into grabbing my beloved boyfriend and jumping on a plane to Venice, Italy. I’ve never been, and he brags to me about the Gelato almost every chance he gets. Those sunglasses would be a great addition to my face while I’m sitting in a Gondola going under bridges and through buildings while I write about my trip and all the places we go in my moleskine, making a mini scrapbook of our first trip together.

Of course it can’t hurt to have headphones and a new laptop case to keep me busy for the plane ride, either. (:

----- Rhiannon 28.11.10 16:52

i would be on my way to osakaaaaaaaaaaaaa for takoyaki and awesome shoppings.

----- anh 28.11.10 16:44

I would take off and go to Bora Bora for some much needed rest and relaxation away from the crowds.

----- Danielle 28.11.10 16:43

I’ve always wanted to drop everything and go to Estonia. Such a mysterious place, and not many really know where it is.

----- Clayton Fletcher 28.11.10 16:37

Bhutan! It’s gorgeous and off the beaten path!

----- Brian 28.11.10 16:32

I would go on an African safari in full Osa Johnson style! And with this Wejetset giveaway, I would look just as fashion forward as Osa did in the 20’s and 30’s.

----- Jori Krenzel 28.11.10 16:27

I would probably head to Tokyo Japan, get some delicious Cheese Ramen from KyuJyuKu (99) and check out some of the designs in the area.

----- bmouch 28.11.10 16:17

“Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!!!”

----- Magdalena 28.11.10 16:09

I’d definitely be off to Jamaica to escape the NY Winter!

----- devin 28.11.10 16:09

I’d be headed straight to Berlin, Germany. Amazing galleries, museums, the Berlin Wall, avant-garde theater, and of course, some of the most intense partying in the world…and maybe see some of my dear family residing there too.

----- Shane 28.11.10 15:49

PARIS PARIS PARIS! A place of true culture and beauty. My wife and I have always wanted to go there. This little gift set has all the essentials for the perfect european getaway!

----- MR. HAYNES 28.11.10 15:49


----- Sarah 28.11.10 15:48

i will be going to new york this summer and all my money is going to the expenses and i really need a new suit case and my laptop would love to be in the laptop sleeve;D

----- peter tran 28.11.10 15:44

west africa!

----- lori 28.11.10 15:39

These are helpful objects for a touring musician as well. I travel weekly and love luggage with wheels!

----- Alex 28.11.10 15:27

I would travel from Australia to New York to have my first ever white christmas!

----- Kerri 28.11.10 15:18

I would go to infinity… and beyond, and take my toy buddies with me. I’m kidding, wouldn’t go anywhere because I don’t have any money, but would like to climb mountains and swim in the sees all over the world

----- bojan 28.11.10 14:49

+++ first of all whatever flight i take hope the turbulence is so bad that I vomit all over the faces of these other vapid commenters. Well with this package i would have to dress the part. Start with putting on a fake stache and a lesbian wig - top it off with a fedora. Look in the mirror and recite “I hate you you urban designer hipster but I love your gear now where did you get that suitcase - does it come in other color?” then I’d take bout 5 zolofts and drown it with a bottle of wine - pass out and miss my flight but would still look back at what an amazing trip i had +++

----- Nadnart 28.11.10 13:52

I would put those sunglasses on and head straight down under to Australia for some summer sun, beach and surf

----- Charlotte 28.11.10 13:42

I’d ride off into the sunset!

----- Anne 28.11.10 13:42

I’ll go to Mexico follow the warm weather.

----- sindy 28.11.10 13:32

I live in Madrid, but I’m from Mexico City so I’d go back home for some great weather and fun with friends and family.

----- Mariana 28.11.10 13:23

I would go to Thailand, enjoy some nice weather and good food!

----- Iris 28.11.10 13:06

I would travel to the Philippines. My family is from the islands, but I was born in the US. Even though I’m not very enveloped in the culture, I still feel like I’m missing out on something that’s apart of me, even if it is awesome street food, inexpensive markets, and karaoke! Fingers crossed that I win this, I actually might be accompanying my grandma to the country for a reunion next summer and I’d love to take some of these Wejetset items along!!!

----- Jessica Elle 28.11.10 13:00

I get my moleskine and safari shades on. A suitcase, with a duffle, with a macbook, with a sleeve. An ipod,aiaiai headphones.

Boy, im ready, i got my ‘stache on.


----- Karan 28.11.10 12:56

I would hop a plane to Patagonia.

----- A.V. 28.11.10 12:55

i really need to give seattle a break and find some sun… sailing in the keys perhaps?!

----- Amber M 28.11.10 12:51

Straight to Kyoto, Japan!

----- Jared 28.11.10 12:46

I would bring just my laptop, camera, iPod, chargers, underwear, socks and a pair of sneakers to fly to Japan. Who knows what will happen or where I will end up, but by then all these tools and gadgets will be used well.

----- Jennifer 28.11.10 12:44

MIA for Art Basel!

----- William 28.11.10 12:40

With this little collection I would be off to Paris bookshop Shakespeare & Co. and fill the suitcase with books.

----- Mark 28.11.10 12:37

Hong Kong or bust! Because my daughter is headed to SCAD HK on Jan 1st. I can use this prize when I visit her for Spring Break!

----- Forsythia Hopkins 28.11.10 12:33

I would high-tail it to Europe and do the traveling I know I likely will never be able to do!

----- Meghan 28.11.10 12:31

I’d go on a trip to Paris with my love this time, meet some old friends and then tour Europe for a while, just to take a break. From there on train rides will be a breeze with those luggages!

----- Gabriel 28.11.10 12:29

I’ll take it on a roadtrip through Sweden. No doubt about that

----- Kim 28.11.10 12:23

Europe… for a month. It’s on my bucket list.

----- sarah 28.11.10 12:16

Ever since we moved to Denver this summer (having both grown up on the East Coast) we’ve been missing wine country… lush, coastal greenery and the warmth of humid air leaving behind its tiny dewdrops in the morning sun. We’d escape to the Italian countryside; I’ve always longed for a jet-setting adventure that would allow us to escape from the ordinary and everyday tourist hotspots.. somewhere off the beaten path, perhaps the Umbria or Abruzzo regions or the beautiful island of Sardinia. I dream of perfecting my Italian, mingling with the locals and experiencing all that the beautiful land has to offer.

----- Evie 28.11.10 12:09

I would go on a private cruise to Alaska…
Endless white landscape, hot tea, my camera… bliss!

----- Kate Lecours 28.11.10 12:07

packed suitcase > barcelona //
head north for the camino de santiago journey //
right back to barcelona > unpack that suitcase > relax.

----- scott w 28.11.10 12:00

I will totally go to Lucern, Switzerland! The last time I went there it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!
Extremely memorable and definitely a must visit for backpackers!

----- Becca 28.11.10 11:58

I would fly off to new zealand,to meet some friends and enjoy spring there

----- Lukas 28.11.10 11:36

I would pack my bags and start a month-long trip to Spain and Italy. Enjoying local cuisine and shop in the markets.

----- Ray 28.11.10 11:19

Around the world in 80 days!

----- Megan 28.11.10 11:12

I live in London but I grew up in Switzerland, so I’d jump on a plane and head back to see my family. I’d have a nice fondue on the ski slopes and grab some roasted chestnuts. Then maybe a bit of sledging… :)

----- Anneke Short 28.11.10 11:01

I’m getting the heck out of PA and heading straight for Cupertino, Cali! I haven’t seen my grandfather in years and have been planning to visit him and now I actually have the cash to do so! Guess all I need now is some sweet ass safari shades and a Jack Spade duffle and I can be on my way!

----- Becki Lapotsky 28.11.10 10:51

I’d hop on over to napa valley where my cousin is training to be a somlier.

----- Kyle 28.11.10 10:47

Let me check in to a flight to Cuba or Barcelona, whichever one has the soonest departure. I can fit all I need in one of those bags. The other one I will fill with things to give away when I arrive.

----- jurgen 28.11.10 10:44

Australia! What other island full of criminals is as cool?

----- Mark 28.11.10 10:37

I would definitely head to Barcelona, Spain. I recently studied abroad there and have been dreaming about heading back to catch up with friends, chill at the beach, and of course practice my Catalan!

----- Liz 28.11.10 10:20

I would really love to take a trip on my own to know myself better and meet new people… the place is not important in this case.

----- Sylvia 28.11.10 09:59

I’d finish finals, pack, drive home, and steal my mom for 3 or 5 days. I’ll drive her to the airport, and we’re going to look at the departing boards, pick a location, and go. (Knowing her, though, she’d probably choose to visit my uncle in Paris, or her childhood friend in Sydney. I don’t think momma understands the concept of “vacation” at all…)

----- Khanh 28.11.10 09:50

!!! if i could leave NOW for anywhere and skip my finals/deadlines???
I would jump on the first plane from Montreal to Melbourne to visit my family on the other side of the globe!!! (also escaping the cold this winter)

… + after all the all-nighters I had to pull this past week, I guarantee no jet lag!!!

----- VIC 28.11.10 09:35

Going to visit my grandmother in HK, haven’t seen her for over a decade.

----- jay P 28.11.10 09:27

I’d go north. To British Columbia. By train.

----- Darrel 28.11.10 09:22

Ive been saving up and now all I need is the gear for the trip I’ve been planning forever! I am going to hop on a plane at SFO and simply head east :)I am getting an airline alliance ticket, which basically lets you travel around the world flying on standby. Lets see where I end up! You can customize the ticket for various options and prices but basically mine would be 4 flights per continent, good for 6 months. Required stops will be Spain, Greece, Turkey, India and Thailand. The gear here is fantastic! Not only would I be good to go but I’d able to chronicle a trip of a lifetime. I can see me now, scribbling in one of those Moleskines on a park bench or a sandy beach… :)

----- Ella 28.11.10 08:49

I would like to go to Australia to see it with my own eyes. I’ve never been in south part of globe, maybe people really are walking upside down there!)))
and also i want to see sidney, maybe i decide to relocate))

----- Anna P 28.11.10 08:44

I’d go to the Andaman Islands, 1500 km off the east coast of India - that way, I’m probably going to be the only one on the islands with the items in the prize and they’ll want to get them too - so it’s a win all round!

----- Mark Jenkins 28.11.10 07:59

After living in Tokyo for the last five years, I’d return to Canada and introduce my kids to the joys of tobogganing.

----- Pete 28.11.10 07:52

Greece for sure, one of the islands around it would be terrific. Living in Minneapolis is great but, I loathe the Minnesota winter. Also those shades are amazing!

----- Kelsey J 28.11.10 07:42

my luggage got stolen on my last trip…and these look awesome.

----- leyla 28.11.10 07:33

I would just get I my car and drive and try to see as much as I could.

----- Dana Galbraith 28.11.10 07:26

Going to Berlin for the first time this January. Need this in my life! xo

----- Adrian Harris 28.11.10 07:18

Definitely Tokyo! I LOVE JAPAN!!

----- Lee Peng 28.11.10 07:06

I’d jump on a plane and go anywhere…

----- isabel 28.11.10 07:04

I would jump on a train and travel across the country - Cary Grant in North by Northwest Style!

----- Lilly 28.11.10 06:43

Well, I’ve been expecting snow for over a month now, especially as my birthday is next week and Christmas is right around the corner…so I will go to the nearest place where it is snowing, as winter without snow is the saddest thing on earth! Let it snow!:D

----- Alexandra 28.11.10 06:14

I have some travel coming up this winter and the items in this package would make these trips much more enjoyable.

----- Erik 28.11.10 06:14

Venice! The perfect place to get lost, sketch in the streets, and reconnect with the simple things in life.

----- Nikki 28.11.10 05:54

i would go to JAPAN! been dying to go for years….might not come back if it did get to go! :)

----- Nikki 28.11.10 05:53

I’d be on my way to either Hong Kong or SF! hmm decisions decisions!

----- Ian 28.11.10 05:33

‘Learn to free yourself from all things that have moulded you, and which limit your secret and undiscovered road’ - I would continue this journey… hope the suitcase can keep up!

----- Lil 28.11.10 05:13

Cordova, Alaska. I need an escape, I need to go somewhere wild.

----- Simon Riehs 28.11.10 05:11

As 2011 rapidly approaches and I steadily enter my 18th year as a human being, I am quickly becoming aware of the fact that traveling is in no way free (that is, unless you’re hitchiking in exchange for sexual favors). I’d take all of these nice travel goodies and head somewhere reasonable, like Detroit. My girlfriend, as lovely as she is, constantly tells me that I should spend the money I have on “intelligent” purchases, like investments for the future so that someday, we can take a nice trip to Barbados. But I simply shake my head and spend my money on wise things, such as clothes I find on Notcouture. And I look her in the eyes while I’m wearing a beautiful Surface to Air cardigan and say, “Baby, Detroit is beautiful this time of year.”

----- Sam Schan 28.11.10 04:39

Copenhagen, Never been there. I would love to visit Denmark.

----- Tangelia 28.11.10 04:20

I would go to Brooklyn N.Y. that might not sound so cool but my wife and I live in Jerusalem and miss my Grandparent.

----- John 28.11.10 04:20

With these goods, i would go anywhere! The world is too big and it is mediocre to stay in just one place. Besides, to travel is the best investment onecan do in his own life! With these prizes, I can take all my essentials to survival: macbook pro, ipod touch, Moleskine and a few pieces of clothes. It will come handy for xmas break!

----- Fez 28.11.10 04:03

I’d rent an apartment in Venice beach and relax for a month.

----- david 28.11.10 03:32

Hawaii !

----- Melanie 28.11.10 03:30

I already have my ticket - to London for a week before Christmas. I am a country-living gent and this depth-charge of style is exactly what I need to that I don’t stand out like a sore thumb in the city of Shakespeare, Churchill and Winehouse.

----- Doug 28.11.10 03:20

I’d go upstairs & pack my case… count my money, sigh and put the case under the bed for a while.

----- Martin 28.11.10 03:20

I would definitely rush back to Copenhagen, I so much loved it there. The green living, half the veg and fruit sold there is organic, you never have to search far for a healthy meal. The gorgeous design and the most amazing shops…total love…Love, Jules

----- Jules 28.11.10 03:10

I’d love to Czech out Europe! But if it’s too Chile, maybe South America.

----- Terrance 28.11.10 03:01

I would travel to space with my brand new NotVentures package. Or scrape the universe with Virgin Galactic :D

----- Celine 28.11.10 02:37

I would travel to space with my brand new NotVentures package. Or scrape the universe with Virgin Galactic :D

----- Celine 28.11.10 02:36

i would be on my way to Kenya to visit my girlfriend doing aid work

----- evan baker 28.11.10 02:29

very simple and a little bit romantic:
I’ve always wanted to see London with the Christmas Lights, and the snow, with a special person.

How common am I?

----- enrica 28.11.10 02:14

I’d head to Tokyo, I used to live there and am so homesick to go back…

----- becky 28.11.10 02:09

New Castle upon Tyne… where i am about to start medical school

----- maggie 28.11.10 01:45

If I could leave for anywhere right now, I’d visit my family in Boston and New Hampshire

----- Fran 28.11.10 01:30

My best friend moved from St. Louis to Boston; Any excuse to go see him, even new notebooks and a suitcase, is good enough for me.

----- Marshall Cox 28.11.10 00:42

Goa, India

spicy food

a place to lose yourself

and find yourself?

----- Julia 28.11.10 00:37

I would go to London! I’ve always dreamed of going there, it just seems like the perfect place for me!

----- Becky 28.11.10 00:30

I would jump on the train from London to Istanbul. And if the case would hold that much—I wouldn’t get off in Istanbul!

----- Thijs 28.11.10 00:16

I would head to the airport and ask for the first flight out to any country the clerk is unable to pronounce.

----- Jordan Sanchez 27.11.10 23:40

Venice! to visit my dear old friend Susana’s little baby (before it gets big) and to wander around all the little streets.

----- Melanie 27.11.10 23:34

Ooooo - no contest. I would love to go to Spain. The food, the people, the language, the architecture and the history. Throw in the sunshine and you have a splendid holiday adventure!

----- Leanna 27.11.10 23:28

I’d like to take a train from LA up to Vancouver. Vancouver because it seems like a cool place and I have a friend up there and I love native northwestern tribal art, but I think the journey is what I’d look forward to more- hence the awesome adventurous train ride :)

----- Ryan 27.11.10 23:27

I would travel to Spain to explore the coast- and then up to France for a some fantastic French cuisine (what can I say, I’m a foodie and I about passed out from happiness during my first culinary adventure there).

----- James 27.11.10 22:53

Hong Kong

----- Jim 27.11.10 22:18

I’ll hop onto the next plane to Tokyo, and literally shop ‘till I drop.
Harajuku~ wait for meee :)

----- Kyu 27.11.10 22:12

I would give everything to my brother so he would have some proper travel gear and can travel in style when he comes to visit me.

----- Justin 27.11.10 22:11

I live in Mexico just by the border and my girlfriend is coming to visit from all the way of the center of the mexican republic, I would make a car trip to san francisco because we both are dying to get to know that city! I would use everything in that prize package for my trip.

----- Pedro Ramirez 27.11.10 21:54

I would leave NY for the holidays and head to Madrid. Never been and don’t know anyone there!

----- Yekaterina 27.11.10 21:52

I would fly to Egypt to see the pyramids. Then I would travel all over South East Asia. Then make my way to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan. While I’m out there I would visit New Zealand and Australia. I would end my trip visiting my family in California. That would be amazing… someday.

----- carol 27.11.10 21:42

I will jump on a plane to Bangkok, hop on the train to the death railway, make myself comfortable along River Kwai and visit the national park there!
merry christmas!

----- Lee Yue Yun 27.11.10 21:40

I’d head to San Francisco for a much needed break.

----- Jeff Smith 27.11.10 21:40

I would go to greece:]

----- Bianca 27.11.10 20:41

I would pack up all my things and take a trip down to NYC for a winter vacation. I heard it’s absolutely beautiful there with all the snow and Christmas lights!

----- Rowan 27.11.10 20:11

First, I would drive to San Francisco to pick up my best friend then we would hop on a plane and go to Europe and visit some of our favorite countries like Italy where we can go Rome, Milan, Florence etc… visit museums and churches and take LOADS of pictures. Of course we would also visit France, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain and the UK… but those are just my favorites :D

it would be thee best adventure with my best friend! just two girls, traveling to different countries, learning about their history and culture, having good laughs while sipping some good wine and eating some great food.

----- Francis 27.11.10 20:00

Buenos Aires, no question

----- Kevin J 27.11.10 19:49

I would finally take a trip across South East Asia & Australia.. James Bond Style!

happy holidays!

----- Ely Anne 27.11.10 19:49

If I were loading up to go right now, I’d head north to NYC to crash with friends and enjoy the holiday in the city!

----- Anissa 27.11.10 19:48

i would wait for snow and hop on a train across the northern United States…

----- lkieh 27.11.10 19:22

I would use the goodies to go visit my dad in Ghana , and go audition for the dutch national ballet.

----- Daniel 27.11.10 19:21

I’d hop on and enjoy the 12 hour train ride to Vermont to spend some time with friends and enjoy bundling up in pounds and pounds of blankets while enjoying delicious coffee and some Vermont maple syrup.

Yeah that sounds good.

----- Brian B 27.11.10 18:50

As I am planning a trip to Lima, Peru, this set would be perfect for my travel journal and day trips around the city.

----- neonsocks 27.11.10 18:47

I’d go to Ibiza, party it out with all the beach bums and view the sunset at Cafe del Mar. Then, I’ll head off to Santorini for some wine-tasting and philosophizing with hot Greek guys. I’ll end my trip in Venezia riding a gondola, eating pizza and gelato while Santana plays in the background! Realistically though, I’d love to have these goodies when I go to Boracay Island with my sister and bro-in-law for the holidays! Wahoo!

----- Nadine 27.11.10 18:42

I’d take that suitcase (with the travel swag inside) to New Orleans. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while!

----- Kate 27.11.10 18:31

I go to where the sun doesn’t set during this time of year - Antarctica. I would be wearing those shades non stop and the headphones would keep my ears warm while being able to listen to music.

----- Paul Kozak 27.11.10 17:42

Last year you asked a similar question and I said Catalonia, Spain (because it’s Salvador Dali’s hometown!) and since I still haven’t made it there…I still wanna go. But also revisiting Tokyo would top the list.

----- Taryn 27.11.10 17:01

Malta. I love history and archeology and I’d love to bask in the sun and eat the local fish dishes that I always hear about.

I would also visit my Host mother from a college semester in France on the way, she was a fabulous cook and so lovely.

----- Emma 27.11.10 16:41

I’d definitely make use of all the goodies provided. I would pack just the necessities in the Jack Spade duffel and Hideo Bean, pack my macbook in the Arkitip Tokyo sleeve, blast music in the AIAIAI headphones, put on the safari shades, and head for the SERENGETI to chill with the wildlife, jotting notes of all the travel in the moleskin.

----- S 27.11.10 16:37

I would visit my mon on long Island

----- stephen 27.11.10 16:36

I’d pack up those swanky bags and fly to LA.

----- Erin 27.11.10 16:27

I’d go to Tokyo! Sushi and robots! Who could ask for more?!

----- Allen 27.11.10 16:23

I would go to Sweden or the Netherlands but I’m ready to go pretty much anywhere!

----- Emily Kerns 27.11.10 16:14

There are so many places that I’d love to visit but currently I have a yearning to explore India, taking the sleeper trains throughout the country would be amazing.

----- Ben 27.11.10 16:08

I would do it old school and travel the US by train. Stopping at the vast amount of mountains and valleys and cities in between putting all the different gear to good use.

----- Rudy Valenta 27.11.10 15:48

I would go backpacking through Europe, hit up Ireland, England, Spain, France, Germany, Austria. As many countries as possible.

----- Sally 27.11.10 15:41

I would visit Monte Sacro Venezuela, where my mother is from!

----- Willa Wilson 27.11.10 15:37

If I could go anywhere I would go to Chile and try to find my father’s family. And if money was no object I would travel around the world to see as much as I could. I would love to go to Greece, Peru, Tibet, Japan, and see such the Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, and the Great Mayan Ruins. I would taste the food and culture of each country and savor it.

----- Cameo Herrin 27.11.10 15:19

I’d go to Australia! It’s on my life’s list of places to go one day because of all the animals that are unique to the continent. It’s ok that many of them are poisonous and deadly… that’s part of their charm.

----- Megan 27.11.10 15:18

I would go… anywhere but here! It is already getting far too cold in Philadelphia and I can’t stand it. The people are getting cold too. Time to get away!

----- Laura 27.11.10 15:13

Wow, I love all of these items! Especially the Tokyo laptop sleeve.
I would be on a plane to Tokyo to visit my son, faster than you could imagine! It would be great to give him this laptop sleeve when I get there.

----- Jan 27.11.10 15:04

Moscow ! it looks amazing anyway, but my boyfriend lives there and I’m unlikely to see him this Christmas :-(

----- Hazel 27.11.10 14:52

Work keeps me on the road a lot. It would be nice to travel in style for a change.

----- Michelle 27.11.10 14:50

I would go to Dodgeville, Wisconsin to see the House on the Rock.

----- Jennifer 27.11.10 14:21

Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Modern Asian cities are amazing.

----- Kelvin 27.11.10 14:14


----- Blaine Tolentino 27.11.10 14:02

i would grab my things and my gf and head to Italy and Japan, each of our favorite destinations

----- steven 27.11.10 13:50

definitely Rome, Italy.

----- jay panelo 27.11.10 13:23

My best friend is Polish and moved back home, so I would catch the next flight to Warsaw!

----- Rachel 27.11.10 13:18

I would pack my bag. Head to the train station, and let it take me where ever it takes me.

----- Adrian Reyes 27.11.10 13:02

I would go… strait to Zillertal Austria. I just love skiing and this summer was to long. I would just love to go there, where the slopes are perfect and in the evening after a good meal, a 30 min trip to the sauna, to just lay in bed and write everything down in a Moleskine notebook so I could remember everithing…

----- Mihai 27.11.10 13:00

I’d head home to my family back in Australia. The distance between NYC and there makes visits sadly infrequent. As a bonus, the weather is much nicer there right now ;)

----- Mack 27.11.10 12:34

Australia … been once and I’m dying to go back.

----- Robert 27.11.10 12:13

I’m an architecture student who is spending her Thanksgiving holiday in front of her computer, drawing building plans; I would take any opportunity to rest my eyes and see some greenery. The Virgin Komi Forests of Russia would be a great destination.

----- Julia 27.11.10 12:04

I have to do research in Malawi and Zambia soon, and this would certainly help me do it in style.

----- Ryan 27.11.10 12:04

I’d love to fly to London!

----- Wieland 27.11.10 12:00

I want to go home !

----- Pierre 27.11.10 11:51

I’m leaving for madrid in february so all this would be great

----- jaime 27.11.10 11:40

I would set off for London to visit family and old friends.

----- Christina 27.11.10 11:39

I live in Sweden and would use it as a sign I need to pay for a ticket to go home to oregon and see my family for the first time since last christmas.

----- Quinn 27.11.10 11:23

I’d head to Ireland to marry my sir and find out a little bit more about my family’s history.

----- Gideon 27.11.10 11:22

I’d totally hit up south eastern Asia. Probably take stops at Japan and S. Korea.

----- lara 27.11.10 11:17

We would head south and find somewhere warm to heat our weary bones.

----- max 27.11.10 10:49

I left my heart with a special person, so wherever he’s at, I want to go. ♥

----- Roz 27.11.10 10:41

Train ride from New York to California. A week worth of living slowly, quietly and seeing the everything once again through new eyes.

----- Marcia Howard 27.11.10 10:33

If I could go anywhere I would do a tour of Eastern Europe to visit my extended family I have never met! I would love to get everyone in my family together in a wonderful place in Eastern Europe and have one BIG PARTY family reunion! And I would have everyone bring different foods and customs from their respective places. It would be magical!

----- Tam 27.11.10 10:31

I’d definitely go to the stars! :) Not literary, though. Just to a place so high where I could see the stars flickering so bright from up above. Maybe in a small exotic village at the Himalayan area of Nepal…

----- Genoveva Hega 27.11.10 10:25

There is no where I would rather be this winter than a small cottage in England like the one in “The Holiday.”I can see it now, a warm fire, some lights, and a nice cup of Hot Chocolate to make a perfect holiday :)
Here’s the cottage if you are not familiar with the film! http://bit.ly/f6LyXN

----- Lauren 27.11.10 10:14

I’d jump straight on a plane to China, one of the big cities. It feels like everything in England is in decline. I figure instead of going down with this ship I could find a country on the up. And the Chinese art scene is blossoming at the moment!

----- Will VB 27.11.10 10:12

I’d make my way back to Cagli, Italy - a little, cobble-stoned village, where they take pride in their local food and wine, they’re all super hospitable folks and throw crazy NYE celebrations, from what I hear.

----- Melissa Traynor 27.11.10 09:59

I would fly to Exton, PA and be with the guy of my dreams. and take a road trip to the places we have been talking about for so long.

----- Pei 27.11.10 09:55

I’d go diving at Raja Ampat in Indonesia … I think my fins would fit nicely in the Hideo suitcase :)

----- Dino Indra 27.11.10 09:50

I would take my husband to Bologna in Italy. He has never traveled abroad and I had the best meal of my life there when I was a teenager. I want to share with him a plate of the most delicious homemade pumpkin ravioli that I have ever tasted. We could linger over a long meal (and I could drink wine this time!)

----- Emily 27.11.10 09:32

I need to get back to Boston, but that will have to wait till next fall. This winter would be great to head down to Argentina, specifically Patagonia. Always wanted to visit down there.

----- Ben 27.11.10 09:27

I would have to visit my friend in Czech. I have never been to her country.

----- Meay 27.11.10 09:25

I would jump on a plane to visit my sister in Spain! She’ll be studying in Madrid in the spring. I had been planning on visiting her for spring break, but it looks like money is going to be a little too tight…

----- Megan 27.11.10 09:15

I would fly to Singapore to be with the woman of my dreams, then we’d fly off together to Europe and take a train from italy up to norway, stopping in every country along the way. We’d finish our trip in Bray, Ireland, walking along the cliff overlooking the ocean.

----- young 27.11.10 09:08

I would pack my bags and head to California. I’ve never been to the west coast.

----- Beth 27.11.10 09:04

I’ve been wanting to travel to Buenos Aires forever! I cannot wait to experience the culture, the food, and the neighborhoods.

----- holly 27.11.10 08:58

I would go to Japan but I would go the long way.

----- Jason 27.11.10 08:53

I would love to go to Hungary to try to locate my dad’s side of the family. I think it would be wonderful to be able to experience the culture as well.

----- Ilona 27.11.10 08:49

I would definitely go to Portugal! It looks beautiful and my boyfriend’s family is from there but he’s never been! It would be so romantic and fun!

----- Victoria 27.11.10 08:26

i would zip to a cosmopolitan city, like tokyo, with a fat wallet and the empty spanky new suitcase.
i’ll live with what the city can offer me (including clothes) and i’ll fill up the suitcase with the city’s treasures.

----- Pei Pei 27.11.10 08:25

back home to alabama

----- Rachel Hendrix 27.11.10 08:16

I would go to Hong Kong, Japan and top it off with L.A.

----- sunghei yau 27.11.10 07:43

if i could fly anywhere right now, i’d probably go to the philippines to visit my grandparents who i haven’t seen in 8 years. then we’ll travel the beautiful islands and go to the beaches where we can watch the sun set as we drink coconut juice. it would be remarkable (:

----- Julie Habibul 27.11.10 07:37

I would be on the first flight to Australia to visit my brother down-under!

----- Rebecca 27.11.10 07:34

I would pick Milan. Every time I try to get there, my flight gets re-routed or time runs out. Then I would rent a car and visit some friends outside of Florence. The moleskin travel guide would help me get around. The Jack Spade duffle and Hideo Bean Suitcase would be the perfect personal statements to carry my gear in.

----- Tibando 27.11.10 07:30

JAPAN! . (period)

----- Erik 27.11.10 07:24

I would head to Bali, I’ve always wanted to go and it looks so beautiful in pictures.

----- Amy 27.11.10 07:24

I would fly over to Paris and take the train to Belgium to Berlin. Then fly over to Switzerland and finally end off this adventure in Spain.

----- Rosanna 27.11.10 07:03

I’d hop in a car and road trip across the country to Portland, OR

----- whitney 27.11.10 06:22

I would go to New York because my sister is there and I miss her.Also because I have never been to NY and because I have never flown.

----- meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman 27.11.10 05:44

Right now, I would hope on a plane and head to australia. I recently found out they have a place where you can stay in a tree house and that is the definition of perfection.

----- Jennyris Nieves 27.11.10 05:44

I would go to Santorini and all the other Greek Islands, my dream destination!

----- Kimmy 27.11.10 04:55

I would pack my travel kit and go straight to Williamsburg in New York. Vivid place with coffee, music and art that simply makes you feel good!

----- Maciej Warchal 27.11.10 04:46

Life is going so fast, I need to slow down.
There was a time were great explorers could only dream of going around the world in 80 days.
Packed and ready, stylish and shiny, my headphones would get me to Moscow via the great orient express.
Effortlessly, my suitcase would jump onto the Transiberian, Beijing here we come.
Some stops along the way, some pictures later, Beijing would open its doors and get me through the train to Lassa.
Some stories after I would finally arrive in Tibetan lands and meditate on my trip.

----- Gerald 27.11.10 04:04

I think I’d jump on a plane to Oslo - such an amazing and beautiful city.

----- Tristan Watson 27.11.10 03:47

London of course, in search of Banksy! An amazing time to dedicate myself fully to my photography.

----- Ashley 27.11.10 03:39

I would go on an Asian culinary tour.

----- Jessica Wong 27.11.10 03:21

I would go to Zlatan, and watch Milano while I’m there.

----- Erik Mellenius 27.11.10 02:49

i would pack my bag and head off somewhere warm to escape the snow…

----- Roisin 27.11.10 02:23

rodellar, spain.
i’d like to try climbing at a world class destination.

----- jennifer 27.11.10 02:10

Plane from Melbourne to Copenhagen, to visit the design and music festivals (Distortion festival looks amazing) Then Train and automobile down to Budapest.
Going to make this trip soon, would love your help :)

----- Caine Cherubin 27.11.10 02:00

If i could i would take the trip of a lifetime, i’d fly to miami before hopping abord a cruise ship to sail around the globe, stopping off in Sidney where i would walk across the harbor bridge, Parris where i would go to the top of the Eiffel tower, Monaco were i would watch the F1, Venice were i would take a trip in a gondola. we would sail through the panama canal and we would see Mount Etna erupting from the safety of the sea, of course i wouldn’t spend all my time on bored, i would take a trip on the Orient Express meeting up with the ship at the other end and we would sail up the Nail, marveling at the ancient wonders that are the pyramids.

----- Ross Harrison 27.11.10 01:17

I’d love to go to north Norway to see aurora borealis:)

----- Agniesz 27.11.10 00:54

this giveaway is awsome!!! I would use all this items to go to minneapolis and visit my brother and sister in law, who are currently living there!! I miss them!! ^_^

----- noemozica 27.11.10 00:38

I would travel back to Madagascar and see my friends in the village where I served as a peace corps volunteer. A nice new suitcase is key since it will be loaded on top of trucks, rickshawes and maybe even an oxen cart.

----- Caitlin 27.11.10 00:36

I would take the first train to Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Amsterdam. Which ever came first.

----- Jeremy 27.11.10 00:28

I would hop on a plane and take my first trip outside of the country to Argentina. And I would fill up the bean with nothing but art supplies and make art every minute I was there.

----- Whitney Gardner 27.11.10 00:26

It would be nice to replace my suitcase the airlines destroyed and refused to fix. Then I could travel in style when I visit St. Johns this spring. Can’t wait.

----- Alan Napier 27.11.10 00:12

I’d go to the Greek islands (Unfortunately, there’s some many to choose from, so I’ll decide later), but only in the spring. I want to see olive trees full of shoots and the Mediterranean cristal-blue!

----- Erika 27.11.10 00:06

Amsterdam, here I’d come!

----- Linda 27.11.10 00:03

Jean, I have decided to become a world traveler. This prize would help me towards that goal. If you give it to me, I will send you photos from the places I go and do correspondent work for NotVentures for free.

----- Leona 27.11.10 00:02

I would hop on a plane to varanesi, and have a bath in the ganges, singing the praises to a body electric.

----- james boyd 26.11.10 23:19

I really want to go back to New Orleans! I was there a few summers ago and had so much fun at the jazz festivals and the white linen parties and everything, but I never made it to the Insectarium! I’m such a nerd, but I totally want to go back and check that out.

----- Jeremy Stern 26.11.10 23:05

i need a vacation so badly that i would load up that suitcase with a couple necessities and tell the person at the airline’s ticket sales to book me on the next plane out. as long as i don’t have to worry and stress about any of my jobs, i wouldn’t be picky over the location.

----- brittany jones 26.11.10 22:49

Hokkaido to have a nice soak in the hot springs.

----- Sara 26.11.10 22:43

Nepal, I want to spend time at orphanages at the mouth of Mt. Everest teaching photography, meeting my future spouse there would be nice too.

----- T. W. Adler 26.11.10 22:35

Denmark, it would be Denmark for me. I need to escape the grayness of the city I am in at the moment. Then I’d also see for myself what they have been telling me about design in Denmark.

----- David 26.11.10 22:29


----- Ally 26.11.10 22:28

I would go to NYC. I miss SOHO so bad right now…

----- BT 26.11.10 21:58

I would go to New York City, and visit/admire all my musician friends who are really making a go of it.

----- Ryan 26.11.10 21:54

sitting in jail for 2 and a half years gives you plenty of time to figure out where you want to escape to (figuratively, of course).

I would wear a nice suit, bring nothing but my laptop and whatever fits in 1 piece of luggage and stay in buenos aires for 2 weeks. I will enjoy the good company of my friend who lives down there, exchanging adventures he’s had around the world and what ive had behind bars.

He’s been my friend before i went away, before college started, and before the car accident i was in that costed our friend his life. Argentina, definately.

----- evan 26.11.10 21:41

I would take my pug Ophelia James to Portland and drink stomp town coffee.

----- Jordyn A. 26.11.10 21:38

Detroit to Peru. I daydream about kissing alpacas and hiking volcanoes and finding shapes in the clouds over Machu Picchu and dancing with Peruvians and bird-calling to Horned Screamers and taking a train through the Andes.

----- Kristen 26.11.10 21:29

I would fly to Anchorage, AK and meet a man that I hope to fall in love with. He said if i came he would take me out riding in the snow…..

----- A.G. Hellings 26.11.10 20:59

I would go to Paris. Always.

----- Mike Olson 26.11.10 20:58

Well, I’m from Mexico City: big, high-altitude, loud city. I’d love to travel to exactly the other side of the world with the opposite traits: Sri Lanka. Peace and quiet. Sea Level.

----- Bernard 26.11.10 20:52

Go to Tofino, lock myself in a cabin and do nothing for 3 weeks.

----- Maple 26.11.10 20:46

I’m totally going to France!

----- Michael 26.11.10 20:40

I’d start my vibrant living cooking class tour, teaching people how to live there healthiest life through the food they eat/cook. Starting in Philly, then going south and cross country then north and back east.

----- Emily 26.11.10 20:38

I would love to go to Santorini because of the famous blue and white buildings! It’s so beautiful there, it would have the most amazing viewss

----- Ming 26.11.10 20:37

I’d hop on a plane to see my father, grandparents, and half brothers for the first time in my life in Bristol, England.

----- Jordan L. 26.11.10 20:21

I would get in a car with as many friends that will fit and do a cross-country road trip to NYC.

----- Christine 26.11.10 20:21

Probably to see my folks in Chicago. It’s not too far, but I’m missing them.

----- Joe Wasserman 26.11.10 20:18

easter island - make friends with some heads

----- kate 26.11.10 20:08

I would go back to bolivia, start in santa cruz and kiss my grandparents and then go around to the altiplano and see the andes, the salt plains of uyuni and make sure i would stay for carnival and dance my ass off in oruro and have water balloon fights cause thats what happens haha visit vallegrande where my mother is from and drink chicha all day long.

----- cesar zurita 26.11.10 20:06

I’d go see my wife in LA. Having to work long distance over the holidays sucks!

----- David 26.11.10 20:02

I would love to hop on a plane to Tokyo …

----- Aaron 26.11.10 19:57

I would by the first one way to Montreal. French Canada here I come.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 26.11.10 19:56

I would pack up all this stuff for my trip to Uganda for the PeaceCorps. I’m shipping out in 4 weeks and I’m in dire need of the jetset essentials. I love you NOTCOT.

----- Steven Neptune 26.11.10 19:55

right now, i’d drop everything and fly to the caribbean. all i want is to be someplace warm and sunny.

----- Audrey R 26.11.10 19:51

I spend more time on notcot than on facebook!

----- Pravin 26.11.10 19:48

I think my wife needs a trip to Portland to see her best friend, but she needs time to unwind too. Maybe we’ll take a train so we can relax, read, stare out the window, and possibly have a conversation.

----- rich 26.11.10 19:43

Definitely Italy or Australia!!!!!

----- cerenaleigh 26.11.10 19:31

I would go scope out a few of the architecture grad schools I am currently applying to sight unseen!

----- Brian Haulter 26.11.10 19:29

If i could pack my suitcase and leave right now, it would be to the philippines. I would love to visit my big big family there for christmas because over here, our familys are having conflicts.

----- Janelle 26.11.10 19:22

Take me to Bali. I’ll be good, promise.

----- Alex 26.11.10 19:20

I’d spend some time bumming around Europe so I could see old friends….

----- John 26.11.10 19:20

I’d do Christmas in Sydney, Australia, then New Year’s in NYC!

----- MisterTb 26.11.10 19:00

Austrailia, where it is getting warmer.

----- Julia R 26.11.10 18:50

I would visit Turks and Caicos where I heard the beach is really stunning and breathtaking. :)

----- Samantha Lim 26.11.10 18:47

id travel around my beautiful country of newzealand by bus. before i leave here for good (or at least a while)

----- BENNIE 26.11.10 18:29

drive down south until I hit the beach… check out new places on the way ]meet some new people perhaps(?)[

----- oskar hb 26.11.10 18:25

I would hop on a plane to the Hawaiian island. It almost doesn’t matter which, I love them all. To get a head-sized shave ice in November would be too sweet.

----- eug 26.11.10 18:17

I’ll go to Istanbul - just for a sip of coffe and the view of Bosporus.

----- Kasper Lie 26.11.10 18:16

Gotta grab my motorcycle and head south for the winter.

----- Brian 26.11.10 18:00

To visit my friends in Amalfi, with a quick stop in London to visit the best Bro-in-law in the world.

----- Itamimasu 26.11.10 17:59

I would love to go visit St. Maarten… the weather, the clear blue water. So much to to appreciate in such a paradise.

----- Edward Kim 26.11.10 17:55

Right now? Back to Argentina. Summer! That and after my last trip I started to empathize with Mark Sanford. That duffel and those headphones would come in handy for a beach day…

----- Chris Sanger 26.11.10 17:52

I’d go to Georgia and see my best friend!

----- Audrey Heffner 26.11.10 17:48

Should I win, I would pack up and head around the US to visit my whole family. I’d start in East Texas to visit my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and my soon-to-be born niece/nephew, and then to Arizona to visit my grandmother. Next, head up North to Michigan and Ontario, Canada to see the extended family.
It would be a great last trip before I graduate college.

----- Mikaela 26.11.10 17:45

I’m jetting off to Iceland in a couple of weeks, this set would be perfect! Thanks Notcot and thanks Wejetset!

----- Zoe 26.11.10 17:44

Canada of course! I’ve never been and I would love to go.

----- Jacob Sepulveda 26.11.10 17:39

I’m from Mexico, but I’ve been traveling mostly outside my own country. So I would love to have a road trip through all Mexico. To really get to know my culture and the beauty of my own people.

----- Mot V. 26.11.10 17:35

Well I wouldn’t be going anywhere per se, it’d be the actually journey on the Virgin Galactic that would be the highlight. I’d love to see the curvature of the Earth, and the blackness of space in person.

----- Alex Hill 26.11.10 17:32

If I could pack up my bags and head anywhere right now it would be Scotland to see where my family came from.

----- Kelly 26.11.10 17:22

I would go to PARIS!!!

----- amanda 26.11.10 17:04

I’d jet to Paris! The Louvre, bread, cheese, wine, romance…

----- Christine 26.11.10 16:59

Even though I think it’s close to the coldest place on earth, I’d go to Winnipeg, Canada to visit my family.

----- Adrien 26.11.10 16:53

Grab my 2 best friends and take a road trip from California to New York, making sure to stop at the four corners, the grand canyon, st. louis, chicago, philadelphia, and then finally the big apple!

----- Ashlie 26.11.10 16:52

New York, no question. I miss the life of that city and my friends

----- James D 26.11.10 16:49

Easy: Italy. The light, the art, the architecture, the food…

----- Paul R. 26.11.10 16:41

I’m going to visit Isreal this January, i still need everything to travel and this will just be perfect for such a long travel. I’ve been planning it for a while, i really want to come back to middle-east and its amazing landscape. I think that suitecase will resist to every transfer i have to do by plane, car or bus!!

----- gaia_gea 26.11.10 16:40

I would book a flight to Thailand, and visit bangkok, koh samet, koh phi phi, then book a bus to cambodia and visit angkor wat. i’ve wanted to visit SE asia again for years, and make sure it’s all there.

----- brian 26.11.10 16:36

I’d pack my bike, minimal stuff, and walk to the train, taking it all the way from my home in San Luis Obispo, CA to Vancouver. Being able to ride my bike around a new place is the best way to explore, slowing things down a bit lets me make spontaneous stops to find unique spots and meet new people! All the while, loving my new functional gear from NOTCOT!

----- leslie 26.11.10 16:24

I would pack up and take the kids to Paris! My daughter is in a french school here in the US and is dying to go to Paris, I can’t wait to take her.

----- kali 26.11.10 16:18

As a Korean adopted to the US as a baby, I’ve been getting in touch with my Korean roots of late through Korean cooking. It’s great getting to know your home country via its food, but going there would be even better. I mean, before it’s bombed off the map by the North Koreans and all.

----- Kerri 26.11.10 16:15

I want to go to France and eat some pastries, look at art, and drink champagne and wine.

----- Anne W 26.11.10 16:02

I would definitively take those moleskines and go to America.
It seems like and obvious place to gout it has everything, the sea,big busy cities,hot deserts,icy mountains,tiny villages,and a beautiful countryside.
There are so many wonderful things in the world it is hard,if not impossible, to only choose one location, but America, I think, has a little bit of everything you would like to see.
Oh, and if you want to know, my second option would be Australia!
Have a great weekend you all!

----- Chiara Mancuso 26.11.10 15:57

Escape Kansas City, Mo and head to Sunny Santa Barbara

----- Mason 26.11.10 15:49

Plane: 1st stop would have to be Jamaica to see friends and family for the holidays, then off to anywhere in the southern hemisphere where it currently is summer.
Train: I guess that would have to be NYC, there is so much to see and do and the train (subway) can get you everywhere.
Automobile: Vermont or Maine…I might as well be snowbound in style.

----- phil2mil 26.11.10 15:49

At this point in time, anything short of around the world is complete failure….plan it, pack it, do it!

----- manofiron 26.11.10 15:45

Today I was remembering the first time I traveled outside of my country and was feeling a bit nostalgic. I’d probably go to Mexico again and enjoy the cuisine… as well as Mexico DF!

----- Sele 26.11.10 15:37

Definitely embrace the cold weather, and get myself down to the north pole, swap stories with eskimoes, chill out with the big man in red, and gain the feeling in my toes in front of a log fire. I’d pray it’s more like Santa Claus the movie and not 30 Days of Night.

----- Louis O 26.11.10 15:34

I’d go to Iceland! I’ve been dying to go for years.

----- Marie C-D 26.11.10 15:26

I would go to Paris. My french is good enough to survive and I dream to go to Le Louvre.

----- Nadia 26.11.10 15:23

It was -30c last week where I live, so I’d love to go someplace warm and tropical. But, it’s been years since I’ve seen my family in Japan so I’d go to northern Japan to see my grandma again.

----- Karin 26.11.10 15:12

I would definitely go visit my friend in switzerland! and then my home country CHILE! ;)

----- Francisco 26.11.10 15:10

Cold, snowy, and muddy in Vancouver right now. I think a trip somewhere warm would be appropriate. 27 degrees in Maui sounds good to me. Gotta get a little surfing in as well.

----- Ryan 26.11.10 15:10

kick ass!

----- TENKI 26.11.10 14:39

I would love to go to Korea and go to concerts. Also, sightseeing, food, and go shopping.

----- Sandy 26.11.10 14:39

I would head to China! -tys

----- tyson faa 26.11.10 14:23

Don’t have money for airfare, so I’d probably hit a nice hotel with a pool and wifi. Relax and work on some fun project.

----- Thomas 26.11.10 14:21

I’d buy a round-the-world ticket, and visit every city in style!

----- Miko 26.11.10 14:18

I’m currently in Florida, but I would totally go to Portland, Oregon to see my lovely boyfriend.

----- Summer 26.11.10 14:18

I would pack my sunglasses, straw hat and my warmest winter coat, and head off to the Sea Forts at Redsands, UK.

Arriving in calm seas, I will board the fortress with nothing but clothes, food, water, and a sketchbook, embarking on a month long period of artwork production and conceptual reflection.

At night I will watch the night sky and shipping lanes from the heli pad with a cup of hot tea, before sleeping in a hammock in the control room.

----- Francis 26.11.10 14:16

I would like to pay a visit to Trinidad, where I can chill in a cottage overlooking the blue sea as I refresh my tastebuds with a cool sip of coconut water straight from the shell itself. I would love to share that moment with a person I love, and then enjoy the local scenary of tropical island bliss!

----- Sara 26.11.10 14:15

I think of Tokyo as a city of the future — all lights and glitter and technology and robots. I’d go there to prove my theory.

----- Mary G 26.11.10 14:11

I’d grab my best friend and hop on a plan to Tanzania. We’d spend a few days hiking and adventuring all the way up Kilimanjaro and then head down to the lovely beaches of Zanzibar for for some relaxation time.

----- Emma 26.11.10 14:10

Right now, I would love to hop on a jet with my boyfriend and go skydiving over the alps in Switzerland. Cold, breezy, and exhilarating!

----- Rebecca 26.11.10 14:10

I would take this swag and go anywhere to get me out of this city that is Cleveland, OH aka the armpit of america!

----- Nicholas Sipes 26.11.10 14:10

With my budget? San Francisco. I’d love to go to Paris though.

----- Allison 26.11.10 14:07

Out west to LA and San Fran.

----- Jason 26.11.10 14:05

Tunisia. I want to experience the mix of African/Arab/European cultures and the beauty of the desert.

----- rosario 26.11.10 14:00

Bahamas. Or France. Maybe even Monaco!

----- Gihan 26.11.10 13:58

I would go to France first, then Norway … visiting friends.

----- Laurian Gridinoc 26.11.10 13:56

We just got back from our honeymoon [too short], and found out we’re preggers [too cool]. Therefore, I’d drive my wife up the coast to visit her also-pregnant sister in Portland, then continue on to Canada for another week of honeymooning. Then, if we had any time/money left, I’d drive through tiny towns all the way home to see if any of ‘em would make a decent baby name.

----- Mitch 26.11.10 13:55

Id pack my back and fly to Beirut. A place I haven’t managed to go back to since a child due to its previously volatile political situation.

A truly thriving city that is making the most of its renewed interest; nurturing a diverse culture, buzzing arts scene and phenomenal cuisine. If anywhere deserves some global attention after a period of misfortune, its Beirut.

----- Sami Mallis 26.11.10 13:53

Iceland, or Hawaii- depending on which month I could get away.

----- rori zendek 26.11.10 13:52

Petit San Vincent, before they start renovation work later next year. Hopefully they don’t ruin it!

----- Jonathan 26.11.10 13:49

mmm… istanbul.

----- randi 26.11.10 13:47

This was a tough call for me, but the pictures shows the London moleskin book and that sealed the deal for me. I spent 3 months in London a few years ago, and it was not long enough. Last time I looked very American, but think this trendy set would help me fit in better on Oxford Street!

----- Manon 26.11.10 13:44

i am thorn between a flight to a quaint cottage in the British countryside and a road trip to the California’s deserts

----- assya 26.11.10 13:44

That London Moleskine would take me directly to Paddington Basin, where Thomas Heatherwick owes me a viewing of his roly poly footbridge. Third time must be a charm.

----- marissa 26.11.10 13:42

I would go to Paris with my new husband. We got married a few weeks ago but don’t have a honeymoon planned as yet. We would drink hot chocolate and eat crepes with nutella at a little café. Then, go see the the big Christmas trees and the lights of the city while walking hand in hand. La vie romantique !

----- Brooke 26.11.10 13:41

I would head up to Portland, OR to visit some old so and so’s.

----- Wesley H 26.11.10 13:40

I’m actually flying across the country (LA to Hartford, CT) next month to visit family, so that’s what I am going… but where would I go? I’d love to say Australia or Israel or anyplace I could run off and have an adventure, but I might go visit a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a few years right here in the USA ;)

----- Jessie 26.11.10 13:39


----- jb 26.11.10 13:38

I’d go back in time, to be the first to leave a comment on here since this will most likely not be noticed anyway :(

----- Dennis 26.11.10 13:32

I would head to Seoul and see for myself if it’s actually anything like what they show in Korean dramas (home of the world’s best mobile phones, girls who get plastic surgery before even hitting twenty, good food, rich culture, etc.)

----- Emily 26.11.10 13:24

scotland! i want to live there, but have never been. probably a good idea to visit first.

----- mine 26.11.10 13:24

I’ve always wanted to visit the entirety of Canada, even the northern parts. It’s so vast and diverse and I would like to say “Yeah, I’ve visited most parts of my own country.”

----- Joanna 26.11.10 13:19

i would go to fiji and chill by the beach with everything iin this giveaway!

----- Mark Sam 26.11.10 13:18

I’ve been traveling for four years straight - Germany, Spain, France, Prague, London, Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Tokyo (for a year). I’m finally back home in Canada and it’s the only place I want to be right now. So I’m packing my bags and driving to my new digs in Cambridge, Ontario. No, it’s not very exotic - but it’s home.

PS: The Hideo Bean 19 Suitcase would be perfect for transporting my electronics for the move. ;-0

----- Wendy Campbell 26.11.10 13:12

Where else but Paris, with my with and lover (oh, it is the same person), for a romantic escape, to sit and watch the world go by and sketch, sip coffee, and enjoy a wine or two

----- Tufan 26.11.10 13:09

Reykjavik at XMAS sounds great!!!

----- mike 26.11.10 13:09

I’d fly Turkey! I’m just dying to see Istanbul.

----- Carrieee 26.11.10 13:05

I’d fly to Australia, then New Zealand, then…

----- Melissa 26.11.10 13:05

I would love to travel to dharamsala, India & maybe be lucky enough to catch the Dalai Lama.

----- Amy 26.11.10 13:01

It’s not the most glamorous destination but I would just pack it up and fly to Florida to see my family for the holidays. Great way to end a fabulous year. Thank you Notcot and Wejetset : )

----- Lou 26.11.10 12:53

I would pack my new bags and fly to Thailand :)

----- Laci 26.11.10 12:43

I’d take a note from one of the moleskine books. The one in the picture says london… that sounds like a good trip. London it is. Just enough carry space for a nice weekend trip to the UK. Awesome contest guys.

----- Timothy 26.11.10 12:37

I would jump on a plane back to Good ‘Ole Blighty give my mum a hug, my best friend of 32 years a big kiss & then get round my mother-in-laws for a home cooked Sunday Roast Mmmmmmm!!!!! :P

----- Kandy Boulden 26.11.10 12:36

i’m lucky to be heading to australia for five months. cairns, sydney, canberra. i’d be even luckier if i had a beautiful pair of sunglasses and travel necessities.

----- WEDNESDAY 26.11.10 12:33

Stuff this cool needs an equally rad event to roll up to/for! This travel gift suite will join our family in February as we head to Orlando, Florida for the last space shuttle launch in history!

----- Souris 26.11.10 12:30

Always, the answer to this question for me will be New Orleans. It’s the best place there is — I’d get a to-go bloody mary and wander the streets with a camera until the sun went down and the music turned up.

----- Jessie M 26.11.10 12:28

I would go to Timbuktu!

----- Mundy Hackett 26.11.10 12:27

I think i would jump on a plane from London head to New york , and see friends I have missed for a very long time , and hopefully share the fantastic giveaway pressies . x

----- Richie 26.11.10 12:24

i wanna go to tokyo, japan!!!!

i miss uni and sashimi from tsukiji’s daiwa, ramen from ikebukuro’s muteki-ya and the most important reason I wanna go again is my bf ruined our trip last time as he was shocked to see how developed tokyo is and he took picture for 3 hours at the same place!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Andy 26.11.10 12:19

I have always wanted to visit Germany. I would load up the luggage get a ticket and disappear for a month just exploring and document it all in the moleskin notebook!

----- Ben 26.11.10 12:17

If I could go anywhere right now… Definitely sunny, green Kauai for a break from winter!

----- Susan Kelley 26.11.10 12:12

It would have to be Puglia, Italy. As soon as I touch down in this idyllic sactuary, I would quench my thirst with an ice cold mojito made of the finest mint leaves extracted from the nether regions of Southern Hanoi gliding down my windpipes. Partnered with a cuban havana whilst repping my finest tropical Hawaiian shirt made of the finest fair trade organic cotton has to offer. I might even go one step further and treat my ear canals to the gentle soundtrack of the crystal waters of the Mediterranean gently lapping onto the shore for a laugh. Perhaps push the boat out slightly and be outrageous to imagine sampling the sheer bliss of being hand fed Marks and Spencers finest range of grapes (seedless) by Sara Carbonero whilst fanned down by the most exquisite ostrich feathers that far Madagascan regions has to offer.

----- KAI 26.11.10 12:08

Oh that would be Rome. Love the city and my friends there, I haven’t seen in a long time.

----- Raphael 26.11.10 12:07

I would go to Argentina, where it is warm and without gophers.

----- Colby 26.11.10 12:07

I’d head to the east coast, actually. I’ve had some wonderful oversea trips recently, but haven’t had a chance to see my nephew in years!

----- Eva Funderburgh 26.11.10 12:06

I think I would go to South America. I’ve been planning to take a trip for a while, hopefully at the end of January, or early Feb. This would make traveling so much better.

----- Kathleen 26.11.10 12:05

Thailand right away!
That would be so wonderful and I would bring my lovely boyfriend with me :) (He has this skin disease that recovers when his in the sun & sadly it’s snowing here in Denmark right now).

----- Christina Bruun 26.11.10 12:02

To Italy to visit my familys namesake chapel in Naples.

----- natalie 26.11.10 12:02

i would jump on an iron bird and fly of to shelter of the Caribbean where angels frolic and mangoes are plenty

----- victor 26.11.10 12:01

i would head straight to Paris so me and my wife could finally have a honeymoon!!!

----- Levi Montez 26.11.10 12:00

Tibet, I have desired to see the beauty of that land and the beauty of the people.

----- Scott Ruiz 26.11.10 11:56

Venice - need to get there before it completely sinks.

----- hayes 26.11.10 11:55

I would head straight to greece. or maybe sydney…. or turkey. too many places i’m dying to visit!

----- sarah 26.11.10 11:51

I would go to Beijing, China to visit my grandfather because he is really sick. I was born there and all my family are still living there, so it would be very nice to see everyone.

----- Cynthia 26.11.10 11:49

Since its been snowing for the last 3 days i think a trip to some sun and warmth would be great……Dubai, one hears so many great things about it so a trip to the beach with the kids

----- Andrew white 26.11.10 11:49

The Swiss Alps! Mountains and chocolate. What more could you ask for?

----- Colby 26.11.10 11:49

Koh Hai just south of Koh Lanta in Thailand. It’s my happy place.

----- Angela 26.11.10 11:48

Copenhagen… Such a beautiful city.

----- James LaCroix 26.11.10 11:46

I would tag along with my archeologist when he went to his next dig, he goes wherever there is work and so I am often left behind, this would give me an excuse to tag along.

----- Christina 26.11.10 11:45

Hong Kong to see my parents and family! I would love to navigate its crowded narrow streets, discover hidden designer shops, and taste scrumptious street food in a heartbeat. Happy holidays!

----- Hoister 26.11.10 11:41

I would definitely go to Turkey!

----- Adrienne 26.11.10 11:39

To Iceland, because I have never been. Then on to Denmark and Berlin for the architecture and design.

----- Nick 26.11.10 11:36

skiing in st moritz

----- afw 26.11.10 11:30

San Francisco has been calling me back…

----- Corey 26.11.10 11:29

Cholo Bay Mexico To visit my godmother

----- Matt Robb 26.11.10 11:25

I would load up with the basics and head to the airport with my passport and play a little travel roulette. I’d happily travel anywhere.

----- Josh W 26.11.10 11:21

I would have to go to Hawaii. I need some warm weather in my life!

----- Jeremy 26.11.10 11:19

So many choices! I could go visit my BFF and her new baby in Panama City, Panama. I could take my husband to NYC to see his friend who is very ill. We could go on the honeymoon we never took to somewhere exotic, or pop down to Disneyland like we’ve been talking about. I could meet some girlfriends in Portland for a ladies weekend … the list goes on and on and on.

----- Katie W D 26.11.10 11:17

I would go to Scotland and tour the countryside.

----- Schmidty 26.11.10 11:16

I would absolutely use everything in this give-away for my trip to SXSW 2011. I’m going for my first time with a press pass and can’t wait. I’d love to have the Moleskine City Notebooks for note taking during conferences, the Safari shades to stay sexy, and the Hideo Bean Suitcase to take home all the goodies from the event! Let’s make this happen :)

----- Joe Miragliotta 26.11.10 11:15

I’d go to mexico, I lived in texas for 4 months now and I need to see what south of the border!

----- Daphne 26.11.10 11:08

i’d love to visit cook islands but would be happy with anywhere warm!

----- colleen 26.11.10 11:04

I would pack myself in a minute (or maybe I won’t have to because I will already have everything I need in my new suitcase?) and then I will fly to a place with real winter (not like here in my hometown Jerusalem), a place where I will be able to cuddle in front of a burning fire, forgetting all the deadlines waiting for me behind the corner. somewhere I will able to totally rest.
If you can pack this place in the suitcase as well I will be so so grateful. Thanks. Happy weekend.

----- Stav 26.11.10 11:04

I would jump on a plane to LA, because long distance is the worse ever… and then I would go on a lil road trip through the desert to shoot some amazing photos so my teachers won’t hate me for leaving school so suddenly!

----- Sara 26.11.10 11:03

I would love to take my hubby, my daughter and her little son to some of the wonderful organic farms on the west coast so we can learn more healthy farming techniques that we can use to contribute to our local organic farms.

----- Jacqueline 26.11.10 10:59

I would head out to Paris on the first flight I would find with my new wife!

----- Lucas lund. 26.11.10 10:59

I’d love to go to the snow! In L.A. we’re lucky if it dips below 45 at night. :-)

----- Ben 26.11.10 10:57

I must have that suitcase!

----- Bryan 26.11.10 10:55

I would hop on a plane to London, go on the Magical Mystery Tour, visit Strawberry Field, take a picture as I walk across Abbey Road, have a beer at the tavern and make my way up the rooftop of Apple Studio.

----- Clement King Lam 26.11.10 10:48

I would go to florida with my friends and family and spend it up at disney and harry potter world. awesomesauce.

----- Johnny 26.11.10 10:47

I would go to ireland. Rent a car and just drive around the country.

----- aldo 26.11.10 10:47

If I had the WeJetSet Giveaway Package in my hands right now, I would take a jet to London for the weekend. From there an EasyJet flight on a stop over
in Portugal on my way to the Canary Islands for a week in the sun.

----- Rob Orange 26.11.10 10:39

I think I’d want to exist in Hong Kong right now. Hop a plane, and make my way into the humid streets where I might barter with street vendors. Maybe pick up a few knock-offs. :)

----- William Alexander 26.11.10 10:39

I would go to Iceland, ride viking horses, see the beautiful scenery and swim in the blue lagoon. My dreamland… I hope I will get to go there before I die.

----- Hana 26.11.10 10:38

I’d probably fly to California or Florida to see one of my long-time internet friends; I’ve met so many great people over the years and most of them I have physically met, but Devin and Johnny remain connected to me through the computer. I’d pack it all up and go deliver some long deserved hugs.

----- Cameron 26.11.10 10:36

I would be off to Switzerland by way of Vienna for some apres ski. (Oh, and actual skiing, too…)

----- Ariela 26.11.10 10:36

If I could go anywhere in style right now, I’d go visit my favorite person in the world - my great-grandmother who lives outside of Toronto. :)

----- Michelle H 26.11.10 10:33

I’d head to California for sure – probably San Francisco, I’ve never been and have always wanted to!

----- April 26.11.10 10:30

I would love to go to Sweden and Finland. I love the design over there. So If you give me this awesome / macanudo package I’ll certainly fit over there without looking so turist.

----- Benjamin 26.11.10 10:27

I would get on my bicycle with my loaded suitcase head to the airport and head to Italy! I’ve always wanted to go because theres so much culture and the architecture/sculpture is just immaculate. There’s also another agenda because my good friend is right now is studying abroad. I’d give her a visit because she’s not feel so well… but not trying to real in any sap points, just want to have fun adventures + friends.

----- Khoa 26.11.10 10:26

I’d take this to New York fashion week next season!

----- Kelsey 26.11.10 10:25

I would go visit my cousin’s new restaurant 25 Lusk in San Francisco which was featured here on notcot a few weeks ago.

----- Angela Lind 26.11.10 10:22

I live in Paris, France and my boyfriend lives in Washington, DC. So I would give him a surprise visit for his birthday (on the 20th of December)/ the holidays!

----- Maya Berinzon 26.11.10 10:16

After studying Spanish for four years, I would jump on a plane to Spain. That way I can realize how I don’t remember any of the language and purposely get lost in the streets of Madrid.

----- Sarah 26.11.10 10:15

By summertime, I’m going to Malta and to England for my first time!

----- Edward Wong 26.11.10 10:14

Amsterdam to visit my best friend. I’d fit in a quick weekend train trip to Berlin and hit London on the way back home.

----- Kat Manalac 26.11.10 10:11

The Grand Canyon!!! …… From Austin, to LA, to LasVegas and finally the Grand Canyon!! Road trip time!!!

----- Celeste Aguirre 26.11.10 10:10

I would head to Miami where I can indulge all facets of my personality - my hip side would have dinner at Priome 112, my down and dirty side would drink cocktails all night at the Deuce and my outdoorsy side would go kayaking and bonefish fishing in Biscayne bay!

----- peter taylor 26.11.10 10:10

Thailand, so that I can dive and see how the waterworld looks like!

----- Mikki 26.11.10 10:09

I would be headed to Monaco!

----- Ashton Wingate 26.11.10 10:07

I’d pack my bags asap to Munich! I’ve been there only once before, loved it, but it was just a couple days - far too short. Now with friends living there, it’s the perfect time to have a proper trip there AND visit those who are dear to me.

----- Stacy B. 26.11.10 10:06

I’ll be heading to Japan in about 3 weeks. I’ll be going from cold Toronto to warmer Fukuoka. The headphones would be perfect for the long flight (15hrs). the moleskin would be great to write down my adventures in and everything would come in handy, without going into too much details.

----- Simon 26.11.10 10:05

I have a lot of travel destinations in mind. I generally try to take one trip out of the country per year, and I am always torn between choosing where to go. Brazil or Turkey? India or Malaysia? I haven’t been to Africa yet, so if I had to leave to go somewhere right NOW, I think I’d catch a flight to Senegal, and from there, make my way up to Morocco. The cultures and countries in between Senegal and Morocco seem wildly diverse, and having some sturdy, yet cute!, luggage is would make the trip that much easier.

----- Kim J 26.11.10 10:03

it´s easy!
Let’s go to sleep in Paris,
And wake up in Tokyo.
Have a dream in New Orleans,
Fall in love in Chicago!

----- Ana Santos 26.11.10 10:02

I would go anywhere. I want to see everything. I guess if I had to pick a plan of attack, I would start with Africa. Make my way up through Europe and over to Asia. Go through Malaysia to get to Australia. Take another flight to South America and work my way back home. Maybe some day…

----- Emily 26.11.10 10:01

There is no doubt I would have a sweet european tour and get to know the exquisite architecture there is to discover there!

In fact I am thinking of a student exchange! If I wind it would surely help me being a hunter of the cool!

----- Steeven L. Pedneault 26.11.10 09:53

I’d go back to Japan for the new-years-day fukubukuro sales! It’s been too long!

----- Monica 26.11.10 09:52

Pack up and road trip it to Palenque, Mexico.

----- Travis Hope 26.11.10 09:52

travel up the california coast and then through the entire country until I hit chicago.

----- Carlos 26.11.10 09:49

These awesome items would be perfect for a nice little getaway to Venice Beach in Cali - take in the weather and people watch with my new gear!

----- Deb 26.11.10 09:46

Japan and Taiwan …. I have in mind some delicious food and shopping!

----- maiji 26.11.10 09:46

I’d go by train through Europe, from east to west starting in the Ukraine and ending in Scotland

----- Meg 26.11.10 09:45

I’d pack my suitcase up and head to London. I lived there in 2005 and miss it so much. I haven’t seen many of my friends since I moved to the states and would love to go back!

----- Jenna 26.11.10 09:43

take a nite flight to tokyo, have breakfast at tsukiji market, trawl thru the huge department stores in shinjuku. take the subway to harajuku, walk thru the backstreets of ura-har and down towards the posh streets of omotesando hills. afterwhich, take the shinkensen to fukuoka for more fantastic seafood and enjoy the onsen!

----- Simon 26.11.10 09:43

Venice, it has long been #1 on my list of places to go. I think its about time i got going on that list from the top down.

----- James D 26.11.10 09:41

I would jump on plane out to Tahoe for some epic snowboarding!!

----- Matthimself 26.11.10 09:41

I’d surprise my boyfriend with a sneaky getaway to Norway to go see the Northern Light

----- k@ 26.11.10 09:38

I would go back home to Burma where our lady Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is finally free after many years of house arrest and where I haven’t seen many of my family for over 10 years. I would love to enjoy the beauty of my homeland, the company of family in this time of healing and progress.

----- Hope 26.11.10 09:36

I would bring this to San Francisco with me this coming summer for my photography jobs!

----- Marko Bajlovic 26.11.10 09:36

I would jump on a plane and go to Iceland. Explore a volcano, dive between tectonic plates and relax at the Blue Lagoon spa.

----- Christi W. 26.11.10 09:30

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris!

----- Kamelli 26.11.10 09:30

I think I’d go to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales—I’ve never been away from North America, and those are definitely the places I’ve always wanted to go. I’d stop back in New England first, though, to give my mom a hug and eat at my favorite breakfast places.

----- Liz 26.11.10 09:30

If I had the chance to go anywhere I would go right now to Bangkok, it seems like the perfect city to get lost and away from the rain and the cold. The ancient and contemporary architecture, the vibrant colors and the beautiful beaches have convinced me to go there.
But for now if I won, I would take Jack Spade’s Tarpaulin duffle bag, the Summer Safari shades and AIAIAI’s Track Headphones with me to Hawaii (where I am actually going in two weeks) to dance at the beach and celebrate the holidays.

----- Mariana 26.11.10 09:27

I would go back to New Orleans - I lived there five years ago, right before Katrina, and I haven’t been back since. What an amazing city.

----- Isabelle 26.11.10 09:24

love it!

i would defiantly pack up and go home to the States to see my dad and little sister for christmas!

----- Fonda LaShay 26.11.10 09:23

I would be seeing the country — really haven’t had a chance to do that yet!

----- Caitlin 26.11.10 09:22

I would jump in a plane and fly to Los Angeles, grab a car, and drive up to the Getty.

----- greg randall 26.11.10 09:20

I’d love to visit Morocco where the land are rich in culture and wonderful delights you can stuff you face into!


----- Mira 26.11.10 09:17

I’d be flying the heck out of cold canada & settling in anywhere there’s a warm beach! Anywhere!

----- Jenny! 26.11.10 09:09

I’d love to pack up and head over to California to enjoy the weather, food, and people.

----- Marc 26.11.10 09:07

I’d love to go back to Montreal, I was born there and haven’t been in a couple of years. ♥

----- Deva 26.11.10 09:06

Top of a mountain, skiing in Utah

----- Brandt 26.11.10 09:02

Actually, I’m quite happy where I am right now… at home, in the Netherlands, with my husband and our (very) sweet, old cat. So I would use the beautiful gear to take with me on a bike ride into town (I could take my laptop and do some work in a café somewhere), or a stroll through the park, with the winter sun shining on the trees.

Love, Johanna

----- Johanna 26.11.10 09:01

I’d visit Zurich to see relatives I should have met last summer.. and of course go to an exhibition at the museum of design.

----- NIKLAS 26.11.10 09:01

I’d love to escape the impending winter in the States and skip across the Southern Hemisphere. Starting in Chile I’d spend some time sampling their wine, then in Argentina I’d ride horses across the Pampas. After flying to South Africa, I’d luxuriate on the beach a bit before experiencing a safari. A stop in Thailand would consist of exploring temples and (more) beaches. Finishing up in Australia &New Zealand, I’d take in the night life as well as the wide variety of scenic locations on both islands.
I imagine that all of the wejetset offerings would come in handy along the way!

----- Ren Burke 26.11.10 08:57

Iquitos, Peru!!!! where the shades would definatly come in handy ;)

----- Grace 26.11.10 08:55

So many choices… Where to go first?? Probably tour Asia!!

----- Tran 26.11.10 08:54

i would go back to mallorca and do some painting

----- e.v. 26.11.10 08:50

I want to go visit my home country, Indonesia, revisit my diving spots in Sulawesi and Bali, and discover new spots along the way down to the Great Barrier Reef so my divebook can be filled up. What’s better than the beautiful ocean, gorgeous coral reefs, fantastic local foods and great new friends from around the world who love the ocean as much a you do. Yeah, you can call that being a dive bum, and I’d enjoy every minute of it!

----- Imelda 26.11.10 08:50

I would fly to Normandy to do research for republishing my great grandfathers books on norman architecture ( using the moleskin to take notes and make sketches of course). The tracks headphones are the perfect replacement for my broken…tracks headphones, and I will use the sunglasses to shade my eyes from the bright fields of snow in Normandy.

----- Zane Coffin 26.11.10 08:50

Headed to the gorgeous Galapagos!

----- K Gerlich 26.11.10 08:48

Australia! I have always wanted to go there and have started making some real plans as of when I can go! It’s kind of like a dream coming true! If I wont this contest it would just be the icing on the cake. :) I have always been fascinated by the outback and the surf that they have to offer there. I love absolutely everything about Australia!

----- Derek 26.11.10 08:47

Istanbul, Turkey please??

----- Karen 26.11.10 08:44

This wejetset equipment would be of great use on my trip to…the British Virgin Islands!

----- Mitch 26.11.10 08:43

I’d head down to el salvador and get some serious surfing in!

----- Ben 26.11.10 08:41

I would take the wife to Paris. She’s never been and I think she’d like it.

----- Jeremy 26.11.10 08:41

I’d head for Venice, with some amiable companions, and take my time enjoying the city, it’s people, and art.

----- lucythesplainer 26.11.10 08:40

remember that game you’d play as a kid with a globe? the one where you’d spin the globe, then place your finger down lightly and wherever the globe would stop is where you would live later in life? i would do that.

----- che 26.11.10 08:39

With my suitcase loaded with sunscreen, surfwax and swimsuits, I’d fly to Indonesia and surf into the sunset.

----- charles mattoch 26.11.10 08:39

I’d pack my bags and go to New Zealand!

----- Deanna 26.11.10 08:38

If I could go anywhere right now, I would pack up these goodies, my camera, some ink to write with and be off to the quaint country of Slovenia. Ever since my friend from there showed me pictures of it, I have wanted to visit. It is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like something out of a fairytale.

----- Brittany B. 26.11.10 08:34

I would go to New Zealand and Australia, oh how I miss those places

----- Alaine 26.11.10 08:33

I would head to Ireland!

----- Heather S 26.11.10 08:27

I would load up my travel kit and head out to Sydney. Land of the flat white coffee, the meat pie, and the Bundy polar bear. Cheers for the giveaway!

----- Peter D 26.11.10 08:27

I’d take a flight straight to Hong Kong - the last time I was only there for a day, and never got to explore all the great eateries and shopping that it’s famous for.

----- kim 26.11.10 08:26

Pyjamas, underwear, toiletries, snacks, and a dress! I’d fly out to Japan to see the temples, shops and architecture. I’d probably do more research on the cities I’d visit too, haha.

----- Maxine Wong 26.11.10 08:25

Obviously anywhere would be better than Utah, but I’d put all those goodies to use visiting Brazil

----- Cody 26.11.10 08:17

I would love to pack up and go to Hawaii for a holiday.

----- mattherg 26.11.10 08:17

If I were to win, I’d put all the city notebooks into that handy dandy duffel bag and pull one out randomly until I’ve visited all the cities my wallet will allow me.

It’d be epic. You’re invited.

----- Tab 26.11.10 08:16

Four dear friends have either moved in the last few years, or are just about to move. If I was to pack up, and go on a trip, I’d have to head to New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and then to London, UK. Visiting Randeep, Renee, Angus and Dan would be a great chance to show them how much they each mean to me, regardless of how far away they are.

[And to prove that I’m not full of crap when I talk about being able to travel for weeks with only carry-on luggage.]

----- Jon Crowley 26.11.10 08:14

I will pack and fly to Brasil and travel down the Amazon on an inflatable castle.

I’d look nice with the beautiful glasses I would have won :p

----- Jack 26.11.10 08:05

Thailand, Bali, Vietnam. Somewhere where the smells are strange and the people are lovely and the sounds are nothing like my city

----- mark 26.11.10 08:04

I would fly 25 hours across the globe to my love and family in New Zealand. Thinking I was a great adventurer I left for New York not realising that to stay sane I would need to see them every once in a while.

----- Rachelle 26.11.10 08:03

I will be resting at home for the whole Xmas time!!!! Too much work this year!!!!!!!!!

----- Ivano 26.11.10 08:02

I would go to London. It’s my favorite place in the world, and someone I that I really want to spend time with is there right now.

----- Allison Otting 26.11.10 08:01

I would go to Japan me and the hubby have been planning it for some time and really just wanna go already.

----- Alexis 26.11.10 07:54

I’d definitely go to LA to see my best friend.

----- Nathan 26.11.10 07:49

I would definitely take a long trip to Canada to be with those who might not be my actual blood relatives but mean more to me than I could ever say.

----- Jamie Lee 26.11.10 07:48

i’d go back to paris. twinkling lights, painfully cold walks along the seine just in time for christmas. Joyeux Noel!

----- melissa 26.11.10 07:44

I’d go to Tucson, AZ. Never been but have heard the music scene is great. Calexico anyone?? Also, I’d love some sun. Boston is dreary.

----- Melissa Dreyer 26.11.10 07:40

I would go somewhere hot and relaxing. I need a vacation!

----- Andrew Meteor 26.11.10 07:40

I would go somewhere hot and relaxing. I need a vacation!

----- Andrew Meteor 26.11.10 07:40

I’d love to return to Peru where I went this past summer. It was amazing and there are still so many things I want to do there!

----- Jen 26.11.10 07:36

My first stop would be to a very close friend and former roommate who lives by Palm Springs — a warm and sunny escape from snow and cold!

----- Gladys 26.11.10 07:35

I would go to Iceland to revisit my friends for Christmas and New Years. This year I planned to go, but couldn’t afford the ticket in the end. (I’m 26 and I gave up working two years ago to spend time traveling and writing. Don’t get me wrong- I’m poor as hell and no one supports me. I’m just creative and thrifty)
Anyway, we’re all very sad that I’m going to miss the festivities this year, but I will just have to go back in the late winter instead.
As a side note: a do detailed journaling in soft-bound Moleskines every single day of all of my travels (which are many). I love how they look and feel when I’m writing.
Thanks for reading!

----- Bullet 26.11.10 07:34

Hope everyone at Notcot is having a good Thanksgiving.

----- Woody MacDuffie 26.11.10 07:33


----- Spencer 26.11.10 07:31

I Know what I will be dreaming about this Christmas. This giveaway looks awesome. Also I’ve been working backwards thru the site I’m at page 374.

----- Tom Freeland 26.11.10 07:23

I would totally go somewhere super warm and neat like the Maldives.
Can’t believe that they’ll be completely gone in a couple years.

----- Selina Wong 26.11.10 07:19

I’d love to be at the beach right now eating oysters!

----- Meredith 26.11.10 07:17

I’d be rocking this gear to Woolloomooloo. Bring my cutie too.

----- Derek 26.11.10 07:16

I would go to Australia. It’s the far side of the world and the people seem to enjoy life.

----- Lori 26.11.10 07:14

ny for inspiration, and of course my first visit :-D

----- massuro 26.11.10 07:11

I would love to go back to La Ciotat in the south of France, riding on the back of my boyfriend’s vintage moto and climbing through broken gates over to the hidden nude area where the sun warms the salty shore the most.

----- Gina 26.11.10 07:09

I’d go to Suriname in South America, to see my sister and explore the Amazon!

----- Edlynne 26.11.10 07:08

Where to go? Probably San Diego to visit my friends. And get some much-needed R&R.

----- Jaime 26.11.10 07:06

Take me to Thailand….ahhhhhh, girls in hot pants walking past, palm trees swaying in the breeze and sipping tai mai undert the soaring sun! Sheer holiday bliss.

----- Kelly 26.11.10 07:06

I’d go to Cuba… buy a nice typical car, listen to some old men play guitar at the beach while drinking rum and smoking cigars yess
Hongkong or tokyo would be very interesting aswell : )

----- Max Kuper 26.11.10 07:06

i wanna get my suitcase, and jump on da plane to HONG KONG now!!! I am a Hong Kong-er but because of my music study, I have stayed in UK for 5 yrs already. I miss my HONG KONG!!! I wanna go back asap!! :D Please let it to me! Also, i wana be a backpacker and travel around in EU during the coming summer! im planning da trip! I wana wear a headphone, ride on da bike, and walk around every small town:D

----- Crystal Pang 26.11.10 07:05

Barcelona! Hands Down!

----- Natalie 26.11.10 07:03

straight up to Kamčatka ;)


----- Francio 26.11.10 07:02

Strait to Alabama to see my 95 year old grandma Gree. Then a return flight home by way of Arkansas to see grandma Evelin 83yrs old. Hope to win. I’ll strut my gifts around Austin TX. :)

----- Mary Lisa Lueken 26.11.10 07:02

Off to Berlin for me to catch Seth Troxler playing at Watergate tonight.

----- JustJustin 26.11.10 07:02

I would travel to Barcelona and buy a ticket for my mom! She has spent my whole life talking about how she wants to go and I would love to bring her with me one day!

----- Natalie 26.11.10 07:01

hurray for this deal

----- drai 26.11.10 07:00

I’d stuff the bag with books and pens and head for continental europe - interrail’s the only way to go, can’t beat the romance of a train.

----- Hannah 26.11.10 06:59

If I were to pack up my new Hideo Bean 19 suitcase and go anywhere TODAY, I would have to the train to Hogwarts for sure. With a suitcase like that, they would surely believe I was a warlock from the future!

----- Cooper 26.11.10 06:59

Definitely a romantic holiday getaway to somewhere exotic like Thailand or India. Who wouldn’t want to smell the hot perfumed air at the Taj Mahal? Or swim in the crystaline waters off the coast of Thailand?

----- CJ 26.11.10 06:58

I would pack my bags and head to New York. Meet up with some seldom seen friends and bask in all the great art I have been missing while cooped up in the Midwest.

----- Ian 26.11.10 06:57

A Haiku for your pleasure:
Flying so swiftly
Everybody is bustling
MOVE get out my way

----- Justin Kruger 26.11.10 06:54

Fly me to warm Auckland, NZ, and away from these subzero temperatures.

----- Ed 26.11.10 06:50

i always wanted to go to iceland… i need some company though… ;)

----- yiorgos 26.11.10 06:50

I would like to go home to Buffalo, NY. Nothing is familiar here.

----- hy 26.11.10 06:49

Australia would be the spot, definitely. Not only traveling to Oz, but possibly living there for a year if the chance arises. A good friend lives on the eastern coast at Brisbane and it would be great to finally visit and experience the continent!

Trips to East Asia and Eastern Canada/America are already planned for the year. 2011 will be jetsetting all over the place.

----- Jeff 26.11.10 06:47

I would go to Hong Kong to see my fiancé Susan. She left earlier this week to run a half marathon and unfortunately grad school kept me from going to see her. Really upset I don’t get to see her complete it but I’m proud of her for training the last six months to compete in it.

----- Stephen Hadinger 26.11.10 06:44

There is no way I could jump on a plane now- I have a midterm this afternoon! This coming spring however, I’ll be travelling to the Mediterranean for an international group study university course. Since the airlines trashed my last suitcase, I would be take this suitcase, and use the Moleskine journals to document my experiences in Spain, Italy and Greece.

----- Rachel 26.11.10 06:36

I would travel to the mountains for some snow sports with my lovely new wife.

----- Aaron 26.11.10 06:35

Whether I win or not, I’m taking a road trip across the US in a vintage cadillac that might break down any second.. and when it does hopefully Ill be somewhere warm, near a beach so I can go surfing and forget my way back home…I’ll make a teepee on the beach and stay there..

----- Iva 26.11.10 06:34

Its time for Tokyo!!!

----- Adam V 26.11.10 06:28

I would make haste to Berlin to join my ex-pat friends who are loving the culture-rich city.

----- John 26.11.10 06:22

I would go to Europe. I’d start in Paris and work my way around!

----- jamie 26.11.10 06:19

Paris please!

----- Michael 26.11.10 06:08

Tokyo! I want to see, hear, and taste the culture and cuisine.

----- Melanie 26.11.10 06:05

If I could go anywhere right now I would go back to Los Roques, a paradise with hundreds of islands where it’s sunny all year long!

----- Camila F. 26.11.10 05:58

I’d be as far north as possible as soon as possible—Sweden or Finland, making snow angels.

----- Andrew 26.11.10 05:58

I would drop everything in a heartbeat and fly off to New York City to be with my best friend who is currently studying photography there, and whom I havent seen in more than 3 years as I have been away studying in Australia.

----- Tony 26.11.10 05:57

To a small small wooden cabin in the middle of the swedish forrest. Away from facebook.

----- Gustaf Engström 26.11.10 05:56

Paris - with warm coffee and pastry in hand!

----- Suzanne 26.11.10 05:56

Love notcot. It’s part of my morning ritual. Thanks to the whole team.

----- Anthony serdula 26.11.10 05:55

I’d be off to Ireland to visit my aunt. And then on a little tour of Europe.

----- becca 26.11.10 05:53

Morocco or South Africa. I’ve always wanted to go there!

----- Vanina 26.11.10 05:53

To be honest, If I had the opportunity to travel anywhere it would be Papua New Guinea which is filled with wildlife that no one has even thought of! I would like to go to a country where tourism isn’t the number 1 issue.

----- Vivian 26.11.10 05:51

First I’d travel throughout the U.S. to visit all of my family who I haven’t seen in years. Then I’d hop, skip, and jump to the West Indies to relive my glorious summer.

----- Danielle 26.11.10 05:48

I would do the old cliche’d “spin-a-globe-and-point-at-a-spot” trick. The best adventures are always the most spontaneous.

----- Chris 26.11.10 05:44

I’d totally go to Bora Bora and cross it off my list of destinations with joke names. Next up: Lake Titicaca.

----- Cole 26.11.10 05:42

If I were to win such a prize i would travel to Haifa in Israel for a number of reasons.
Firstly I would need to get their via a plane and a train, but it would allow me to immerse myself in an environment conducive to a raising of personal consciousness. It is also a very artful area.

----- Sina Vodjdani 26.11.10 05:41

I’d go to Argentina!!! I am dying to go there! =)

----- BB 26.11.10 05:40

I’d go to.. vegas! I’ve never been.. :P

----- Jeff 26.11.10 05:39

I’d go home for Christmas to see my family and partner. I’m a law student now, and have absolutely no money. I’m spending Christmas alone on campus, in residence.

----- Zachary 26.11.10 05:34

Most certainly Paris - parked in a cafe with warm coffee and pastry in hand!

----- Suzanne 26.11.10 05:27

My trip is only in the planning stages now, but I am hoping next year to leave my current home in Nagoya, Japan, and use my bonus from work to fly to Beijing, from Beijing take the Mongolian Express to Ulan Bataar and join with the Trans-Siberian railway, past Lake Baikal for a few days on to Moscow. Hop up to Saint Petersburg on another train, then down to Minsk, over to Munich to buy some gummi bears, Andreas Linzner elephants and visit a good friend, train from Munich to London, visit some friends for a bit there, and then fly from London to Denver, Colorado USA to start graduate school! (And more adventures!!)

----- Teri 26.11.10 05:21

I would go to Svalbard. They would probably appreciate a new face around. Not many people live there and I imagine not many people travel there. Especially this time of year.

----- Martin Ohlsson 26.11.10 05:18

If I won the Wejetset prize, I would fly to meet my girlfriend in NYC, take her for a drink at the Gramercy Park Hotel bar, and then ask her to be my wife….

----- Mike H 26.11.10 05:14

I would go to TOKYO!! I would love to just explore that city and see everything amazing about Tokyo culture, not to mention food and fashion!!

----- Dana 26.11.10 05:14

I would go to a little village in sweden. No internet connection there, please!

----- The Petite Brunette 26.11.10 05:10

I would love to go to Japan, so that laptopsleeve would get me into the right mood. And with this cooll shades I would sure as hell make loads of new friends at Mount Fuji Festival!

----- Heidi 26.11.10 05:07

I’d bag up and head for Sweden. I’ve always wanted to see what that country is like.

----- Zac Clark 26.11.10 05:00

I’d throw out my old coffee table and put the suitcase in the center of my living room because it’s so much better looking! Then I’d book a flight to Boston to see my kids, carrying the duffle, wearing the shades, and writing in the moleskins while at the gate. Onboard on go the headphones and out comes the old laptop from it’s new sleeve so I can send my thank you emails to you for this amazing prize.

----- Sandy 26.11.10 04:58

I’ll be trekking up to that big Buddha temple in Hong Kong and meditate there with these stuffs with me..that of
Course if I won..

----- Tan Chee Siong 26.11.10 04:40

There is a very special road trip in my future. Me and the three people I like best are jumping into a roof racked land rover with our blankets and thermoses of spiked coffee (non drivers only of course) and heading for the mountains. We’re going on a mission to find and enjoy Washington State’s and British Columbia’s most stalwart greasy spoons and 1950s motels, champion motels like this gem: http://www.flickr.com/photos/berlotti/2829226545/

It’ll be a week of trucker breakfasts, old crazy golf courses, middle of nowhere thrift stores and, probably, lashings of local hard cider.

----- Rebecca Hasenauer 26.11.10 04:40

I’d crab the closet taxi - try my best singlish to convince him to take me to Changi airport in under 5 minutes - use lah more in my sentence - book a flight home to South Africa - tell my girlfriend im on my way to London - arrive in Johannesburg, grab my luggage - catch the train, catch a cab - get some flowers - get some milkshake (she loooooooooooves milkshake) - arrive at her work - get some water - splash her in the face - revive her - kiss her - smile, hold hands, and tell her that i’m here for the holidays :(

… now im home sick damit!

----- Jonathan 26.11.10 04:39

i would go to my hometown, prince george, and hug my parents, shovel the driveway for them … they’re getting older and i wish i could do that sort of thing for them. vancouver is close but not quite close enough.

peas n carrots

----- lish 26.11.10 04:34

tokyo! always wanted to go to japan

----- luciana 26.11.10 04:33

Tokio, absolutely!

----- Janez 26.11.10 04:33

If I won, I’d go to Machu Picchu or the Galápagos Islands. I really want to go before they close them off to visitors!

----- Dan 26.11.10 04:30

I would definitely fly to Copenhagen—wonderful people, delicious food and drink, and a rich history (particularly for a designer). It’s just a beautiful city overall.

----- Matt 26.11.10 04:30

I would travel as far as I could and find a new oasis!

----- Sonia Palomar 26.11.10 04:26

I would like to travel to USA i never beeen and with this kit it will be perfect!
Yes i’m from the other side of the world! and i love notcot! :D

----- Eliana 26.11.10 04:20

I like to visit Portland & Seattle

----- James 26.11.10 04:10

i wanna be in japan!

----- drkul 26.11.10 04:09

I’d start the long journey in a taxi, plane, metro and train to my family in western Massachusetts. It’s been 11 months, 9 countries and 32 plane rides since I’ve seen them. (Then I’d bring those little jewels of travel design back to Africa!)

----- Jessie 26.11.10 04:05

has to new zealand

----- phil 26.11.10 04:03

I would go to see my dear friend in London. So please, please, please let it be me:-)

----- Esa 26.11.10 03:55

This would be great!

----- Klarika 26.11.10 03:35

I would go from Eindhoven (netherlands) to sunny Barcelona! Not a big distance, but a big change in culture. Enjoying the relax atmosphere and people with some new gadgets! No deadlines on design, but observer good design and be inspired by some designers.

----- Ken 26.11.10 03:30

Wowow Jean. Keep coming with the goodies !! This is like my unattainable wish list here. Amazig group of products.
Our next trip planned is to central America for a month. Panama, costa rica, and the Nicaragua. ALLLL of these fantastic items would help out greatly.
Thanks wejetset!!!
Thanks notcot!!!


----- Jonathan 26.11.10 03:29

I would love to fly Iceland! and buy all those nicely knit sweaters they have and wear them when i visit the volcanoes.

----- Michelle Lladoc 26.11.10 03:25

I would pack up and visit my sister in Seoul Korea!

----- dani 26.11.10 03:19

Hi Jean!

With the baby ( who is already a year old) we would love to go to Maine, we’ve never been there. While the baby is still sleeping, I’d watch the sun rise over the ocean, listen to some tunes, and recharge.

----- Rachel 26.11.10 03:17

It’s freaking cold here in cologne so I’d go anywhere warm. Bangkok would be really nice.

----- Thu 26.11.10 03:05

Lapland - to hand deliver Santa my shortened Christmas list (minus shades, bags, headphones, moleskins).

----- Willy J 26.11.10 02:56


----- JÖRG S 26.11.10 02:55

go visit wejetset and see the ruckus!

----- hiroki nishiyama 26.11.10 02:55

I would stuff with duffle with diapers and take my daughter to visit her Oma and Opa in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. You really haven’t lived until you’ve experienced -35 as a daytime high, West Edmonton Mall and an Edmonton Oilers hockey game at the Northlands Coliseum. E-town is a 9-hour flight from where we live, so the Moleskin notebooks would make perfect doodle pads. And once we’re there, the Summer Safari shades would be just the thing for protecting against snow glare. Great prize pack, NOTCOT! Who says you can’t be a mom AND stylish at the same time, eh?

----- Jessica 26.11.10 02:53

I’d pack my snorkel and head to Cozumel!

----- Nat G 26.11.10 02:51

I’d go to London, because every time I get there it feels like I’m returning home, and every time I’m away it feels like I am missing out on something. I live in Denmark, but have fallen so much in love with London! I cannot wait to go there again!

----- Camilla 26.11.10 02:49

I would hop on the train and go one stop, it doesn’t matter where that would be. It seems I always travel great distances, but never explore home. Maybe it’s time to be a tourist in my own town :)

----- alex 26.11.10 02:47

I think I’d have a round the world flight and finally get round to having a drink with all my friends in the finest bars! Well, it is friday!

----- Benjamin 26.11.10 02:44

I would fly first class from Burbank to LAX (I can make it happen) and hitch a ride to NOTCOT headquarters, wherever that sleek little younghip-white-brick office space or oh-so-decked-out-apartment living room may be, and have a stern god damn word with Jean Aw herself about this little giveaway you just put me through.

And that word would be thanx. Trueswear.

----- Jordan Maxfield 26.11.10 02:43

I would head for Reykjavik.
I’ve been meaning to see Iceland for a while now, so that would be my dream destination.

----- Thomas Lees 26.11.10 02:43

I would just drive. The best destinations are the ones that find us.

----- Adriana Oliveira 26.11.10 02:42

I’d just go to the airport and catch the next available flight!!

----- Natalie Call 26.11.10 02:42

I would spontaneously to go to Rykjavik! Iceland’s volcano has been mixing up my flights a lot this summer, I guess it’s time to see what the fuzz was about. Music and Moleskine may come in handy, too, when daylight is only 3 hours or so ;)

----- Christina 26.11.10 02:41

i would bring it with me to visit family in guangzhou. they’ve all moved away from here in singapore and i’m alooone here :( and i would like to surprise my good friend and boyfriend in leeds. these things are all so awesome, pick me! :)

----- nartz 26.11.10 02:40

i’d go to Paris and fill up that suitcase with gifts for christmas. the duffle; i’d fill it up with my own loot! happy holidays notcot!

----- carlo 26.11.10 02:38

I’d take a much needed vacation and go to the pacific northwest, never been!

----- Raymond 26.11.10 02:36

i would go to Brazil!!!

----- matt 26.11.10 02:35

I’d fly to Rome, Italy as it’s always been my dream location and just eat pasta and look at art the whole time:)

----- Marisa 26.11.10 02:33

India, definitely.

----- Meagan 26.11.10 02:27

I would be on a plane in an instant if I could from Erbil, Iraq to Philadelphia, PA. From there I would hop on a train from Philly to Harrisburg where I could finally see my family for the first time in months. The holidays are simply not the same without them.

----- Joanna Hoover 26.11.10 02:27

I need absolutely to go to Berlin!!!!!!!!!

----- Roberta 26.11.10 02:27

I would fly to New York right away, and do the dinner we’ve been talking about.

----- Markus reuter 26.11.10 02:26

Right now I would leave to barcelona to visit my friend, who works there, because it’s snowing in Latvia and it’s geting colder by every day, -7 by celcius right now, brrrrr.

----- Ervyn 26.11.10 02:24

I’d hop on to the first flight from Northern Ireland to Australia to see my boyfriend of 4 years. He had to move there for work, and won’t see him until April (5 months and counting…..!!). I’d look super cool with those sunnies and luggage at the airport : ) Thanks! K

----- Katie Brown 26.11.10 02:23

i’d go to mozambique

----- Bruce 26.11.10 02:22

I think I would really like to go to New Zealand! Because my best friend is moved to the other side of the world 3 years ago. Now she’s going to have a baby and she’s also married in this time. So I’ve missed a lot. Also I would really like to take a road trip trough NZ, because I’ve never been there before. (If my English is not that good, it’s because I’m Dutch)

----- Yentl 26.11.10 02:22

I love to take the plane and fly to San Francisco. Then i take the fixedgear bike and ride along the Hi way nr. 01 to Santa barbara. It will possible take a long time but i will enjoy the silence and the sound of the Sea.

It would be Nice. :)

----- Roman 26.11.10 02:22

perfect for my upcoming trip to Vietnam in December. My first very short trip to HCM thus the Hideo Bean 19 Suitcase comes in handy!!! (any recommendation to any places)

gonna pack and stuffs all the goodies: the shades, headphones, moleskin in the duffle bag while enjoying some R&R at the beach.

happy holidays!!!

----- rodney 26.11.10 02:21

First impressions are forever! So that’s why I would head back to Kristiansand (Norway) via the ferry from Hirtshals (Denmark) just in time to witness the first snow.

The windy and peaceful fishermen’s village that is Hirtshals contrasts greatly with the hip and trendy-looking populace of Kristiansand.

----- aadilou 26.11.10 02:21

I’d like to visit Norway for good: going from Olso to Tromso…

----- nORgE 26.11.10 02:20

Fly to Sri Lanka, and spend new year’s eve on the beach!

----- martine 26.11.10 02:19

To Guimarães in Portugal where I have a lot of friends that I miss

----- Marcos Paulo 26.11.10 02:18

Saint-Petersburg —> Khabarovsk, Russia
becouse this city loves me back

----- kuzzzma 26.11.10 02:17

I’d go to Italy to ski, snows arrived and the foods great!

----- Eoin 26.11.10 02:15

I’d go to the Isle of Skye, get in a cottage, light the fire and not come out till the winter was over.

----- Smilla 26.11.10 02:13

i would go straight to the coral reefs of redang island in malaysia! *happy sigh* :D

----- ana campos 26.11.10 02:12

I’d love to go to New York City & buy some amazing fashions with friends!

----- Molly 26.11.10 02:11

I would catch the first flight out to Shangri-La… one way.

----- Ryan Chapman 26.11.10 02:10

Probably Taiwan. I miss some tasty desserts there :)

----- Jeff 26.11.10 02:08

it might be un-original. but i’d go to new york! i’ve never been there.. haven’t even been to the states actually, and it seems like it’s about time.

----- Liv 26.11.10 02:07

Fly to Barcelona then make my way up to London, through Paris, Nice/Cannes, Milano. Find a couple of clubs and dj the night away. :) Love the new NotVentures!!!

----- Saad 26.11.10 02:02

Fly to Japan, eat a ton of chicken skewers at an awesome izakaya and then dance like crazy like there’s no tomorrow.

----- Yih Sun Khoo 26.11.10 02:02

Just checked my credit card balance. Enough for lovely and fascinating trip to France with special someone. European christmas fever is just better.

----- apollo 26.11.10 02:00

I’d throw a bikini and a scarf in the mix and fly to England to pick up my favorite cousin and then we’d to to Tokyo, because I’ve never been and I was to really bad!

----- harmony 26.11.10 01:55

I would love to take the slow to the South of France, enjoy the beautifull land, people and food during this very nice journey and be there in time for christmass with new and old friends and family.

----- Mirjam 26.11.10 01:55

My trip is already set. For new years eve, I’m taking a plane from sunny Southern California to a very wintery Kansas City, MO. Unlike how it sounds, I’m actually very excited, and now, all I need is that suitcase and duffel to put all my crap in as I try to figure out what people wear in the snow/utter frozen tundra known as the Midwest during the winter… no offense to anyone out there… I just can’t stand cold weather.

----- Eunice Lee 26.11.10 01:55

If I could get myself right now I’m a plane, I would get myself in Portugal, to visit my family, which I haven’t seen in quite a few months now!

----- Beatriz 26.11.10 01:54

I’d like to visit Samoa…

----- Paolo 26.11.10 01:53

My trip is already set. For new years eve, I’m taking a plane from sunny Southern California to a very wintery Kansas City, MO. Unlike how it sounds, I’m actually very excited, and now, all I need is that suitcase and duffel to put all my crap in as I try to figure out what people wear in the snow/utter frozen tundra known as the Midwest during the winter… no offense to anyone out there… I just can’t stand cold weather.

----- Eunice Lee 26.11.10 01:52

I’d go back to Tokyo… And, I probably wouldn’t leave.

----- Justin R 26.11.10 01:49

I’d absolutely go to Paris, where I would eat a ton of bread and pastries, drink an absurd amount of coffee, and see as many Le Corbusier buildings as I could.

----- Allie 26.11.10 01:49

I will stuff the bag with the goodies I win, and add in some personals as well, then head out to the land of the rising sun, to meet the naughty monk, take hold of him and rush to the airport and just take the next random flight. All our lives we spend just preparing our selves for a safe future. And what we do in bargain is forget living the present. The bag is symbolic like freedom to me, freedom from worries! Nothing like an impulsive buy…so this is what I will do…Catch a flight with my monk and then let the adventure begin….
And keep traveling to the next destination and the next…till I run out of money!

----- Radhika 26.11.10 01:45

I’d jetset straight to LA and the Beautiful People every time, no question. What a gorgeous suitcase! Cheers NOTCOT and wejetset. Dx

----- Damian 26.11.10 01:45

I’d take a flight to Japan, and get around the country with the (fast-eco) shinkansen to see the ancient and the modern features of that amazing culture.

----- Vanessa 26.11.10 01:43

Time to hop on a plane to Chicago or maybe Miami to beat the weather!

----- edgar 26.11.10 01:41

If I could fly anywhere right now, I would choose PDX. I got an email from Chloe at Reading Frenzy this morning about a Kickstarter project to fund the new edition of Crap Hound and it reminded me that I still have two of Sean’s books that he loaned me twelve years ago. I’d throw these gorgeous old 1950s medical textbooks into that Bean suitcase from Wejetset and brave the long flight from Scotland to return those books to their rightful owner.

----- Tony 26.11.10 01:37

I would take a flight and head the New Zealand, the country that I have been wishing to visit for ages.

----- Collin Banko 26.11.10 01:34

I’ll keep it simple and indie. nothing to crazy and busy but city enough, like yokohama. I can definitely still get good coffee and people-watch or take a short ride up to tokyo if i must.

----- ashley c 26.11.10 01:32

I’d throw those swanky headphones on, fill my duffle and head down under to get away from this cold. A little sun will be perfect for those shades. Hope I win.

----- Long Tran 26.11.10 01:31

I want to visit my family and friends up in Seattle. It’s been far too long.

----- jon tando 26.11.10 01:30

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