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Macbook Air 11” Unboxing- 11.01.10

macbookair0.jpg Ok ~ still waiting for files to transfer, so currently tethered to my desktop while the macbook air and macbook pro do their thing beside me… one is so tiny, the other now seems SO HUGE. So how about taking a peek at the actual Macbook Air unboxing? It’s lovely how streamlined the packaging is getting these days ~ this one could probably be slipped right into a shirt box! Also its ridiculous seeing the ipad stacked over 11” macbook air over the 15” macbook pro… honestly the iPad looks like its losing this war. Especially if the air can handle photoshop at least decently (my previous netbooks never quite managed this well enough to become a primary travel machine). And shaving a few pounds of my hand carry is something my back would LOVE. Also it opens up a whole new world of purse/carry on options… also lovely that the TSA is saying ok to not having to remove the 11” Air to go through security! I can’t even remember the last time i had the luxury of only having to remove my shoes and toiletries! As for why i had to try one out for myself ~ opening up a bunch of safari windows and loading up as many tabs as i could find for each simultaneously working wonderfully in the apple store convinced me… Keep in mind: air = .67 x 11.8 x 7.56 = 2.3 lbs vs ipad = .5 x 9.56 x 7.47 = 1.6 lbs oh and the mac book pro is just so much heavier and bigger, it’s no comparison. SO! Ready to see inside the box? And the size comparisons? To the next page!






Look from this view… it’s like invisible!!! macbookair7.jpg



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I love how it’s a mini-apple store over there! Keep on adding!

----- jenny 02.11.10 16:57

It’s a very slick looking machine. In my eyes it would only look sexy if they changed the border of the screen! Why silver, if it was identical to the MacBook Pro with the shiny black my oh my!
Does it easily break though? I will be horrified if I left it on the floor anywhere.. the crunch.

----- Vivian 02.11.10 16:01

@Jordan, the edges aren’t sharp at all. It’s seriously the best purchase I’ve ever made from Apple. I have an 21.5” iMac that is more my work horse and now I have this beauty for writing. I’m at a coffee shop right now blogging and couldn’t be happier.

Oh and I should mention that you get a ton of looks from all the other jealous writers sitting around you ;)

----- Joe Miragliotta 02.11.10 13:11

So gorgeous! Are it’s edges sharp or uncomfortable to rest your wrists on?

----- Jordan 01.11.10 23:44

Okay, that’s bordering on insanely thin! And sexy. In other News, you have WAY too many Macs in there! Time for a Second Hand NotCot raffle?

----- The Slapster 01.11.10 19:46

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