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byAMT Clé USB - 12.15.10

cle0.jpg First reaction to byAMT’s Clé USB - the packaging is adorable! And i couldn’t help but thinking ~ this would be an awesome press kit! (I have little mounds of the usual branded USB key press kits in a pile… it’s fun when someone does something cool!) There’s something about the adorable 3D printed key that feels like it would unlock exciting secrets ~ a digital secret garden of sorts? Alissia even mentioned she’s going to start 3D printing logos right into them as well, which would be lovely to customize for gifts, giveaways, press kits, wedding pics, etc? A box of collectoins of keys holding memories would be so cute! Check out more pics of the unboxing on the next page!






UPDATE: Revolve Clothing used them for the launch of their new site: revolve.jpg

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Too plastic fantastic for me plus I’ve seen better ones.

----- Howard 16.12.10 18:28

Where can i buy one of these? IWOOT

----- Hazz 16.12.10 14:44

ugh. a lame corporate gift item that was relevant 5 years ago. Seen it all before.
Just heard this designer speak recently, and she sounds like she’s designing revolutionary stuff, but this ain’t it.

----- Alex 15.12.10 19:15

thanks for the wonderful post + “un-packing” pics!

----- Alissia MT 15.12.10 18:52

Sorry, Monica ~ no cap

----- jean/NOTCOT 15.12.10 18:14

I love it! Did it come with a cap for the USB connector, by any chance?

----- Monica 15.12.10 16:35

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