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Holiday Giveaway #22: Nau- 12.15.10

24-nau.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Shawn in Seattle, WA!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #22 is here ~ and today our friends from Nau are giving one lucky reader: a $500 Gift Card! What you buy with that is up to you… but a few of my favorites are on the next page if you need ideas! (Also coupon on the next page!) And given that winter weather is upon us ~ i’m sure you could probably use a little update to keep you warm and dry!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 19th (PST) ~ sharing something on your life list (which should really be your 2011 list!) - something you simply must do in your lifetime!

nau1.jpg Fluent Stash

nau2.jpg Down Shirt

nau3.jpg Succinct Trench

For a chance to win a $500 Gift Certificate from Nau, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 19th (PST) ~ sharing something on your life list (which should really be your 2011 list!) - something you simply must do in your lifetime!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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699 Notes

I must find my soulmate and travel the world together

----- Chris Wilkinson 20.12.10 09:39

Move to a beach town and go surfing all the time.

----- b 19.12.10 23:23

Ooooh. Visit my sister in Japan!! And then I dearly want to travel with her. :)

----- Ayla 19.12.10 20:36

I really want to finish making my 1000 cranes. I also want to go back to school so I can become a chef.

----- Sam Corbin 19.12.10 19:56

Go to Canada and see the Aurora Borealis.

----- Ashley 19.12.10 19:40

visit all seven continents!

----- grace 19.12.10 19:25

I must witness the Chargers win a Superbowl in my lifetime.

----- Mike 19.12.10 18:57

I MUST go to the Galapagos. And also walk across the Abbey Rd crosswalk.

----- Stephanie F 19.12.10 18:17

I’m shooting for my dual degrees in may of 11’. What I have on my list of things to do after that is to join the peace corps.

----- Charles Tang 19.12.10 18:13

I must visit Central America.

----- Amanda 19.12.10 18:02

In 2011 I have told myself i need to travel to an exotic place for my own personal trip rather than an adjunct to work travel. The top of my list these days is an african safari.

----- eric l 19.12.10 17:49

Simething that I must do in my lifetime would be to visit Europe. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Europe in 2011.

----- Alan 19.12.10 17:16

I will see Greece and Italy in 2011.

----- Judi 19.12.10 16:43

Something I must do on my life list? Okay, I’d like to fly down to Nicaragua, something I can now do having recently become a US citizen. I will return to my hometown of Managua and surprise my grandmother. I will take her to the park she used to take me to as a little girl and we will feed the ducks together just as we did over 15 years ago. She will look me over and talk about my hair, my clothes, how tall I’ve gotten and how grown up I am. There are many things on my life list but this is the first and most important one to me.

----- Katty Hernandez 19.12.10 16:30

I would like to make a long trip that includes some of the biggest cities like Tokyo, HK, Mumbai, Istambul, Moscow, Stockholm, etc.

----- Manuel López 19.12.10 16:01

I must go back to Europe, this time with my girlfriend!

----- Gabriel P 19.12.10 15:12

Publish a book.

----- Nancy 19.12.10 15:03

I would LOVE LOVE to see the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole. It’s on my 2011 list!

----- Emily E 19.12.10 14:45

fix the world

----- Martin 19.12.10 14:41

Take a 3 day cruise to go cage diving with Great Whites off of Guadalupe Island!

----- Kevin Anthony 19.12.10 14:35

I’ve just begun my post divorce life, my daughters are out on their own and I’m embarking on my Total Makeover of Me Project. I’ve hauled in the cranes and bulldozers, waiting on the building permits, and then I’m gonna raze this bad boy and build me a new, sleeker model domicile. Would love to decorate the new me in Nau!!!

----- tracyann 19.12.10 14:03

Find a place for everything in the (smaller) apartment I just moved into … umm, and grow a beard.

----- David 19.12.10 13:55

i’d like to make a really great lamp!

----- Pamela Ousley 19.12.10 13:46

Going to get a coach, follow a training plan, and race my brains out.

----- Chris m 19.12.10 13:39

spend a night in the ice hotel!

----- Jeremy 19.12.10 13:24

I must set foot in every continent.

----- Andrea 19.12.10 12:44

I would like to have free time..

----- SELLI 19.12.10 12:40

Visiting Japan is on my life list. It would be so amazing.

----- Allen 19.12.10 12:09

Number 1 on my list for 2011 is to buy my boyfriend $500 worth of Nau. Then we can go on the other adventures on my life list (Belgian bike races, hikes in South America, trip to Vietnam, seeing host sisters in India again).

----- Tara 19.12.10 11:05

At the tippity top of my list of 2011 is to learn to play an instrument, I’m such a music appreciator, now i want to be a music creator :)

----- Natalia 19.12.10 10:38

finish grad school

----- s 19.12.10 10:27

In 2011 I want to find a job that’s both fulfilling and enjoyable.

----- Joey L. 19.12.10 09:27

I will start to write my 2nd book, travelling and to swim on lake Mantano in Soroako, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

----- Risca 19.12.10 09:17

Go on a Gaudi trip for a good month or two. Explore every inch.

----- Syif 19.12.10 08:51

Start my food/travel blog!

----- NicoledeB 19.12.10 08:25

I must start my new travel/food blog - the pieces and bits of which reside on flickr/tumblr/moleskines/receipts/and in memory molecules and crackling synapses!

----- NicoledeB 19.12.10 08:22

go to japan

----- oana m 19.12.10 07:54

Attend a live performance by Swing Out Sister!

----- Gary H. 19.12.10 02:04

in 2011 i would finally like to beat mike tyson, in mike tysons punch out

----- Leor Boshi 19.12.10 00:52

Write my novel!

----- Meg 18.12.10 23:23

Create a masterpiece of artwork!

----- Andrew 18.12.10 23:22

i aim to win a design award before i graduate and hopefully have at least one of my works to be featured on this site in the future!

----- sueen 18.12.10 23:11

One of my life goals is to travel to Europe - a bit of a challenge for someone who’s scared of flying and is easily seasick. ;P

----- Tiffany 18.12.10 22:57

Try getting a job. Haven’t had one in 4 years. :-)

----- james 18.12.10 22:49

A degree that’ll hopefully land me an actual career one day.

----- Jason 18.12.10 21:49

I want to go to Thailand!

----- Colby 18.12.10 21:09

I must go to japan!!!

----- Selina wong 18.12.10 21:07

I must travel to India!

----- Karyn B. 18.12.10 20:13

1.) Sing Karaoke In Tokyo night club with Marc Newson.

It could happen!

----- Patrick Delaney 18.12.10 19:52

I MUST see the Aurora Borealis

----- Ruby 18.12.10 19:27

A life goal of mine is to travel to Japan! I have been wanting to go forever.

----- Denise 18.12.10 19:02

to finally get that job that I LOVE!!!

----- Edward 18.12.10 18:35

Lose the extra hundred pounds I’ve been carrying around for years. I have lost the first 35 since August 1 - naturally with healthy diet and exercise. 2011 is my year.

----- Kent Boyer 18.12.10 18:10

To go somewhere outside of the US, but definitely to visit my home country, Vietnam.

----- Trami 18.12.10 17:52

Defy my age for yet another year.

----- Dave 18.12.10 17:43

Aww yess.. The one thing i plan to do next is a grand World Cup vacation. Brazil in ‘14 will do nicely. There i can explore some South American regions, do some amazing hiking, get in some adventures, kick it on the beach, and watch some world class soccer for a month. Chalk it up, it’s going to happen!

----- Gregory R 18.12.10 17:23

Learn to make cookies like my grandma use to make

----- Nicole 18.12.10 16:42

Finally wait in line to enjoy a burger at Kuma’s in Chicago…

----- BranTRoz 18.12.10 16:39

touch the pyramid!

----- cindy kuo 18.12.10 16:17

do a euro trip, museums/hiking by day… soccer games at nite :)

----- b 18.12.10 16:09

Climb Machu Picchu.

----- Lucas Diaz 18.12.10 15:26

I must track down the source of my coffee in central america and meet with the growers.

----- Blake 18.12.10 15:25

Write and sell a feature length movie script.

----- JenG 18.12.10 15:15

To set up my own atelier!

----- Michelle 18.12.10 14:58

I really need to get out of my comfort zone and see the world firsthand. I need to broaden my horizons, learn about other cultures and meet interesting new friends across the globe. Alas, I am a college student, which means I’ll be doing so on a shoestring budget. Maybe I can win this gift certificate and get some gear for my expedition!

----- Andrew 18.12.10 14:23

I need to design and build a house. Preferably by hand.

----- Scott 18.12.10 14:11


----- Sean 18.12.10 14:07

I want to go to all the major roller coaster & theme parks in the USA. It should be a 2011 goal but unless I win the lottery I’ll have to spread it over many years. I love roller coasters & theme parks. I’d love to do a couple month long road trip to all of them. Thanks for reading.

----- Scott Yates 18.12.10 14:07

backpack through Japan

----- Yoshio 18.12.10 12:58

Fall madly in love.

----- Casey 18.12.10 12:18

To just be alive. And hope everyone else is as well.

----- Shawn 18.12.10 12:10

This will help me go to the Ajanta Caves, Nek Chand’s Garden and Dharamsala in India. An arduous trek to the caves, a garden of recycled detrius and then to the seat of the Dali Lama in exile.

----- Barbara 18.12.10 12:07

Learn to KiteSurf !

----- Micah Spear 18.12.10 11:33

I want to give one entire paycheck to charity!

If I got this gift card, I would buy all my friends something nice for the winter holidays!

Maybe this is just the motivation that I needed… thanks NotCot!

----- Jasper 18.12.10 10:42

i don’t plan this for 2011 but my dream is that i get to travel to every continent (my less realistic dream is that i get to see as many countries as possible)

----- zsofia ginter 18.12.10 10:30

To get out of my own way and enjoy the view, life is the adventure.

----- Matthew Ready 18.12.10 10:19

Get out of my own way and enjoy the view. Life is the adventure.

----- Matthew Ready 18.12.10 10:09

I need to look good while it’s cold outside. Must have down shirt…

----- Christina 18.12.10 10:06

Visit Nairobi, Kenya

----- Almin Surani 18.12.10 09:56

now that i live in Europe finally, i need to actually start traveling around!

----- Fonda LaShay 18.12.10 08:29

travel to Thailand!

----- William 18.12.10 08:11

Goals that I hope to accomplish in the next year (from my list for the next 5): Go camping in the Northwoods. Attend my sister’s graduation. Make a pair of earrings that I’ll wear as if they were my favorites. See the glaciers at Glacier National Park. Give more boldly.

----- Sarah Cannon 18.12.10 07:33

I simply must….
buy a piece of land and build the house and start the garden I have always wanted to have.

----- Meg 18.12.10 07:20

I must get my car inspected. Soon!

----- Keith 18.12.10 04:33

Learn to forgive and forget.

----- Ashley 18.12.10 03:40

I want to go to a developing country and help dig a fresh water well.

----- Mike 18.12.10 03:28

I really want to see Ross Noble live, preferably in the Apollo in London.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 18.12.10 03:06

I want to get a children’s book published!

----- Katya 18.12.10 02:22

Get married to the woman of my dreams.

----- Collin Banko 17.12.10 23:53


----- clementine 17.12.10 22:24

I must visit Europe.

----- Leslie 17.12.10 21:40

Learning to swing dance.

----- Margaret 17.12.10 21:30

I plan on climbing Machu Pichu this year!

----- neonsocks 17.12.10 20:39

Learn to play drums and be in a band.

----- Tristan 17.12.10 20:30

i absolutely must snowboard in vale. gotta get away from the northeast ice and into some powder

----- curtis 17.12.10 20:04

jump barefoot in puddles and dance in the rain!

----- alex 17.12.10 19:57

go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef!

----- Jessica 17.12.10 19:36

a black diamond on my snowboard

(on purpose this time)

----- Melanie 17.12.10 17:57

I’ve always seen some of the houses built by volunteers with Habitat For Humanity and wondered how to join in on something like that. I keep letting the opportunity pass me by… But, that’s definitely on my list of things to do — volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

----- Ryan 17.12.10 17:41

I’m going to Morocco!

----- Speck 17.12.10 17:19

Blazing down some rocky mountains on a new bike :D

----- Eric M 17.12.10 17:08

One thing I’ve decided recently that must be accomplished on my list is to travel to Iceland to do some photography!

----- Jesi 17.12.10 16:52

move close to family

----- Ryan 17.12.10 16:20

One entry on that old list is to scuba dive. Made a friend who is an instructor… just might have to bump it onto the 2011 list!

----- Ryan J 17.12.10 15:27

I have always wanted to go across the Atlantic! I always find cheap flights but I never have time to go with getting a degree and watching my younger autistic brother. My mother and I have this dream of traveling to Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, England and where ever else we can make it! I am planning on taking her and I with whatever money I can save up a different country every year is how I plan on accomplishing my goal. We will travel and collect memories from everywhere we go and I can finally take photographs of the things I have dreamed of and the cultures I have only see in movies and documentaries.

----- Aleigha 17.12.10 14:59

I would like to someday have a small home of my own, tend a garden, paint, and live peacefully around good friends.

----- Jess 17.12.10 14:56

I want to create timeless artifacts that will outlast me and tell a story about the times i lived and be appreciated as good design in the future.

----- johnny 17.12.10 14:26

I must travel through South America

----- Wesley Hill 17.12.10 14:09

I need to get to the other side of the world! I want to travel Europe and Asia.

----- Gabriel G 17.12.10 13:33

Something I must do for 2011 is be more open and relaxed. I am way too tense and closed minded! Next year I need to be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, new people, and not freak out!

----- Elaine 17.12.10 13:22

I want to become a pseudo-detective (trench coat and all) and solve the case of “Missing Feet’ in Vancouver, BC.

----- Brandon OLarey 17.12.10 13:05

I have to start applying to art school! That or get a job.

----- Jan 17.12.10 12:53

Finish my art commission list…

----- Ryan C. 17.12.10 12:42

I have to go the Ngorongoro Crater and see the big five

----- Derek 17.12.10 12:36

At some point in my life I have to go to England. As a dedicated Anglophile, it would be criminal not to go traipsing around London and the surrounding English countryside.

----- Erin 17.12.10 11:59

My dad and I have had a goal to hike Mt. Rainier together, and it is finally on the itinerary for 2011!

----- KERRY 17.12.10 11:44

track down more of the family tree in sweden…

----- becky 17.12.10 10:49

So far, 2010 has been the worst year of my life;I will make 2011 the best one yet. After 22 years, I will stop constantly proving that I love the people in my life, and let them prove the same to me instead. I deserve it damn it! Happy New Year!

----- Amra 17.12.10 10:39

I SIMPLY MUST RUN WITH THE BULLS IN SPAIN. Life simply isn’t worth living if you live too cautiously and don’t challenge yourself. I’m hoping 2011 will be the year that that happens! Here’s looking forward to a great year!!

----- Ed Kim 17.12.10 10:28

to quit my day job and follow my dreams and passion full time!

----- marsha 17.12.10 10:09

On my life list: Finally ignoring my mom when she tells me that the places I dream of visiting are “too dangerous for tourists” and just going for it. One, as an adulthood act of rebellion. And two, to prove to her that there is a lot of world worth visiting outside of the confines of resorts and cruise ships.

----- Stephanie 17.12.10 10:09

run a marathon, visit Machu Picchu in Peru and refresh my French.

----- Daniels 17.12.10 10:02

I want to graduate from college finally!

----- Raul 17.12.10 09:30

Live without a car for a year.

----- Julie B 17.12.10 08:14

there are so many on my list, it’s hard to choose just one. I have to say aviation… learning to fly, at least a small plane, and being allowed the freedom to go wherever I wish. chasing after sunsets.

----- Lisa 17.12.10 07:11

sky dive

----- Nat G 17.12.10 06:50

I want to make people smile more. :) I will start with the first smile. Your next.

----- Damion Schweizer 17.12.10 06:19

The biggest thing on my life list that I hope to accomplish in 2011 is to make my first serious short film. Hopefully I can get certified in Final Cut Pro in the process!

----- Megan 17.12.10 04:55

I must invent a new theory that will shake, shock and change the Theater world and will be remembered for ever.

----- Stavti 17.12.10 02:44

I MUST see the Northern Lights! Hopefully within the next 3 years

----- Jeremy B 17.12.10 00:23

Teleportation. Or time travel. Gotta think big.

----- Agirs 17.12.10 00:08

Get a life.

----- Jacy 16.12.10 23:16

Skydiving! Seems really popular though.

----- Arnab Bandhu 16.12.10 22:04

I should go snorkeling in the great barrier reef. Always wanted to. Never have.

----- Mr. SOB 16.12.10 21:55

I will complete my collection of tiny hand-blown glass bottles that ive crafted with the sole purpose of filling them with pieces of my childhood and with it memories that someday, I will share with my children.

----- xanderpants 16.12.10 21:44

I must record an album..and write a play.

----- Carabruva 16.12.10 21:20

Hopefully I will be able to start hang gliding I have been dreaming of it for awhile and this might just be the year for it to happen!

----- Christi W. 16.12.10 21:18

for the new year, i would like to show my abilities as an artist to the world and not be so shy about it.

----- SARAH SOH 16.12.10 21:12

finally figuring out what “wikileaks” is.

----- mooni 16.12.10 21:11

I want to get some new Nau clothing.

----- Spencer 16.12.10 21:06

Free fall from 14,000 feet in a ‘chute I packed myself…and land softly.

----- Ben 16.12.10 20:46

I want to write a hit song
- Daddy Rich

----- Daddy Rich 16.12.10 19:58

Snowboard on mount fugi

----- jay P 16.12.10 19:51

I want to travel Europe;not gonna happen in 2011,but someday…

----- Frank Nieves 16.12.10 19:33

I was inspired by the contest post to take something from my life list and make it a thing to do for 2011. I have decided that in March of 2011, I will travel to Uruguay and visit the Aldea Infantil orphanage in Montevideo. I am going to buy every boy at that orphanage a soccer ball and I am going to buy every girl a doll. This is something my mother has always wanted to do but since she is in her later years, I know she will never get the chance. This is why her dream is on my life list and why not look nice in Nau while I do it?

----- Milton Martin Fernandez 16.12.10 19:19

I find it necessary to compose a stack of eight red books— little leathern tomes each one— written in an alphabet of my own invention, in a language of my own invention, telling a series of stories and homilies that will perhaps be deciphered one day, or else they will be like the Voynich manuscript, or the Codex Seriphanus. If only one could encase hypertext in leather, for the ideal way these books should work is that the order in which you read them completely changes the meaning, and what you will find in the next…

but that is what I will do before I die, and though it will certainly take me more than a year, it is, a little, already begun.

----- Rabbit 16.12.10 19:17

i MUST buy an original eames lounge chair! (someday)

----- stefanie 16.12.10 19:15

I love the urbane jacket.

----- lace 16.12.10 18:52

great white shark cage diving. must. must. must.

----- Chris 16.12.10 18:49

I must start my cooking blog with my bf and go to the Salton Sea!

----- Drew 16.12.10 18:32


----- mike 16.12.10 18:17

don’t speak a lick of Spanish but so need to get to Spain to visit the birthplace of my father and my distant family in Barcelona — I promised I would —- and I said si si.

----- Gilbert 16.12.10 17:32

Must clean my home office. As soon as I can find it under all the junk.

----- eab 16.12.10 16:32

I hope to take my parents to visit Syria

----- alex 16.12.10 16:22

I must join the peace corps!

----- angela 16.12.10 16:00

I need to remember to breathe - have to stop and realize that its the little things that matter - simple things.

----- Todd 16.12.10 15:56

I have never flown in a plane.I recently went in a little crop duster just to say I have been up but I have never been in a real plane and I have never left this country.Those are on my Bucket list!

----- meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman 16.12.10 15:40

apart from travelling around the world to know different cultures, I hope to learn and write chinese language better than I do…ideograms are a fascinating way to reproduce reality…

----- federica 16.12.10 15:35

I want to witness a double rainbow first hand before I die!

----- Marc 16.12.10 15:32

I must travel around the world… from U.S. to Europe to Egypt to India to Japan. Absorbing the cultures and history of other lands. As Alice said in Alice in Wonderland “What if I should fall right through the center of the earth… oh, and come out the other side, where people walk upside down.” ;)

----- Tess A. 16.12.10 15:28

man… just moved north from texas…. and I am freezing… i could use a jacket..-_-;

----- John D 16.12.10 15:22

One day, sooner rather than later, I will marry my Love all over the world.

----- Ethel Manibo 16.12.10 15:19

Take a real vacation… not a visit to the extended family, but an honest vacation to somewhere my wife and I have never been before!

----- Mike 16.12.10 15:05

Hmm… honestly, my biggest “to do” for 2011 is to get married! And then hopefully go on an awesome honeymoon that involves mountains and hiking and swimming in an ocean (because I’ve only seen one once). yup. :) The start of my adult married life!

----- Jac E 16.12.10 15:03

lose 20lbs? prepar our new house for my boyfriend’s family to visit this summer. some much work to do!

----- somerset 16.12.10 14:57

Eat more green eggs & ham!

----- Jin-Woo 16.12.10 14:50

Convince my fellow Americans that a bicycle is a valid form of transportation rather than simply a child’s toy or elitist fitness machine.

----- Dave 16.12.10 14:43

2011 will be the year of homemade kimchi.

----- Andrea 16.12.10 14:40

The item that I have on my bucket list that will make it through to 2011 is “Find myself in my artwork” I have put the camera down for too many years now and feel that 2011 is the time to find myself. I hope to work towards opening up my own studio/business. My attempts in the past have been less than whole-hearted. This coming year however is the year to scratch this one off my bucket list.

----- Miguel Garza 16.12.10 14:26

I have to have more time for myself

----- Bili regev 16.12.10 14:17

I want to learn my father’s language- Turkish. 2011 is as good a year as any, right? Wouldn’t it be lovely to learn a language and spend some time on the Adriatic sea?

----- Cole 16.12.10 14:00

Life list: Visit Antarctica. 2011 list: Visit California.

----- Cobalt 16.12.10 13:38

I’ve had plans to go to Japan for about two years now. Each time I’m just about to book the trip something major comes up and pushes the date back by another year.

I’ll get there eventually. I’ve never left the states so it will be a huge deal for me.

----- Jared 16.12.10 13:33

i MUST follow thru with my years resolutions!

----- mel 16.12.10 13:32

I simply must achieve personal peace by letting go of my past and living only in the present with complete awareness and openness.

----- Elizabeth 16.12.10 13:28

This year I will have a baby and then get back into shape in time to run a 200 mile relay race. I’m already signed up for both!

----- Susan Kelley 16.12.10 13:17

I must build a geodesic dome home, with my own two hands.

----- bbates 16.12.10 13:13

As a university student in the middle of America, I want to get out there and learn about other cultures. I am especially passionate about the Spanish language, and I am going to Guatemala this summer! What I would really like to do is visit every Spanish speaking country and learn about the ways of life in each place. Worldly people are so cool, I want to be one.

----- Clare 16.12.10 13:11

Travel to Galapagos Islands, surf in the South Pacific and witness the Wilderbeast migration in Kenya.

----- Lee 16.12.10 13:11

As a university student in the middle of America, I want to get out there and learn about other cultures. I am especially passionate about the Spanish language, and I am going to Guatemala this summer! What I would really like to do is visit every Spanish speaking country and learn about the ways of life in each place. Worldly people are so cool, I want to be one.

----- Clare 16.12.10 13:10

Build a tiny self sustaining house

----- Amanda D. 16.12.10 12:53

Learn how to weld.

----- Adrienne 16.12.10 12:50

I must learn German fluently before I get married to my German fiance this summer.

----- owen 16.12.10 12:48

On my list for 2011 is going to a live Formula 1 race. I’ve always wanted to go and had to back out of a planned trip to Montreal.

----- timothy 16.12.10 12:40

I simply must get to New Zealand - and depending on the season, one of those gorgeous coats might come in handy.

----- byron818 16.12.10 12:32

climb and sleep on the face of a big wall in a port-a-ledge

----- Michael H. 16.12.10 12:25

Something I absolutely must do in 2011 is ride a bicycle across The Golden Gate bridge with the significant other. It’s an experience I think everyone should partake in. And would love to show him the beauty of it. :) Something I want to do in my Lifetime is go back to Vietnam, further explore my culture and help where I can.

----- abitnerdy 16.12.10 12:18

Design something that people will fall in love with. And fall in love.

----- Tony 16.12.10 12:06

Snowboard the world

----- Buck 16.12.10 11:55

I must get back to Japan!

----- Smilla 16.12.10 11:54

I do want to hike the Wakhan Corridor in NE Afghanistan… but that might have to wait a while. The absolute last thing I want to do is be eaten by a tiger.

----- Ken 16.12.10 11:53

This year, I must : do a bungee jump / learn how to play ukulele / go to Japan / help an homeless person / give blood / brew a beer / finish my studies. If I do all that, that would be kind of great!

----- EtienneRichard 16.12.10 11:48

nice clothes and happy to find them

----- jbh 16.12.10 11:27

Open my bakery. The bestest bakery that ever was/is.

----- Jen 16.12.10 11:19

I must see a great white shark breach over the waters of False Bay, South Africa.

----- Annabel 16.12.10 11:16

I must visit every country before I die. Even if I dont stay in every one for a extended period of time. I just love to travel and experiment new culture and of course the food!

----- Lucas Lund 16.12.10 11:12

In my lifetime, I must learn how to stop being so hard on myself. Over the years I’ve developed a somewhat severe social anxiety, making it hard to make new friends or be out in crowded places in public. I’ve learned to overcome a lot of it, but it’s hard to reverse the chronic mental state of constantly putting yourself down/telling yourself you’re not attractive enough, etc. This is a long-term goal to reverse my negative self-image :)

----- Evie 16.12.10 11:10

Have something posted on NotCot that I designed! I might settle for winning the holiday giveaway ;)

----- Juliann 16.12.10 11:08

Finally make good on my wish to go to Thailand (and bring my girlfriend with me)! Would be so amazing!

----- Stacy B. 16.12.10 11:00

I want to figure out how I ended up working in the finance industry and never repat that mistake again. Then I want to have the balls to quit and work for myself doing something that actually makes me happy human. All while raising an awesome daughter and being a good wife. Goals, so 2011.

----- Abbie 16.12.10 10:57

A while ago, I went to Mt. Schilthorn as a tourist during winter and took the Birg all the way to the top, and it was breathtaking. Next time, I need to take a month off from work during the summer and hike in the Bernese Alps - it’s too beautiful not to!

----- tasha 16.12.10 10:52

I have to finish learning french. I know just enough to make a girl smile and a frenchman go WTF!

----- Brian 16.12.10 10:45

See the ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples of India.

----- alliehill 16.12.10 10:34

Ride an elephant! I’m freaking out about those coats though. Thank you somebody for making warm winter coats that look good! I just can’t believe how many years I’m wasted looking like a stay-puff marshmallow.

----- Jessi 16.12.10 10:33

I want to only do what I love and not care what others may think

----- jsunder 16.12.10 10:32

unshackling myself from this upside-down bay area mortgage, chasing my muse to southern oregon to try out a dream.

----- derek 16.12.10 10:28

1. Live in New Zealand for months and months.
2. Become a better camper.
3. Never climb Mt. Everest.

----- Jenny 16.12.10 10:24

I have dreamed of traveling in South America since I was in high school. Particularly romantic are my dreams of traveling by train to the tip of South America and returning to Oregon via Sailboat stopping off at islands and coastal towns along the way. Maybe 2011 is when it’s going to happen!

----- jamie 16.12.10 10:17

learn to ride a motorcycle

----- matt 16.12.10 10:01

Next year I must learn to stop doing the self destructive things I do now.

----- Paul 16.12.10 09:59

I would love to backpack across Europe. Realistically, something I might do this year just pick a city take my camera and some clothes and just thoroughly explore a new place beyond the normal landmark type stuff alone.

----- Christian 16.12.10 09:54

See New York. See Tokyo. Go to SDCC or NYCC or DesignerCon. Ready, GO!

----- tflores 16.12.10 09:42

in 2011, I must get over her.

----- Justin K 16.12.10 09:37

On my life list is to go back to Europe and visit all the cities I got to travel as a kid, find the same small shops and take photos of myself reliving those old memories.

----- Adam 16.12.10 09:35

Get more 8 hours of sleep every night for at least a week!

----- Jeff 16.12.10 09:29

I want to decapitate at least one zombie.

----- Kevin 16.12.10 09:28

I want to wake up every morning and look for all the beauty of life, and stop focusing on the ugly distractions.

----- Shay Russe 16.12.10 09:22

I must rent a car in Iceland and drive the entire ring road and back roads. I have to get to Iceland first though…

----- natalya 16.12.10 09:22

I must travel to Japan!!!!


----- Aaron 16.12.10 09:18

I need to AVOID the fast food places!!
They are Evil! and designed to make all of us Unhealthy and Fat!
Also need to workout on a daily basis
Be nicer to people
Keep an open mind
Stay away from the Hard stuff (80 proof)
Maintain my sanity
Maintain my Stress levels
Maintain my Hope!

----- Mark Y. 16.12.10 09:12

I’m going to keep a plant alive and build cabinets!

----- Emily 16.12.10 09:09

I must advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending.

----- James Kwan 16.12.10 09:04

I must take a week off and drive down the pacific coast highway in a convertible.

----- Aaron 16.12.10 08:52

In 2011, I look forward to going to Iceland. Let’s face it, Nau is perfect for Iceland!

----- Elizabeth 16.12.10 08:46

The one thing that I must do next year is build my wife a house.

----- BigSlim 16.12.10 08:45

Travel to every continent (except Antartica) at least once, eating local foods, and experiencing culture and life outside my own

----- Hannah 16.12.10 08:43

I MUST visit New York so I can experience it all for myself.

----- Anh 16.12.10 08:39

Get laid, while wearing a discounted Nau Jacket!

----- Chicago Andy 16.12.10 08:36

In 2011 I’m going to return to Europe, for the first time in 7 years. This time I get to go home with my husband though!!!!

----- Lena 16.12.10 08:34

must must MUST overcome fear of flying so I can go to all the places I wish to go

----- rosa 16.12.10 08:19

Shirts for sharts.

----- Ken 16.12.10 08:18

I want to go to Paris Fashion week & be in the photographer’s pit.

----- Keith 16.12.10 08:10

Get my home in order so that day-to-day life is easier.

----- Chrissy 16.12.10 07:51

My dream is to scale Mt. Everest. Like skydiving, this also sounds cliché, but it IS genuinely important to me. I admire people who’ve walked in space because it’s something so few humans in history have been able to experience; it’s something which is impossible to really appreciate without having done it yourself. I see Everest as being similar, albeit less exclusive. I guess what really appeals to me is the idea of a single experience having the potential to change your entire life for the better, to give added perspective or meaning to our existence – that’s why I want to climb Mt. Everest.

----- Chris 16.12.10 07:44

take the bull by the horns…no more hand-sitting.

----- ryan 16.12.10 07:42

I want to visit Sequoia sempervirens’ forests. I find these trees wonderful and I would like to see them with my own eye…someday.

----- Grete 16.12.10 07:31

I want to find the cure of AIDS so I can help my brother… for real!!

----- Maria Lara 16.12.10 07:21

I would love to get a full time job!

----- Melissa 16.12.10 07:20

I shall marry my fiance in splendid fashion.

----- Adam Edwards 16.12.10 07:18

I must lose weight~~~~~~~so I can wear what you’ve posted!

----- Andy 16.12.10 07:13

I want to begin to trust myself completely.

----- Maggie 16.12.10 07:11

one week, one bag, one city i’ve never seen before. alone.

----- Jon Crowley 16.12.10 07:03

I wanna win I wanna I wanna

----- James D. 16.12.10 06:56

I want to find a career that fits me, that I love, that makes me say “I can’t imagine doing anything else”. I want to make enough money that I feel like I can donate on a regular basis. I want to be more spontaneous. I want to learn more, travel more, experience more. I want to live.

----- Julie Vazquez 16.12.10 06:55

Bring my parents to Spain (while they are still fit) for them to experience the joys and pleasures I enjoyed for themselves, and not just through my recounting.

----- Pei 16.12.10 06:43

Wow I have a long list…. World wonders! Every US National Park (Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor, ME this summer), Potala Palace, Polar ice caps (before the dissappear, Great Migration of Serengeti and Masai Mara, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Hagia Sophia, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Great Barrier Reef, Victoria Falls, The Terracotta Army of Xi’an, China, Moai, and Red Square just to name a few.

----- Josh 16.12.10 06:41

I want be a to win something useful….like at NOTCOT

----- keith messina 16.12.10 06:37

I want to be a zombie in the next Walking Dead series.

----- James 16.12.10 06:31

My dream is to open a bookstore. a cozy, charming, little bookstore.

----- ioana 16.12.10 06:31

Something I would love to do is visit Egypt. Trying to convince my husband to go this year, so we’ll see!

----- Jordan K 16.12.10 06:27

Get representation. Simple, but near impossible.

----- Don Taylor 16.12.10 06:24

I WILL ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles this coming spring!

----- Alexander Yust 16.12.10 06:21

Visit Spain!

----- Natalie Kay 16.12.10 06:21

I want to learn how to brew my own beer.

----- Alexei 16.12.10 05:53

sea kayaking in the arctic.

----- Paul 16.12.10 05:49

Write a novel.

----- Anthony 16.12.10 05:37

Must visit the South Pole!

----- Julian 16.12.10 05:35

Hike the entire appalachian trail

----- mark 16.12.10 05:34

I really have to climb the Everest, or at least try it, also swim with Whales in the kingdom of Tonga!

----- Gabriel Diaz 16.12.10 05:27

i’ve got to make it to all seven continents…

----- mark 16.12.10 05:25

skydiving, I HAVE to do it at some point!

----- Jeff 16.12.10 05:20

i’ve been putting it off for years but someday i must get rich (and perhaps famous with it) so that way i can afford to buy some of the nice things i see on notcot…

----- Bailey 16.12.10 04:48

I must spoil my grandkids.

Granted, that’s off in the distance since my kids are 8,6,and 3 right now.

----- James 16.12.10 04:45

I must throw a big graduation party after I finish my thesis in 2011. Either I will finish my thesis or it will finish me off!

----- Rosie 16.12.10 04:38

I must see 100+ countries before i die. Going on a 5 month trip in late January to get things started!

----- Olov Lindgren 16.12.10 04:32

Visit New Dehli during Holi Phagwa, visit Kyoto during the cherry blossom season and visit Lapland to see the aurora borealis. In that order…

----- Tim 16.12.10 04:19

Wow! What a great giveaway! Just in time for the Coldest December my area has seen! Brr!

----- Amber 16.12.10 04:12

Grow old! :)

----- Nikola Balic 16.12.10 04:08

Travel once again to Transylvania!

----- Agnieszka 16.12.10 03:57

In 2011 I will hike the entire length of New Zealand. Thanks for the contest!

----- Deanna 16.12.10 03:57

find work and live in Bilbao, Spain.

----- jay 16.12.10 03:44

Sounds like a cliche but skydiving. I’ve already picked the place now just need to save up more money!

----- Iris 16.12.10 02:35

Riding the Harry Potter ride in Florida; that’s been on my list for a while…and butterbeer!

----- quinn 16.12.10 02:17

thanks for this opportunity!

My dream is to sail across the atlantic sea to Argentina and then dance a Tango in Buenos Aires!

----- Urmelina 16.12.10 01:56

Move to Detroit and live there for at least 1 year.

----- Jörg 16.12.10 01:44

in 2011 I must: go to Barcelona, learn to dance Salsa, buy new laptop and paint more and bigger!

----- Grace 16.12.10 01:34

In my lifetime I must learn Japanese so I can tell my grandmother how much I love and care about her without my father’s aid translating. I am beginning Japanese courses in January. Not being able to tell her would be my only regret in life.

----- Ken 16.12.10 01:27

even though it’s scary…must quit my job and follow my dreams!

----- alexandra 16.12.10 01:16

One thing that I’ve always been intrigued by and would love to do is caving or spelunking. I have always thought caves were cool and I think it would feel really good to venture into the underground parts of the earth that few people have been to!

----- Jearv 16.12.10 01:05

Need to work on my step-up-for-myself skills. Make my voice heard. Dare to say no. Practice, practice, practice.

----- Linda D. 16.12.10 01:00

build something revolutionary.

----- Jenn 16.12.10 00:49

On my life list, which I think should be on my 2011 list, is to build a bicycle, from scratch, frame building etc, to build the bike that I can’t seem to find on the market by anyone.

----- william 16.12.10 00:45

Skinny dip into the Mississippi River in Minnesota…in January!

----- AJ 16.12.10 00:44

I really want to travel to Japan… Hope I can do it.

----- Pol 16.12.10 00:29

i must be more present for my family :)

----- daniel 16.12.10 00:05

I must paint my grandmother’s portrait.

----- Chels 15.12.10 23:50

a MUST to do for me is passing from this years list unfortunately… it is to travel to every continent this planet can offer.

----- martins 15.12.10 23:43

Travel to all seven continents! And climb a 14nr in the winter.

----- Tait 15.12.10 23:42

It is a little thing,but I have been putting it off for years - to go through and cull/tidy my huge filing cabinet. I have stuff in there from high school 20 years ago!

----- Leanna 15.12.10 23:39

Visiting Martinique!

----- val 15.12.10 23:37

One day I will appreciate the time and place I am living in and stop longing to live in the films I watch.

----- Lily 15.12.10 23:26

climb a mountain!

----- jennifer 15.12.10 23:22

Get my motorcycle license and do a solo trip across the country.

----- Vinny W 15.12.10 23:15

It is my dream to study abroad long term in South Korea before anything serious happens between South and North Korea. I wish to go someday and improve my Korean and I’m not ethnically Korean. To me, Korean is beautiful because of how Korean culture reflects itself in the Korean language—in the grammar structure and the type of language one uses based on someone’s status. If not Korean language or culture, language or culture related subjects in general interests me the most, because of the differences and contrasting aspects of separate cultures. When noticing differences in culture, we learn more about ourselves, and perhaps, the negative parts of who we are as people. Language is often associated with country and ethnicity, but language is just a part of what is communication.

----- Christina 15.12.10 23:14

travel to Europe & Asia

----- Andy 15.12.10 23:11

Run a marathon!

----- Lori 15.12.10 23:07

Make a painting bigger than myself and not be afraid to try it, and be happy with whatever the result is.

----- romina 15.12.10 22:50

take a day trip to santa barbara

----- Greg 15.12.10 22:47

learn a bunch of languages and travel the world

----- winnie lam 15.12.10 22:46

I absolutely must live off the grid and travel aimlessly for at least a year of my life.

----- Stasia Burrington 15.12.10 22:40

Work hard, and retire by the age of 40. I got 19 years left!

----- Rui Melo 15.12.10 22:39

A life wish of mine is to spend a summer in Provence in a charming little villa.

----- Sharon 15.12.10 22:33

I will visit Japan. And travel the world with just a backpack.

----- J Alexander 15.12.10 22:19

I must dance with my daughter.

----- n8 15.12.10 22:18

Adopt a kid and become a father. I mean, find a man I want to spend the rest of my life with first, I guess, but over all of my goals, being a dad wins.

----- Cameron 15.12.10 22:17

Hoping to be able to take my fiance to South Africa to volunteer.

----- philip 15.12.10 22:17

For 2011: Finally visit my best friend in NYC, establish a healthier diet, finish everything on my current to do list for 2010, read more books, and finally apply to grad school.
For Life: Honestly, there are too many to list. Visiting several countries on every continent would be up there.

----- Lisa 15.12.10 22:07

Only one thing is on my list:
To appreciate what I have in front of me than being upset over what I don’t have.

----- Gary 15.12.10 21:59

I would like to stop a bank robbery sometime before I die. Most likely it will be the reason that I die, though.

----- Carlo 15.12.10 21:57

I must live overseas for at least one full year! It takes that long (at least) to even begin to grasp the culture and rhythms of a place.

----- Anissa 15.12.10 21:52

I’ve always wanted to build my dream house with my hands, but I don’t think that will get done in 2011.

----- Lisa 15.12.10 21:47

Travel to Antartica, personally it is the closest to visiting another planet and would totally rock!

----- Roger Penguino 15.12.10 21:47

I need to live in Iceland, at least for a few months.

----- Marie 15.12.10 21:39

I must eat more cheese!

----- bradp 15.12.10 21:37

Go to Japan and stand in a bullettrain, should be interesting with me being 6”4

----- Matt Hoving 15.12.10 21:35

I absolutely need a kicking garden by the time I’m all settled in.

----- Kath 15.12.10 21:27

I must rent a 4x4 and drive the circumference of Iceland. No where else can I experience ice and fire in just a few days’ drive.

----- Long Tran 15.12.10 21:25

I MUST continue to be myself, and not anyone else :)

----- Lucas 15.12.10 21:12

In one long trip, I want to circumnavigate the world…

----- John 15.12.10 21:10

I am going to die once I am 264 years old, literally not settling for any less than that.

----- Michael 15.12.10 21:09

I must overcome myself. I need to stop giving in to shyness and complacency. I need to believe in myself more and achieve my goals!

----- James 15.12.10 20:58

Launch an Atlanta-based chapter of the @AcumenFund, an amazing pioneer of venture philanthropy/social enterprise.

----- Becca 15.12.10 20:55

I should travel more. I need to see more of this beautiful world.

----- Becky 15.12.10 20:52

Apprentice on a cheese farm!

----- matt 15.12.10 20:52

I simply must compete in the Mongolia Rally where you have to drive a tiny car from London to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. That would be a real amazing race!

----- Mikell Johnson 15.12.10 20:50

I must! travel to a new country and new state every year. The world is far bigger than Chicago and the US. (Incidentally, the Nau jacket I have receives compliments every time I turn around! Looove it.)

----- gretchen 15.12.10 20:50

I want to compete in the hawaiian ironman. You have to qualify for it and its not too easy.

----- Mark 15.12.10 20:38

Conquer the world

----- eric 15.12.10 20:38

Move from a small town in Utah to Stockholm, Sweden. It has been a life long dream and now things are coming together, cross your fingers.

----- Shawn Parry 15.12.10 20:37

Move from a small town in Utah to Stockholm, Sweden. It has been a life long dream and now things are coming together, cross your fingers.

----- Shawn Parry 15.12.10 20:36

I would love to take the train all the way from London to Bangkok. It’s doable!

----- Liza 15.12.10 20:31

In my life, I would love to go to culinary school to become a pastry chef!!

----- Arianne Frink 15.12.10 20:30

Design and publish a board game!

----- Joe Wasserman 15.12.10 20:30

Would love to live in a boat for at least a couple of months.

----- Keno Leon 15.12.10 20:25

hit every continent. still need africa and australia.

----- Jacob 15.12.10 20:09

My goal for 2011 is to become a real adult. No more roommates!

----- Chaely 15.12.10 20:04

I have to travel the world and hit every spot I’ve ever wanted to go before I die.

----- chris williams 15.12.10 20:01

Life list: I must visit New Zealand.
2011 list: I must start working out more so I don’t miss out on eventual New Zealand hiking.

----- Marcy 15.12.10 20:00

Build a prefab house while struggling to pay rent in an apartment.

----- Mark V 15.12.10 19:50

learn a 3rd language

----- eve 15.12.10 19:48

I am going to move to italy when i graduate from scad in june and become a designer. i want to work for a design firm in italy, it is my goal and dream. can’t wait for june, and love your site.

----- Sid Law 15.12.10 19:43

I’ve djed in 19 countries so far.. but mostly in the cities. One place I haven’t played in the Australian Outback at a “bush-doof” (their name for rave party way out in the countryside). That’s my goal for the next few years..

----- Larisa 15.12.10 19:42

Well I have quite the list, but something that I don’t want to go my whole life without accomplishing is: Photographing a total solar-eclipse at whatever location in the world that is closest to the Path of Totality.

----- Colleen S. 15.12.10 19:40

Dream of mine: own a successful pro photo studio with a front store that is a vintage motorcycle shop. Yes, yes, yes!

----- Riley 15.12.10 19:35

I want to eat and drink my way through northern italy…

----- Josh G 15.12.10 19:33

I want to make the people I love happy!

----- Blaire 15.12.10 19:29

I want to visit every continent!! And I am starting my goal by going to Egypt in January!

----- Amanda 15.12.10 19:26

As cliche as it might sound, the only thing that really is on my life list is feeling absolutely content.

I guess on my “would be nice to do list” would be to have a sloth crawl around on my head !

----- Maia 15.12.10 19:24

I want to get into graduate school and on a more fun note, learn how to make enameled jewelry

----- Katie 15.12.10 19:22

I just want to stop and reflect and be happy that I have ticked off quite a few from my list already, and although I will forever add new things to that list I will never be able to do them all. So I want to treasure the ones I have done.

----- Carolyn 15.12.10 19:12

i want to write and illustrate a children’s book. :)

----- kathryn 15.12.10 19:12

feed a reindeer in finland.

----- megan 15.12.10 19:12

feed a reindeer in finland.

----- megan 15.12.10 19:09

This coming year I want to be less judgmental of others and instead give everyone the benefit of the doubt because you never know what they’re going through.

----- Jo Olsen 15.12.10 19:07

At this exact moment scuba trips to the Antarctic are at an all time low (still expensive) and I feel like I’m a fool for not taking advantage of it. I believe that trip would be the closest I would get to seeing an alien landscape.

----- michael 15.12.10 19:03

I must travel to new places (on tap: Guatemala and Puerto Rico… maybe more — any recommendations?)

----- Neelofer 15.12.10 19:02


----- jb 15.12.10 18:58

Bicycle through France, The Black Forest, and Ireland.

----- Tom 15.12.10 18:58

This year, I’m hiring an intern!

----- Taryn Zychal 15.12.10 18:57


----- Samy 15.12.10 18:57

last time I was in Korea I was SO cold, this time I would like to have a nice warm jacket :D

----- amelia 15.12.10 18:56

To learn to live in the moment and feel fortunate, wherever I happen to be and despite whatever jam I’ve landed in. :)

----- Bonnie 15.12.10 18:52

I want to learn kung fu like in kill bill 2. Or at least visit a shaolin monastery

----- Taylor Maa 15.12.10 18:52

Hot air baloon ride.

----- Chris Wronski 15.12.10 18:49

I will learn Spanish so I can be more marketable and can talk to people in Mexico when we take our long awaited vacation!

----- Kimberlee Abrahamson 15.12.10 18:41

I want to start taking pictures again! To pick up my camera and get out of my lethargic shell.

----- Eric 15.12.10 18:40

Go to Africa and I am! (Going to South Africa in January!)

----- Andel 15.12.10 18:38

In my lifetime, I simply must get my pilot’s license, so I can travel the world on a whim and feel what’s it’s like to truly fly.

----- David 15.12.10 18:37

Would love to get married in Iceland with my girlfriend :)

----- Michael Chen 15.12.10 18:35

Nau’s products are beautiful. I’d love to take my kids to the island of Meloy of the coast of Norway above the arctic circle where my ancestors used to live.

----- Erik 15.12.10 18:32

At some point in my life I am going to start my own business (or side business) creating one off pieces of clothing repurposed from old garments found at thrift stores (kind of like NAU). Which means I should start learning how to sew this year!

----- Mitzi Y. 15.12.10 18:32

i promise myself i’m gonna become a certified scientific diver! can you imagine all the creatures i’m going to see down there, and all the fun experiments i can do?! it’s gonna be GREAT. it’d be nice to have a down coat when i come out of the water, though.

----- shawn 15.12.10 18:31

i have to go to south africa

----- phil 15.12.10 18:30

One day I won’t be afraid to do things just because other people don’t approve.

----- Allison 15.12.10 18:28

I must try to hug a redwood and hike with my boyfriend in California after I lose twenty pounds. Starting with running 2 miles a day.

----- Danielle 15.12.10 18:25

Open a sandwich shop in New Zealand!

----- Karen 15.12.10 18:11

I can’t guarantee that it will happen in 2011, but I sure hope our adoption happens this year. I could really use this because I want to at least look like a cool dad.

----- Nathan 15.12.10 18:08

go to africa

----- dan 15.12.10 17:59

I must win a contest from Nau!

----- Chester 15.12.10 17:58

I hope to chase penguins in South America (wearing black and white - of course)!

----- Laurita 15.12.10 17:55

this will be the year that I will climb Half Dome!

----- guillermo torres 15.12.10 17:53

Design and build my dream house. Probably won’t happen in 2011, but I’ll be that much closer.

----- rich 15.12.10 17:49

To visit Ireland! I’ve always wanted to go!

----- Ashley K 15.12.10 17:48

Hang gliding and world travel!

----- Tooky 15.12.10 17:48

Spend some time around the world. Italy is coming up, so that should be pretty great. Also, something like sky diving (which it seems like everyone is doing, making it a bit less eventful).

I’m sure there are some cold places around the world, so I could go for a nice coat.

----- Nathan 15.12.10 17:44

I must run a half-marathon. If I can make it to a full marathon, even better.

----- Sandra 15.12.10 17:39

On my list: Miss the bus in Belogradchik, feel the cold kiss of the Balkans as night falls, then cozy into a quiet mehana for a drink, find a pretty twenty- or thirty- something slav and ask her in my shaky bulgarian:
“Ще ви спаси живота ми от влюбиш в мен?”

----- Craig crogdor Phillipson 15.12.10 17:37

Live and love everyday to the fullest

----- Heather Severson-Tanez 15.12.10 17:36

WOW oh WOW… i am cold

----- Brion 15.12.10 17:35

In 2011, I am going to use leg power get me everywhere and let my car collect a big, fat layer of dust!

----- Stephanie 15.12.10 17:35

Find peace in every circumstance.

----- Hillary 15.12.10 17:35

One day I will walk the Santiago pilgrimage trail (when I’m older and wiser)!

----- Camila F. 15.12.10 17:34

I want to visit manchu picchu one day

----- Ming 15.12.10 17:33

I really want to kayak down either the Amazon or the Congo. I don’t think this will ever happen… but hey, who knows?

----- Josh 15.12.10 17:31

I want to be a mom….albeit impossible, its something I strive for

----- Wigglesworth 15.12.10 17:30

I want to run a triathlon! Preferably with my friend Elaina!

----- Laura R 15.12.10 17:29

I have to visit Paris and Scotland - my ancestral lands! If only I could save more than $1…

----- amy 15.12.10 17:23

I want to thru hike the John Muir Trail.

----- Lorraine 15.12.10 17:22

Take my wife for a hot air balloon ride on our anniversary and make a toast to all we’ve done and all that’s left to do.

----- Bryan 15.12.10 17:21

I’m dying to travel to some of the more remote (and incredibly beautiful) areas of China.

----- April 15.12.10 17:18

In 2011, I want to share a few chairlift rides with my 3.5 year old daughter. (Got her on the magic carpet ride with her snowboard last year) :-D

----- Keith Wood 15.12.10 17:15

I must, must, take my wife to Paris.

----- Jeremy 15.12.10 17:09

I must get back into the whole college thing and stick to it this time also a must is to actually care and pay close attention to how I manage my days in order to properly run my business.

----- David 15.12.10 17:08

On my list for 2011 are to explore the Walker Evans archive, continue my ongoing photo essay of my family members and learn to roll a kayak

----- Amy 15.12.10 17:07

This would be wonderful for some gift shopping i’m still putting off…

----- Mikey 15.12.10 17:07

I wanna go on a hike by myself. Just me and nature. That would be great.

----- Markus reuter 15.12.10 17:00

Honestly, I just hope to do well enough next year and in life in general to help take care of my family and friends as well as myself. Knowing I can help provide for people I care about when they need it would be amazing.

----- Michelle 15.12.10 16:59

I’d like to give love a chance to grow.

----- Erik 15.12.10 16:58

I must scuba. I just must. I’ve been putting it off (I say for school, but that’s not a real reason), and I hope to one day get certified. Also, I’ve discovered Nau because of blog site Carryology, and I must say I’ve fallen in love (minus my student budget not being able to buy anything from them). This would be so sweet.

----- Gaetan 15.12.10 16:55

procreate 1x

----- Audrey R 15.12.10 16:54

I am going to read over fifty books this year!

----- Andy 15.12.10 16:49

I must run a marathon!

----- Sara R. 15.12.10 16:48

I Just finished my AA and AS now I want to finish my BA and my Masters!

----- Christina 15.12.10 16:45

Write a book, write a book.

----- Chris Moffett 15.12.10 16:45

see the world from the top of a mountain!

----- andrew haynes 15.12.10 16:45

See blue, tropical water!

----- Alisa 15.12.10 16:43

I want to travel to Italy
& I want to get a whole new wardrobe! Ive have the same clothes for years now, since middle school and now im a junior in college! lol

----- Miguel 15.12.10 16:42

I must bicycle the entire Korean peninsula!

----- Jeremy 15.12.10 16:41

live in nyc…have to make it happen someday

----- Michael 15.12.10 16:37

In 2011 I am going to permanently move to Austin, TX!

----- Brian 15.12.10 16:35

I want to quit smoking for the holidays, it’s hard to be around family and have to make an excuse to go outside just to sneak a cigarette in. My father had gotten cancer from smoking so it’s even more of a want to quit as well for him..

----- Randy Niemann 15.12.10 16:35

Learn cantonese, make a ton of clothes, raise a child

----- Ben 15.12.10 16:34

Compete in the 2011 World Beard & Moustache Championships!

----- Joe 15.12.10 16:33

Climbing the glaciers of Iceland and Greenland. And, next year, I will.

----- Anthony 15.12.10 16:33

write a novel!

----- Lara 15.12.10 16:33

If I raise enough funds, I will travel to Norway in May. I’m halfway there, and I’ve been raising money through various different efforts for 4 months now!

----- TJ 15.12.10 16:32

Life list: Visit the Taj Mahal. 2011 list: propose to my girlfriend.

----- justin 15.12.10 16:32

By the 2nd week of Jan 2011 I will have successfully patented my very first product under my own name,

----- Taylor 15.12.10 16:30

to become a really successful designer

----- ricardo garza marcos 15.12.10 16:30

I must have a short story published.

----- Sara 15.12.10 16:28

I want to design and make my own suit.

----- Matthew 15.12.10 16:26

I will let out an earth shaking whoop of joy on the summit of Mount Rainier.

----- Alexandra 15.12.10 16:25

I’ve taken Spanish since high school, but don’t consider myself fluent. One of my dreams is to return to Guatemala (where I visited one summer) and make a documentary about the country. The people are beautiful, passionate, and awesome, but there is such a gap between the rich and the poor. I’m going to school for filmmaking, so hopefully one day I can double dip- make a movie and learn Spanish!

Awesome giveaway. :)


----- Kaylee 15.12.10 16:25

See Angkor Wat.

----- Scott B 15.12.10 16:24

Laugh a lot. Go back to Edinburgh. Learn paper making in Japan. Slow down and think about what I see. Create meaningful and engaging art.

----- carrie 15.12.10 16:23

in 2011 I’m going to learn how to drive. I never learned in high school and then I moved to New York where it wasn’t a useful skill, so I’m now in my 20s an unable to take the solo cross country road trip (that is also on my list of life goals).

----- Allie 15.12.10 16:23

To visit Ireland!

----- Janette 15.12.10 16:22


----- Mike 15.12.10 16:21

Learn to sail, and sail in the virgin islands with my dad.

----- EPIC! Stratton 15.12.10 16:20

My goal for next year is to be a shade or three greener :) Slowly becoming a more eco-friendly home and cook :)

----- Mrs. Cox 15.12.10 16:17

My 2011 list item is to travel to Nepal and climb - at least part of - Mount Everest! And NAU is a fabulous company!! Have followed NAU for years and love their philosophy and design.

----- leigh 15.12.10 16:17

I want to take my 3 year old son back to London where he was born for a visit!

----- Kaz 15.12.10 16:15

I want to be more multicultural and learn a language!

----- Emily 15.12.10 16:13

Go to Australia and pick up the accent :)

----- Kristie 15.12.10 16:13

I want to design a living net zero building.

----- FRAN 15.12.10 16:13

I have to visit Korea and Japan. I also must fulfill my career goal of becoming an orthodontist. On top of that, I have to save up enough money to buy an Audi R8, even if i have to skimp on other things.

----- Emily 15.12.10 16:12

At the end of a long day traveling down the West coast of New Zealand’s souther island, my wife and I found ourselves sipping beers in Wanaka and gazing across the road at the mountain-framed lake fronting the city. That day we pencilled in as one of our goals becoming a part of that sleepy community and surrounding ourselves with natural beauty, open people, and excellent craft beer.

----- Sean Madden 15.12.10 16:12

I want to live in the countryside…somewhere.

----- Kristen 15.12.10 16:12

I want to go to Sicily, to Realmonte and the Turkish Steps on the Southern coast. My grandfather’s parents came from there.

----- Aprille 15.12.10 16:11

Must overcome my roadrage

----- Fiona 15.12.10 16:10

I want to design/build a treehouse and/or restore/design/build a victorian cottage

----- Francis 15.12.10 16:07

Open my own store.

Just saving up some start-up cash than i have to make the leap and do it.

----- Danielle 15.12.10 16:05

The other day my grandma told me she is taking me to France next year. What?! I always wanted to be able to whisk her away to Paris but I’m a struggling artist in my 20s. She decided she wants to go sooner than later and took matters into her own hands. I’ve never been to mainland Europe. It will be dreamy! We’ve been discussing how we’ll drink espresso and shop the street markets everyday. I feel incredibly lucky for this time with her, and in a place we’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe we won’t come back.

----- Molly Proctor 15.12.10 16:04

I must make the documentary film that I have been working on for years. I hope it inspires people from all over the world.

----- Benjamin VanderVeen 15.12.10 16:03

My life list is pretty long, but my favorite item is to start my own company. Working on it now!

----- Brad L 15.12.10 16:02

I must make it home safely from deployment to my soon to be wife =D, she said yes yesterday

----- Fredrick Brown 15.12.10 16:01

Make sure my daughter grows up safe and secure in a world better than the one we live in today. That tops any list I have for myself.

----- Doug 15.12.10 15:59

Walk the West Highland Way in Scotland.

----- Kalina 15.12.10 15:57

before I am separated from this world, I would like to to visit South America and spend one year exploring all of its countries on a bicycle.

----- Barry D. 15.12.10 15:56

One thing I want to do is go to antarctica.

----- Young 15.12.10 15:56

Skin dive in Jellyfish Lake in Palau. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jellyfish_Lake

----- Brandon 15.12.10 15:56

to open the best clinic ever

----- ben 15.12.10 15:55

I MUST finish my Masters in Architecture & then build and design socially relevant, environmentally conscious, regenerative works for all people groups.

----- Jimbo 15.12.10 15:55

I plan on launching my first company in 2011 and am I getting married.

----- Braden Powers 15.12.10 15:54

To go to Portugal in 2011! It’s being planned right now!

----- Alan Leonard 15.12.10 15:54

I want to go to Japan

----- Julia R 15.12.10 15:53

I must learn how to garden

----- Lisa 15.12.10 15:53

Take a bike trip through Europe. The flat part.

----- Adrianne 15.12.10 15:50

make art without fear of failure

----- k munson 15.12.10 15:50

Eat for my body and my mind. For so long, they have been mutually exclusive.

----- Elise 15.12.10 15:47

Ooh, Nau!! Love their stuff. Life list… hmmmm, I would like to spend a night in the Ice Hotel, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden! Have wanted to do that since I saw it in a Bond film. (and hey, I can test out my Nau outerwear there! ;))

----- Vivienne A. 15.12.10 15:45

aahhh!!! i own a fashion/food blog so on the top of my list would have to be to go backpacking around europe, just imagine the fashion and the food, aaahh!!!!

----- libys11 15.12.10 15:43

life list # 14: keep track of every hour I work- bill accordingly

----- J.fischer 15.12.10 15:43

I must put my energy into things that matter and release the things that don’t. Simple in theory, but oh so difficult in practice!

----- Kate F 15.12.10 15:41

I want to learn how to snowboard this year. I’ve never lived in a place cold enough to learn, so that might have to change as well!

----- Hadi 15.12.10 15:39

I simply must explore every neighborhood in my fair city.

----- nora 15.12.10 15:37

#1 thing that I must do in my lifetime: fall in love

----- Tab 15.12.10 15:34

Walk again!

----- Erik 15.12.10 15:33

I need to get into grad school!

----- Dan 15.12.10 15:33

I must not find the meaning of life, but the experience of being alive!

----- Christine Angela 15.12.10 15:31

I must hike the Ozarks!

----- Michelle 15.12.10 15:30

Go on a surf trip to Mexico.

----- Zach 15.12.10 15:29

I must learn to play the guitar. I promise I’ll start lessons if I win :)

----- lindsay 15.12.10 15:28

all i really wanna accomplish is too make my parents happy, i feel like i haven’t really made them proud of me yet but im working on it! :)

----- Kenny Garcia 15.12.10 15:27

I’ve got to get out of the Midwest for once, and for longer than a couple of months. In 2011, I’m heading west!

----- Jennifer Cox 15.12.10 15:26

I must move to New York!

----- Tamar 15.12.10 15:26

1. Get fit.
2. Get fit.
3. Get fit.

----- Dan Yoon 15.12.10 15:23

this looks legit.

----- Chester 15.12.10 15:22

Illustrate and write that story, I’ve been planning on since like forever!

----- lish 15.12.10 15:22

I must find my place in the photography world in 2011 or at least a stepping stone to get me to where I should be.

----- Rosanna 15.12.10 15:22

A complete family reunion.

----- Michelle K. 15.12.10 15:21

Turning forty in 2011 and I’d love to run a marathon in less than four hours!

----- Jeremy Harrison 15.12.10 15:21

In 2011 I must learn how to bond with my donkey.

----- martina 15.12.10 15:15

Climb a mountain. A real one. (And to buy an old cruiser style motorcycle.)

----- Ryan 15.12.10 15:13

I’d love to go to bungee jumping in New Zealand!

----- Kristine 15.12.10 15:11

I want to find a fulfilling life-long career! :D

----- Justin R 15.12.10 15:11

Learn the amazing knowledge that my traditional chinese medicine teacher has been teaching me.

----- Charlie Lima 15.12.10 15:04

I would like to say skydiving, but it seems cliche.
I plan on doing Inception!

----- karan 15.12.10 15:02

I plan to go to the two Italian villages to where my moms and dads families are from and visit with the extended family that is still living in those very areas and I have never met.

It’s been a dream for years and I think Im making it a reality in 2011

----- John G 15.12.10 15:00

Turkey, the country, that is. I want to drink coffee, buy rugs, and learn about history and art in Istanbul and Izmir.

----- Wendi Lahart 15.12.10 15:00

I’d like live in London for at least a year…

----- Norm 15.12.10 14:58

in my lifetime…and on my life’s list of stuff to do…

i MUST frolic and play on the beaches of Costa Rica…while breaking for lunch at a cafe where i will share my sliced bananas with the various monkey’s chillin with me at my table…

----- I'm Rich Kim, BITCH!!! 15.12.10 14:58

Open my own bar!

----- Michal 15.12.10 14:55

My life list item #1 is a biggie. I want to combine my professional, educational and life experiences to do something really meaningful. I want to create a successful program that reaches out to special needs and at-risk youth here in Duluth, MN. I want to help those kids learn skills, have a job, and help improve neighborhoods here in Duluth through their work. If that’s landscape upgrades at parks and schools or designing community gardens, I know it can happen—but I want to do it. And I want to do it well.

----- Joel V 15.12.10 14:55

In 2011, I’d like to strengthen friendships with all the wonderful people in my life. I’d like to let them know how much I love them; rather than just “like” their statuses.

----- Kelsey 15.12.10 14:54

Adventure to Switzerland and drive through the San Bernadino Pass

----- Max 15.12.10 14:53

I must make a billboard 100 hit by 2011!!!

----- Eric 15.12.10 14:53

I need a trip to the Himalayas! And Nau is one of my faves…

----- Danny 15.12.10 14:52

2011 will be the year I start my own company and finally be my own boss.

----- Michael C 15.12.10 14:50

Next year will be complete if I get into NYU or Columbia Law. New York and a JD/MBA makes it all worth it…

----- dakota l. ortiz 15.12.10 14:50

This year I must have chickens in my yard. We are excited for this urban experience.

----- matthew harrison smith 15.12.10 14:46

I must go to Greece!

----- Diana 15.12.10 14:46

I absolutely must become a surgeon and write a novel.

----- kitty 15.12.10 14:45

Ah natural…..

----- Michael K 15.12.10 14:45

One of these days I will learn to overcome my fear of drowning and learn to swim!

----- John G. 15.12.10 14:45

Ah natural…..

----- Michael K 15.12.10 14:44

I must cycle aroung Italy, meet new and interesting peeps along the way!

----- Jackie 15.12.10 14:44

I need to write a book in my lifetime. It can be about salt for all I care.

----- Cory 15.12.10 14:41

win the nobel prize in chemistry!

----- Joe B 15.12.10 14:40

I’ve got to see the great pyramid at Giza!

----- Ashton 15.12.10 14:40

The Fluent Stash looks interesting.

----- tudza 15.12.10 14:40

One day I am going to start my own clothing brand. But I’m going to do it the right way. I’m working in the industry first and when ive gained enough knowledge and saved up enough money im going to bust out the brand and its gonna be awesome. See you in the future when NOTCOT will one day be giving my gift card away!

----- Niki Marcheggiani 15.12.10 14:39

I want to see the sun rise and set on every continent in my lifetime.

----- Matt 15.12.10 14:39

Must get to New Zealand!!! …must snowshred in New Zealand!

----- katie 15.12.10 14:39

I will visit Paris and start a completely new life…at least for the 3 months I’m there.

----- Bo 15.12.10 14:38

i’m going to build an airplane

----- s a 15.12.10 14:35

In the new year I’m moving to China to teach English. It’ll be this first time I’ve ever left Europe. I’m terrified and excited in equal measure. There’s a 50% chance I’ll end the year in some Chinese gaol imprisoned for dissidence, so some rugged new cloths would really take the edge of those chilly nights in my cell.

----- WILL D 15.12.10 14:35

Meet the love of my life then go skiing and surfing in the same day with them. :)

----- Jay 15.12.10 14:32

I’d like to visit the Maldives before global warming eats it right up.

----- Emma W 15.12.10 14:30

I dream and hope to watch the sunset on Rapa Nui {Easter Island} with my arms around my Love, while the Moais partially obstruct our view, and the sound of the ocean crushes all around.

----- Lael 15.12.10 14:30

Figure out what I’m doing with my life! :s

----- Craig 15.12.10 14:28

Appalachian Trail is calling me….

----- Josh 15.12.10 14:28

To live in a different country

----- Bianca 15.12.10 14:28

I want to explore South America (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and many more)

----- Joel 15.12.10 14:26

I must smile more. Because I can and because it feels good.

----- Mark S. 15.12.10 14:26

My life list: visit all continents except Antarctica. Ok maybe Antarctica if I have the opportunity! Next up: South America!

----- Kay 15.12.10 14:23

In 2011, I must finally finish one of the sewing projects almost finished in the basket next to my desk. I must also continue to try something every couple of months that I always assumed I wouldn’t like—even something as small as a food I never wanted to try or a band whose music I never wanted to hear.

----- Lizzy 15.12.10 14:23

I must learn to snowboard.

----- Lauren 15.12.10 14:22

Get into platinum league in Starcraft2. Everyone seems to be leaving destinations that they want to go to…so I thought I might be different, seeing as I’m going to Seoul (esport Central/Starcraft central) in a week.

----- Andrew Chau 15.12.10 14:21

looks awesome. that organizer thing is crazy.

----- joash 15.12.10 14:18

I must surf Tavarua

----- Joshua 15.12.10 14:17

2011 means get busy living!

----- Linda L 15.12.10 14:15

I decided I wanted to learn how to make furniture when I saw all these really neat pieces of reclaimed wood and salvaged materials from old homes in Chicago. I was inspired to learn how to make this happen and I recently finished my first series of classes on woodworking where we focused on making frames. I hope to continue my studies and be creating new pieces from old bits of Chicago’s past by the end of next year.

----- Nichole L 15.12.10 14:13

I must make it to Paris

----- Darrel 15.12.10 14:11

so many things i must do in my lifetime… One of them is ride the Continental Divide (on my bicycle!)..

----- Tran 15.12.10 14:09

I would enjoy hopefully sooner than later to travel to Bhutan and gain access to the Tigers Nest. Before Bhutan becomes a found gem to travelers.

----- Dana Jazayeri 15.12.10 14:05

It is my personal goal to invent a lovely cocktail from the liqueur made in the Swiss village from which my mother’s side of the family hails. I would like to name it after my grandparent’s (her maiden) name: The Reifler.

----- Jan 15.12.10 14:05

Visit iceland, norway, and new zealand!

----- Antonio 15.12.10 14:04

I must finish college

----- sindy 15.12.10 14:02

visit every country in the world. yes, that includes india and syria, and iraq, and venezuela, and sudan, and…

----- inoffensive 15.12.10 13:59

One thing I absolutely have to do is travel to France to see the Dame du Lac, and hopefully meet up with some of the original French parkour practitioners. It’s practically a pilgrimage for traceurs!

----- Brian 15.12.10 13:59

I’m going to take the Mrs. to visit her relatives in Norway and do some skiing while we’re there!

----- Dakota Dux 15.12.10 13:59

I really just want to win something like this (or another notcot give away once in my life. haha. no really :)

----- Paul Kozak 15.12.10 13:58

Volunteer on every continent!

----- adam 15.12.10 13:57

Nau is the time…for giving!

----- Gantt 15.12.10 13:55

Well one thing on my list was to move and live in NYC, I arrived 4 days ago and I moved from FLORIDA! SO THIS WOULD BE SO USEFUL! Winter clothes are something I could really use. The other part of that “to do” was to be to travel to the surrounding areas while living here. Thanks so much!

----- Danielle 15.12.10 13:54

As a fashion forward full time volunteer for 2 different organizations, I appreciate NAU and NOTCOT’s offerings! The thought of being able to gear up with some righteous NAU gear has me thrilled! I’m about to move down to LA and I would love to sport their gear! If I win this, I will do a short movie detailing the the experience!
(I think I’ve used up my quota of exclamation points, so I’ll close now (NAU?))



----- Harlem Kunzang Dorje 15.12.10 13:54

Travel to Europe. I live in New England and have only traveled to Mexico/the Caribbean. I want to cross the ocean, dang it.

----- Courtney 15.12.10 13:54

Build something that contributes to the well-being of the world and leaves the planet a little better than the way I found it. Leave a legacy.

----- Bilsko 15.12.10 13:53

I would like to summit Mount Hood before I die. I would also love to win the NAU giftcard so that I can get some technical garb for my summit!

----- Brook Hindley 15.12.10 13:53

Gonna see the northern lights! Scandinavia, here I come!!

----- Katrina 15.12.10 13:52

I’d like to open my own restaurant or coffee shop… Preferably a social business tied into community partners, but definitely with amazing vegetable tarts.

----- Alison 15.12.10 13:52

Going to Japan is on my life list!

----- Amelia 15.12.10 13:52

Quit my job, travel the world and follow the seasons. Ski instructor during the winter, ….. by summer?

----- Evan 15.12.10 13:52

Hot springs + Iceland = 1 item on list the needs a line through it.

----- DylanB 15.12.10 13:50

Go to Andalucia and search for duende.

----- Quinault 15.12.10 13:50

There are a lot of things I’d like to do (change careers, travel the length of both of New Zealand’s islands, own a food truck), but the one thing that is at the top of my list is to give back to my parents and set them up with something for their retirement. They’ve given up so much for my sisters and me to raise us in this country. It’s their sacrifices that have afforded me the life I had today. I’d love to pay it forward in return.

happy holidays to notcot, nau and all. cheers!

----- Sharon 15.12.10 13:50

To open up a shop for all things art + Design.

----- Kyle Lambert 15.12.10 13:48

Snowboard in the Andes.

----- Anders 15.12.10 13:48

I want to return to Japan and climb Mt. Fuji.

----- kati 15.12.10 13:48

I want to have a gallery showing of my photography/art one day. I’ve been to a few of my friends’ shows, and I know I won’t be happy until I do it myself.

----- Michael 15.12.10 13:48

Make it back to Italy!

----- Dave 15.12.10 13:47

Cycle a stage of the Tour de France

----- EH 15.12.10 13:46

I must take a trip outside of the USA and Canada. :/

----- Lara 15.12.10 13:46

I need to travel at least to some portion of all 7 continents, right now it is 3 and counting. Here I come Africa, Australia Europe and Antarctica.

----- Mundy Hackett 15.12.10 13:45

Man, I’d love to ride my first bicycle century this year. Gonna make it happen!

----- Dan hawk 15.12.10 13:44

Need to make it to Germany and take a boat trip down the river perhaps staying in Rottenberg

----- Matt Terry 15.12.10 13:44

Do it BIG and move to San Francisco!!!

----- Jan 15.12.10 13:44

I simply must learn to play the piano. I don’t care if it’s only one song done really well. Just need to find room for the Bosendorfer.

----- Daimian 15.12.10 13:43

Travel more: Australia, Ireland, Spain….the list goes on and on.

----- Renee Perez 15.12.10 13:43

Come up with more genius ideas, an of course making them happen.

----- Mihai 15.12.10 13:42

Must make it to Fiji one day and see those beautiful volcanos.

----- Max 15.12.10 13:42

I really want to ski a giant slalom on a FIS slope like a pro skier. I always wanted to be a profesional skier and I really want to know how I compare to the pros.

----- Aljosa 15.12.10 13:42

On my life list (and possibly my 2011 list) is a trip back to Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Thailand/Burma respectively to make documentaries about some fantastic organizations doing amazing work. Sure would help to have some chic outdoor clothing, at least for my invevitable stopover in Europe.

----- Austin Flack 15.12.10 13:42

I must start a restaurant… or an apothecary… or…

----- scott 15.12.10 13:41

Surf in every ocean.

----- Thomas 15.12.10 13:41

Wear more Nau products. Support a great company, a good cause ans look good at it!

----- Marc 15.12.10 13:41

I must visit the Pantheon in Rome!

----- Monica 15.12.10 13:40

stay up for more than 72 hours straight.

----- James Gannon 15.12.10 13:39

Need bag.

----- Ben 15.12.10 13:38

I really want to win a notcot giveaway.

----- Derek 15.12.10 13:38

I really want to become more adventurous and stop being so comfortable and afraid in 2011. I want to go places and take lots of risks and stop spending all day sitting in my room.

----- Liz 15.12.10 13:37

learn to swim… embarrassingly enough

----- dylan 15.12.10 13:37

see Alaska!

----- jenni o 15.12.10 13:36

I want to hold a koala!

----- Megan 15.12.10 13:36

go and pick-out my favourite tea for my morning cuppa, in person… in Darjeeling!

----- Philip 15.12.10 13:36

I actually got to do my “must do” for 2010. I took my brother with me to chicago to watch the Braves play the Cubs at Wrigley, which just happened to coincide with “us” obtaining Derek Lee, and watching one of the last games Lou Piniella coached, as well as getting to meet Ken Burns who sat in our section before throwing out one of the many first pitches.

I still want to spend a month in New Zealand though.

----- matt 15.12.10 13:36

I must learn to play the tenor saxophone, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t yet made time for.

----- Alex Blugerman 15.12.10 13:34

I must graduate from Medical School!

----- Michael 15.12.10 13:33

my list includes hiking into nature, not just driving past it and saying, “Oh, that’s pretty.”

----- victor 15.12.10 13:33


----- Ryan 15.12.10 13:32

be my own boss.

----- Joel Pirela 15.12.10 13:32

I must return to Portland.

----- Matthew 15.12.10 13:31

I have to backpack through Europe after college graduation, before life catches up to me.

----- Hannah 15.12.10 13:31

I would like to, among other things, is get rid of my car and become 100% debt free and stay that way!

----- Mark 15.12.10 13:30

In 2011 I MUST start a new work activity that not only I like, but also makes me happier…

----- Piergiorgio 15.12.10 13:30

In my life, I must kayak the Amazon, hike Machu Picchu, and beg/plead/cajole/scam/sneak my way inside one of the great pyramids.

----- Melanie Kremer 15.12.10 13:28

I want to skydive in 2011!

----- Stephanie 15.12.10 13:25

Make sure my friends and family know how much I love them

----- Danielle 15.12.10 13:25


----- chelsea 15.12.10 13:23

I really would like the rheostat jacket. Strongly desired item for me…

----- Jeff Urban 15.12.10 13:22

2011 is the year I turn my passion into my livelihood. Love coffee, live well, give back & inspire others.

----- Brian W. Jones 15.12.10 13:20

So, it’ll take me more than a year, but I’m going to work on all my language skills and learn a foreign language:
1) Re-read and study all my Latin language texts from high school.
2) Start learning French.
It’s good for my brain and good for traveling the work—gotta use those neural pathways, or you lose them!

----- Jo 15.12.10 13:20

I must return to Kenya for safari.

----- Dave Weisbord 15.12.10 13:19

Move to Paris! :)

----- Gui 15.12.10 13:18

Meet Harry Belafonte!

----- Kelsey J 15.12.10 13:18

The big thing on my list is a honeymoon in Australia! I lived there for 4 years and haven’t been back in 6. My fiance and I are hoping to travel their after our wedding next August! We could definitely use some Nau to wow all the urban Aussies :-)

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.10 13:17

learn to speak french.

----- pucksmom 15.12.10 13:17

before i die, i MUST figure out if there is an afterlife.

----- michael 15.12.10 13:16

To start my own business doing what I love to do and be the best aunt, sister, girlfriend, daughter, niece, cousin, granddaughter i can be!

----- sarah 15.12.10 13:16

Everyone is so ambitious! I guess one of the things I most want to do is cut my personal consumption of gas, electricity and water by 25% starting now …

----- LINDA LOVE 15.12.10 13:14

I can’t wait to go explore the Mongolian steppe… maybe not in 2011, but sometime in my life for sure.

----- Anna 15.12.10 13:14

I must be present in 2011. Present in the many forms that I take on each and every day that my feet appear from the warm blankets and hit the cold floor of waking life…mother of a beautiful teenage daughter, owner of a small graphic design business of 21 years, friend to an amazing array of spirited people, growing yogini seeking satori, daughter and sister to my not so nearby family, traveler yearning to see more of what this vibrant living world has in store, and advocate for educating our schoolchildren about the very dirt under their feet: understanding its aliveness, working the soil to grow healthy food, and learning the value of work by seeing the results of their gardening efforts. I must be present. Any opportunity for my spirit to grow in any of these forms is a gift. The presence of those in my life who help define these forms are my gifts. I will be present for them in 2011.

----- Jerril Nilson 15.12.10 13:14

In 2011 I want to see an aurora borealis :]

----- Jaime 15.12.10 13:14

In my lifetime, I must take a leap without looking. I’m not a risk-taker by nature, and I’ve taken little hops here and there, but one day I will be presented with a chance to really jump, and I must take it.

----- Sara 15.12.10 13:13

Live and work in another country.

----- James D. LaCroix 15.12.10 13:13

Win one of these notcot giveaways :)

----- Jason 15.12.10 13:11

I must thrive rather than survive!

----- Mark 15.12.10 13:10

I try to learn something new every year. This year, it was tap dancing. Next year, I’m thinking sign language.

----- Les 15.12.10 13:09

I want to be able to jump off the tall giant rock and into the sea below by the count of ten….not five minutes later. I want to be able to stop letting my fear get to me and just do things the first time instead of letting it wait and wait until I finally beef up my confidence enough. The end result is the same…doing it sooner actually brings less fear to all other things I will try to accomplish.

----- Kimberly H 15.12.10 13:09

would love to hear some good jazz at the carlyle

----- natalie 15.12.10 13:09

Madagascar for the Stone Forests!

----- MCBlack 15.12.10 13:09

Finding a job that I love and that makes a positive difference in this crazy world!

----- Holland 15.12.10 13:09

Be the best son, brother, husband, and father I can possibly be.

----- AFP 15.12.10 13:08

I’d like to visit Australia and New Zealand, and possibly live overseas for three months.

----- Kim 15.12.10 13:08

I will be asking my girlfriend to marry me this year…

----- Zak Siefkes 15.12.10 13:08

On my to-do list: travel to Mongolia, buy a horse, and ride by horseback across the Mongolian steppes. I love the idea of traveling by horse (much different than my current means of transportation: car/bike/bus/walk), and would love nothing more than to engage with nomadic families and find peace from a hectic life in the sparsely populated countryside.

----- Janet 15.12.10 13:08

I’d really love to hike Mount Kilimanjaro some day…

----- Morgan Wood 15.12.10 13:08

I want to have a conversation with someone I’ve never met before, each week of 2011.

----- Erich Morisse 15.12.10 13:06

We’re going to Japan next fall so I must man up and buy those plane tickets! Trip of a lifetime here we come!

----- christopher 15.12.10 13:06

i absolutely MUST graduate from pharmacy school [next year], get a job and head to El Bulli with my first paycheck as per the agreement i made with my roommate 5 years ago

----- Kye 15.12.10 13:06

One thing that I WILL do in 2011 is graduate from college (a definite life goal)
But on top of that, invest in property!

----- Mikaela 15.12.10 13:01

My 2011 list includes dancing a jig, eating a fig, and making it big. I suppose these are achievable, besides making it big. Making it big would include finishing my PhD, which includes changing the way people think about what computers can do. That’s actually a goal. For reals. :)

----- Kayur 15.12.10 13:01

I want to hike across the country either the AT, CDT, or the PCT.

----- greg randall 15.12.10 13:01

finish my dissertation so that i can finally get back to living my life

----- mine 15.12.10 13:01

My 2011 list includes dancing a jig, eating a fig, and making it big. I suppose these are achievable, besides making it big. Making it big would include finishing my PhD, which includes changing the way people think about what computers can do. That’s actually a goal. For reals. :)

----- Kayur 15.12.10 13:01

Wanna learn play drums, Japanese, and travel to africa. Yeah, and skateboarding

----- Bojan 15.12.10 13:01


----- tam nguyen 15.12.10 13:01

I must go to Japan during cherry blossom season.

----- Robert 15.12.10 13:00

Travel to each continent at least once!

----- Tonya 15.12.10 13:00

It used to be to go live in another country, but seen as I’ve been doing that & loving it for 2years now, I guess I need a new one, so for the first time, my new lifetime must is…… become a mum (& I never thought that would be a must for me, more an if! - oh how we mature!!!)

----- Kandy Boulden 15.12.10 13:00

More then anything, I want to be on the US olympic ultimate frisbee team (if it ever happens.)!!

----- Will Barrett 15.12.10 13:00

On my list for this upcomming year is to get to Germany for Oktoberfest.

I did Pattys day in Dublin, time to hit up another drinking adventure!

----- Charlie Price 15.12.10 13:00

must go back to Russia to visit my relatives and bring my husband along for the cultural experience, hopefully in the next few years

----- elena 15.12.10 12:59

I MUST travel Europe at some point - I’ve only managed England so far.

----- Ben 15.12.10 12:59

Something I must do in 2011…I must design something and get it built. Something that enriches the environment, culture, and community in which it stands.

----- Andrew Whitman 15.12.10 12:59

I must go shopping in Akibara!

----- mikes 15.12.10 12:58

Go back to Korea and see my family that I haven’t seen since I was 3. I’m 27 now.

----- Joe Kim 15.12.10 12:58

I would love to travel to Scandinavia & participate in a skate ski race! :D

----- Erika M. 15.12.10 12:58

I’d like to take my daughter on a safari to Africa to experience the wonders of seeing elephants, lions, hippos and giraffes up close and personal.

----- Elan Lipschitz 15.12.10 12:57

Planning to make a 2011 2 week tour of the UK and Germany! It’s been forever since I’ve seen my dear friend from Germany and I plan to remedy that soon. Would love some Nau items to wear on the trip!

----- Andrew Austin 15.12.10 12:57

I must be with and support my wife every step of the way as she’s pregnant with our first child. I must be a good father to this child while remaining a good father to our six-year-old border collie. I must maintain sanity as we move from our rental apartment of eight years in Brooklyn to our first purchased home in Philadelphia. And I must remember every day that 2011 is the best year of my life.

----- Christopher 15.12.10 12:57

My goal for 2011 do a 5k I’ve been saying I would for 3 years!

----- Coco 15.12.10 12:56

One thing I simply must do soon is quit looking for happiness all over the web … you need to go no further than NOTCOT and NAU!

----- CATHERINE 15.12.10 12:55

I’m hoping to one day work at Nau. So far I can’t afford any of their clothing but one day! I hope to work for such a forward thinking company.

----- Brent Schumacher 15.12.10 12:55

Karen: Hang gliding is amazing. You will not be disappointed!

What I REALLY want to do, and have wanted to do for years, is go on a road trip with my friends. Up the coast or across the country, doesn’t matter to me. I just want to get out there!

----- Jeremy 15.12.10 12:55

It started in 2010, but I had a son and it was time to finally get in shape so that I was around for a long time. 60lbs later, and something I never thought would seriously be on my “life list” is scheduled for 2011. Ironman.

Obviously, with the weight loss, I need some new clothes, and Nau is so awesome.

----- Louis 15.12.10 12:55

lifelist goal #1: find a job that i love doing, that i can bike to, and that rewards and fulfills me.

and try to smile every day.

----- bekee 15.12.10 12:54

I’d like to be the best father I can possibly be.

----- geoffrey keller 15.12.10 12:54

Do something meaningful that contributes to society whether it be through education, sustainability, art or seeing the world from a global perspective.

----- JHU 15.12.10 12:54

Love my Nau! Want more Nau!

----- Adam NYC 15.12.10 12:54

2011. Travel to Nau Mecca. Portland

----- pac 15.12.10 12:53

An engagement ring!

----- Meg Greene 15.12.10 12:53

As soon as I have half a year to spare, I must walk the whole Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.

----- Clinton Cleveland 15.12.10 12:52

I must ride my bike through Glacier National Park. Ideally, I’d ride there from my house in Seattle!

----- Melinda 15.12.10 12:51

I want take a camping trip up the northern California coast!

----- shaun 15.12.10 12:51

In 2011, my hope is to finally get paid for doing what I love~

----- Forsythia Hopkins 15.12.10 12:50

I must travel to Asia for an extended period of time, if not move there!

----- Kevin Weddell 15.12.10 12:48

For 2011, I would really like to finally start my own business. What business I don’t know yet but I would like to be self-employed.

----- Nina 15.12.10 12:48

I will feel as though I have lived an incomplete life if I do not fell a tree and see an iceburg. Can i say two? If not then fell a tree. A big one.

----- Quinn 15.12.10 12:47

one item off my lifelist/2011 list that i desparately need to do - start my own business so i can finally work for myself! exactly what that might be…. well, i should probably figure that one out first!

----- gray 15.12.10 12:44

visit all of the united states national parks.

----- janete 15.12.10 12:44

Must road-trip from San Juan to Bogotá.

----- Duncan Beevers 15.12.10 12:41

I MUST travel around Europe. I’m a junior in college and I keep having to force myself to not buy a ticket and fly away tomorrow. I know it’ll be better for me to get my degree now, because if I start jetsetting I don’t know if I could ever stop.

----- Zac Clark 15.12.10 12:39

Thanks NOTCOT and Nau for this chance to win! Seeing the Aurora Borealis is at the top of my list - I’ve tried to see it twice this year (Seattle and Reykjavik), but so far it has eluded me. Maybe next year!

----- Zoe 15.12.10 12:37

In my life, but preferably in 2011, I would like to start and complete a children’s book. I’m jotting down ideas now, and nothing will stop me, I hope!

----- Yoshime 15.12.10 12:37

In 2011 I want to marry the love of my life

----- Chris Bohlinger 15.12.10 12:36

I really want to win an online contest…

----- Enoch 15.12.10 12:34

Take my kids to Paris!

----- kali 15.12.10 12:28

Most people wish to go sky diving or bungee jumping- not me. I want to go hang gliding at least once in my life.

----- Karen 15.12.10 12:23

It is one of my top life goals to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant in the French countryside someday.

----- Courtney 15.12.10 12:22

hmm something I must do in 2011, Well I must work to improve the relationships with my family members so we can have stronger relationship then we do now. To reach a point where we can comfortably share things with each other. I dont think that is what the question was completely looking for so I will say to travel around washington a bit more so I get a better feel for the area I want to live in instead of just staying in Seattle.

----- ben mouch 15.12.10 12:21

I simply must do is… Get on the amazing race! I’ve watched it since season one and it’s one of my have to bucket list! Finally going to hit 21 soon so will be age eligible. This might se farfetched but it’s my have to do on the bucket list! I’ve been traveling and doing major running around… All I need is to learn to swim and i be set!

Have some Nau gear would be perfect to show off on the amazing race!

But if it’s something I’ll actually most like to do in 2011 is go to Germany. Have the plan set out and will head out in May! =]

----- Khoa Phan 15.12.10 12:21

one day, I’ll move to LA and wear one of these babies during the colder nights

----- Weixin 15.12.10 12:18

To go hang out in NYC with my husband for a week, ideally without the kids ; )

----- Helen 15.12.10 12:17

there are so many things that i wish to do in my lifetime! one thing that has been popping up consistently is to visit europe. i’ve been everywhere in asia but never got the chance to see europe…one day, i’ll make it happy.

----- joanna 15.12.10 12:16

I must kiss the wind at the top of Eiffel…someday *sigh*

----- BT 15.12.10 12:15

i have a big list for the next three years :) one of the things there is to ride on a ferris wheel!

----- ana 15.12.10 12:14

I MUST overcome my fear of heights!! I want to climb Mt Everest and Sky Dive!!!!

----- tam 15.12.10 12:13

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