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Conan O’Brien “Glass Blowing” for Amex Ad- 12.16.10

coco0.jpg So many great inspiring ads and videos this week! The Conan O’Brien Amex Ads ares are just incredible. From a design and travel perspective, they are such a nice look at a culture and an artisanal skill. First there was “Curtain” ad shot in India, where in about a minute you get to see exactly how cloth is made and dyed… in the follow up, we’re brought to Italy, and Conan blows the glass to make the Applause sign! The obsessive attention to detail in these ads, and sharing the process… the pain of imperfection followed by the perseverance to perfect it… such a great thing to aspire to! Take a look at both adverts as well as the great Making Of videos on the next page!

and the Making Of!

Here’s the extended cut of the “Curtain” ad in India

The making of!

Screenshots just in case the YouTube’s disappear as they often do… coco1.jpg












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I love the ads, even if they’re for a credit card I don’t have and will never apply for, they’re great & entertaining.

----- The Slapster 18.12.10 13:40

I loved these adds but now that I have spent more time with them, thanks to you, I now realize that they are for American Express. I assumed that they were for the Conan show. Amazing what I automatically tune out — I wonder how many others there are like me? I

----- Dan Lewis 16.12.10 07:24

LOVE CONAN O’ BRIEN~ awesome commerical :)

----- Jennifer 16.12.10 03:39

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