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Holiday Giveaway #23: Baggu- 12.16.10

25-baggu.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Rich in San Diego, CA!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #23 is here ~ and today our friends from Baggu are giving one lucky reader: a Baby Baggu, a Baggu X3, a Big Baggu, and one each of the S M L XL zips! Quite the super pack of baggu goodness ~ and you can see close ups of exactly what is in this bundle on the next page… as well as a special coupon just for today! Beautiful graphic design on the labels for the new zip pouches!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 20th (PST) ~ sharing what you’d stash in your baggus!





For a chance to win a Baby Baggu, a Baggu X3, a Big Baggu, and one each of the S M L XL zips from Baggu, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 20th (PST) ~ sharing what you’d stash in your baggus!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: baggu.jpg

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Well, winning the Baggu would seal my fate as my girlfriend’s porter since she makes me carry all of her things when we go out. I imagine that in the smallest zip I’d be carrying her make-up and in the largest one, probably her shoes since she loves to buy shoes that she can’t wear more than 5 minutes. The other Baggus I would hide for my mix tapes and by mix tapes I mean cassettes…

----- Martin Fernandez 20.12.10 20:57

I would definitely stash all of my little gadgets like my GPS, iPod + the chargers and batteries in one of the smaller Baggus!

----- Jearv 20.12.10 20:29

I would store all the random clutter around my house, oh how i wish i was organized

----- Sid Law 20.12.10 20:27

I’d probably carry lunches and my art supplies, those are the two things I need every day.

----- taryn 20.12.10 20:00

I’d put all my drum books in them!

----- Jess 20.12.10 19:46

Love the Baggu… will use them for groceries mostly.

----- Paul R. 20.12.10 19:30

why not??

----- diana 20.12.10 18:58

Yarn… its winter in New England and I’m planning on hibernating. They would be awesome to travel with come summer.

----- Valerie 20.12.10 18:43


----- Mia 20.12.10 18:30

I would put all of the fabulous things I got for Christmas! Need somewhere to put the 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords-a-leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids-a-milking, 7 Swans-a-swimming, 6 geese-a-laying, 5 gold rings, 4 Colly Birds, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves, and of course the Partridge in the pear tree! Where else am I going to put all of that?

----- Shan 20.12.10 15:27

In the largest Baggu, I would store one of the other Baggu.
And in that Baggu, I would keep the smallest Baggu…
And in the smallest Baggu, I would keep my favorite Matryoshka doll!

----- Jan 20.12.10 15:16

wow…i love Baggu’s! I would stash my jewelry when i travel, organize my art supplies, bills, stationary..oh the possibilities are endless!

----- Laura Unverferth 20.12.10 13:47

Since I don’t wear makeup, I’d use the bags for all the papers and id’s I have thrown into my backpack. And also, as a future traveling bag, and everything else. It would store my whole life!

----- Amanda T 20.12.10 13:26

Books, books, books, small ones, large ones, thick ones, thin ones. Stop them getting dog-eared while on the m,ove.

----- John L 20.12.10 13:18

Everything in bags… NOW

----- Austin 20.12.10 13:03

The smallest one for my walkman
The bigger one for my phone
The biggest one for groceries
But not those things alone

My books, my keys, my toiletries
my boyfriends’ monkey’s hat
my friends, my house, a hungry grouse
i’d put in all of that!

----- Ea 20.12.10 13:02

These are a backpacking traveler’s dream. I’d fill them with travel sundries like hand sanitizer, clothes lines, spare camera batteries, Chinese phrasebooks, and dirty laundry.

----- Kay 20.12.10 12:12

My homage to Notcot.

----- Bontemps 20.12.10 12:03

I’d use one on each present im giving to my friends that travel a lot, a great bonus addition to the gift and would save some trees and pollution.

----- Joakim Høydal 20.12.10 12:01

I’m always moving and always need in my car a bag with my personal stuff like tooth brush, shampoo, underwear, extra t-shirt, etc anything that I might need the next day :)

----- Daniela 20.12.10 11:18

Ohmygoodness these are so cute! I would stash everything in them! One for makeup, one for coins, one for meds, one for tampons, one for reciepts, ect… I would be so much more organized!!!!

----- JB 20.12.10 11:11

treasures from nature walks with the kids

----- Ryan 20.12.10 11:00

I would store all of the Christmas presents I have to take to my family across the country in the big Baggu!!

----- Bekka 20.12.10 10:43

I already have the baggu backpack and it’s the best! I would definitely use these for my grocery and farm stand trips, and maybe the little ones for my necklaces; they always get tangled in my purse! Mostly, I would show them off!

----- Abby 20.12.10 09:16

tiny lil things to craft, make and play with! ooo or snacks!

----- rachel m 20.12.10 07:20

I’d keep one in my purse for random shopping I may do. Otherwise these would be great when traveling to separate up camera/phone/whatever chargers and say, underwear.

----- Jen 20.12.10 06:56

I am getting ready to travel internationally for my wedding. I could sooo use these bags!
From everything to makeup to wedding shoes to jewelry, to undergarments, to some of our small cameras.Not to mention use it for some of those super important 3oz things i need in my carryon. Then once we get there we will have to go grocery shopping and how awesome that it can double for that?!these bags are awesome!

----- Hallie 20.12.10 04:34

I would totally use these bags for my music gigs. Keep my spare reeds. Keep loose sheet music and stands.

----- Richard 20.12.10 04:31

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping,
And I brought some corn for popping;
The lights are turned way down low,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

When we finally say good night,
How I’ll hate going out in the storm;
But if you really hold me tight,
All the way home I’ll be warm.

The fire is slowly dying,
And, my dear, we’re still good-bye-ing,
But as long as you love me so.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

----- MARTA MASK 20.12.10 03:30

i’d stash… my puppy

----- steven 20.12.10 00:50

camera. ipod touch.

----- quinn 20.12.10 00:44

i would stash everything i have to carry back and forth on the bus, groceries, stuff for work, gym clothes.

----- Danielle 19.12.10 17:58

I would either wrap my presents in one of these or put my favorite colorful pens in them. Or I’d put my snacks in it and put it in my backpack… I love packages!

----- Han 19.12.10 17:55

I love these!!! I would use them everyday, and on that 15 hour flight to Hong Kong, I’d put a wide variety of treats and snacks to tide me over while making my seatmates jealous :/

----- Rose 19.12.10 16:53

bracelets and toiletries. actually a little one is perfect for holding a couple of vitamins on the go.

----- james 19.12.10 16:43

I’d stash everything and anything. I’d definitely hide some food, probably chocolate, maybe a flapjack, then I’d forget about it and unexpectedly find it one day. Love it when that happens. I also tend to drag around a selection of cameras, I think they would be good enclosed in these. Ready to shoot.

----- Janiejanejane 19.12.10 16:17

I’d organize my room, my bag, my life! My friend just staged an intervention for my disaster-zone of a living space. And my constant searching for items in my cavernous bags. The baggus would help me get a start on living a more orderly life. Hopefully.

----- andrea 19.12.10 15:57

DEFINITELY used to store fruits in small ones. Gotta hate those plastic bags at the grocery. The bigger ones I’d use to stuff clothes and whatnot on trips. I’d also use one to carry pens and my small drawing book. I guess another could even be used for important stuff (cards, notes, money, etc) when I don’t wanna carry them in my pockets

----- Gabriel P 19.12.10 15:28

i’d stash the babies that i kidnaped while i was in mexico. JUST KIDDING (i have a suitcase for that) but really, i would organize everything i had into these when traveling, it would make unpacking a cinch. need to find that new unused toothbrush? easy! it’s in the small yellow bag. i’m just imagining how lovely and colourful my suitcase would look if i had these bags *siigh*

----- Grace 19.12.10 15:06

Hmm.. definitely all those loose items that need collecting.. cables, small bits and extensions for my random electronic toys. Chargers and the like.

----- Emily E 19.12.10 14:38

I would stash books and cds and scarves and pens and pencils in my baggu’s. Oh, and groceries of course.

----- Allen 19.12.10 12:03

What a perfect giveaway for me ^_^. I really love to stack everything in small pouch. From baby diapers to make-up kit. Everything has their own pouch. And these bags from Baggu makes me drooling..Love it!

----- Risca 19.12.10 08:50

Books and pens and pencils. They are all over the place.

----- Syif 19.12.10 08:49

I’d probably use them to wrap presents :)

----- Colby 18.12.10 21:08

Those are awesome! I would probably store makeup, crayons and random trinkets in them.

----- selina Wong 18.12.10 21:03

For travel! Pacifiers, loose change, index cards, colored pencils, diapers, and View-Master slides. In that order.

----- Christina in Eugene 18.12.10 20:36

I would put groceries in them, my laptop in them, pens in them, and my cat.

----- Ruby 18.12.10 19:20

These would be great for organizing my suitcase for my next big trip.

----- Denise 18.12.10 19:05

these would be awesome grocery bags, i’ll be looking fly walking down the st with these. I WANT!!! I WANT!!! I WANT!!!

----- Edward 18.12.10 18:41

Ohmigosh I love these. I am constantly changing work bags and moving treasures that I carry with me all the time from interior bag to bag.

----- Kent Boyer 18.12.10 18:11

Makeup and among other secret objects HAHA!

----- trami 18.12.10 17:53

All the sweet gadgets i own! :D

----- cindy kuo 18.12.10 16:16


----- Scott 18.12.10 14:12

i’d carry my mini midi controllers.

----- Eric 18.12.10 14:07

Great products for slightly OCD peope like me. I’d use these in my backpack for work to organize my work stuff. Like electronics, chargers, extra clothes like socks. I’d also use then in my bike bag (trunk) when I bike commute to work.

----- Scott Yates 18.12.10 13:35


----- Yoshio 18.12.10 12:59

books, jewelry, clothes!

----- Casey 18.12.10 12:26

Hmmm, I’d stash your lovely Christmas gifts in the fabu baggu’s, so you couldn’t see the outrageously hip, flocked wrapping and recycled vintage velvet bows surrounding your high tech, high design gifts. Oh dear, we’ll never be able to find your gifts if they are not bagged in these beautiful Baggu’s!

----- Barbara 18.12.10 12:15

I would buy presents for people and put them in the bags. :)

I would prob keep the small one and put change in there and leave it in my car.

----- Jasper 18.12.10 10:44

i’d use it while travelling, put the important stuff in it (passport, train passes, maps, etc)

----- zsofia ginter 18.12.10 10:27

I’d get my sewing stash organised. I would be able to separate my buttons, ribbons and other bits and bobs so I could lay my hands on things more easily when I’m in a crafting mood!

----- Rosie 18.12.10 08:03

Book and yarn project to carry everywhere.

----- Sarah 18.12.10 07:34

I’d stash my kindle and other electronics for travel!

----- kim 18.12.10 05:33

i’d stash all my art supplies in them like artlines, pencils, color pencils, etc. and bring a different one every other week to school!!

----- sueen 18.12.10 04:54

I’d use them as gift wrap.

----- Keith 18.12.10 04:29

I would use them to store all my random camera accessories!

----- Ashley 18.12.10 03:42

i will store in these bags things that i won from the notcot holiday giveawaysss! :)

----- Kenny Garcia 18.12.10 03:24

Christmas gifts!

----- Jeremy 18.12.10 03:16

Travel gear, and in special my lomography-stuff.. So camera, flash, lenses and film-roll etc.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 18.12.10 03:12

Wow, super cute! I don’t even have these in my country. I don’t go grocery shopping, but I do go clothes shopping, so I would LOVE to have these to carry around town looking super fashionable.

----- Amra 18.12.10 02:50

I’d fill my baggu with anything from coins to clothes and books. I like my stuff being organized even if i’m travelling. Those could be a solution for keeping everything where they should be in the backpack.

----- Mimi 18.12.10 02:25

Love the style and colors! I’d sue for my makeup and another for my pens and catch-alls.

----- Sharon 18.12.10 01:16

i’d stash my flipflops in one, my make up in another, a pair of shades in one… etc etc. maybe some snacks too.

----- icitea/clare 18.12.10 00:36

I’ll use it to store my markers, pens and sketchbook! Travelling around will be so much easier.

----- Alan 17.12.10 23:21

shoes, make up, hairstyle, laundry, hi-tech stuff, documents, money, pens, paper, jewlery..
everything’s possible and more.
They are so practice!

----- enrica 17.12.10 22:59

What wouldn’t I store? My life would be stored in these bags!

----- Danielle 17.12.10 21:39

My beloved DS and wallet and other random things, I’m sure.

----- Leslie 17.12.10 21:38

Makeup and sewing projects, for sure. I’m sure other random things would get mixed in too.

----- Margaret 17.12.10 21:31

Probably put the loose items in my backpack in there.

----- Gaetan 17.12.10 21:14

My Uncles home-made haggus

----- Jay 17.12.10 20:47

My groceries and library books!

----- Tooky 17.12.10 20:27

i just moved into a new apartment and i have all sorts of random trinkets and art supplies to organize!

----- curtis 17.12.10 20:10

I’d put my cat in the big bag & carry it around the house. SO CUTE.

----- Jenny! 17.12.10 18:00

I would use this to harness my craft supplies!

----- Kendra 17.12.10 17:02

They would be amazingly useful for our trips to the farmers market.

----- Christina 17.12.10 16:56

They would be amazingly useful for our trips to the farmers market.

----- Christina 17.12.10 16:56

Why, more bags! Or, more likely, a bunch of little stuff that I want to keep together.

----- Nathan 17.12.10 15:58

I have never seen such adorable bags they are so BRIGHT! I would store everything in my Baggu! I like to keep my room in order and neat. People call me OCD in that way but I like things to be in their correct place! I would put my clothes in the baggu especially when i am traveling or spending the weekend at my sisters. I would use them to hold my school supplies because I dont have a backpack I have become fond of. My purse is too bulky but I like to carry around certain items such as chapstick, a small hairbrush, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and other items such as those. Many times I have found those items useful at odd times. Being organized is easy especially when a color coordinated look is completely me! I would LOVE the Baggu and they would definitely get great use from me!

----- Aleigha 17.12.10 15:16

A certain type of plant matter!

----- Gabriel G 17.12.10 13:35

As I live in Toronto, I would use the Baggus for shopping! Other than that I would use them to carry my everyday makeup and personal items of need. I would be so organized!

----- Elaine 17.12.10 13:24

I’ll use this for everything!!

----- Michelle Kaplow 17.12.10 13:18

My new camera!! And all my groceries from Trader Joes.

----- Meagan 17.12.10 12:45

I use my bagu bags for EVERYTHING…groceries, gym clothes, farmer’s market, make shift purse, airline carry on, picnics, gifts…

----- Lauren 17.12.10 12:34

I’d probably mostly store clothes that are unseasonal!

----- Joe Wasserman 17.12.10 12:24

What I would keep in them? This is a give away made for me! Organization freak that I am!

As an university student living away from home, I often travel back home to my parents’ house and because I am a girl I bring with me so many beauty products and make up and accessories with me! I use plastic bags to put everything in. But with BAGGUS I would have a little bag for everything and I would find it in an instant thanks to the different colors! Including a protective case for my camera and chargers for every electronic device I carry with me.

I also would be be able to go grocery shopping and deny those horrible plastic bags, while flashing my fashionable BAGGUS around the neighbourhood! Or just shopping anywhere in general Looking good and helping the environment!

The better question would be, What wouldn’t I keep in my BAGGUS? I would have a perfect BAGGU for everything!

----- Carolina 17.12.10 12:18

I’d put my rabbit in it. Her name is Toffee.

----- Grace 17.12.10 12:11

I’m giving Baggu bags as gifts this year since my friends keep trying to steal mine, but would love some more bags of my own for organizing my suitcase since I practically live out of it these days. I

----- KERRY 17.12.10 11:57

What wouldn’t I use these bags for? I would use the Baggus for shopping and the zipped ones for packing! It would make it so much easier and neater in my rollaway bag.

----- Erin 17.12.10 11:50

i’m going to korea on the 24th with my friends and these would be PERFECT for organizing luggage and for carrying anything we’d be buying while there.

----- Kye 17.12.10 11:14

I love making washi dolls, like shiori ningyo and other origami related projects so I would store some of my supplies in these bags.

----- Christina 17.12.10 11:09

wine, beer, snacks all the important stuff

----- Daniels 17.12.10 09:57

all the essentials i need to take a trip and get some rest!

----- marsha 17.12.10 09:46

All my random wires that are laying about. And maybe one of my cats. They love bags.

----- Carlo 17.12.10 08:28

I’d take all my paragliding bits and bobs in these bags

----- Eoin 17.12.10 08:04

All the things for various craft projects, in easy travel size! Groceries. Recent purchases. Lunch.

----- jessa 17.12.10 07:56

clothes! and shoes.. they are always so useful when you need to pack everything in a suitcase!

----- marieke 17.12.10 05:41

Delicious groceries, the results of my next shopping spree, laundry or toiletries while traveling… anything, really!

----- April 17.12.10 05:37

My wife would love these. I am sure they’d be filled with knitting stuff or art stuff or a multitude of other things she is keeping in ziploc bags.

----- tony f 17.12.10 05:27

I’d use some for groceries, one as a lunch bag, and the rest for travel toiletries.

----- Megan 17.12.10 04:52

I´ll use it to join my cool collection of travel goods, to store any kind of stuff for my trips, from fragrances and creams, to headphones, condoms and underwear!

I´m going to Japan soon, so…


----- Gabriel Diaz 17.12.10 04:21

I would use them for groceries which is mainly just yogurt and cookies!

----- Iris 17.12.10 03:46

I rely on public transportation and so when I leave the house, I never know what I’m going to have to pick up (and carry with me) when I’m out that day. These would be perfect to have when I end up making spontaneous grocery store/pharmacy runs!

----- Bri 17.12.10 03:44

I will use the Baggus to store a range of items. From clean and dirty clothes for gym, groceries, my packed lunch for work to books to drop off at the library!

The zips will come in handy to separate my belongings in my huge bag! One to store my moleskine and pens, one for make up, one for my ipod. The larger ones will be great to store an extra change of shirts and other misc stuff when I go overseas!

----- Elinn 17.12.10 01:54

hmmm… if I had them I’d stash in them: big things, small things, random things, pencils and notebooks, phone and charger, tread and wool, toys and cookies, sport gear and swimsuit, snowboard goggles and gloves, fruits and vegetables, coffee and milk, chocolate and gingerbread, Christmas deco and pine cones… and everything would be in the right place :)

----- maja 17.12.10 01:41

iphone, make-up, pens, ideas, trein tickets and goodluck charms.

----- Grace 17.12.10 01:08

I’d store my makeup, lens filters, extra rechargable batteries with the charger and laptop accessories in the bags.

----- nikita 17.12.10 00:57

I would stash all the christmas presents in them! Then on to friend and giving all the lovely things wraped in festive wraping paper.

----- Aljosa 17.12.10 00:47

These would make my bag mighty organized - and so useful when traveling!

----- Ben 17.12.10 00:36

id put these baggus in the baggus i just bought with the coupon! thanks. been waiting for it to become valid.

----- jennifer 16.12.10 23:54

OOh..my stinky bikini. I jumped into Paia Bay on Maui hours before my red eye flight the day after Thanksgiving. I fly standby, and got stuck in Phoenix overnight. My suit reeked when I got home to Chicago 36 hours later…

----- Kelsey D. 16.12.10 23:22

awesome contest! I’d use the zip ones for travel - to hold all my chargers, ipod, headset, usb sticks etc!

----- LeeAnn 16.12.10 22:19

i used my cupon !!
thanx notcot/baggu

----- marcela 16.12.10 22:11

I would stash my creativity in one, my ingenuity in the other & my inspiration in the rest. Gotta save some up for the future!

----- Bt 16.12.10 21:59

my girlfriend’s undies

----- rodrigo 16.12.10 21:28

i’d stash my make up in the small ones.. and i’d have my packed lunch for work in the bigger ones!

----- libys11 16.12.10 21:04

I would use these for my backpacking trips of course!

----- Jake Sepulveda 16.12.10 21:04

i would definitely LOVE these! been looking for a clean, simple bag to keep things in! and i would use them to carry my electronics in so they dont get scratched up/damaged while they’re rolling around in my bag.

----- SARAH SOH 16.12.10 21:03

I’d store a million groceries in these! They’re adorable.

----- Kath 16.12.10 20:21

Stashing my graffiti pens/markers!

----- Michael 16.12.10 20:03

I’D stash my groceries, my make-up, pens, earbuds and pens floating around in my purse.

I love BAGGU!

----- KN 16.12.10 20:02

I keep baggu bags in my car glove box, and I use them ALL the time. You will be shocked how many times you reach for them, when you have them handy. SO I would use them for all the little random things I already do.

----- Payton 16.12.10 19:51

i’d stash my moleskin sketchbook,mini pencil,driod phone,earphones and gum. basically my urban sketchcrawling kit!

----- Rachelle 16.12.10 19:44

Baggu is great … this is a great giveaway!

----- Alexis 16.12.10 19:43

books groceries stuff for the beach

----- Winnie Lam 16.12.10 19:38

Oh I’m so much in need of these for shopping from the bulk bins. I’d love to win these so I don’t have to make my own produce bags!

----- The Green Cat 16.12.10 19:23

audio plugs and cables! plus extra batteries…

----- Mack 16.12.10 19:10

EVERYTHING. Literally.

----- Allison 16.12.10 19:06

I’d stash extra clothes for the girls, beach items for the beach, groceries from the store, and many other things.

----- lace 16.12.10 18:50

Groceries, yoga clothes, puppy toys and pretty much everything!

----- Drew 16.12.10 18:31

Yarn yarn yarn yarn groceries and yarn!

----- Audrey R 16.12.10 18:02

Dear Santa,

Last year on my wish list I wished to be able to win the Baggu bags given away by Notcot but all I got was a book about eating this and not that. I didn’t understand why as I have been good all year round until I realized that I had forgotten to place cookies for you. So this year, my wish is the same but this time I will place a mountain of chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk next to the Christmas tree. I have been good this year, you can check The List to confirm. And as an added bonus, if I win, I will share a Baggu with you so you can carry more presents around on your sleigh.

Warmest wishes,

P.S. Tell Rudolph I said hi!

----- Gary 16.12.10 17:48

I use them for grocery shopping and for travelling. They’re so handy!

----- Elsa 16.12.10 17:42

groceries mostly, to be honest

----- alex 16.12.10 17:38


----- Kristen 16.12.10 17:26

I’d use them for school stuff!

----- Zakk 16.12.10 17:00

books, art supplies, cameras, and tobacco!

----- Richard 16.12.10 16:59

Use all the zip ones for when I travel. Storing makeup, toiletry, dirty clothes, etc in them. Use the others to haul my buys home.

----- stephanie 16.12.10 16:43

everything that is in my desk, it would look much cleaner that way

----- ricardo garza marcos 16.12.10 16:37

Groceries and my gameboys!

----- Maia 16.12.10 16:33

I’m going backpacking, so I’d probably store some food or toiletries I’d need in them!

----- angela 16.12.10 16:02

I’d stuff it full of gingerbread cupcakes and mini-pies for all the hoilday parties I’m going to!

----- Lauren 16.12.10 15:58

Isn’t it funny that we put bags in other bags? I would stash bags in other bags.

----- Elise 16.12.10 15:57

I’d put my shoes in the big zipper bags, carry my lunch in the Baby bag, and haul my farmer’s market veggie home in the regular Baggus.

----- Monica 16.12.10 15:46

these bags are so cute! I would stash my notebooks and felt tipped pens in them.

----- Amanda 16.12.10 15:44

I obsessively put everything into tiny bags while traveling: medkit, toiletries, cords, electronics…

----- Marie 16.12.10 15:28

Yes, please.

----- mary 16.12.10 15:08

undies, electronics, make-up …. and magic dust to go with all the tiny fairies lol

----- lish 16.12.10 15:02

books, my planner, and my favorite pen

----- andrea 16.12.10 14:45

I’d love to store my card-making supplies in a much more organized and colorful way that I currently do! Thanks :)

----- Tomiko 16.12.10 14:43

I will keep my baggus in each other! Most efficient!

----- Jeremy 16.12.10 14:33

any and everything! staritng with groceries, smaller ones would be good for on had cat treats for training, and for containing the stuff floating around in my purse and in my luggage when I travel.

----- somerset 16.12.10 14:29

Definitely electronics. Toiletries and random junk. Stuff from the farmers’ market.

----- Anon 16.12.10 14:29

What wouldn’t I stash in a Baggu…..groceries, take-out, make-up, pens, pencils….that adorable Chinese baby at the playground…>P

----- Kim Spencer 16.12.10 14:27

Those polka dotted ones are just adorable! And I LOVE the one with the elephants!! These would be perfect to carry around my sketchbook and all of my favorite arts supplies (markers, pens, pencils, pastels, watercolors!)

----- Lindsey 16.12.10 14:21

loads of snow and than keep it frozen until summer

----- Bili regev 16.12.10 14:12

Groceries, travel items, makeup

----- Lisa 16.12.10 13:51

I would stash secrets as they were being delivered to Julian Assange to be released on WikiLeaks

----- David 16.12.10 13:47

I would put jewelry and pictures and earphones and pictures of my girlfriend. :)

----- Marie 16.12.10 13:43

I’ve loved my baggu bags for years! One of the first things I ever saw on Notcot, too.
They’re wonderful for groceries and generally any shopping trip (I HATE taking home any kind of plastic shopping bag)
Smaller ones would be wonderful for taking lunch to work, as I feel a little silly now carrying a sandwich and a book in a bag large enough to fit two or three bags worth of groceries into.

----- Mikey 16.12.10 13:39

I’ve loved my baggu bags for years! One of the first things I ever saw on Notcot, too.
They’re wonderful for groceries and generally any shopping trip (I HATE taking home any kind of plastic shopping bag)
Smaller ones would be wonderful for taking lunch to work, as I feel a little silly now carrying a sandwich and a book in a bag large enough to fit two or three bags worth of groceries into.

----- Mikey 16.12.10 13:27

i’d stash my wine & snacks for the beach concerts in my baggus. and they will be the perfect accessory for my bike basket!!

----- melissa 16.12.10 13:25

BoOzE glorious BoOze! Hiccup*!*!

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.10 13:17

my moleskin and my markers, so I can sketch whenever I feel like it.

----- Alexandra 16.12.10 13:15

I would store all of the stuff I’m going to have to pull out of my bag again to be put through the scanners at the airport.

----- Land 16.12.10 13:08


----- jenni o 16.12.10 13:07

It is crazy how simple these are and how fabulous they look. i would use them for everything esp. to organize my giant handbag.

----- Leanna 16.12.10 13:02

Why, my pocket elephant, of course.

----- Juliet 16.12.10 12:59

awesome! groceries in the big ones!

----- katy r 16.12.10 12:54

Everything! food, clothes,makeup

----- sindy 16.12.10 12:51

Oh. My. Goodness. I just love Baggu, so much that my fiance thinks I’m crazy. I would use these bags for stashing travel goods in my car for road trips, on grocery shopping trips, carrying gym clothes, toiletries… heck, pretty sure I would use the bag as an oversized purse! LOVE Baggu!

----- Kendra Handke 16.12.10 12:39

I’ve been getting back into mock ups and crafting more lately in my design. I could def. use this to store some of the tools and the new design books I’ve been buying.

----- timothy 16.12.10 12:38

sorted lego pieces of the same color

----- Michael H. 16.12.10 12:36

The question is what wouldnt I be able to put in my baggu!? Simple yet colorful and practical, they are bags that would allow a college student such as myself to carry anything from make up, clothes, groceries, etc. hassle free!

----- Maria 16.12.10 12:36

candy, lip balm, and coins in the small ones. books and groceries in the larger ones. :)

----- kathryn 16.12.10 12:35

That elephant Baggu is the coolest reusable bag I’ve ever seen. Not particularly glam, but I’ll use it for schlepping my groceries home in style.

----- byron818 16.12.10 12:34

I’d have to get a bunch of hamsters, because nothing’s more fun than some bags full of hamsters.

----- Cill 16.12.10 12:33

With this, I’d have enough bags to stash everything! I love baggu!!

----- kali 16.12.10 12:30

i’d like to store my kung fu sparring gear in these guys,

----- rich 16.12.10 12:25

Personal goods for my upcoming vacation to Vienna!

----- Kelsey J 16.12.10 12:24

I will stash away nuts for winter :)

----- Andy 16.12.10 12:03

I’d finally have a place to store my cape and the rest of my spandex superhero costume so it doesn’t get lost in the bottom of my big bag. Metropolis will be safe again!

----- brett 16.12.10 12:01

presents! presents! presents! (for others of course) (:

----- Kristin 16.12.10 11:57

… travel, camera, lens, phone, keys, usb-key, candy, wallet, coins, groceries, passport, pencils, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g…….

----- Piergiorgio 16.12.10 11:53

I’d stash my coin collection from Vietnam!

----- Mundy Hackett 16.12.10 11:51

To keep my unorganized stuff, organized. (which is a lot)

----- Nina 16.12.10 11:47

I would stash EVERYTHING—I would keep these in my purse all the time and stop using disposable bags entirely!

----- Liz 16.12.10 11:47

i’d use my baggus to carry all the little essentials i need to take with me on my up and coming move to Beijing, China! my camera, my art supplies and little gifts i’ll be taking for new friends!

----- A.L. Albaladejo 16.12.10 11:45

I would stash all of my paint and brushes in one of those beautiful bags.

----- ben mouch 16.12.10 11:45

i could definitely use these awesome little bagguses on my upcoming move to China!

----- A.L. Albaladejo 16.12.10 11:41

some paper bags for holding my groceries. Just messin, I guess it depends on the size.

----- Jonathan 16.12.10 11:41

Ummm. What would I NOT store in there. Big trip coming up an these would really be great!

----- Jonathan 16.12.10 11:34

What lovely and useful baaaaaags. I can’t live without bags and pockets, all floating in my handbag or rucksack…it’s a fantastic idea, expecially the shape and colours, so I’d recognize what’s in each one!!!! I looove them, I’m just imagining all my stuff, makeup, notes, organizer, paintbrushes, watercolors, sketches, everything in the right place, whooah!!!

----- FEDERICA 16.12.10 11:33

All of my CSA veggies!

----- Daisy 16.12.10 11:31

everything has a place. my bags are filled with bags within bags so these would be perfect!

----- janete 16.12.10 11:31

I would totally love to take these traveling with me! They look like awesomeeeeeeeeeee to stash some makeup and other traveling accessories in!

----- Jessica Duvall 16.12.10 11:30

Groceries and peanut butter and beeru.

----- aldo 16.12.10 11:17

What would I stash in my BAGGU?
My life. seriously. everything. they would help organize my life, in a beautiful and fun way!

----- Nicole 16.12.10 11:14

I would stash paint brushes and other art supplies in these! They’re colorful, artsy, and brushes would dry so easily.. I love it!

----- MACKENZIE 16.12.10 11:13

I would most likely stash groceries and other goodies in this bag. Although it would make a stylish book bag as well. Oh, who am I kidding. The possibilities are endless.

----- Lucas Lund 16.12.10 11:13

Laundry change in one, and travel medicines in another, and doggie treats in another. So there.

----- Rusty Best 16.12.10 11:06

Crochet hooks, fishnets, and a small elephant.

----- Michele with the Skogkatt 16.12.10 11:04

Would definitely use these for my last-minute travel gear on the fly (phone charger, iPod, toiletries, clean shirt, etc.)

----- Stacy B. 16.12.10 11:04

produce for sure! away with those little plastic produce bags!

----- Nicole 16.12.10 10:54

Groceries and stacks of library books - I’m a junkie!

----- brian dale 16.12.10 10:53

Aww… I really like the elephant print and polka dots. I’d use the big baggus for groceries and the little ones would be really handy for keeping my suitcase organized.

----- Karin 16.12.10 10:51

ooh! I would stash either my bathing suit for some beach time or extra clothes after yoga.

----- Jennyris 16.12.10 10:49

what’s inside my Baggus if i win it? a polaroid camera, my moleskine, a Holga, some rolls, and a few mints.

----- jay 16.12.10 10:47

What a great, stylish way to keep organized! Being a designer and traveling all the time for business, a set of these bad boys would be top notch! From cords, camera and hard drives, to swatch books, mock up samples and even the beauty products that tag along with every lady; truly a practical gift for the creative!

----- Lacey Haire 16.12.10 10:45

Goodness, in my Baggu’s I’ll be stuffing just about anything that will fit that I may need to take with me on any given day. Work stuff, lunch stuff, groceries you name it…..

----- Dana K. 16.12.10 10:42

love these bags! would carefully store all my fabulous hosiery and stockings in these bags - they need extra attention :)

----- Pammera 16.12.10 10:39

Pens and Pencils! Or I could have a separate one for each….Squeal!

----- Jessi 16.12.10 10:36

I have one baggu, and I carry everything in it! It’s my book bag, it’s my grocery bag, it’s my travel bag, it’s my athletics bag…the possibilities are endless!

----- Nat C. 16.12.10 10:34

This is awesome.. i love bags (Lord knows i’ve got tons of them lying around my room)… I’d stash snacks, pens, bobby pins and other hair accessories, phone/wallet/keys (for easy purse organization), groceries.. and my secret stash of sweets.

----- Tran 16.12.10 10:34

Groceries, groceries and more groceries!

----- Siong Chin Chan 16.12.10 10:30


----- Bianca 16.12.10 10:28

travel things

----- dylan 16.12.10 10:28

I could have use them to put the kid robot stuff I didn’t won, cuz I forgot to check mi mail :’(

----- marcela aguirre 16.12.10 10:26

Today, I’d stash a fake moustache, some breath strips, a few multivitamins and a deck of cards. Tomorrow - who knows?

----- Jimmy M. 16.12.10 10:16

I would use the big ones for my groceries and stash medicine/ cosmetics in the smaller ones!

----- Becky 16.12.10 10:15

I’ll stash travel things. Shaving accessories, toothpaste, camera stuff, etc.

----- Jason 16.12.10 10:07

Oh, so many things! I have a collection of movie tickets dying to move to a Baby Baggu!

----- Camila F. 16.12.10 09:36

Farmer’s Markets for sure.

----- Dana Galbraith 16.12.10 09:33

my wife and i are wedding photogs and travel A LOT. this would help with organizing equipment and clothes.

----- Jacob 16.12.10 09:19

Definitely not drugs :)

----- Dan 16.12.10 09:13

I’d stash either my feel good medicine or my feel good tools of trade Art stuff….
and maybe some of my computer nick nacks….I have alot of that stuff laying around and can use a good clean up!

----- mark Y. 16.12.10 09:08

Ohhh I would definitely use them to help me stay a little more organized everywhere.
Random bobby pins and clips, makeup, paper clips.
Might even use the big baggu to carry things for class.

----- Mikaela 16.12.10 09:05

I have all sorts of little nick-nacks floating around in my bag that the Baggus would totally wrangle.

----- Zac Clark 16.12.10 08:49

I would pack gear for my dream trip to Antartica.

----- Roger Penguino 16.12.10 08:40

Farmer’s Market finds! Crafting supplies! Stuffed animals and imaginary friends!

----- Hannah 16.12.10 08:39

Currently my giant purse/tote is one giant hole where anything get lost once I put them in it. I’d use the bags to keep everything organized so I’m not hunting for my phone every ten minutes.

----- Anh 16.12.10 08:36

I would stash all my travel stuff in them! They would make packing for trips so much easier!

----- Jo 16.12.10 08:20


----- Ken 16.12.10 08:17

I will definitely use the zippered bags to organize my toiletry travel bags. I travel a lot and they are a mess and need some organization!

----- Pamela 16.12.10 08:13

I would love one! I would use it for daily things like grocery shopping or for my art supplies

----- Christine Yoon 16.12.10 08:11

Hm, I think I would use them for make up. It would also be great to use one as a smaller bag inside a big one that has no inside pockets.(that sentence was a bit weird, but oh well, I hope it makes sense.

----- Grete 16.12.10 07:33

I would use them for traveling to keep items in my suitcases in order.

----- Robert 16.12.10 07:29

I love love love baggu bags! I love them to grocery shop the most… I also use a baggu bag as my lunch bag!

----- Adrienne During 16.12.10 07:27

i carry a baggu with me at all times! you can never have too many. they’re great for biking to the grocery store. i’d carry around my knitting if i had another.

----- bekee 16.12.10 07:24

All of the stuff (arduinos, servos, GPS units, batteries, etc.) that our engineers use to build robots…I couldn’t tell you what all of it is, but it’s really starting to take over our office.

----- Heather 16.12.10 07:11

Love badges using them while I travel around southeast Asia now!

----- Jennifer 16.12.10 06:31

I already use a couple bright green baggus for grocery shopping; more baggus means I can carry home more wine!

----- Michael 16.12.10 06:22

I’d use these for groceries, makeup, and maybe even some knitting projects; I really am that cool.

----- Jillian 16.12.10 06:19

i’d… stash… EVERYTHING!!!!!

----- Gray Blue 16.12.10 05:51

What a cool giveaway! I’d never use another eco-hostile plastic grocery bag again, and my cords would stop entangling and mating in my travel bag.

----- olga 16.12.10 05:37

They are gorgeous! I’d put my kittens in the large one to take them to the vet!

----- Ayca 16.12.10 05:21

I’d probably stash my stuff for Spin class in it.

----- James 16.12.10 04:45

Oh…The bag colors just make me HAPPY! I would use one to carry the assorted mosaic tiles that always end up in my purse (I love to show folks what I use to create my art!) and I’d use another to store the special little notes and drawings that my little kids leave me.

----- Lori 16.12.10 04:36

Definitely for packing underwear - hopefully it would end the wasted time spent rummaging for that odd sock, and/or reduce any potential for an embarrassing incident involving stray knickers….

----- Emma W 16.12.10 03:47

I’d store makeup in those baggus or use them for travel to store camera, or shoes in or, perhaps give them to my mom as I know she’d find them handy for when she’s grocery shopping around town :)

----- Jennifer 16.12.10 03:33

I would use them for groceries and to help organize some of the random items I have floating around my backpack.

----- James D. LaCroix 16.12.10 03:29

Holy moly…I’m just starstruck by their awesome colors. Possible organization tools for my crazy teacher supplies?

----- Kristie 16.12.10 03:23

I would stash the plethora of random items that end up floating around in my purse

----- Alex C 16.12.10 03:23

Wow - love them. I’d definitely use the zipper bag for my make up to put in my big bag. Would be perfect!

----- Hollie 16.12.10 03:04

I’m going to be a girly girl and tell you that I’m definitely going to stash my makeup in one of those Baggus (I’m not saying the small one though)

----- Nina 16.12.10 02:40

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