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Holiday Giveaway #11/12: Delight/Gent Supply Co- 12.06.10

10+11-delight+gent.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to our 6 winners who have been emailed!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #11 and #12 are here ~ and today our friends from Delight and Gent Supply Co.! They are giving 6 lucky readers: $50 Gift Certificates! (3 for Delight and 3 for Gent!) Delight and its sister (brother?) store Gent Supply Co, are some of my favorites for mail delivered gifting, they always come so beautifully wrapped, and have a little something for everyone! The gift cards will let our 6 lucky winners treat themselves, or find presents for friends! Take a peek at the coupons on the next page as well!

For a chance to win one of the 3 Delight gift certificates, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 10th (PST) ~ with #DELIGHT sharing something ladylike you’ve done this year.

For a chance to win one of the 3 Gent Supply Co. gift certificates, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 10th (PST) ~ with #GENTS sharing something manly/gentlemanly you’ve done this year.

For your shopping pleasure: delight.jpg


For a chance to win one of the 3 Delight gift certificates, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 10th (PST) ~ with #DELIGHT sharing something ladylike you’ve done this year.

For a chance to win one of the 3 Gent Supply Co. gift certificates, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 10th (PST) ~ with #GENTS sharing something manly/gentlemanly you’ve done this year.

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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#Gents I took active steps to reject my male privilege.

----- Andrew 10.12.10 19:15

#DELIGHT I started writing weekly letters to my mom and grandmother to keep up and learn more about my family history.

----- Amy 10.12.10 17:47

#GENTS I learned how to change my own oil ( just have to remember not to wear a skirt when i do it)

----- jen 10.12.10 15:15

#GENT. Went on a 5-day fishing trip. 3 cases of beer and no showers. ‘Nuff said!

----- Corey 10.12.10 14:00

Manicures and Pedicures. Happy. :)

----- Marie 10.12.10 12:38

#GENTS My blog shows both sides of my personality. Concrete and nail polish! That’s what I do. I paint my nails, ladylike, and I make concrete, manly.

----- April Brooks 10.12.10 12:03

#DELIGHT My blog shows both sides of my personality. Concrete and nail polish! That’s what I do. I paint my nails, ladylike, and I make concrete, manly.

----- April Brooks 10.12.10 12:03

#GENTS: I learned how to construct, tie and care for a man’s tie. You never know when it might come in handy!

----- Martine 10.12.10 11:42

#DELIGHT: I made a batch of cupcakes, iced them delicately and held a quaint teaparty for my ladies

----- Martine 10.12.10 11:41


Forgot to say Gents!

----- Jo 10.12.10 09:03

As part of my ongoing effort to look more gentlemanly, I:
1) Learned to tie a bow tie, well.
2) Made myself a pair of sleeve garters.

----- Jo 10.12.10 09:02

#GENTS I wrote a song about masturbation for my gf.

----- Dylan 10.12.10 07:19

#gents: i remodeled my apartments kitchen all by myself.

----- emily b 09.12.10 23:44

#delight: i wear heels when i clean the house.

----- emily b 09.12.10 23:43

#DELIGHT I learned to get my baby niece to sleep

----- Kate S 09.12.10 22:25

#GENTS before my parents remodeled the kitchen they decided they wanted to get rid of our old island, so i took it and turned it into the desk i use at school. perfectly sized and with all the old memories to boot

----- Kye 09.12.10 22:01

#GENTS showed up early for a date, so I wandered through my girlfriend’s (fancy) neighborhood picking flowers from yards. Surprised her at the door with a freshly filched bouquet and a kiss!

----- Tarza 09.12.10 21:29

something ladylike i’ve done quite a bit this year is hold tea parties (with cupcakes) amongst girlfriends whenever we get downtime from school/work! :D

----- libys1 09.12.10 19:53

I opened the door for every girl that I took out on a date.

----- Gabriel G 09.12.10 18:03


I straightened my hair.

----- Gabriel G 09.12.10 18:02

#gents Cleaned the toilet

----- Yoshio 09.12.10 17:31

I shaved my legs, plucked my eyebrows, waxed my stache and put on makeup for my hubby, just because I wanted to look good for him in front of his friends. Now there’s a cold front…and I rue the day I denuded myself of my fluffy down.

----- Yeira 09.12.10 17:10

#Gents - My wife has had a terrible month at the office, so I made sure to get home early as much as possible, cook and tidy for her to come home and relax…just for now that is.

----- David 09.12.10 17:03

#DELIGHT Pedicures. With the ladies.

----- Cole 09.12.10 16:19

#DELIGHT i kissed a girl and i liked it!

----- Kenny Garcia 09.12.10 15:33

I grew a mustache, which in turn made the girl I love love me more, which led to this wedding. Yay mustache! http://www.verhext.com/ever-after

----- Sean 09.12.10 15:02

#GENTS every year all of the men in our group go to the woods for a whole weekend to basically act like Bear Grylls. Getting dirty, smelly and thus very manly during this period.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 09.12.10 13:52

#GENTS Too easy. I regularly scratch inappropriate areas in mixed company.

----- Dave 09.12.10 13:26

#DELIGHT I have tidied small objects, freed them from dust without breaking them (well, most of them).

----- Dave 09.12.10 13:25

Enjoyed a champagne “high tea” on my birthday, with the ladies! #Delight

----- Rebecca 09.12.10 13:24

#DELIGHT - Well, mere hours ago I bought a jar of Mod Podge for some Christmas-present decoupaging.

----- Meghan 09.12.10 13:01

Smoked a cigar, drunk a tall glass of Heffenwiezen beer, sat on the couch and watched sports

----- mark Y. 09.12.10 12:22

Gent - I went for a week without bathing on a camping trip in Utah. Maybe that’s not necessarily “manly” - but it sure didn’t feel ladylike.

----- Byron 09.12.10 11:10

#GENTS ~ I upgraded a laptop from xp to 7…not 100% manly but it was for my mother who questioned me throught the whole thing so it kinda like torchure i endured and i didn’t even cry

----- keith messina 09.12.10 11:02

#GENTS caught a menacing mouse at my girlfriend’s apartment with my bare hands (and a tupperware container)

----- Dan 09.12.10 10:07

#DELIGHT There’s a famous quote that says “A lady always knows when to leave.” Last week I left my company Christmas Party without saying goodbye to anyone, and just before getting really (and un-cutely) drunk, and went home to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas, eat about 1.5 cups of raw holiday cookie dough…and makeout with my husband. So worth leaving for!

----- Meghan 09.12.10 09:45

#GENTS: I grew my sideburns out, but kept them Oh-so-square.

----- Ian S. 09.12.10 09:06

#GENTS I’ve helped a good friend of mine by helping her move into her new house, doing wall repair, and helping her paint. I’ve also installed new network wiring in the walls in my house.

----- Evan 09.12.10 08:40

In the space of one month, I felled a tree and chopped it up for firewood, carried a washing machine up four flights of stairs and subsequently hooked it up, drank a beer and peed standing up.
Oh, and I have a beard.

----- Thomas Lees 09.12.10 06:29

#GENTS I learned how to shave my beard without cutting my neck area, around my adams apple.

----- kjl 09.12.10 05:17

I had a full on Tea Party with my niece and nephew— complete with a little table, little chairs, doilies, a little tea set and fancy lady-like hats

----- Melanie 08.12.10 22:42

30th birthday Mustache Party —- everyone came with the biggest fanciest mustaches they could grow or make :)

----- David 08.12.10 22:40

#DELIGHT i shaved my legs.

----- grace 08.12.10 21:51

#DELIGHT I bough high heels. Terribly uncomfortable things :|

----- Val 08.12.10 20:35

#GENTS Changing the fuel pump on my 20 year old car..for the second time this year!

----- Valeria 08.12.10 20:27

something i #DELIGHT this year is the fact that i began college and i couldn’t be happier about it.

----- Joseph Sarti 08.12.10 20:06

#GENTS I took up carpentry and fabricated a desk and bookshelf based on something I saw on the blog

----- Steph 08.12.10 19:09

#delight Learned to sew

----- Steph 08.12.10 19:07

#GENTS As a lady, this year I have been working really hard at learning how to burp. Because I can’t. Not even accidentally. (Pointers are welcome, although I’ve probably heard them all before!)

----- Renees 08.12.10 18:41

# Delight - I made two advent calendars for my male roommates, it contains only chocolate (little santas, snowman) and is packed in the prettiest christmas paper. I think they didn’t really like the colors, but it is the thought that counts!

----- Julia U. 08.12.10 17:49

#DELIGHT I wore open toed heels for a night out with my friends even though it was freezing and there was snow on the ground. I didn’t regret it one bit because they were cute :)

----- Megan 08.12.10 16:52

Volunteered at a homeless shelter. #GENTS

----- Mike 08.12.10 15:53

#Gents Poured a 27’ long concrete foundation wall.

----- Les 08.12.10 15:29

#Delight I renovated a kitchen, and repainted an apartment, choosing the colors (the kitchen is now pink :)

----- Rose 08.12.10 15:27

#GENT - I got to pour concrete again. I went back home and a friend needed help at his new home so I pulled the project together for him and had a blast pouring concrete for the first time in forever! I love doing that! Wish I could do it all the time.

----- johng 08.12.10 15:00

As for something ladylike, I sat with my legs crossed at a meeting with the company’s COO instead of my usually feet shoeless and tucked up underneath my chair.

As for something gentleman-like, I have been helping my grandma sit down and get up, get in and out of cars, and open doors for her.

----- Mari 08.12.10 14:39

#GENTS I fixed my girlfriend’s garbage disposal.

----- Drew 08.12.10 13:15

#DELIGHT I learned how to salsa dance!

----- Jen 08.12.10 13:14

one of everything, please.

----- Melanie 08.12.10 12:57

one of everything, please.

----- Melanie 08.12.10 12:56

The last ladylike thing I recall doing this year was to not partake in office gossip. The most gentleman-like would be offering an older passenger my seat on the bus.

----- Lisa 08.12.10 11:59

#GENTS Had my first experience with flooring. Removing the old linoleum and carpet, replacing them with hard wood and tile. Time: 80+ hours in one week, Cost: you don’t want to know, The satisfaction of seeing a project through beginning to end: priceless.

----- Matt A. 08.12.10 11:46

#Gents - I have helped a few stranded motorists this year. I try to help when I can because I have a long history of undeniable vehicles & have needed help many times & have rarely had people stop to help me.

----- Scott Yates 08.12.10 10:13

I like to think that I’m a gentleman every day, but the last act would have to be when I helped shovel the entrance of our elderly neighbors home.

----- Philip Gundersen 08.12.10 09:48

#GENTS I helped my mother-in-law build a deck in her backyard.

----- Matt M 08.12.10 09:21

#DELIGHT I’ve been working on making complicated desserts to improve my cooking.

----- Ashley K 08.12.10 09:19

#GENTS I always give up my seat on a crowded bus or train, and always hold doors open

----- Russ McIntosh 08.12.10 08:21

#GENTS I got a job fixing computers!

----- Chana 08.12.10 07:29

#DELIGHT I’ve taken to spending way more time in the kitchen!

----- Chana 08.12.10 07:06

#GENTS - Hunted wild boar with my brother in law for my bachelor party.

----- tony F 08.12.10 05:40

Hunted Wild Boars with my Brother in Law for my bachelor party.

----- tony F 08.12.10 05:39

Delight - In having to eat jelly and ice cream for a week after having my tonsils removed

----- Louise Buckingham 08.12.10 04:04

#DELIGHT I used the right fork at the right time during fancy dinner!

----- Lea 08.12.10 03:25

#Gents - I always offer help whether it be help children, ladies, and friends and family, I’m always there

----- Alan 08.12.10 02:09

#Delight - I stood my ground in the face of a bully.

----- Aya 08.12.10 00:20


Built a tool shed for my father…

----- Andy 07.12.10 22:59

#GENTS I taught my son how to curse and how to stop cursing when a lady’s in the room.

----- Nick 07.12.10 22:34

#GENTS fixing, lots of fixing!

----- daniel 07.12.10 22:23

#GENTS I had left the office but saw that a professor had her hands full but kept walking out, I took like 5 steps out the door and realized I could help her, so I went back to open the door for her and helped her down the hall opening all the doors along the way.

----- Miguel 07.12.10 22:14

#GENTS I grew out my facial hair into a massive unkempt beard.

----- Michael 07.12.10 22:08

Test firing the potato gun with my buds!

----- Andrew 07.12.10 21:04

Built and upholstered my own couch – rawr!

----- Laurita 07.12.10 20:16

DELIGHT I gave the ticle monster a good hiding and went for a pedicure.

----- jeanne 07.12.10 20:12

#DELIGHT I finally treated myself to a little gift from jimmy jane after seeing the post on your site!!!

----- Michele 07.12.10 19:14

#GENTS Took down giant dead trees in my backyard.

----- Dario 07.12.10 19:13

#DELIGHT I flipped my hair thinking it’d impress a guy.

----- Han 07.12.10 18:56

#GENT - Did a lot of building this year. :D I took apart an old school chair and built a new coffee table, built a bookshelf for my wall, and put together bookshelves for several of the classrooms where I work. (I suppose the last isn’t really manly, but it’s the gentlemanly thing to do for the hard working women in our lives, right?)

----- Gideon 07.12.10 18:51

#DELIGHT Learned how to make a mean and very dirty martini.

----- Sandra 07.12.10 18:44

#DELIGHT I learned to shoot a rifle (at clay pigeons) for the first time ever!

----- Grace.L 07.12.10 18:40

‘Ladylike’ is generally a stretch for me (until the day burping contests become ladylike) but this year, during the summer, I bought real (expensive) makeup for the first time, including all the brushes and tools, and I’ve been using them!

----- taryn 07.12.10 18:32


-grew a beard (did not last long) -drank copious amounts of beer -burped in quiet places

----- jonathan 07.12.10 17:52

Well, I always open and close the passenger side door of my car for ladies. This dates back to when I drove another car where the door did not close properly, so I’m not sure how you judge this behaviour.

----- tudza 07.12.10 16:21

#DELIGHT I learned (finally) how to apply liquid eyeliner. What a task!
And then normal girly things such as: sewed dresses, baked cakes, made countless dinners…

----- Lara 07.12.10 16:03

#DELIGHT I made cupcakes for two of my classes, and three separate times for my internship (:

----- Rhiannon T. 07.12.10 15:55

#DELIGHT I took sewing lessons and started sewing my own skirts!

----- Amanda 07.12.10 15:13

#Gents I got married earlier this year.

----- James D. LaCroix 07.12.10 15:02

#DELIGHT I knit baby knits for an expecting friend.

----- Audrey R 07.12.10 15:02

#GENTS: I watched every Die Hard movie in one sitting.

----- Shane Walsh 07.12.10 14:45

#DELIGHT I’ve been trying to get my sister to join my sorority on campus!

----- Kaylee 07.12.10 14:28

#DELIGHT I knit a scarf! (It was a little lopsided….)

----- Jess 07.12.10 13:42

#GENTS. I helped an elderly woman cross the street.

----- Mr. Wright 07.12.10 13:41

#GENTS Had a manly drink and fixed my tv.

----- Tooky 07.12.10 13:41

#DELIGHT Made tons of baked goods for my friends.

----- Tooky 07.12.10 13:38

#DELIGHT I’ve gotten back into Japanese Lolita fashion! Bows and frills, oh my!

----- Jess K 07.12.10 13:36

#GENTS: I met the woman of my dremas.

----- santisso 07.12.10 13:12

#GENTS I built almost every bit of furniture in my new apartment, dominated my fantasy football league, went to every Ravens homegame (even if it meant travelling hundreds of miles or sitting in the freezing cold for three hours), and I have been successfully educating my roommate about football, beer and military history.

----- Allie 07.12.10 13:11

#DELIGHT I baked a Jameson pumpkin cheesecake, wore an apron and all. My best dessert yet.

----- kailey 07.12.10 12:08

#DELIGHT - I made baked good for my elderly neighbors. Dear NotCot Santa, I’ve been good I swear.

----- Amber 07.12.10 12:04

I grew a beard, just so I could look the part of a lumberjack when I had to cut firewood for this winter?

----- Jeremy 07.12.10 12:01

#GENTS I put a beast in my belly

----- Kevin 07.12.10 11:58

#DELIGHT got my make up done professionally for a wedding (and looked like a fashionable raccoon)

----- mine 07.12.10 11:54

#DELIGHT Fell in love with an abandoned kitty my coworker brought to work. I adopted “Tiger” who is now safe at home growing up to be a happy cat. Girls - we always fall for cute furry animals.

----- Maya 07.12.10 11:41

These are amazing gifts and so inspired to get the men in my life some of these awesome options!

----- Carol 07.12.10 11:36

#GENTS I shaved because my mother asked me to do so.

----- Jose 07.12.10 11:34

#DELIGHT I wrote thank you notes to people who attended a party (regardless of the gift) for coming to the party - their company was the best present.

----- diana 07.12.10 11:33

#DELIGHT I switched from PBR to wine (big step)

----- Jenny! 07.12.10 11:31

#GENTS despite no thanks and not even an acknowledgment, I opened and held (for an unusually long time) the door open for a set parents and their baby. They were lost in discussion with each other. I’d do it again and for any parents.

----- eug 07.12.10 11:31

#DELIGHT- The most ladylike thing I’ve done all year is put on heels. Nevermind that I then proceeded to fall down the stairs.

----- Courtney 07.12.10 11:31

#GENTS I stopped shaving in September. I have no need for a scarf this winter.

----- Scott 07.12.10 11:25

Oh yes please! Two great gift shops!

----- Amelia 07.12.10 11:19

#DELIGHT stop swearing (almost)

----- Lauren 07.12.10 11:18


Chose a diamond engagement ring (of the right size), took my fiancee to Paris, got down on one knee after lunch on a bright, warm Saturday afternoon whilst opposite the Eiffel Tower and proposed.

And then got married at the zoo later in the year. Huzzah!

----- James 07.12.10 11:03

#GENTS I opened a load of doors for a load of ladies. Much appreciated.

----- Ray 07.12.10 10:54

#Gents - My lady and I went out into the bush and I cut down our Christmas tree with a saw.

----- Ash 07.12.10 10:47

#Delight - I have attempted to turn my potty mouth around and now swear around 75% less than I used to. Working on 100% no swears. “Its just not becoming” is what my mother would say.

----- Carla Pienaar 07.12.10 10:44

A true lady conducts herself with dignity and respect, and does not suffer for herself or her friends to be degraded by rude people.This year I promised myself I wouldn’t sit by and watch my friends be the victims of passive aggression, or let myself be treated like a moron on the basis I work at a coffee shop. I wasn’t always good at it, but I was polite everytime

----- kylene 07.12.10 10:34

I salvaged an old chair and made it the star of my living room (bright yellow paint job!).

----- Tucker 07.12.10 10:34

#DELIGHT…I got a head start on an artsy-craftsy, homemade gift for my boyfriend’s birthday.

----- Morgan 07.12.10 10:08

#DELIGHT im part quitting my job to work part time next year to concentrate on the house, the dog and hopefully a baby.

----- elena 07.12.10 10:02

I made my woman a coffee table with my bare hands, which are rough and calloused.

----- Adam Edwards 07.12.10 10:00

#GENTS my husband and i built a 12 seat dining room table out of deck lumber, stained and polyurethaned it looks as good as one purchased from the store.

----- Elena 07.12.10 09:58

#GENTS I re wired a a broken spark plug from a motorbike which crashed with no tools.Only using keys and a rock.

----- Bogdan 07.12.10 09:55

#GENTS I quit my 9-5 and started working for myself.

----- Jason 07.12.10 09:20

#DELIGHT I started reading home decorating and DIY blogs to inspire me to improve our new house.

----- somerset 07.12.10 08:39

#gents always do the dishes after the holiday dinner…with a couple beers close by.

----- Jamie 07.12.10 08:36

#Delight- I made and canned my own apple butter this year and gave it out as gifts.

----- Hookdntx 07.12.10 08:10

#DELIGHT I bought shoes with heels and actually wore them!! was very proud of myself.

----- Grace 07.12.10 08:04

I think it’s pretty manly that I figured out how to fix my laptop when it didn’t work, I totally solved it alone though it wasn’t easy, without any real help from real men :D

I also made a cute shelf of wood for my spices (okay my father helped me with this but I actually cut, sawed, painted and put it together with my really girly hands :)

----- Zsofia Ginter 07.12.10 07:48

#GENTS manicured neighbor’s bush

----- Anthony 07.12.10 07:45

this year I managed to wear skirt and high heels a few times even though I almost never do :P

----- Zsofia Ginter 07.12.10 07:43

#DELIGHT: I picked up a little sister. Living in Kathmandu, I’ve started sponsoring a girl to go to school. Her English is getting better much faster than my Nepali, but there’s still a huge barrier, so we mostly communicate by laughing and dancing to Bollywood songs. Teaching her to hula-hoop, buying necessary underclothes discreetly on Nepali streets… reminds me that sisterdom is quite possibly the best part of being a lady.

----- Christine 07.12.10 07:04

Me, me, me! I want to win!

----- Paula Kouri 07.12.10 06:52

#DELIGHT I learnt crochet all by myself. My friends tell me that this particular hobby is not befitting to my personality but _LADYLIKE_ definitely!

----- ellaqezi 07.12.10 06:40

#GENTS venturing outside in the great DC blizzard of 2010.

----- alex 07.12.10 06:33

#GENTS I donated a kidney to a sick boy after wrestling a 25ft prehistoric crocodile and fighting off a rabid silver back gorilla that were trying to burn a box full of kittens and puppies. (seems i forgot the #gents before)

----- Roman 07.12.10 06:27

#GENTS This year, I traveled out West, climbed a mountain shirtless, and rock-climbed across Utah. It has been a good year.

----- David Rieman 07.12.10 05:41

#DELIGHT I went and got my first pedicure ever and I am 28 years old. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

----- Renee Richardson 07.12.10 04:57

#GENTS I punched a walrus that looked at me

----- ZachZZ 07.12.10 04:48

#GENTS I rewired a plug.

----- Rosie 07.12.10 04:42

#Delight I hand stitched a thirties style cape.

----- Rosie 07.12.10 04:41

This year, I bought a matching scarf, gloves, and handbag that reminds me of my grandmother. She always used to wear gloves before going out of the house. Now, I remember her every time I put them on!

----- Lilly 07.12.10 04:38

#DELIGHT Bought Pot Pourri, that middle England housewives favourite. I’m 23. Does smell lovely though.

----- Emma W 07.12.10 04:33

#DELIGHT This year I stopped cutting my hair radically short and now I wear it with a headband. Much more ladylike. Before I looked like a militant feminist, and now I look like a secret feminist!

----- Alibooboo 07.12.10 04:32

#GENTS - I push started my friends cars for him in the snow, we tried to an hour then some nice people came and helped. We all felt manly afterwards.

----- Willy Harris 07.12.10 04:30

#Gents. I stacked a cord of firewood this weekend, so i can keep my girlfriend warm this winter.

----- Josh 07.12.10 03:47

#Gents I smoked a cigar in a white tux on new years last year.

----- Paul 07.12.10 01:05

purchasing letterpress thank you cards and actually mailing them out…

----- becky 07.12.10 00:11

I felt like a gentleman when I pulled over to help 3 elderly ladies change their flat tire (even though I am a 22 year old girl!)

----- Agnes 06.12.10 23:00

#DELIGHT I made tiramisu from scratch for my dad’s birthday, hand whipped cream, egg yolks, marsala wine, espresso, lady fingers…the works

----- Agnes 06.12.10 22:56

#GENTS put a butt load of IKEA furniture together

----- Edward 06.12.10 22:41

#DELIGHT bought IKEA curtains that were too long, so i cut about 4” off and then used the iron to heat up that strip that came with it to make it stick together.

----- Edward 06.12.10 22:38

#GENTS I decided to try baking for the first time this year, and baked some kickass pillow cookies. You just cannot get manlier than that. Seriously.

----- Jeremy 06.12.10 22:26

Everything I do is ladylike? What is un-ladylike???

----- jennifer 06.12.10 22:21

#DELIGHT I’ve tried to wear dresses twice a week this year, and I’ve been baking lots of bread from scratch.

----- Susan Kelley 06.12.10 22:11


----- Trevor 06.12.10 21:31

#DELIGHT I baked a pie!

----- Nat G 06.12.10 21:29

#GENTS help my elderly neighbor to carry up groceries up to the 4th floor several times a week. she just rings my doorbell and i know exactly who it is.

----- dima 06.12.10 21:09

#GENTS I admitted that I couldn’t do something without my girlfriend, she just smiled and hugged me.

----- Justin 06.12.10 20:47

#GENTS Received my first hot towel shave at the barbershop.

----- Wesley H 06.12.10 20:46

#GENTS - I went to the Thunder Dome at Burning Man this year.

----- Vinny W 06.12.10 20:46

#GENTS, built a walk in closet for my wife.

----- jay P 06.12.10 20:44

#GENTS knocking back a bottle of rum and sailing around the coastal islands.

----- Martin 06.12.10 20:28

#gents I like gadgets… and scotch.

----- Ben K-B 06.12.10 20:08

#DELIGHT i have expanded my apron collection!

----- drea k. 06.12.10 19:49

#GENTS I try and hold the door open for anyone coming in right after me. Life is too short to just rush through doors.

----- neonsocks 06.12.10 19:32

I’ve got a night at the hotel for my girlfriend’s birthday. She tough I paid for the small kind.. nop. I got us a suite. She was very surprise, and this is where she saw the Gorillaz tickets across the bottle of wine. ^____^ Of course, we did have a lot of fun that week-end.

----- Etienne Richard 06.12.10 19:30

#GENTS - Got the whiskey rocks for the room mate last year and they are killer

----- Eric 06.12.10 19:13

delight - glittery red nail polish for the holiday party

----- kali 06.12.10 19:09

#GENTS I do all the handiwork around this place.

----- Alda 06.12.10 19:07

#GENTS - Learned to tie a bow tie.

----- John 06.12.10 19:01

#DELIGHT Bought a kitchen aid mixer and made a lot of cakes

----- Danielle 06.12.10 18:53

#DELIGHT i’m making porcelain bowls for my whole family for christmas! :-)

----- Grace 06.12.10 18:49

#GENTS Manly? does wrestling alligators count? Just kidding about the alligators, but I did drive a tractor this year.

----- Erik 06.12.10 18:38

#DELIGHT I provided a cheese platter and sandwiches at a hungover bloody mary event.

----- Kristen 06.12.10 18:37

Wore bright red lipstick, just because.

----- Morgan Ahlborn 06.12.10 18:34

Something manly/gentlemanly I’ve done this year is… I’ve been growing out my handlebar moustache (12-14” end to end) with the Austin Facial Hair Club to compete in the 2011 Beard and Moustache Championships in Norway (May 2011)! We’re holding many different fund-raising events to raise money to fly our members over to compete and represent Austin, Texas, and the USA.

----- Taylor 06.12.10 18:09

#GENTS I took my grandmother out for a surprise dinner (honestly, her surprise/excitement made it all worth it many times over!)

----- Stacy B. 06.12.10 18:03

#GENTS ‘Twas a wet afternoon the one in which I took off my sports coat to place it over a shallow pothole which a lady thereafter crossed. Really.

----- Kristopher Bonefont 06.12.10 17:59

#GENTS - Built my lady a bicycle, just so we could ride together.

----- Droz 06.12.10 17:51

I need i need … either

----- Brion 06.12.10 17:32

#Gents - I got a girl pregnant at my Bar Mitzvah.

----- Johnny 06.12.10 17:27

Wore high-heels in a dusty [therefore slippery] factory: Oh my!

----- Arielle 06.12.10 17:26

#GENTS I used a power tool. Masterfully.

----- Kay 06.12.10 17:26

#DELIGHT I learned how to make fresh marshmallows!

----- Kay 06.12.10 17:24

#Gents - I became…a man.

----- Tab 06.12.10 17:20

#GENTS Though I’m a lady, I’m shopping for the gents! But the most gentlemanly thing I’ve done this year is carrying groceries for an elderly neighbor when she goes shopping!

----- Anissa 06.12.10 17:19

#GENTS I took the initiative on introducing a comprehensive career search program to Richmond, VA. I teach new leaders as well as the course. About 100 people have benefited from it so far, with more to come.

----- Bruce 06.12.10 17:17

#GENTS Chopped wood waring plaid. Pretty darn manly.

----- Justin 06.12.10 17:03

#Gents Wear a Sam Elliott style mustache year round. Once saved a little girl from a rabid dog.

----- ChuckT 06.12.10 16:55

#gent - I said Maam and Thank You and sir all 365 days of the year! And I’m 40!

----- Mundy Hackett 06.12.10 16:45

#GENTS This year I always carried the bags for my girl, even the lightest, even the heaviest.

----- Aljosa 06.12.10 16:40

#GENTS I may be a girl, but I took my guy friends out for a drink and paid AND was complimented as a true gentlewoman. :)

----- Aby 06.12.10 16:31

#DELIGHT I started painting my nails frequently! This had to stop when my life was getting too busy, sadly. But tis the season now and I’ll get to pamper myself again.

----- Elaine 06.12.10 16:30

#GENTS This has been a rough year - layoff, sick dad, mortgage problems - and I’ve taken it like a man.

----- Chen 06.12.10 16:10

#DELIGHT i learned how to sneeze silently! never have I felt more ladylike than when I had to sneeze in class and did so delicately. no one noticed!

----- Elaine 06.12.10 16:08

#GENTS I bought a mototcycle!

----- Mark Yturralde 06.12.10 16:07

#DELIGHT I got to pick out my bridesmaid dress for my brothers wedding! I also do some fantastically traditional (for a 22 year old) crafts; tatting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery.

----- Alison S. 06.12.10 15:54

#GENTS Bought a tuxedo.

----- Eric 06.12.10 15:47

#DELIGHT I bought my first dress in years and wear it every chance I get

----- Yvonne 06.12.10 15:43

#Gents - I have maintained a Chuck Norrisesque beard for 11 months and 7 days

----- Martin 06.12.10 15:38

#DELIGHT … died my hair pink and lavender, it’s lovely

----- lish 06.12.10 15:34

#GENTS i designed an laser engraved a fantasy football trophy for one of my leagues this year. AND i planted 4 trees in my yard just this last weekend. yardwork and fantasy football— very manly, no?

----- justin p 06.12.10 15:33

#DELIGHT i sewed together some polka dotted cloth napkins and a table runner this year.

----- justin p 06.12.10 15:31

#DELIGHT I was the hostess of a classy wine & dessert party at my new apartment, and baked homemade cookies and cake!

----- Jesi 06.12.10 15:22

#DELIGHT I’ve been wearing my grandmother’s with gloves out and around town (in part because I have no others!)

----- Laurita 06.12.10 15:21

#DELIGHT baked 50 mini-muffin sized pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. :)

----- Kristie 06.12.10 15:15

#DELIGHT Crossed my legs.

----- Karyn B. 06.12.10 15:09

#GENTS Started my own t-shirt company!

----- Patrick C. 06.12.10 15:06

#GENTS I have decided to bring back chivarly. Standing up everytime a women leaves a table, opening doors and walking on the roadside.
Little steps to bring a touch of style and class

----- Brendon 06.12.10 15:04

#GENTS Decided to approach my divorce with grace, respect, and trust rather than anger and bitterness.

After 22 years of marriage, words cannot encompass how I feel about her leaving, but this is the man I’d rather remember myself as in the years to come.

----- Steven 06.12.10 14:52


----- misterbt 06.12.10 14:48

#delight- I wore a pretty new dress to a wedding, and danced at the reception.

----- Jennifer 06.12.10 14:46

#DELIGHT handwritten thank you notes.

----- janete 06.12.10 14:34

#GENTS I’ve essentially taught myself how to actually cook by learning a new recipe each week for the past six months.

----- cobalt 06.12.10 14:22

#DELIGHT Officially memorized my grandmothers cookie recipe to bake for my family!

----- Natalie 06.12.10 14:18

#DELIGHT I did my part in supporting equal rights as a member of my universities women’s empowerment organization. I helped raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault and abuse against women. Furthermore, I was a leader in the organization of a Take Back the Night rally in which women are empowered to speak out about their experiences with the issue of sexual assault and rape.

Sounds ladylike to me.

----- Marianna J 06.12.10 14:10

#GENTS I got a custom made shirt so that I now look like a gentleman.

----- edgar 06.12.10 14:10

#delight! I rode my bike in a skirt without flashing anyone AND managed to refrain from unleashing any snot rockets on the unsuspecting lane of traffic next to me. That is probably the single most ladylike thing I will ever manage to do.

----- Josie 06.12.10 14:09


I watched a lot of football.

----- Gaetan 06.12.10 14:00

Changed a car battery, resurfaced a desk, um… nothing too manly but I suppose. Besides once you reach a certain level its nice to have such things done.

How is this; for a lost bet, I pampered my wife for the day. This included any chores, massages and errands she needed done. But I suppose the key to this was I painted her nails (the quality was so bad, the next day she was at the nail salon).

----- Charlie 06.12.10 13:59

#gents Built custom furniture for myself…I love learning new skills…

----- Brian 06.12.10 13:56

#GENTS Wore a skirt and loved it.

----- Stephen 06.12.10 13:49

#GENTS at my gf’s company holiday party, we met up with a few of her coworkers ive never met before. The venue was packed and no free seats were in close proximity for one of her friends. So I went around looking for an empty seat. First one I found, a group claimed it even tho they were also not sure what to do with it. Then I found another. It’s weight shouldve been enough to tell me it was meant to be moved but i took it anyway and brought back to the table. They were very happy and told my gf i was a keeper. Shucks.

----- steven 06.12.10 13:48

#GENTS I set a stone walkway.

----- Paul R. 06.12.10 13:48

I donated a kidney to a sick boy after wrestling a 25ft prehistoric crocodile and fighting off a rabid silver back gorilla that were trying to burn a box full of kittens and puppies.

----- Roman 06.12.10 13:29

#DELIGHT Hand-sewed a quilt for my bed.

----- Jared 06.12.10 13:26

#GENTS made a great meal from my family.

----- Sean 06.12.10 13:24

#DELIGHT I threw a dinner party and I cooked everything myself while wearing a dress and heels

----- Ming 06.12.10 13:22

#delight Tried to figure out how to use eyeliner…

----- MCD 06.12.10 13:20

#GENTS - I used a steamroller to print a giant lino-cut!

----- Brian 06.12.10 13:18

#GENTS I fell for my best friend, but helped him find somebody else to love. Maybe not manly or gentlemanly, but kind, in a self-inflicted-pain sort of way.

----- Cameron 06.12.10 13:17

Arm wrestled 5 of my guys friends and beat them all. ;)

----- Casey 06.12.10 13:15

#GENTS I taught friends the joys of the Side Car cocktail!

----- Charley 06.12.10 13:05

#Delight: I painted my bedroom pink!

----- Jen Cox 06.12.10 13:02

Something ladylike i have done this year is made my own face mask

----- Bianca 06.12.10 13:00

#DELIGHT I stopped using the word yeah, replacing it with the more ladylike ‘yes’.

----- Allison 06.12.10 12:55

#Gents well for this one girl I sent her a CD and a painted her the box inside because she wasn’t have the best of weeks.

----- ben mouch 06.12.10 12:52

#DELIGHT I received a pedicure this year.

----- Zach 06.12.10 12:37

#GENTS This year I brewed my own beer for the first time.

----- Zach 06.12.10 12:32

the most ladylike thing i did this year was crafting my entire wedding all by myself, flowers, dresses (including my own), signs. it was perfect!

----- shawn joy adams 06.12.10 12:30

#GENTS This year, my man and I went up to Vermont and spent a week trying out local brews. For Christmas, I’ve bought him a home brewing kit because of how much he enjoyed it. It’s one of those perfect gifts that keeps giving.

----- Caitlin 06.12.10 12:18

#DELIGHTS I wore grandmother’s dress from the 50’s, did my own hair ‘a la’ Jane and threw a Mad Men Premiere party where I served my homemade deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket on dainty cloth napkins alongside whiskey and old fashioned’s for the ladies and gents. All guests came ready for throw back food and drinks in their best Man Men era get-ups. It was a success!

----- Sharon 06.12.10 12:16

#DELIGHT This year, I graduated with a professional degree in architecture… it’s easy to be ladylike when you’re outnumbered 8 to 1.

----- Caitlin 06.12.10 12:15

I held the door for a little old lady.

----- brucet45410 06.12.10 12:11

#DELIGHT I sewed a strapless dress to wear dancing.

----- Sarah 06.12.10 12:08

mee mee mee!

----- joash 06.12.10 11:59

#GENTS Having had no previous bartending experience, I enrolled in an intensive 30-day course, designed specifically for professional bartenders, solely for the purpose of making better drinks at home for my wife and friends.

----- Michael 06.12.10 11:50

#DELIGHT: I cut myself some bangs…terrifying but totally worthwhile!

----- Samantha 06.12.10 11:48

#GENTS I bought my first lawnmower.

----- Tyler 06.12.10 11:47

#DELIGHT I learned how to frost cupcakes and used a sewing machine for the first time.

----- Tyler 06.12.10 11:46

I rushed out from a grocery store to give a couple cartons of milk to an elderly lady after she had forgotten them in the store. She then thanked me, blessed me, and promptly asked me out on a date.

----- Troy 06.12.10 11:46

#GENTS My new favorite shirt is a men’s flannel.

----- Brittany 06.12.10 11:45

#DELIGHT I’ve redecorated 3 houses this year!

----- Brittany Platts 06.12.10 11:43

#DELIGHT Went to a beer festival

----- Jen 06.12.10 11:41


I shipped myself some gourmet Vosges chocolates and ate them in a steaming bubble bath!

----- Drew 06.12.10 11:29

Had girls night out!

----- Ling 06.12.10 11:29

#GENTS I treated my mom to a week-long b&b getaway in upstate New York.

----- Anders 06.12.10 11:25

#GENTS I saved a baby from a burning building and then held the door for her on the way in to the news studio for her interview

----- John 06.12.10 11:24

# DELIGHT ,I Am A 28 yr old.Mother Of 5 boys and a wife,i Cook ,Clean,do everyday chores,and most of all I love To Bake for my lil men,with all these boys in the house ,I still get pedicures which is a must and manicures and I love to take them shopping.I am and always will be lady like

----- lisa 06.12.10 11:23

#DELIGHT- This year I planned a wedding, finished my last semester of school, worked and studied for the LSAT all during a three month period of time. I think I used my feminine quality of multi-tasking to its greatest length, plus everything turned out more beautiful than I could have hoped.

----- Katrina 06.12.10 11:22

#GENTS I grew a manly mustache for Movember to raise money for prostate cancer!

----- Erik G. 06.12.10 11:21

I got a guy kicked out of my co-op for feeling up a girl while she was sleeping. #GENTS

----- Jordan Maxfield 06.12.10 11:19

#Gent- I put together furniture, changed my brakes, held the door, and avoided conflick when my roommate decided to steal my significant other, I was even kind to them when they broke up.

----- Laura Perryman 06.12.10 11:19

#GENTS Two days ago I brought my car to a screeching hault when I saw a motorcyclist get thrown from his bike on the freeway. I was the first one to run up to him and ask if he could tell me what his name was. I feel kinda bad for yelling at my mom to call 911.

----- Sarah Gomez 06.12.10 11:18

#DELIGHT- i curtsy for strangers

----- aubrey 06.12.10 11:11

#DELIGHT I made thanksgiving dinner.

----- Leslie 06.12.10 11:05

Is tea ladylike? I’ve had a lot of tea this year.
Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Alisa 06.12.10 11:02

#GENTS I grew my beard out

----- Jeremy B 06.12.10 10:58

#GENTS I watched part of a football game on Thanksgiving :P

----- Monica 06.12.10 10:55

Last night @ 3am: After working a ten hour day..Pushed the neighbor’s pizza delivery car 1/4mile out of our snowy street, received four free pizza coupons, then woke up only two hours later to work another 9 hour day. Working 3 jobs, 7 days a week saving for an engagement ring, so things like this happen often.

----- William 06.12.10 10:54

#GENT watched the entire series of “Gilmore Girls” >__

----- greench 06.12.10 10:51

#DELIGHT As of this year I am now the proud owners of a pair of black classic (sexy) pumps

----- Nicole 06.12.10 10:48

#GENTS Learned to make a mean loaf of bread.

----- Jason 06.12.10 10:46

I bought some manly, high end, guns and put together a grab-and-go survival pack.

----- Mikell Johnson 06.12.10 10:46

I made french toast cupcakes and shared them with the servers at my favorite bar.

----- Lauren 06.12.10 10:45

#DELIGHT I baked fruitcakes for my family for xmas!

----- Monica 06.12.10 10:44

#DELIGHT I read Jeanette Winterson’s “Written on the Body” and cried at the last page.

----- Andrea Manrique 06.12.10 10:44

#Gents I must have helped ladies move ten times this year.

----- Brian 06.12.10 10:31

#Delight. I threw a glass of champagne in a man´s face and sauntered off after I was told that women couldn´t drive.

----- Megan 06.12.10 10:27

#DELIGHT I started buying cute stickers and stationary sets to mail to my two best friends whom have moved away this summer. I take my time decorating them =) one with pink and cloths because she loves it and the other with art and things modern cause it’s her study.

----- Anna Hinojosa 06.12.10 10:25

#DELIGHT I started wearing gloves when not totally necessary. It’s amazingly girly and fabulous!

----- Jessi 06.12.10 10:24

#DELIGHT - Researched and handmade 24 of my own scented bath bombs(complete with sparkles!)

----- VinnyW 06.12.10 10:22

#GENTS i created a brick firepit in my friend’s back yard and chopped fallen wood from a nearby forest by hand axe.

----- curtis 06.12.10 10:15

#DELIGHT - I just got dressed up in high heels, a dress, and makeup for a wedding!

----- Jaime 06.12.10 10:14

#GENTS I got really into drinking.

----- JenG 06.12.10 10:11

Changed the tire of a stranger on the highway while it was raining.

----- Roger Penguino 06.12.10 10:11

#DELIGHT I got really into baking.

----- JenG 06.12.10 10:11

I got married.

----- James D. LaCroix 06.12.10 10:09

-I cooked my thanksgiving dinner
-I cried at a chick flick
-I used feminine tricks to get free things
-I took the more respectful route and hooked up my ex boyfriend with my friend because she was lonely.

----- Angela Nguyen 06.12.10 10:08

#DELIGHT: For thanksgiving, I gave manicures to my mom and best friends :)and baked succesful raspberry souffle for them because i am thankful to have them in my life

----- Frances 06.12.10 10:07

I eat faster than any guy I know
I play Videogames. (COD preferably)
I surf
I have never painted my nails
I go camping
I love scotch and whiskey
_I’m still a lady though. :)

----- Angela Nguyen 06.12.10 10:06

I took a 18-year old family friend’s daughter, who had just moved from a sheltered existence in Ohio to Los Angeles, for a full makeover: hair, makeup, accessories, clothes. Right-sized her fashion sense to edgy fashion-forward adulthood but honored her love of skulls and black (just like me).

----- leigh 06.12.10 10:04

#GENTS Cut a piece of metal with a plasma and write my name…. hell yeah!!!

----- Maria Lara 06.12.10 10:04

#DELIGHT i learned to cook more. Made my first turkey at thanksgiving. made marshmallows and caramels too :) feel more like my grandma :)

----- Fonda LaShay 06.12.10 10:03

AND… the most manly thing I’ve done this year… I set aside a car project that I started in 2009 and said I would finish this year.. that’s a pretty manly thing to do, right? Keep unfinished projects sitting around in the garage or driveway? #GENTS

----- Tran 06.12.10 10:03

#DELIGHT Often accused of having a heart of stone, I bawled like a baby when someone I love left me this year and then proceeded to stalk him and all his lady friends online, look through old photos and letters and replay conversations in my head and write sappy emails that I never actually sent out. Hah.. let’s see them say I have the heart of a man now!

----- Moksha 06.12.10 10:02

#DELIGHT Went to the spa for facial treatements.

#GENTS Backpacked through Egypt.

----- Justin R 06.12.10 09:58

#DELIGHT: Bought myself a really girly overcoat that I’m going to wear with high heels.

----- Grete 06.12.10 09:58

#GENTS - I remodeled my kitchen. It took me about 3 months to finish it completely (could only work on the weekends) but it was quite a satisfying experience to do all the work myself.

----- Ryan C. 06.12.10 09:55

#DELIGHT I hand made pie crust and then then apple filling. Using a rolling pin in the *proper* way is quite lady-like!

----- Meghan 06.12.10 09:55

#GENTS I was told that I was ‘a good man’ by a woman after she saw me confront three teenagers who had forced another younger boy into their car.

It turned out he was their younger brother and was just being dificult, so I didn’t exactly feel that manly.

----- Geoff 06.12.10 09:53

#DELIGHT Well- I have begun crafting a lot- I’ve made tiny little glow in the dark earrings with cute little gems ans I’ve also taken to making handmade books with cute ornamental origami covers! I feel like quite the lady~!

----- Annie S. 06.12.10 09:53

Always visit the site so figured I would comment for the giveaway :)

----- Matthew Claus 06.12.10 09:51

#GENTS For the past few years I have looked around me at the state of my own generation and feel nothing but sense of sadness and even disgust. I look at generations past and see men behaving like men, and more specifically, like gentlemen. They respected their parents, their friends, and even total strangers. They dressed properly and spoke properly. They treated women with the utmost regard and they taught their children the same. These days I see guys of my own generation (I’m soon to be 28) frumping about in t-shirts that are three sizes too large with their pants down to their knees. They treat women with little more regard than they did on the playground. What it comes down to is that they have failed to grow up. They’re just lazy.

Thus, a few years ago, I began slowly molding myself into the image of a gentleman. It’s an ongoing process, but from my wardrobe to, most importantly, my respect for others, I am embracing what it means to be man in the 21st century. I am far from perfect, but I try…which is more than I can say for others of my own generation.

----- Tom 06.12.10 09:49

#GENTS - I hung many a shelf if my apartment as well as hanging my 46” flat screen on my wall with metal studs no less.

----- Matthimself 06.12.10 09:48

I literally and truly killed a 315lbs black bear, in North Carolina.

----- T. W. Adler 06.12.10 09:47

#Gent I really really loved a woman.

----- BT 06.12.10 09:44

#GENTS - I demolished an old chicken coop with a sledgehammer!

----- Stephanie Fisher 06.12.10 09:42

#DELIGHT Kept the dustbunnies down to a soft roar

----- Joanne 06.12.10 09:42

#DELIGHT - I walked 60 miles over 3 days to fight breast cancer!

----- Stephanie Fisher 06.12.10 09:42

#DELIGHT I learned how to make apple pie

----- stephanie 06.12.10 09:40

#GENTS I learned how to tie a bow tie and how to give a proper wedding speech.

----- Ju 06.12.10 09:39

#GENTS I sewed cafe curtains for my kitchen window…in a print of little white Datsuns on black linen.

----- slowe 06.12.10 09:37

#DELIGHT I sewed cafe curtains for my kitchen window.

----- slowe 06.12.10 09:36

#GENTS I grew a full moustache this year and started using Groom & Clean.

----- Jared 06.12.10 09:34

#DELIGHT i quit burping.

----- sophia 06.12.10 09:31

I made Thanksgiving dinner for my family.. that’s pretty ladylike, right? #DELIGHT

----- Tran 06.12.10 09:30

#GENTS - I’ve discovered the joy of fatherhood and caring for an infant.

----- Max 06.12.10 09:26

#DELIGHT - This year, I’ve learned to keep unkind thoughts to myself.

----- Max 06.12.10 09:26

#GENTS- My husband did the manliest thing this year by being the greatest and most helpful person for my whole family after the passing of my father. He was the executive assistant everytime the phone rang and we weren’t up to talking and fixing all the little household fixes around the house that my father would’ve done. It still chokes me up when I realize he is the greatest husband in the world.

----- Kathleen 06.12.10 09:26

#GENTS I helped install a lexan windshield in my friends drift car and offroaded my jeep in the woods.

----- Chris Wilkinson 06.12.10 09:22

#GENTS I bought a tobacco pipe and smoked it on my sailboat with a glass of whiskey

----- Max 06.12.10 09:15

Love those Rocks.

----- D'Arcy O'Neill 06.12.10 09:08

#GENTS I would guess the most manly/gentlemanly thing I’ve done this year is I bought a proper pair of wingtip boots. Wait … surely I’ve done something more manly …. hmmmm. I guess that accomplishes both manly and gentlemanly in one fell swoop though. OK I’ll leave it at that.


----- Aaron 06.12.10 08:58

#GENTS Became a Ravens fan and started watching football regularly for the first time in years.

----- timeismine 06.12.10 08:57

#DELIGHT Made my home more guest-friendly with lovely vintage table and barware and throws. I shall be a gracious hostess!

----- timeismine 06.12.10 08:56

#DELIGHT My daughter attempted to breast feed on me (dad). I guess that’s about the most ladylike thing I’ve done.


----- Aaron 06.12.10 08:55

#GENTS — I hauled 4,000+ lbs. of concrete mix bags in a manual-transmission dump truck and loaded and unloaded them myself.

----- Spencer 06.12.10 08:53

#GENTS - Had my first 3 piece suit tailored in Shanghai whilst there. I am now a proper gentleman.

----- Daimian 06.12.10 08:50

#GENTS I tossed a 50lb. tire 400m. in 6 minutes and 42 seconds! Then I ate a radnormous hamburger and rounded out the night by rubbing my wife’s feet while watching Conan the Barbarian.

----- Brian 06.12.10 08:46

#GENTS I went to the gym and then had a beer afterwards.

----- Luis 06.12.10 08:42

#DELIGHT - I had facial, manicure and pedicure

#GENTS - I had facial manicure and pedicure

----- Andy 06.12.10 08:41

#GENTS Carried and used a pocketknife.

----- Ryan 06.12.10 08:39

#GENTS I carved the Thanksgiving turkey for the first time (is that manly or is it just my family where mom always cooks and dad always carves?)

----- Tim 06.12.10 08:34

#DELIGHT the most ladylike thing (and the best thing) i’ve done this year is quit smoking!

----- melissa 06.12.10 08:30

#DELIGHT I bought and actually did wear once my first stilleto shoes.

----- Agnieszka 06.12.10 08:24

#DELIGHT When my lease was up, I left my house in better shape than when I got it. That’s the one thing I learned camping in Girl Scouts: to leave a place in the same or better shape than when you arrived!

----- Deanna 06.12.10 08:23


Well, I grew a beard and began wearing bowties (real ones) and assumed myself as an old-fashioned guy with my jazz and everything.

----- Philibert 06.12.10 08:22

#DELIGHT - I’m learning to be a girl and have (1) learned how to put my hair up in a bun so I don’t look like a ponytailed slob at work (courthouse) and (2) finally bought a dress for dressy events like weddings.

#GENT - I also started shaving with a safety razor, since shaving had been so frustrating for me otherwise, which seems to be more on the manly side of things.

----- jessa 06.12.10 08:17

#GENTS i sent this entire past weekend pickling and canning the hottest, most explosive fiery habanero dill pickles one can imagine! anyone who gets a jar of these for the Holidays might be sorry they did after eating one!

----- Christian 06.12.10 08:16

#GENTS - Built a bed-frame and coffee table for a lady-friend in need of cheap, decent furniture.

----- Kevin Weddell 06.12.10 08:09

#DELIGHT I have stayed with my elderly father and made him dinners this year when my mother left. Ladylike like in the Victorian era!

----- Sara F 06.12.10 08:08

#GENTS ~ Ate more red meat and drank more whiskey than before while punching Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris in the face while howling at a wolf who was howling at the moon… without a shirt on.

----- allen 06.12.10 08:05

I purchased a Dewalt hand drill and used it!

----- Wolfie 06.12.10 08:05

Purchased overpriced undergarmets.

----- Wolfie 06.12.10 08:04

#DELIGHT - I apply ideas I have learned from my parents by having good manners, always being polite and think of others. Social courtesy and consideration can go a long way. Thanks to my parents for teaching me those basics of etiquette!

----- Aurore Fournier 06.12.10 08:04

I ate raw meat and chugged whiskey while punching Vin Diesel in the face and howling at the moon… without a shirt on.

----- allen 06.12.10 07:59

#DELIGHT I quit smoking!

----- JB 06.12.10 07:57

I’ve used lots of power tools & woodworking skills—including the recent revamping of some old library catalogs i purchased. I’ve convinced my man to wear more bowties and ties and i’ve also started wearing some bowties (i made some old bowties into bracelets). :)

----- Hallie 06.12.10 07:50

#GENTS ~ I took up the practice of enjoying port and cigars after particularly standout meals.

----- Jeffery 06.12.10 07:49

#GENTS I was finally able to grow facial hair and I shaved it off with a broken whiskey bottle.

----- Carlo 06.12.10 07:48

#GENTS Treat with kindness and dignity everyone.

----- Chebo Campos 06.12.10 07:47

#GENTS The most manly thing I’ve done is make women feel good about themselves.

----- Noah 06.12.10 07:46

Something ladylike that I’ve done this year was sewing my own hounds tooth bubble skirt.

----- Selina Wong 06.12.10 07:45

#GENTS ~ I did a lot of hiking this year which always makes me feel pretty manly. Namely, climbed up the sheerest face of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia NP.

----- Ryan 06.12.10 07:43

When I got robbed in Barcelona, I ran after the guy who was on the bike and snatched my bag back. Definitely felt manly, even though I’m a girl :)

----- Pei 06.12.10 07:36

#DELIGHT sewed newborn baby kimonos for my neices!

----- Anna 06.12.10 07:30

#GENTS I grew a beard and learned how to rewire a lamp ;)

----- Robert 06.12.10 07:30

#Gents: I became a father for the second time this year :)

----- Chris B 06.12.10 07:25

#DELIGHT This year I stopped drinking! Since it had previously caused me to do not so “ladylike things [peeing in streets, throwing up, yelling at people, making out with randoms etc etc]. Now when I go out I am in full control, fully composed and a proper lady-and still oozes of fun!

----- MandyCakes 06.12.10 07:25

#GENTS I peed standing up while drinking a beer from one hand and firing a crossbow with the other.

----- cole 06.12.10 07:24

#DELIGHT A lady should always be polite, refined, and considerate of others. That’s why this year, I’ve started saying “excuse me” on the subway platforms of New York. It actually works!

----- Charlotte 06.12.10 07:21

I think manners go a long way. Especially in today’s society manners can really make a person stand out. As a lady who likes lady-like things and decorum, I have made a great effort to improve my manners and look forward to that being an ongoing project!

----- Kelsey J 06.12.10 07:19

I grew at least six more hairs on my chest this year

----- David. b 06.12.10 07:18

Buckyballs, here I come!

----- Lindsay 06.12.10 07:18

#GENTS I helped my friend out the water after trying to kill themselves, then I kindly carried her to hospital!

----- Craig 06.12.10 07:18

grown a beard

----- dylan 06.12.10 07:17

#GENTS I carried 2 suitcases from the train for a young lady.

----- Eoin 06.12.10 07:16

#DELIGHT I’m a MAN, and I just mustered up the courage to wear tights over, not under, a pair of Alexander McQueen heels, get my makeup done complete with lipstick and do a photo shoot all girly feeling deep inside :P

----- Edward 06.12.10 07:08

#DELIGHT watched the entire series of “That Girl” :)

----- jillian 06.12.10 07:07

#DELIGHT I sit with my legs crossed and my back straight. Book a top my head, anyone?

----- Roxanne 06.12.10 06:59

#DELIGHT I bought my first pair of expensive shoes, with visions of professionalism dancing in my head. No more cracked pleather for me.

----- Danielle 06.12.10 06:59

Well, I’m going to a holiday tea in a couple weeks!

----- Ginny 06.12.10 06:58

#DELIGHT I got married! By far and away the girliest and most ladylike I’ve ever been… My hair was pretty, I was wearing a green silk frock with pink petticoats and very high heels. I had make-up and pearl jewellery and painted toenails. I was even wearing a veil, which has to be the epitome of ladylike! In contrast my day-to-day clothing consists of jeans, converse and a t-shirt. I don’t blow dry my hair and I hardly ever wear make-up. I plan on being ladylike again one day, but not for a while - it’s really hard work!

----- Sophie 06.12.10 06:54

#GENTS I’ve been working out… put on 5 lbs. of muscle this year, weighting in at 155 lbs. hoo raw.

----- Eric 06.12.10 06:52

#GENTS Had a poo in the woods

----- Windle 06.12.10 06:47

Had a poo in the woods

----- Windle 06.12.10 06:46

#GENTS Started home brewing and restored a vintage 1952 refrigerator and converted it into the coolest kegerator ever.

----- spacewolf 06.12.10 06:42

I love Delight! I ordered the whiskey stones for my husbands 30th this year.

----- Ro 06.12.10 06:40

Wore my first man-thong!

----- Sean 06.12.10 06:34

#DELIGHT “Luck be a lady tonight!” I would say the most ladylike thing I’ve done this year is get married! ;)

----- Erika A. 06.12.10 06:34

My fight delayed for another 2 hours do to weather complications drove me to the sudden urge to explore the densly corwded airport, what was at the time the biggest airport i had ever been in. In desperation of frootless seach in a bar that may have some resembense of mexico, a few more random turns then i made it to a small hispanic looking bar. As i opened the door for a lady behind me, the very young lady, her eyes of the most beautyfull shade of brown topaz and skin ever so slightly sun kissed walked on passed me. As she walks past me in to the bar, our eyes met for just a fraction of time then she dissapired in to the crowd. That night i got waisted, mugged twice as i tried to catch a taxi in foreing language i did’nt know, and slept by a dumpster where i would later that morning wake up to the most lovely sounds of all, a hooker and a hobo having sex across the ally i slept in. On the bright side, i now get to tell my story only hours away from my actual wedding day, my wedding day i so longed for. I am the luckyest man in the world, i get to walk down the ile only to meet that still bright and beautifull lady we once shared a split second that suck with both of us for 15 years until this very day.

----- gio304 06.12.10 06:18

I can’t say that i’ve done anything particularly gentlemanly this year. I think it’s best to continue to be a gentleman all year long. (pulling out chairs, opening doors, offering your jacket to someone colder than you…these things aren’t that hard to do, so why wouldn’t you?)

----- Marshall Cox 06.12.10 06:17

#GENTS Not just manly, I felt I became a man when I went back to a job I didn’t think I could handle mentally anymore, tore down all our miscommunications and drove it toward something positive and securing a better future for me and mine next year. All while breaking in my new jeans no less.

----- William 06.12.10 06:17

i think i bought a dress this year. i also put on lipgloss once..

----- Rachel Hendrix 06.12.10 06:09

#Gents: I joined secret service at MI6 and saved the queen from steeping on a puddle of mud with my 2k leather jacket.. With queen i mean my fiance, with a 2k jacket meaning that we went around and with MI6 meaning that we are going to get married next month :D shhh keep my secret..

----- Walter 06.12.10 06:04

#GENTS Something manly, I started volunteering as a coordinator for a Men’s group, doing activities like fishing, hiking and barbeques for men with mental illness.

----- Clayton Fletcher 06.12.10 05:57

#GENTS built a seesaw at an orphanage

----- Jacob 06.12.10 05:52

#DELIGHT got a mani/pedi

----- Jacob 06.12.10 05:51

#DELIGHT This year I dedicated lots of time to my girl friends and transformed the concept of “me-time” into “us-time”.

----- vanina 06.12.10 05:48

Look, its my birthday December 9th. Leaving comments, however creative, has never worked so far, so im just hoping that maybe youll take my special day into consideration and let me win. thanks

----- Judith 06.12.10 05:37

#Delight I wore a pashmina.

----- Lori 06.12.10 05:33

#DELIGHT This year I bought my first proper designer bag, which was such a major deal for me that I left my card in the till after paying.

----- Yvonne 06.12.10 05:31

This year I wall papered my kitchen in a sweet, 60’s inspired floral print.

----- Rose James 06.12.10 05:25

#GENTS I’ve tried to maintain a gentleman-ly lifestyle by dressing like a gentlemen and practicing chivalry everyday.

----- James D. 06.12.10 05:24

#DELIGHT I am a man that got a manicure this year…don’t tell anyone though

----- Jacob Wells 06.12.10 05:17

#GENTS I held a door open for an old lady. Pretty classic gentlemanly stuff.

----- Dann 06.12.10 05:17

#DELIGHT I’ve learned to cook something edible and didn’t lose composure when I saw a mouse.

----- Iris 06.12.10 05:09

As far as manliness goes, I got my wife pregnant on the first try! Little girl on the way!

----- brado1977 06.12.10 05:08

#DELIGHT “Ladylike” seems a bit ambiguous and loaded, but I will say that to me, twirling around a parasol that was a birthday gift. I felt very dainty and pretty all summer with its pretty lace! :)

----- Ayla 06.12.10 04:54

#DELIGHT: I jumped from the sartorial word of casual tomboyishness into leggings and dresses.

----- kate 06.12.10 04:47

#DELIGHT This year I bought a vintage Chanel necklace for a friend! Sooooo pretty and so feminine. She loves it.

----- Laura 06.12.10 04:38

#GENTS I bought my first ever custom tailored suit. Yes it was reeaaly hard to justify and I was terrified at the first fitting session but now I look all classical and manly in a beautiful suit.

----- Will VB 06.12.10 04:35

#DELIGHT I adopted a shelter dog with separation anxiety. I changed my lifestyle for her, but she has changed me!

----- Annie 06.12.10 04:23

#GENTS I stopped a fight in the street. I felt manly after that.

----- Pete Hinchcliffe 06.12.10 04:15

#DELIGHT This year is when I bought my first designer bag that started my obsession.

----- Ricah 06.12.10 03:37

#DELIGHT I took a Cupcakes Culinary Class, how girly is that?

----- Camila F. 06.12.10 03:33

#DELIGHT I learned how to sew with a machine, to cook a roast and all the fixin’s to entertain my husband’s coworkers, as well as brushing up on my social graces on how to be a good housewife. I daintily pushed back 50 years of feminism with my comment before I demurely beseeched for a Delightful wooden elephant.

----- Hannah 06.12.10 02:15

I became a great deal more ladylike this year. I started wearing dresses & heels a lot. I cut down my cussing to almost nothing. I started cooking and cleaning for my man on a regular basis. If we’re talking traditional definitions of ladylike, I’m most of the way there. #DELIGHT

----- Leona 06.12.10 01:31

#DELIGHT I painted my cell phone with glittery nail polish to show off how girly I am!

----- Jaime 06.12.10 01:27

#GENTS- I started re-instituting chivalry in my day-day life.

----- Lucas Lund 05.12.10 23:47

#GENTS - I took apart an old trashed oak desk, refinished the top, and made a new kitchen table.

----- rich 05.12.10 23:29

#GENTS must think what have i done this year to share regarding this matter… well well well - think, that adventure of renewing a boat with some basic tools is good enough to say - it’s a man thing that is done;)

----- martins 05.12.10 23:23

#GENTS - My manly activity of the year was cutting wood in the forest with my bear hands (yes, bear hands) while wearing a my flannel shirt and levi jeans.

----- Collin Banko 05.12.10 22:51

#DELIGHT Remembering my manners, I have hand-written Thank-you notes constantly throughout the year, and have just bought new stationary for Christmas thank you notes… Gotta keep my “ladylike” penmanship alive.

----- Mikaela 05.12.10 22:43

#GENT besides life, the manliest thing of the year would have to be re-wiring an entire house!!

----- Levi Montez 05.12.10 22:35

#DELIGHT saved up and bought my first chanel purse!!

----- carissa gonzalez 05.12.10 22:31

#DELIGHT I’ve taken to knitting dishcloths for my loved ones—ladylike and sustainable!

----- Liz 05.12.10 22:29

#GENTS I took up my son’s carpet and sistered a 2x4 to the floor beam to provide support for some floorboards that the previous owner had left dangling.

----- Thomas 05.12.10 22:16

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