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Holiday Giveaway #13: Incase- 12.06.10

incasemain.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Carla in Vancouver, Francis in the Philippines, Mooni in SF, Rafidah in Brunei, David in the Philippines, Dylan in Oklahoma City, Jacob in Birmingham, AL, and Tommy in San Gabriel, CA.

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #13 is here ~ and today our friends from Incase are giving 8 lucky winners: a bundle of cases from the Perforated Collection! Here’s how it breaks down - we have 5 sets of iPhone 4 Perforated Snap Cases in black, purple, and white - and 3 sets of iPhone 4 Perforated Snap Cases in black and white and an iPad Perforated Snap Case in White.

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 10th (PST) (Totally random, but when i stare at these cases, i can’t help but thinking about panning for gold.) So for a chance to win, share what treasures you hope to sift out of 2011 in the comments! Also #iPad in the comment if you’re an iPadder ~ and i’ll assume you either have an iPhone 4 or want some cases for a friend if you’re entering in general!

iphone.jpg iPhone 4 Perforated Snap Cases

Here’s what we have 5 bundles of to give away! iphone1.jpg



pad.jpg iPad Perforated Snap Case

Here’s what we have 3 bundles of to give away! ipad1.jpg


Love the way you can poke at the case through the packaging… ipad3.jpg

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 10th (PST) (Totally random, but when i stare at these cases, i can’t help but thinking about panning for gold.) So for a chance to win, share what treasures you hope to sift out of 2011 in the comments! Also #iPad in the comment if you’re an iPadder ~ i’ll assume you either have an iPhone 4 or want some cases for a friend if you’re entering!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: incase.jpg

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254 Notes

I’m sifting for a promotion at my workplace so that I can do more exciting things and the respect and responsibilities that come with it! #iPad

----- Ash 10.12.10 13:38

I hope to sift through this pile of visual bureaucracy I need to create so I can get back to what really matters.

----- Bake 10.12.10 13:11

I hope to divine a job and a continued education from 2011!!

----- Marie 10.12.10 12:10

This would go great with my iPad and keep it safe for the baby on the way in 2011!!

----- Michael 10.12.10 09:54

New cases for a new phone. Yea!!

----- Stacey 10.12.10 07:06

Copper coins and rusted nails hiding in the ground
while I search round and round for valuables once lost
that shall be FOUND! :P

----- Helen long 09.12.10 23:55

I’ll pan the stars out of the sky through my incase perforated cases!

----- Kate S 09.12.10 22:20

Hoping to sift out the effects of coding non-synonymous variants on protein function… & stuff.

----- Matthew Ready 09.12.10 21:35

# iPhone & iPad
+++ screw sifting for gold - the CA gold rush has come and gone - with the soft economy and my salary being cut negative 30K this year i am using that iPad with the help of the amazebawls incase perf cover to sift for diAAAHHmonds hunaaay. using that iPad lookin for me a design job that pays bank and has a fair with work/life balance - callin on the universe hallelujah amenz - the incase perf case for my iPhone 4 would work to find smaller diamonds +++

----- dan 09.12.10 19:47

I’m hoping I find a direction once I graduate college in May.. ha ha

----- Gabriel G 09.12.10 17:54

Me wants cake!

----- Antoana 09.12.10 16:04

I hope to make it out of the country again!

----- marlo 09.12.10 15:52


----- Kenny Garcia 09.12.10 15:22

In 2011 i hope to win an incase cover.

----- Melissa 09.12.10 14:12

I will treasure my 10th visit to the Lowlands Festival here in the Netherlands.. This will be my second lustrum and to celebrate a lot of my friends bought tickets just so they can be there with me (and of course for their own enjoyment). I do not have any Apple-based products but my friends do so to thank them I would organize a raffle if I win.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 09.12.10 13:49

I’ll sift flour, and take my vegan cupcakes on the road!

----- RACHEL 09.12.10 13:06

I hope to sift out all my junk and make a clean 2011!!!

----- Mark Y. 09.12.10 12:15

In 2011, I hope to sift a new job for myself, one SO fulfilling that I won’t have quite so much day-time to spend on notcot. Much as I love it!

----- byron818 09.12.10 11:07

I am hoping that Verizon will finally get iphones so I can use an incase!

----- Jamie 09.12.10 10:55

I hope to sift several shining A’s from all these pre-holiday exams.

----- Ian S. 09.12.10 09:10

My son just picked up an iPhone4, these wonderful holey cases would be perfect to stuff in his stocking!

----- Eric 09.12.10 08:56

I hope to be more dilligent and maybe score a new apartment in 2011.

----- Thomas Lees 09.12.10 06:24

I hope to gain the treasure of inner peace through the strength of independence. 2010 has been a hard year, lost a lot. Looking forward to taking 2011 in my own two hands. It’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

----- Zac 09.12.10 04:42

I’m not convinced you could call it sifting, but I’m very much hoping to have a baby in 2011, which is the best kind of treasure

----- Sophie 09.12.10 02:47

Who has two thumbs and loves incase? this guy.

----- Derrick 09.12.10 01:28

I hope to sift out an awesome and meaningful job in 2011, #ipad

----- Justin R 08.12.10 20:27

A treasure that i sift is To Graduate from college… My civil engineering career is begging to shape up if i treasure it.

----- Joseph Sarti 08.12.10 19:58

In 2011 I hope to graduate university.


----- Steven 08.12.10 19:06

Gorgeous cases!

Hoping to sift out all the negative things and people out of life, leaving me with sparkly happy people :) xoxo

----- Melissa 08.12.10 18:58

happiness, love, puppies and some good bread pudding.

----- amelia 08.12.10 16:16

The Verizon iPhone!

----- Mike 08.12.10 15:55

The iPhone case will come in handy if I’m camping and forgot to bring the colander along.

----- David 08.12.10 13:42

I want one of these so i can stick toothpicks in my iphone and make a miniature torture device for my colleague at work, every time he reaches for the mouse it’ll poke him!

----- Simon 08.12.10 12:17

Winning something one day!

----- Tristan 08.12.10 10:44

I hope to stay stress free… even with sifting out a job

----- Jen 08.12.10 10:41

i hope to find a lot of support for my two new businesses :)

----- NIC LEGGETT 08.12.10 09:47

I’m hoping to sift out all sorts of procrastination this year. So I can be more efficient and have more time for the things that matter.

----- Selina Wong 08.12.10 07:52

I hope to sift out an 11” MacBook Air!

----- Chana 08.12.10 07:04

I am panning for a nursing degree in 2011!

----- Lea 08.12.10 03:26

yes please NOTCOT randomiser!

----- Lindsay 08.12.10 01:24

#ipad travel!

----- dan s 07.12.10 22:25

sifting for more loot! and by loot, i mean joy :)

----- daniel 07.12.10 22:22

Love the iPhone case just wish my iPhone 4 was not so heavy

----- Louise buckingham 07.12.10 22:10

In 2011 I hope to sift out lots of new clients that want art.

----- Andrew 07.12.10 21:03

For 2011, hoping for a better year.

----- Ames 07.12.10 21:02

Sifting out of 2011? Playing more, and publishing a couple articles.

----- Joe Wasserman 07.12.10 20:17

To kiss someone under the misteltoe.

----- Denise 07.12.10 18:44

To kiss someone under the misteltoe.

----- Denise 07.12.10 18:44

I love my current job (a rarity, I know!) but I long for the opportunity to sift out a job doing the creative stuff I do for myself - but for a living. Until that day comes,I’m gonna keep painting

----- taryn 07.12.10 18:38


In 2011, I hope that I get through my last year of medical school unscathed :)

----- Benjamin D. 07.12.10 17:50

i would love to sift away allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (yea.. big alllllllll) unneeded and foolish things around me and allow me to focus on the hear and now! whoop!

----- jonathan 07.12.10 17:49

in 2011 I hope to sift our 2012. Got to be one step ahead.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 07.12.10 17:10

I need to win something, I’m broke.

----- Bolo 07.12.10 16:38

aww i want the purple one.

----- Emily C 07.12.10 16:10

more creative work and more not cot giveaway’s.

----- constantinos 07.12.10 15:30

Panning for a lot of new business.

----- James D. LaCroix 07.12.10 15:13

Sorry to be gross, but I’m hoping to get knocked up by my husband. A Yoshitomo Nara art book would be sweet too.

----- Audrey R 07.12.10 15:04

In 2011, I’ll be auditioning for colleges as a percussionist. My only goal for the year is to get in, so I hope I’ll sift that out of the new year.

----- Jess 07.12.10 13:40

A new place to live and a brighter future!

----- Tooky 07.12.10 13:29

I’m hoping to sift out an iPad, a new job, and (if I can manage to talk my boyfriend into it) to adopt a 2nd kitten!

----- Diana 07.12.10 13:00

I was holding out for the white iPhone, but now I’d like to sift out a white incase. 2011 travel bound!

----- Nazir 07.12.10 12:28

Panning for an iPhone and #iPad cover I actually like! Also a wedding venue, the wedding itself and enough riches to visit my family back in the UK!

----- Spencer 07.12.10 12:22

Iphone 4 on my xmas list!

----- Mike 07.12.10 12:06

i’d love to finally “sift out” a good fitness regimen (i’ve gained weight for the third year in a row!).

----- justin p 07.12.10 11:58


----- DavidFre 07.12.10 11:53

#ipad i would love one in purple for my ipad (would match my sleeve!) but would be conent with white :-)

----- somerset 07.12.10 11:36

In 2011, I want to find the inspiration to create wonderful art. I’d also like to find a couple of million pounds, so I can help out some friends around the world who so very much need it.

----- James 07.12.10 11:16

i just saw my wife wrapping an Ipad gift for me - this ones will look good on it definitely!

----- jay 07.12.10 11:08

I’m totally set to sift out some happiness, love, and peace.

----- Sean 07.12.10 11:06

I look forward to cleaning out my art studio and starting new projects all year!

----- Drew 07.12.10 10:54

I am hoping to sift out some quality time/memories with my grandma who will be coming from England for her 90th for a surprise Alaskan cruise! I would like to win this for her because she decided to learn computers at 90 and bought herself an ipad for her birthday! Isn’t she cool?

----- Carla Pienaar 07.12.10 10:37

I hope to sift out the the holiday stress :p
#iphone 4

----- James 07.12.10 10:10

#Ipad australia. i want to sift through the sands of the australian desert on 2011.

----- iko 07.12.10 09:54

In 2011, I hope I can marry my lovely bf~

----- Andy 07.12.10 09:39

incase rocks!

----- Trevor 07.12.10 09:27

I hope to sift out a vacation to Tokyo

----- Jason 07.12.10 09:21

I hope to sift out the new Smart ED for an eco life ! :)

----- Andre 07.12.10 09:13

Panning for…a good job

----- Brendan 07.12.10 09:00

I’m hoping to sift out some sweet #iPad and iPhone cases for myself and friends!!! :)

----- Lindsay 07.12.10 08:59

#iPad I need this!,

----- Erick 07.12.10 08:50

I would love to win the I Phone case for my friend who is very attached to her I phone, as we are too, when with her. When all of us middle aged friends are together and we can’t remember a name or place (which is about every 10 seconds), our conversation comes to a halt until we look it up using her I phone.

----- Cindy Beckler 07.12.10 08:44

#ipad I hope to sift through the morning routine a bit faster and leave more time for work.

----- Jamie 07.12.10 08:35

#ipad I’m hoping to have my new business skyrocket.

----- Tyler Platts 07.12.10 08:27

#ipad I’m hoping to find my way to a new car!

----- Brittany Platts 07.12.10 08:26

#iPhone it would be nice to have one of these spangley cases to stick on my phone so that I can then spin it around in the hope of hypnotising my flatmate into panning out some tasty gingerbread men.

----- Peachtree 07.12.10 08:19

More work-life balance

----- Pei 07.12.10 08:14

panning for an increase in creative outpour and a decrease in useless worries!

----- Grace 07.12.10 07:57

I hope to sift out all the insignificant worries and stresses of everyday to reveal the goals I plan to accomplish in 2011.

----- alliehill 07.12.10 07:53

I’m hoping to bag myself a publishing deal this coming year. That’s the best possible treasure I could have. Unless, of course, you mean something tangible, in which case an engagement ring might be nice….

----- Cill 07.12.10 07:42

I look forward to finding the treasures hidden in Salt Lake City when I move back home in February!

----- Tom 07.12.10 07:29

These are some of the few cases that don’t add too much thickness to either the iPhone or iPad. Love em.

----- D'Arcy O'Neill 07.12.10 07:22

I’d love either an iPad or iPhone4 perf case - I was a huge fan of the one I had on my now-retired iPhone 3G, and pretty much anything incase does is beautiful.

----- Jon Crowley 07.12.10 07:21

*iPhone 4gen
I would like more stuff from http://meninos.us/, the best onlinestore ever :)

----- Mads Ravn 07.12.10 06:57

I hope to sift out a great design or two and get something worthwhile out there

----- David. b 07.12.10 06:54

i need another hole in my iphone case like i need …

----- Rav 07.12.10 06:48

if by treasure you mean food…I would be straining my pasta with these bad boys from am to pm. mini bow-tie pasta for sure

----- Rudy 07.12.10 06:39

hoping to sift out some interesting records!

----- alex 07.12.10 06:33

Awesome! Had one of these on my 3GS. Would look awesome on my iPhone 4 and iPad!


----- Matthew K 07.12.10 06:30

a new job that challenges me, and I enjoy.

----- katalia 07.12.10 06:29

the treasures i’ll be panning for in 2011 would be: a stipend increase, a vacation for a month(or two), and possibly a PhD degree

----- ellaqezi 07.12.10 06:22

I hope to sift out a shift at my job. I love working on the holidays & trying to help the kids that weren’t able to go home have a fun holiday. I’d also like a little bit of money from my mom so I can snowboard with my step brother when he flies in at January. #iPad
~~~ I have an incase P-Rod backpack and love it! I bet these covers are super good quality also.

----- Scott Yates 07.12.10 05:54

I hope to get my moped running in 2011. Then maybe i can use my iPhone 4 as a speedometer. Thanks!

----- Ennis 07.12.10 05:50

I hope to sift the snow from my drive

----- Eoin 07.12.10 05:50

I hope to sift through all these voices in my head.

----- Paul 07.12.10 05:18

#ipad im hoping to sift through all the open jobs and find myself a CAREER.

----- curtis 07.12.10 04:54

I am panning for a better financial situation. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

----- Renee Richardson 07.12.10 04:53

I want to win some of these!

----- range 07.12.10 04:45

I hope i win a Fivb World tour event ..

----- emir 07.12.10 04:42

I hope to sift out acceptance to law school!

----- Iris 07.12.10 04:28

I was very dissapointed with apple with the anttena issues on my new Iphone. Im happy they did the responsible thing and are taking care of it.

----- Marquita Grinie 07.12.10 03:42

Eat a donut…taste the hole. Without Perforations we are all in darkness…let the light in.

----- Lorenzo Faen 07.12.10 03:37

sift treasure - lift pleasure; twenty11 - plenty heaven; iPhone - why moan; iPad - sky had; incase - inspace :) #iPad

----- gozz 07.12.10 03:10

These look like they would make a comfy home for my boyfriend’s new iPhone 4.

----- Nicola 07.12.10 02:21

Planing to start my M.A. studies… #ipad

----- Stav 07.12.10 01:20

I love this case!! Can it be my Christmas present?? =)

----- Nata! 07.12.10 01:18

Hopefully a great year in 2011. Hope to join the dance crew I want to at my school and woo a girl.

----- J 07.12.10 01:10

:.:.: Loving the perforations! .:.:.:

----- Dave S 07.12.10 00:40

I’m panning for gold, literally, to help pay off my fricking hospital bills!

----- Jessie 07.12.10 00:22

i hope to sift out some more travel in 2011

----- becky 07.12.10 00:13

Make an ollie higher and maybe learn another tricks (Skateboarding)

----- Pol 07.12.10 00:02

#iPad I hope to finish college on December 20th this year, that would be the best present

----- Gonzalo Roldan 06.12.10 23:56

#iPad Hoping to sift out career and general direction of life woes #iPad

----- chris williams 06.12.10 23:50

2011 will hopefully bring a more disciplined, more organized, more effective, and more focused me. Also, a more protected me, hopefully thanks to the iPhone 4 case…

----- Ravi 06.12.10 23:41

a back to the future hoverboard (FINALLY) #iPad

----- mooni 06.12.10 23:22

A new job is my number one find.

----- Matt J 06.12.10 23:07

Incase I don’t get a Christmas present, this would rock.

----- Stuart 06.12.10 23:00

#iPad i hope to sift out an ipad! or maybe a verizon iphone christmas miracle.

----- rich 06.12.10 22:53


I am hoping that I get this promotion that I am hoping for.

----- Dave 06.12.10 22:47

I haven’t set my 2011 goals yet, but a top one will be a healthy first birth experience.

----- Susan Kelley 06.12.10 22:30

panning for… lots of cool gifts like this ones. #iPad

----- oskar hb 06.12.10 22:28

#iPad I hope I sift out some sort of direction in my life! I’m sure it’s hidden here somewhere…

----- Jeremy 06.12.10 22:27

I’m hoping to sift out all of the negative energy in my life.

Ah, iPhone 4 Case :)

----- Roman 06.12.10 22:24

This coming year, there’s one thing that I’d really like to do sift through… my digital photos. I can only hope that before the new year comes in, I’ll be finished with this year’s virtual stack of photos, both the processed and raw. And they said going digital was going to make your life easier, hehe.

----- David 06.12.10 22:11

I really need a case for the iPad I hope to be buying myself for xmas!

----- Brandon 06.12.10 21:59

Ham Ham Ham!

----- fateeema 06.12.10 21:49

Will looking through this help me appreciate my terrible eyesight?

----- Diandra W 06.12.10 21:49

I hope to sift out a college degree in the coming year. Who said that college only lasts for 4 years? Not me!

----- Lucas Lund 06.12.10 21:49

I hope to sift out incandescent happiness in 2011, and a new cause to champion such as planting trees…and a new posh iphone case in purple would keep me in constant notcot orbit while i do so….

----- leigh 06.12.10 21:35

It would allow me to express myself?

----- JacobA 06.12.10 21:23

Hopefully get my my own apartment. It’s time to leave the mama nest and live on my own. NYC is a big city, but I think I’ll survive.

----- Ray 06.12.10 21:14

#iPad I hope I get into the University of Oregon so I can pursue my masters in architecture

----- Justin 06.12.10 20:52

I hope to sift the possibilities of using my #iPad as a permanent laptop replacement.

----- Ryecob 06.12.10 20:43

in 2011, hope to do better in school and hopefully get a new job

----- jay P 06.12.10 20:41

I hope to sift a better me

----- John 06.12.10 20:21

… … … … … … … .
… A new job I don’t hate …
… … … … … … … .

----- The Slapster 06.12.10 20:19

This would protect the corners of my iphone, cause I always drop it. :(

----- Willa Wilson 06.12.10 20:02

I would go undersea and find some treasure!!

----- Dan Yoon 06.12.10 20:00

Hole-y sweet looking protection

----- Ben K-B 06.12.10 19:52

Panning for acceptance into the JET program get on with having a future and wotnot :) iphone 4 please!

----- Mike 06.12.10 19:41

holy, holy, holy……………

----- Michael Kelly 06.12.10 19:36

If I get some sleep and good clients, I’d be fine! #ipad

----- Etienne Richard 06.12.10 19:25

I hope to move my family to Seattle for new adventures with old friends. And for more growth in my business.

----- Mikell Johnson 06.12.10 18:52

Hoping for some time off from Architecture School!

----- Paul Clements 06.12.10 18:43

I need these! I’ve been using the free iPhone case and it’s painful.. I chose the wrong case, the clear shell case I had for my old phone was so much thinner. Also, my iPad has a bad case as well, so unfortunate… But hopefully I can get my hands on the Eley Kishimoto x InCase iPad case soon, they seem to be sold out of that for now… Enough rambles, I hope I win! :) :)

----- Mayuko 06.12.10 18:34

Looks like a colander to me. either way, i need a case for my new iphon4.

----- rachel 06.12.10 18:24

panning for the right questions to ask.

----- JH 06.12.10 18:09

I hope to sift through a lot of older music from decades ago to unlock some hidden treasures

----- Stacy B. 06.12.10 18:06

Hopefully I’ll sift through the dirt of 2010- to start a new life in California (here I come!)

----- jamie 06.12.10 18:03

#iPad Yes Please!

----- Tommy 06.12.10 17:53

Waiting for someone to sift through the loads of designers out there and choose me to get a product produced!

----- Droz 06.12.10 17:53

In 2011 I am launching my first little online indie/crafty business. I’m so excited as it’s going to be a real creative outlet. I’m a graphic designer and will be illustrating and painting and crafting and doing inspiring things which hopefully people will buy. If not, oh well, I’m doing it anyway for fun!!
May 2011 be the year of much creativeness.
Ooh… I have an iPhone4 and and iPad… :-)

----- Carla 06.12.10 17:44

I hope to finally settle into a home (we may be moving again after just moving in 3 months ago). I hope to finally find the courage to live my life the way I’ve always wanted to but have always been afraid to live. I hope to find the treasures of a happier, more fulfilled me in 2011.

----- Hannah 06.12.10 17:31

Awesome i need a cover for my ipad! or iphone

----- Brion 06.12.10 17:30

Incase never disappoints with stylish protective products! I definitely need one of these for my iPhone!

----- Tiago 06.12.10 17:29

Wishing for world travels!

----- Kay 06.12.10 17:21

Little Big Planet 2, which was supposed to be out in time for my b-day but was instead pushed to next year!

----- Julia R 06.12.10 17:11

I plan to pan for a new pad (apt.) in 2011, as well as some kick-ass adventures.

----- Jeremy 06.12.10 17:08

For 2011…man I can’t wait to get the most out of my traveling plans! Europe here I comeeee!!!!!!!!

----- Joyce 06.12.10 17:02

I hope to swift through unicorn dust, and finally market the stuff.

----- Justin 06.12.10 16:52

The case is cute, I’d want one to impress my mom

----- Mark 06.12.10 16:49

Dots! Comments! Free stuff!

----- Chris Kiuchi 06.12.10 16:49

I hope to sift out a little baby of my own

----- Iva 06.12.10 16:46

A whole lot of perforated goodness. Snap snap.

----- Dian 06.12.10 16:43

I hope to sift my way through unemployment to new found prosperity and meaning.

----- Mundy Hackett 06.12.10 16:42

Sifting for happiness, love, more laughter in this world (Hey, at least it’s free right and it’s a great face exercise that will keep you looking younger) and be surrounded with the people (and animals) that I care… And this perforated case of course :)

----- Emily Bryan 06.12.10 16:36

sift… shift… lift… gift… drift… uplift… nift y…

----- Christine Thompson 06.12.10 16:34

For 2011, I hope to get my creative muse and sobriety.

That, and a positive fortune cookie. #ipad

----- stan 06.12.10 16:33

sift… shift… lift… gift… drift… uplift… nift y…

----- Christine Thompson 06.12.10 16:33

I hope to find the source behind my paper anxiety! It makes college finals terrible; hopefully during 2011 I will tackle this monster.

----- Charlotte 06.12.10 16:24

I would like to sift out something Mac.

----- Alan 06.12.10 16:13

Like a real Pirate, I’ll mostly be looking for pieces o’ eight….
(but X marks the spot for some incase goodies!)

----- Calum MacAulay 06.12.10 16:13

I hope to sift out some more delicious adventures with my fellow foodie friends (

----- evrydayhedonist 06.12.10 15:55

a case incase i drop it. yes please. for saving. not sifting.

----- hula 06.12.10 15:53


----- rey 06.12.10 15:40

“Give as much as you can take” _Irfan KACHWALLA

----- Irfan 06.12.10 15:40

DOWANT an iPhone case =)

----- Ricky 06.12.10 15:32

like the toes of a hot tennis shoe:)

----- lish 06.12.10 15:22

i heart incase!

----- Jordan Rickards 06.12.10 15:14

the chance to do more things that make me happy

----- Mike Rogers 06.12.10 15:13

These are awesome! I’d love one for my new phone. :)

----- Jackie S. 06.12.10 15:12

I’m feeling lucky ;)

----- Jean-Paul 06.12.10 15:12

A real home!

----- Karyn B. 06.12.10 15:08

#iPad I want to find a goldmine when I move to Colorado this summer.

----- Anders 06.12.10 15:05

I’m an #iPad owner and iPhone owner. An love incase. Great giveaway! I’m hoping 2011 will be the year I can get my life back to organized, succeed in med school, and reconnect with my love of serving others and caring for people. To be honest. It’s been a bumpy road in school… Thanks! Happy holidays!

----- Vinny 06.12.10 15:01


----- Ash Ng 06.12.10 14:59

Hoping to sift out some more love and happiness for 2011! Cool cases.

----- Patrick C. 06.12.10 14:57

I hope to sift out some great designs for my portfolio so I can get recognized and hopefully land an interview somewhere.

----- Belinda Carpentier 06.12.10 14:48

I hope to go on an Alaskan cruise with my girlfriend!

----- Jeremy C 06.12.10 14:44

Hopefully a “yes” to my upcoming engagement proposal… :)

----- Zach 06.12.10 14:41

In 2011, I hope to find the meaning of “sift out”, cause I don’t speak a lot of english, and couldn’t find a meaning on the web… #CostaRicaNotCotFan #iPad

----- Maria Lara 06.12.10 14:37

Nice cases, always wanted them.

----- CLS 06.12.10 14:35

great googly moogly.

----- Adam Fox 06.12.10 14:35

Incase is the bomb. I’m hoping to sift out lots of scholarships for studying abroad :D

----- Jake Jones 06.12.10 14:32

I’m hoping to sift out all of the negative energy in my life and a new Incase case for my iPhone 4!

----- Leanne 06.12.10 14:30

So awesome! Those Perforated cases are amazing - I had one for my 3GS and now I totally want one for my #ipad OR iPhone 4!

----- David 06.12.10 14:17

I hope 2011 will bring me joy. It’s my last year of college and a lot of things in my life are coming to an end, but new things are also beginning. I’m starting on a new path to enter medical school and it is a path filled with difficulties and hardship. But at the same time, I am so excited to learn new things and finally do what I’ve been waiting to do all my life: really help people.

----- Ariana 06.12.10 14:16

Please please please be a iPad or a light saber… Are they to big to fit in a pan?

----- Ty 06.12.10 14:06


And iPhone 4 for that matters. This 24 year Windows IT veteran broke down at the feet of the iJuggernaut and I love the simplicity.

Panning for…. quality of life improvements such as more trips and less work. k, I know a bit elitist but I love me some good fun.

----- Charlie 06.12.10 14:05

I don’t have either, but I’d love to get one to give as a gift.

----- Erik Chew 06.12.10 13:56

Hopefully panning for a Porsche Panamerica. I mean, wouldn’t that be a surprise in a small mountain stream? In seriousness, just a happy, health New Year. There’s a lot to be excited about.

----- Brian 06.12.10 13:54

In 2011 I move into my new house and maybe start a family! :)

----- Jaime 06.12.10 13:54


I hope to sift out an new positions that allows me to use my ipad for work in 2011.

----- Forsythia Hopkins 06.12.10 13:52

In 2011 I hope to show (and sell) some new paintings.

----- Paul R, 06.12.10 13:50

#iPad to shoot more international weddings

----- Jacob 06.12.10 13:50

Love my iphone 4. hoping my new job brings me enough good fortune to finally purchase a laptop. I have not had one since it got nabbed my junior year!

----- dakota ortiz 06.12.10 13:46

in 2011 i hope to finally be doing something i love- and maybe travel a bit

----- Whitney 06.12.10 13:43

I’m really pulling for an iPhone with a cheaper contract.

----- Josh C. 06.12.10 13:41

Planning to sift out a new creative thoughts and ideas from my noggin.

----- DylanB 06.12.10 13:41


----- Mark 06.12.10 13:40

Hmm… I’m really pulling for an even better #iPad, with more storage and memory.

----- Josh C. 06.12.10 13:39

I hope to sift through my own future to bring myself a more fulfilling career. Essentially, the whole quit-working-for-the-man song. And I am an #ipad -er.

----- Zoë Cullie 06.12.10 13:39

Treasures to be sifted include health and happiness…without the former, the latter is intangible.

----- brucet45410 06.12.10 13:39

Well since I’m getting an iPhone 4 for Christmas, I hope to sift out some awesomes with that in 2011! :D

----- David 06.12.10 13:35

Those are nice. In 2011 I’d like to be able to visit Tokyo and Seoul.

----- andrew 06.12.10 13:35

Panning for an iPad for my wife! (it’s the right thing to do ;) #iPad

----- Christian 06.12.10 13:33

admittance into grad school

----- steven 06.12.10 13:32

I hope for an ipad with facetime compatibillty

----- Jake 06.12.10 13:31

In 2011; I’m going to be sifting for a new car and pursuing my career dreams. I have and iPhone4. ;) #iPad #iPhone

----- Bradley 06.12.10 13:31

In 2011 I will buy a iPad 2nd Gen, iPhone 5th Gen.. and then kit them out in full incase; what can I say, I’m a Apple fanboy! #iPad

----- Maxim Harper 06.12.10 13:30

I hope to be a happier person during 2011. I would go for either the iPhone 4 case or an iPad case. Thanks for the opportunity.

----- Taylor Brown 06.12.10 13:30

I’m panning for my very first puppy!

----- Jared 06.12.10 13:30

In 2011 I will buy a iPad 2nd gen, iPhone 5th Gen.. and then kit them out in Incase; What can I say, I’m a Apple fanboy!

----- Maxim Harper 06.12.10 13:28

totally hoping for that #iPad case…

----- josh 06.12.10 13:28

I’m hoping that my horizon kompakt camera will produce some lovely ‘PAN’oramic shots. See what I did there.

----- Neil Cooper 06.12.10 13:24

My 2011 will be kinda like the Search for Spock, only Spock will be gainful employment and Kirk will be me. It’s not that far off — Shatner and I both love cheeseburgers and screaming “KHAAAAAAAAAN”. #Ipad

----- Alex 06.12.10 13:24

I hope to ‘sift out’ in ‘11 the logistics of my mini apartment silkscreen studio so I can get’er up and running!

----- Benjamin 06.12.10 13:24

I hope to sift out a higher GPA from 2011! I am not satisfied with my grades this semester, and I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to improve them!

----- Joe V. 06.12.10 13:23

Totally random, but when I stare at these cases, I can’t help but thinking about panning for iphones.

----- Brent 06.12.10 13:23

some (well needed) organization in my life! #iPad

----- KASHYAP 06.12.10 13:21

I am hoping to finally launch my first iPhone/iPad app :) #iPad

----- Miller 06.12.10 13:21

one of these would be neat on my #iPad

----- Brian 06.12.10 13:19


I hope to sift out some great design work that lands me a great job, I’m miserable in my current position. I know that I have some big golden nuggets hidden in my stream of thoughts. I just need to get the right processes to get those nuggets mined and processed for consumer use.

----- Lindsay 06.12.10 13:17

Yummy cases…

----- gValente 06.12.10 13:16

a full-time job with benefits instead of my current position as a contractor / freelancer.

----- Eric 06.12.10 13:15

I’m hoping to pan for happiness. Trouble is, you need a really fine mesh to catch it!

----- Dann 06.12.10 13:13

Trying to sift out all the haters!

----- Seth 06.12.10 13:12

In 2011 I hope to sift out happiness:)

----- Bianca 06.12.10 13:04

To go to Iceland in May with my best friends and to score an internship for the summer.

----- Marta 06.12.10 12:32

panning for… successful launch of a new brand. #iPad

----- Jes 06.12.10 12:31

I don’t have an iPhone 4 or an iPad. But, the guy that sits near me at work does…..

----- James 06.12.10 12:29

Diamonds… Lots and Lots of Diamonds!

----- Payton 06.12.10 12:28

in 2011, i hope to sift out the stress from my life!

----- melissa 06.12.10 12:27

panning for… a place to get married. I hope my fusband (future husband) and I can find a gorgeous home on the beach in hawaii to have a bbq, drink champagne, and toast the rest of our lives with the ones we love.

----- christine 06.12.10 12:27

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