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Holiday Giveaway #21: Baxter of California- 12.14.10

23-baxter.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Adam in Cincinnati, OH!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #21 is here ~ and today our friends from Baxter of California are giving one lucky reader: a “Flammable” Wood Gift Box! Baxter of California is all about refined men’s grooming, and pulls it off with fun, beautifully packaged style! Also, the candles.. when done… can be used as drinking glasses…These candles lean a bit manlier making them perfect for anyone!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 18th (PST) ~ sharing something that has inspired you today! And as usual, we’ll pick a commenter randomly (of those who actually answer the prompt!) and email them!

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…the taste of snowflakes…

----- SELLi 19.12.10 12:36

Today I was inspired by homemade wrapping paper.

----- Colby 18.12.10 21:11

Today I was inspired by an older couple probably in their sixties who gave a homeless runaway kid a carton of milk and a bag of peanut M&Ms . Every time I end up losing faith in humanity someone like that proves my accusations of our race wrong. To that old couple where ever you may be for the holidays YOU ARE AWESOME!!

----- Patrick Delaney 18.12.10 19:44

My friend’s beautiful christmas decorations inspired me to step up my game and buy some more decorations from Target.

----- Denise 18.12.10 19:01

as always i’m inspired by the things i see on notcot

----- Edward 18.12.10 18:29

I was inspired today by the beautiful yellows and reds of the autumn in Dallas. We’re having a beautiful late fall!

----- Kent Boyer 18.12.10 18:07

I ran into a friend of mine who’s not only going on 15 months of sobriety, but is also finishing her degree, raising two children, working a full-time job, and dedicating herself to lose weight by working out 3 times a week.I was truly inspired to see her turn her life around so swiftly, and found myself gazing in the mirror afterwards. Truly motivating..

----- Gregory R 18.12.10 17:29

Today, I was feeling extremely down. My mom and sister are abroad helping my aunt who is dying from brain tumors, she is only 42. They have been gone for a month already and will be gone until March. This is will be the first Christmas without them. As i sat watching TV today with my dad, A Christmas Story came on. In that moment I considered myself lucky enough to be with my father, healthy, and to be loved by my family no matter where they are. The holidays are about family and love, that in itself is inspiring. Happy Holidays everyone.

----- Parvina 18.12.10 16:30

my friend Joel cause his awesome!

----- cindy kuo 18.12.10 16:18

nothing has inspired me today,
I’ve just woken up at 6pm, after working a 14 hr shift, till 8am, and could use some inspiration
also, something to make me smell better :P

----- Leor Boshi 18.12.10 16:09

awesomee notcot as usual!

----- Joey 18.12.10 15:59

I was inspired by on old couple with so much love helping each other down the street.

----- Blake 18.12.10 15:30

The kids I work with always inspire me. Today has been pretty easy so far. The kids inspire me to be a better person & have better people skills.

----- Scott Yates 18.12.10 13:41

Emily’s smile.

----- Yoshio 18.12.10 12:57

my best friend who helped me through a rough night.

----- Casey 18.12.10 12:24

i’m inspired by notcot today, as always :D

----- zsofia ginter 18.12.10 10:32

Good resource, I’ve added this to my favorites.

----- AUK Mobility 18.12.10 08:16

Good resource, I’ve added this to my favorites.

----- AUK Mobility 18.12.10 07:33

Very inspiring. I’ve learned something today and I’m going to be back.

----- AUK Mobility 18.12.10 07:32

my inspiration is coming from the drizzle in los angeles today. it makes me all moody and contemplative.

----- kim 18.12.10 06:43

Very inspiring. I’ve learned something today and I’m going to be back.

----- AUK Mobility 18.12.10 06:39

Very informative. I’ve learned something today and I’m going to be back.

----- AUK Mobility 18.12.10 06:31

my partner, being the cooking genius that he is, inspired me to experiment with with tonight’s dinner- I’m proud to say it was a success.

----- Jondi 18.12.10 04:23

The rainy weather inspired me to put my hectic plans on hold to have a nice relaxing night in.

----- Ashley 18.12.10 03:46

My little trip to my work through a large amount of fresh snow… Snow is not as common as it used to be in the Netherlands so I’m enjoying every day it snows.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 18.12.10 02:51

My girlfriend’s smile.

----- Collin Banko 17.12.10 23:54

Today, some old photos, inspired me to make a calendar with them for my two best friends..


----- enrica 17.12.10 23:06

Something inspiring? The tons of cookies at my cookie exchange today! That counts, right?

----- Margaret 17.12.10 21:29

friendly cabbie

----- eliot 17.12.10 20:45

today i was inspired by water droplets on my windshield from the wintery mix we had last night. the droplets had frozen into ice and made me rethink its appearance! things got even better after i scraped it off and had to use my wiper fluid to clean up my windshield as i was driving, because it made liquid rivers running through ice droplet fields on my side windows!

----- curtis 17.12.10 20:09

I was inspired to keep pushing the envelope with my own concrete projects by this post from Design fof Mankind today. http://www.designformankind.com/2010/12/concrete-necklaces/

----- April Brooks 17.12.10 19:08

driving my husband to work in the fog, grumbling about car troubles, then looking up and seeing the most beautiful sky. The sun was rising and creating such a pure brilliance and tranquility filled me. It was an amazing bubble. azfillmores @ {gmail} dot com

----- Stephanie F 17.12.10 18:41

Today I was inspired by my grandparents. They are visiting and I always enjoy our conversations about life and their past. Today my grandfather was discussing WWII and it inspired me to ask more questions to people who have more history in their lives. I have learned so much about what my Grandparents experienced in their lives and it has inspired me to get out and do things so I never regret not living my life fully.

----- Aleigha 17.12.10 15:29

I was inspired by the song “Tonight, Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins. Not sure why, the song was running through my head when I woke up, gave it a listen thrice through and it has been a productive day so far!

----- Gabriel G 17.12.10 13:32

watching an old basketball game from 95 and realizing how much we’ve changed

----- Grace 17.12.10 12:59

the sound of raindrops… they call me to go outside and play

----- Jan 17.12.10 12:54

I was inspired by someone in a shop who actually seemed happy it was Christmas, joyous even. She must be new, keep it up as it was infectious.

----- Gregobro 17.12.10 11:50

My wife its what inspire me everyday.

----- roberto 17.12.10 11:21

a day of sun, so so rare in portland right now :)

----- becky 17.12.10 10:52

Tumblr of course. There’s so much beauty on there.

----- james 17.12.10 10:34

Darkness inspired me today. Its been too long since I lay in the dark during the day and just thought.

----- ZachZZ 17.12.10 09:59

I’m inspired by the birds that chirp outside my window, the clouds that’s shape like a dinosaur or a submarine, the shadows cast on a wall, the corny jokes my friends make that - nonetheless, make me laugh, and the innocent smiles friends and strangers give me. These simple things inspired me today to live my life more fully.

----- Charlene Ngo 17.12.10 06:34

today my inspiration is snow! everything is so silent and beautiful outside!

----- marieke 17.12.10 05:39

I’m a huge fan of Baxter of California and an instructor working with special needs students. The biggest inspiration today was seeing one of our 2nd grade students wrestle with ADD and pass her test with flying colors. Simply awesome!

----- David 17.12.10 02:38

my boyfriend definitely inspired me today with words of encouragement and faith to do great things with my artwork. lately since i havent been doing any work, he reminded me what potential i have and knows im going to get over my creative block.

it definitely helps to have someone who believes in you greatly in your life :)

----- SARAH SOH 16.12.10 21:17

This would be a perfect gift for my brother.

----- lace 16.12.10 18:55

I am inspired by my co-workers every day!

----- Drew 16.12.10 18:34

watching the last family guy’s episode, where santa claus was sick of humanity’s badness, so decided not to bring gifts….watch it and you’re going to ask for less gift this christmas….

----- federica 16.12.10 15:47

it finally started to snow. I love getting inspired by snowflakes, how they float, smell and look. wonderful!

----- Alexandra 16.12.10 13:18

the epic corned beef sandwich i just had for lunch!

----- Michael H. 16.12.10 12:33

I was inspired by ancient greeks. I wish I could live their life for one single day, just to experience their culture and time.

----- Tony 16.12.10 11:49

The fact that I’m snowed in and can’t do holiday shopping inspired me to…spend my day on the internet.

----- Jen 16.12.10 11:18

Just caught a re-run of last nights Colbert Report, and am inspired to learn more about technology and the internet.

----- Nicole 16.12.10 11:01

I was inspired by a bright clear day today!
Any day that the weather is nice is a good inspiring day!
And the really cool tattoo book I got from Japan!

----- mark Y. 16.12.10 09:15

Oops I crapped my pants.

----- Ken 16.12.10 08:06

My brother just told me a few weeks ago that he has HIV, that destroy me!!!… but today I saw on the news that someone just found a cure for it but only to one person.. That inspires me to find another cure…

----- Maria Lara 16.12.10 07:41

My Husband inspired me this morning. Gave me that creative jolt I needed to kick start my day and put forth the best ideas I could on a couple projects I am working on.

----- Jordan K 16.12.10 06:30

An old man with an AC/DC Tattoo on his arm!


----- Gabriel Diaz 16.12.10 05:28

What inspired me today is how helpful people can be. I volunteer at a food distribution center, and I needed a couple volunteers. My friends pulled together and 15 people showed up.

----- Mike 16.12.10 01:45

You know not to sound artificial at all, but your website www.notcot.org inspires me everyday as I get new and different ideas just reading through all the different links to what other artists from around the world are doing. It has also made some very nice connections in the art world on people to collaborate with as well. Keep it up NOTCOT!!!!!!

----- Randy Niemann 15.12.10 23:55

Notcot of course. It’s my daily dose of inspiration.

----- val 15.12.10 23:38

My free spirited daughter inspired me today. She is such a joy.

----- Sharon 15.12.10 22:44

Was inspired to work even harder today after seeing my name in the paper about a recent accomplishment. And what better for an accomplished guy than accomplished shaving gear :)? (cocky, yes. true, yes.)

----- Luke 15.12.10 22:19

I reread some of my favourite parts of Angels in America today, and I was nothing short of inspired. The messages of strength, hope and rebirth are still meaningful today, and re-imagining the production I saw a few weeks ago brought back all of the emotions that came with it. In Mr. Kushner’s words, “The great work begins.”

----- Jess 15.12.10 22:14

I would have to say wearing my first poncho of the season. I got it over the summer when I went to Ecuador for a wedding. Just thinking about when I found it in that beautiful sunny day made walking through the cold streets of New York more inspiring.

----- Nestor Jaz Dutan 15.12.10 21:31

My niece and nephew, quite happily, played together. They went on an imaginary camping trip after building a campsite out of blankets, couch cushions, and two cabinets of cookware. It inspired me to be a parent…someday.

----- John 15.12.10 21:13

My friend just got the “power user” badge on foursquare. This inspired me to live my life more.

----- Mark 15.12.10 20:54

My brother is visiting me, and his presence has been inspiring.

----- Joe Wasserman 15.12.10 20:31

I actually bought the nau modus trench and fluenz tote, the sleek simple designs of this brand actually influinced me in some of my own drawings

----- Sid Law 15.12.10 20:01

I was inspired by visiting this blog!

----- Amanda 15.12.10 19:28

One of my best friends is pregnant. One of her best friends is dying of cancer. I admire the strength she has going through both of these life-changing events at the same time.

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.10 19:01

While I was at the grocery store, I saw an old classmate of mine and it made me remember how nice it is to see old friends.

----- Danielle 15.12.10 18:21

I was inspired by my dog having fun in the mud. I almost joined her.

----- guillermo torres 15.12.10 17:57

I read a story about bicyclists helping each other out with flat tires. It almost compares to the story I read yesterday, about helping people on the side of the road.

----- Nathan 15.12.10 17:41

I was inspired by a stray container, and good company. Wound up with ricotta & cinnamon pizza.

----- Joshua 15.12.10 16:46

I was inspired by reading the responses to the question for Holiday Giveaway #22 (sharing something on your life list … something you simply must do in your lifetime).

----- Lisa 15.12.10 15:57

I’ve been inspired by watching the Pipeline Masters online.

----- Zach 15.12.10 15:24

I was inspired by my French Revolution exam yesterday to read a book by Leon Trotsky about the Russian Revolution.

----- Max 15.12.10 15:00

A text message from a close friend of mine made me laugh til I cried and it inspired me to do the same for somebody else

----- stephanie 15.12.10 14:28

3 people that pulled over to help a kid who fell off his bike during morning rush hour in my city. One was a middle aged man in a new black luxury car wearing a suit. Inspired by surprise.

----- Kay 15.12.10 14:28

very nice

----- joash 15.12.10 14:15

My boss trying to explain how he resorts at a ski town built by a “mountain man” who was then killed by an avalanche through his very town… man talk about sweet dedication. very inspiring.

----- Christian 15.12.10 13:57

Meeting with incoming freshman legislators here in MA. Refreshing to work with passionate lawmakers.

----- Courtney 15.12.10 13:52

I was inspired today by my girlfriend who was decorating our apartment. The colorful cristhmas lights, candles, delicious gingerebread cookies, … She made it magical even though times suck for us right now.

----- Aljosa 15.12.10 13:46

Inspired by the creativity of the human mind.

----- Jan 15.12.10 13:46

My dad inspired me today, though that’s not unusual. It’s cold in Cleveland, and it’s the week before Christmas, and he’s in his sixties, and he is up on the roof of a hospital, installing solar panels. He never stops. He shows me that real labor is really important.

----- Jo 15.12.10 13:23

My wife’s courage as she had to go through her second surgery within a week.

----- James D. LaCroix 15.12.10 13:14

My neighbor, who is disabled, spending time with her this morning and seeing her fight. That inspired me today.

----- Marie 15.12.10 13:05

Visiting GOOP for the first time. Wasn’t quite what I expected.

----- Lisa 15.12.10 13:04

I was inspired by my little niece’s innocence while helping out with cooking playdo for the neighbors for christmas gifts.

----- Meg Greene 15.12.10 12:50

inspiring me today….the sunshine spilling into the library!

----- Kristen 15.12.10 12:41

I was inspired by a neighbors good deed this morning. He made my life a little easier and I hope to pass that on to someone else by the end of the day.

----- johng 15.12.10 12:08

My cardigan inspired me today. So practical and stylish.


----- Aaron 15.12.10 12:00

Listening to I Blame Coco ft. Robyn “Caesar” inspired me to create something. A painting, a song, anything. It just made me feel so alive. I blame it on the bassline.

----- Grete 15.12.10 11:12

three words: lemon, cream cheese, cookies (ok, maybe four words)

----- melanie 15.12.10 11:11

The sunrise was beautiful, and got me out to shoot.

----- Bruce 15.12.10 11:04

Maggie’s love

----- steven 15.12.10 11:01

Creativity- A knitting project someone brought to work. It inspired me to commit to go home and paint tonight!

----- Alisa 15.12.10 10:58

As I grow my facial hair out for the World Beard & Moustache Championships in Norway (May 2011)… today I was inspired by this man’s facial hair, right here…

----- Taylor 15.12.10 10:48

So far I have been inspired by the craftyness of my office mate

----- tony f 15.12.10 10:36

Saw a bumblebee licking the pollen off of its own legs. Incredible

----- Dan Kandy 15.12.10 10:34

“I’ve got a lot of friends. And they’ve got beautiful eyes, That make my heart feel surprised.” /Chemical Brothers - Asleep From Day.
today I have been tripping high on life, inspired deeply by people, music and myself :)

----- Liisa 15.12.10 10:11

I saw a cat leap into the air today to grasp at a dust mote. It inspired me to clean up my house, because randomly leaping cats are a hazard.

----- Ben 15.12.10 10:05

this site!every day!

----- janete 15.12.10 10:04

Snow! I read a great book in which the main character was fascinated by snow. It’s interesting how many things are inspirational once you take the time to really think about them!

----- Jessi 15.12.10 09:45

Inspiration come daily. Today, the beautiful frost and steam coming off the waterways during my hour commute to work. I often find the more temporal the scenery, the more inspired i feel.

----- bbates 15.12.10 09:33

My Girlfriend. And these candles would probably take some of the manstink out of my apartment.

----- Brian 15.12.10 08:59

This loft design featured on notcot.org totally inspired me today!

----- Payton 15.12.10 08:52

This loft design featured on notcot.org totally inspired me today!

----- Payton 15.12.10 08:52

The Detroit Wine Truck delivering me unique, natural wines has inspired me today.

----- Spencer 15.12.10 08:44

This morning I was inspired by Jesus. He is with me and works all things for my good. What a wonderful day and what a beautiful creation.

----- Adam Edwards 15.12.10 08:25

Last night, the rear wheel of my bicycle was stolen. Though it sucks, it has inspired me to take everything apart to clean and repaint it. When life gives you lemons, etc etc etc.

----- Carlo 15.12.10 08:15

my cactus garden! so adorable…

----- Jen 15.12.10 08:15

Today I was inspired by your website! I have my own domain name but my hosting ran out and I don’t have the money to pay for it again. So I started using webs to make a website but kind of gave up on it because I don’t have the freedom to do exactly what I want to do. But your website is great and now I want to finish mine! Thanks!

----- Nicole 15.12.10 08:14

The food stories and photography in NOMA. The colors, the textures, and the in depth look at food, where it comes from, and how we can expand our horizons has been a daily inspiration since the day I got it.

----- Anthony 15.12.10 08:09

It’s corny, but my mum is a constant source of inspiration and admiration!

----- Rosie 15.12.10 07:19

Today I was inspired by the way my husband talked to her family on the phone. He’s such a nice guy that he inspires me to be a better person!

----- Camila F. 15.12.10 06:39

Today I was inspired to finally use all my recycled corks to make something!

----- Natalie Kay 15.12.10 06:20

I’m inspired that someone made candles manly. Wish I had them when I lost power yesterday, ha ha.

----- Jak 15.12.10 06:19

The sun just coming up and beginning to shine in my home office window. Another beautiful day in the southwest.

----- Scott B 15.12.10 06:17

some true words which my girlfriend told me. in a good way!

----- Sebastian 15.12.10 05:57

I was inspired by a doctor’s tattoo for my own tattoo design for the future. The sure thing: it will feature a disturbed ECG line turning into a healthy rhythm… There are a lot of things to customize, though!

----- Erika G. 15.12.10 05:06

I am inspired almost every day as I love making stuff by hand. Today I stopped to sketch down the intertwining bars of a beautiful wrought-iron gate, to use the pattern on my upcoming messenger bag. It would look gorgeous stitched on leather!

----- Linda 15.12.10 05:01

Today I’m inspired by the meteor shower from last night. The color of the sky and intensity of the stars/meteors are both showing up in a painting I have planned for today.

----- megan 15.12.10 04:49

morning reflection in the mirror !

----- Jenny K 15.12.10 04:35

My workmates inspire me every day. Seeing what they do with my designs, and the designs they give me to put my own spin on - collaboration is the almost always the key.

----- Tony 15.12.10 03:36

..by Aron Ralston’s story. ouch.

----- Willy J 15.12.10 03:30

I’ve actually been inspired by a lot lately. I’m so into the Inception iPhone app just morphing my word that I’ve been thinking of designs that go along with the moods of the game. I’ve also been obsessive with writing again, trying to observe my world in more dramatic ways. I blame it on falling in love with life again.

----- Leslie 15.12.10 03:03

Today I was inspired by my lecturer. He lectured about technology and creativity, and emphasized how much of the art of creativity and design has been affected by computers. It really made me want to go back to doing more work by hand…

----- Ashley 15.12.10 02:48

I like the packaging

----- jessica wong 15.12.10 02:48

when i woke up this morning, i saw clear skies - after days of snow and gray weather. the sun inspired me to go out and shoot with my film camera and appreciate the beauty of nature during bright days. oh yeah!

----- jay 15.12.10 01:59

i inspired me today … twas a good day:) sent off a cover letter and resume that i tore hair out over the past week for. then received thank you’s for all the cookies i sent out. yay me!

----- lish 15.12.10 01:59

today? the dog of my roommate, ‘cause it’s the only dog i know that looks like that she is smiling in the morning

----- kai 15.12.10 01:23

My mum. Endless sacrifice. Unending love.

----- Gary 15.12.10 01:07

I lost my job today. It has been building up to this point I’ve felt, and at first of course I was really upset and confused as to the exact reasons of my termination but, I now realize that I am no longer meant to be in that workplace for higher reasons.

----- Michael 15.12.10 01:04

it’s still early in the morning, inspiration has been found thus far in a double espresso…

----- Bailey 15.12.10 00:48

Today I was inspired by the sight of octopus tentacles.

----- Cill 15.12.10 00:31

I’ve been inspired by the first few flecks of snow in the sky I can see right now! It’s time to dress warmer and start snuggling up with soup.

----- Kath 15.12.10 00:16

i was inspired by notcot’s holiday giveaway to enter this contest

----- victor 15.12.10 00:08

inspired to read tonight instead of zoing out at the tv like usual.

----- rich 14.12.10 23:43

I actually was able to bake (tasty) cookies from scratch, which has inspired me to bake more cookies in the near future!

----- Ian S. 14.12.10 23:40

Inspired by the smell of cookies to bake even more cookies!

----- Amanda Sims 14.12.10 23:19

My fiance inspired me today (and everyday). She runs her catering company, is finishing up school and keeps our home from falling apart. I’m a truly lucky to have someone like her in my life!

----- Philip 14.12.10 23:13

the little christmas tree on my office desk!

----- maria 14.12.10 22:46

… snow

----- Samy 14.12.10 22:33


Reading this story on Reddit about helping others. READ THIS!!!

[Editor’s Note: due to the HUGH nature of this comment, which would take over the comment section unnecessarily, and was a repaste of the link, i’ve edited it out, but you can read it at the link above!]

----- Angela Nguyen 14.12.10 22:23

listening to the christmas songs played on the radio is what inspired me today, it reminded of the days when i still believed in santa.. the simple joys of childhood! :( tear*

----- Kenny Garcia 14.12.10 22:21

I was inspired by the innocence of the kids I saw on the subway today.

----- Justin R 14.12.10 22:05

Every time I hang out with my tech-savvy 89 year old grandma I am inspired!

----- adam 14.12.10 21:37

I’m inspired by my RSS feed (including you, NOTCOT)!

----- Daisy 14.12.10 21:36

Shopping this time of year is crazy! Malls packed with people pushing others around to buy this and that. I was waiting in line to pay for a gift and a little kid was crying in front of me uncontrollably. I was getting a little impatient and another kid (probably 5 or 6) left his mom’s side and walked up to the crying kid and offered him his blanky?! Cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Maybe ever!

----- Phillip M 14.12.10 21:32

I want …… my house smells like cat

----- Jarred Eberhardt 14.12.10 21:31

This morning I checked whether the mailing address for a friend was correct. It wasn’t. In getting the correct one, we began to catch up. Inspired to actually schedule a Skype date and talk. Something that has become all too rare for us.

----- Sarah 14.12.10 21:18

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----- k 14.12.10 21:05

Scotch. Scotch helped.

----- Daimian 14.12.10 21:03

Today I was inspired by my simple cup of tea. The whole process is meditative for me. As i was sipping away the last drops from my first cup, the leaves struck me in a certain way that I felt motivated to accomplish something. I went off and studied for my upcoming exam which I know that I aced later on.

----- David Rieman 14.12.10 20:56

Inspired for Christmas when looking at the new book”Kitschmasland!: Christmas Decor from the 1950s Through the 1970s”

----- darcy Parrish 14.12.10 20:54

I am inspired by this Marvel Pinball game for PS3 I’ve been playing all night!

----- Jenny! 14.12.10 20:29

Inspired… mmm… I had an exam today so inspiration was nill… the last time I felt inspired was by the snow… I made some sugar cookies…

----- Ginny 14.12.10 20:21

I have a great Landlord. He is kind, enlightened, and likes burning candles this time of year. This would be a perfect gift for him.
I wanted to wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.



----- Frank Nieves 14.12.10 20:19

it snowed today and i was inspired by it.. amidst the cold, there is beauty with that white stuff falling from the sky!! :D

----- libys11 14.12.10 20:17

Today, I was looking for christmas songs, and I rediscovered Benjamin Britten’s ‘A Ceremony of Carols’. Balulalow is definitely one of the most inspiring holiday songs I’ve ever heard! It’s so beautiful.

----- Grace.L 14.12.10 20:01

While in a taxi coming home from a flight, my driver was telling me about his life in trinidad and that it really doesn’t take that much for him to be satisfied in his country. He came to the U.S. with 50 dollars in his pocket and he could leave with $50 dollars in his pocket and still have a good life

----- Daphne 14.12.10 19:52

Today I was inspired to hear that a case of HIV was possibly cured by stem cell research in Berlin.

----- Kelsey J 14.12.10 19:37

burning things in the stove!

----- dylan 14.12.10 19:32

Inspiration is something that isn’t always readily available, but today as I sat in my backyard I watched my two AUstralian Shepherds, Sophie and Bogart, wrestling then Sophie began to clean Bogart’s ears and it just seemed so simple, the concept of caring. Two canines inspired me to care.

----- Rachel Brokmeier 14.12.10 19:29

today I was inspired by this ant’s will to live

----- kristin 14.12.10 19:24

The notcot.com site has inspired me to find the perfect gift for my future wife. Thanks notcot.com

----- Alex 14.12.10 19:08

Today I was ‘inspired’ by the rain I cycled to work in. My unispired wardrobe choice left me drenched most of the morning.

It was a positive, productive upbeat day. Also, every day my daughter inspires me to be better.

----- matthew harrison smith 14.12.10 19:03

Watching Meet the Robinsons with my daughters. Keep Moving Forward.

----- J Alexander 14.12.10 18:53

being at work today with my favorite pharmacist totally reinspired me. somehow it’s makes studying for finals and becoming a pharmacist something tangible

----- Kye 14.12.10 18:44

My friend Molly! She’s the kindest person I know and she inspires me to be a better person.

----- Laura R 14.12.10 18:43

My father had a heart attack on sunday night at around 1am.
Because of his fast reations at realising what was going on he only recieved mininal damage.

He just called me 5 min ago telling me that he is back home to recover only 3 days after it. Truely Inspiring

----- Liam 14.12.10 18:37

Thank you so much, it has been bothering me that I couldn’t get this right. Thank you again!

----- Kassie Trupiano 14.12.10 18:33

I was inspired by having chai and ginger thins with my friends to keep on studying hard. After this week, I will get to enjoy the holidays.

----- Iris 14.12.10 18:26

I was inspired by 826 Valencia. a friend of mine asked us all to donate in her name instead of give gifts for the holidays this year and when I saw how great this organization is, I made a donation AND signed up to volunteer.

----- Allie 14.12.10 18:25

The cold weather inspired me to stay indoors and drink tea.

----- Jason 14.12.10 18:19

Today I was inspired by the struggle and hope children with cancer evoke with their endless smiles and enthusiasm.

----- Mundy Hackett 14.12.10 18:10

I ran an offset lithograph press.

----- Ira 14.12.10 17:53

Oh wow this looks amazing! Hmmm, inspiring for me today was going to a “crafternoon” and watching everyone there knit so skillfully and wonderfully. This will be my third time trying to knit, but I swear this time I’ll nail it!

----- Ayla 14.12.10 17:53

I’m inspired by my cat’s oh-so-fluffy tail.

----- Marie 14.12.10 17:52

My writing partner’s baby. Easiest audience ever. Very inspiring.

----- Cole 14.12.10 17:34

A very friendly shop owner inspired me today.

----- Ruby 14.12.10 17:30

The revelation that the Vatican is also condemning Wikileaks, for revealing the church’s own atrocities re: sex scandals in Ireland? That inspired me. That convinces me that Julian Assange really is is some sort of saint. Also, I love candles.

----- mm 14.12.10 17:25

Snow at home inspires me for the Christmas season!

----- Lucas Lund 14.12.10 17:23

the guy who wrote a very disrespectful email to me then apologized for being wrong after I explained what the situation really was, admitting when youre wrong sometimes is the hardest thing to do.

----- vinnie fiorello 14.12.10 17:22

Today, I was inspired by a fellow classmate during his presentation of our course project.

----- Gaetan 14.12.10 17:21

Everything Baxter comes out with is amazing… So much goodness!

----- Jeff 14.12.10 17:00

For the past week or so, I’ve been listening to Tim Slover’s reading of The Christmas Chronicles. It’s a very inspiring and original origins story about Santa Claus. It’s a nice reminder of what it’s all about.

“Be of good cheer!” ^_^

----- Tom 14.12.10 16:58

The Thing that inspires me is knowing that I am here now trying to make the best of today and that I am able to see the next day.

----- Alan 14.12.10 16:57

I just finished reading NO ONE BELONGS HERE MORE THAN YOU by Miranda July, it has inspired me to see everything in a beautiful new light, even sad things!

----- Will 14.12.10 16:54


----- bojan 14.12.10 16:54

I’m inspired by the featured item. I would have never considered candles as a gift for my husband, but I’m definitely rethinking it now.

----- Toni 14.12.10 16:47

Electrical Transformers.

----- Maple 14.12.10 16:45

My wife inspired me today… i have been so tired w/ work… I am beginning to procrastinate w/ my school work. Today I saw my wife get up early in the morning, make breakfast and clean the house as she told me she would…. in spite the fact that she is sick…

----- jay poon 14.12.10 16:45

The first snow!

----- Bianca 14.12.10 16:34

playing tetris - weird, i know. but i’ve been making photometric charts all day, and have to fit them on the back of product spec sheets…it’s a puzzle!

----- jenn b 14.12.10 15:51

my coworkers inspired me today. i learned a little more about what goes into their design and it was great learning more about the process (they’re architects/interior designers/planners, and i’m in marketing/pr).

----- connie 14.12.10 15:32

Well, today I watch Akira Kurosawa’s “Yojimbo” and it inspired me to draw some portraits, which I’m gonna be starting soon. Also it was a great movie.

----- Francisco 14.12.10 15:16

Went to lunch at a nearby restaurant, and in the bathroom over the urinals, they have several beautiful photos of urinals from all over the world. Now I’m sketching some on my notepad. Urinals: graceful fluid form.

----- Leonardohartomo 14.12.10 15:15

candles make my day better and my dog smell less.

----- angela 14.12.10 15:04

Nature and the weather.

----- Tooky 14.12.10 15:03

Last year, a first grader at my son’s school asked her mom, “where do the homeless people go in the winter?” When she learned that they don’t have a home to go home to, she decided, on her own, to pull all of thier extra blanket from her closets to donate to the homeless.
This year she has continued the effort by asking everyone at her school to bring in any extra blanket. To count, this little second grader has collected over 100 Blankets to donate.

----- Ryan Laureyns 14.12.10 14:57

I just read an article about Prince getting an all gold Fender Stratocaster for his upcoming “Welcome 2 America” performances. It will be auctioned off after his East Coast dates, with proceeds benefiting the Harlem Children’s Zone, a community organization that serves more than 17,000 children. What better excuse to get an all gold guitar….doing it for the kids! Now that’s inspirational!

----- Robert 14.12.10 14:50

I’m inspired by my blogroll daily and the same is true today!

----- Ben 14.12.10 14:36

The amount of snow we got today inspired me to go home early!

----- Maia 14.12.10 14:20

What’s inspired me today is my continuous appreciation for friends and their willingness to love, learn, listen, laugh, and live life. It’s a constant inspiration to be influenced in a positive way by those that surround me who are creative, and passionate about art, music, culture, and travel.

----- Mei 14.12.10 13:29

I am routinely inspired by the photos in Notcot.org for design inspiration, as well as gifting ideas for the hard to buy people

----- Hannah 14.12.10 13:16

Inspiration in the form of seeing someone chase after an elderly ladies hat that blew off her in the high winds outside! Got to catch up on my good deeds.

----- Brian 14.12.10 13:14

My inspiration today was a passage from Jacob’s and Appleyard’s idea of an Urban Design Manifesto. “People should find the city a place where they can break from traditional molds, extend their experience, meet new people, learn other view points, have fun.”

----- Brendan 14.12.10 12:40

i looked out my office window and saw a plane rising in the sky, for a brief moment I was inspired by how truly magical it seems that we can launch ourselves into the air in a big metal bird.

----- brett 14.12.10 12:34

I was inspired by the nice call and email I got from my dad yesterday reminding me to work hard/that he’s proud of me—something that’s particularly important this time of year.

----- Liz 14.12.10 12:31

Listening to Gotan Project this morning has inspired me to take tango lessons.

----- Brandon OLarey 14.12.10 12:31

I just saw an amazingly mouth-watering photo of a raspberry tiramisu on pinterest that has inspired me to make it for an upcoming potluck holiday gathering.

----- Audrey R 14.12.10 12:14

Inspiration is found everyday. Today I found it in my eleven year old niece donating some of her old toys to the fire department. Now I gotta go get some good will done…

----- dakota ortiz 14.12.10 12:09

my husbands cousin who found a cold lonely greyhound dog wandering outside and captured it to warm up in his truck, secretly hoping that he keeps it

----- elena 14.12.10 12:04

I was just inspired by a delicious ramen lunch. Ready for the best day ever.

----- Dan 14.12.10 12:04

My two male roommates inspired me today.
They have such a lax approach to the world that they keep my high-stress levels in check and let me know when I need to relax. (especially around final exams)

----- Mikaela 14.12.10 11:56

These are the coolest. I love the packaging!

----- Pamela 14.12.10 11:50

looking at my kids pictures

----- sindy 14.12.10 11:47

Liqurious has me inspired to get a nice home bar put together… maybe take some mixology courses.

----- Mikell Johnson 14.12.10 11:44

The snow has inspired me to paint my office white so my framed pics will stand out more. Baxter is great stuff. would love to win this!

----- Keith 14.12.10 11:40

I was inspired today by the colors of my two black dashounds sitting in the green grass.

----- Liliana 14.12.10 11:39

The warmth of a colleague as he congratulated someone else for getting a job that he wanted - truly an amazing guy (to whom the box should be given).

----- Laurita 14.12.10 11:34

the day is still young.. but something that did inspire me today was Chris McCormack on Wheaties boxes (unveiled today). What will it take for me to become an Ironman World Champ?? (.. nothing in dreamland…)

----- Tran 14.12.10 11:32

today i got inspired looking at my future son’s room thinking that i will get the best Christmas gift ever!, he’s due this January!!

----- ricardo garza 14.12.10 11:31

Today I was inspired by the woman who, writing out a donation check, made it for $1000 instead of $20 (For $20 you get to take an ornament from the tree in the lobby). You can only give a grand if you have it, obviously… but it isn’t that often that people even give $20.

----- Byron 14.12.10 11:24

The cold, foggy weather today has made it finally feel like the holidays and has inspired me to make some holiday treats for my office.

----- Diana 14.12.10 11:18

the chocolate donut in the breakroom

----- Jacob 14.12.10 11:11

Listening to Aaliyah on a muggy day in Socal has been very inspiring.. Love the site : )

----- Choons 14.12.10 11:11

My wife and kids inspired me today.

----- James 14.12.10 11:03

Something that inspired me today was when I was at bible study this morning. The pastor was explaining how the winter solstice in North America is on December 21st—just 4 days before Christmas. (The winter solstice is the peak day of darkness. It is the day of the year when there is the most night.) Isn’t it “ironic” how the season of lights is also when there is the longest period of darkness? He reminded us to think about that and think about Jesus whenever we see a light. :]

----- Jaime 14.12.10 11:02

Inspiration: Went out for an early run and came across a group of carolers from the senior home. Definitely put a smile on my face!

----- grace 14.12.10 10:54

I’ve been very inspired by looking through http://dribbble.com/ today. So much great work.

----- Zac Clark 14.12.10 10:53

the little monster finger puppets in my desk… great colors to use in the interiors of a building…

----- fatima 14.12.10 10:52

this is pretty sick , I still wish I would have got one of their all black 45th anniversary razors… thats a sweet piece

----- John Walder 14.12.10 10:51

I love BaxterOC. The brand and the product are both top notch and they have a great little style guide and grooming wisdom on their site. Lately I’ve been reading a book titled “79 Short Essays on Design” by on of my favorite designers and idols Michael Beruit. The passages and wisdom are so great and the storytelling in the book is top notch. It’s a very motivating and inspiring book. It’s definitely put some spring in my productive step.

----- Timothy 14.12.10 10:48

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