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Holiday Giveaway #24: A+R- 12.17.10

26-a+r.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Laura in Glendale, CA!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #24 is here ~ and today our friends from A+R are giving one lucky reader: David Turpin & Native Union’s Moshi Moshi MM03 Bluetooth Cellphone + VOIP Handset. I can’t even tell you how incredible this feels in your hand… and the subtle design details of how nicely the phone sets down with the rubber in the base… swoon - additionally it even has volume control on the handset and a choice of 4 ringtones!

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Dec 21st (PST) ~ telling us who the first person you’d call would be (and if you’re feeling chatty, what would you say?)

aplusr1.jpg Here’s a peek at the packaging…

For a chance to win David Turpin & Native Union’s Moshi Moshi MM03 Bluetooth Cellphone + VOIP Handset from A+R, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 21st (PST) ~ telling us who the first person you’d call would be (and if you’re feeling chatty, what would you say?)

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: a+r.jpg

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246 Notes

I live in a different country to my ENTIRE family, and talking on my cellphone so much will eventually fry my brain with radiation. (I am quite convinced of this) If i had this phone, I would speak to my family more, with fear of a mushy brain. thank you

----- Tal 21.12.10 23:41

I’d definitely call my mom! Shouldn’t everyone?

----- neonsocks 21.12.10 19:25

My girl, for sure. We’re apart for a year while we study in separate places and it kills us. The transcript of the convo would not be that interesting, but the value transcends words.

----- Chase 21.12.10 16:52

My older sis. I’d ask her if she had the baby yet!

----- B Louie 21.12.10 16:52

My best friend, and revel in how soooo 1990 I am.

----- Carly 21.12.10 14:41

Call the cops!

----- Zacharoo 21.12.10 14:14

I would call 1-800-ASK-GARY then hang up on them and call Ghost Busters.

----- Michelle Marie 21.12.10 13:39

being nerdy, i’d call my boyfrien in IT so we could test out just how great the handsfree reception is!

----- somerset 21.12.10 12:51

I would call my wife!

----- Mike W 21.12.10 12:35

I would call my brother and tell him how awesome notcot is because i won this cool phone

----- Rachel 21.12.10 12:11

i’d call tech savvy Clang and brag a bit about my latest score then hear about his current gadgetry

----- ellaqezi 21.12.10 10:22

ill moshi moshi my girl, telling her some crappy story about god sending this phone and such. will be very funny great.

----- Ori Eyal 21.12.10 09:54

Same as above (she’d kill me otherwise!)

----- mastersson 21.12.10 09:06

I’d call my daughter who lives far away

----- Mike 21.12.10 08:29

My girlfriend of course!

----- Matthew K 21.12.10 05:55

I would call Kanye and say, “Hey Kanye, hows your holiday going so far?” Then when he started to talk Id say, “Yo, Kanye, imma let you finish..” and then hang up on him.

----- Elise Copeland 21.12.10 04:16

The first person I would call is my friend Sverre who is currently living in Switzerland. Even though I live in Los Angeles he has been an amazing friend to me. He is the only person who has really been there during my resume revising, job hunting, and happy placement into a government job. It’s amazing that he manages to keep in touch with me despite our thousands of miles apart and drastically different time zones. I cannot help but feel incredibly lucky that I happened to meet him while he was doing an exchange program in my university in San Diego. The both of us could have easily missed each other, and I am thankful that we didn’t. I love to talk to him and feel like I have found someone who truly supports and cares for me. I would call him first and tell him how much he means to me!

----- Mari Baquir 21.12.10 03:14

I’d hook it up to magic Jack and then call my phone company to cancel my house line,

----- Leanna 21.12.10 00:08

The first person I’d call with this super-stylish phone is my super-stylish grandmother, who turns 98 in January. She’s sharp as a tack, still playing the Charlston on the piano, singing flapper songs, and wearing lime green scarves and tight pants. Grandma, you’re my inspiration and the reason I’m looking forward to getting old!

----- Laura l 20.12.10 22:53

I would call my brother first. Then tell him I actually won something haha! I hope I win!

----- Jearv 20.12.10 20:31

I would call my boss and tell him i couldn’t work because i was admiring my new telephone

----- Sid Law 20.12.10 20:12

My Boy. He always makes me smile.

----- Danielle 20.12.10 20:03

I would call my boyfriend and probably describe the phone to him.

----- Jess 20.12.10 19:48

My parents because they’re tired of trying to learn how to text.

----- Tyler W. 20.12.10 18:26

my boyfriend, who would be standing right next to me and then we’d have a ridiculous conversation.

----- Kalina 20.12.10 16:54

I would call me business Partner JoElio and says “whats goooood/ Chillin on this Bluetooth jumpoff!”

----- Gunner Tierno 20.12.10 15:30

I would call my land-line provider and tell them I’m switching over completely to cellular! With a sleek handset like this, it could easily serve as a lovely office phone. =)

----- Jan 20.12.10 15:13

I’d call to my ex-girl friend!

----- Jung D 20.12.10 14:55

If I had this gorgeous phone,
I’d call up god, “you’re not alone!”
I’d say to her, “we root for you
and all you’ve done: the cloudy blue,
the white-hot sun, the blade of green,
all that is and might have been;
we’ve messed it up, but still we hope,
that you will bear us, you will cope
with all we’ve done and yet will do
We love you, god, we really do.”

----- Michael 20.12.10 14:47


----- DANNY BROWN 20.12.10 14:00

I call my friend Vio. She loves art. Describing this phone might give her the motivation to get on a plane and visit me. I miss her!

----- Fel 20.12.10 13:55

I would call my product designer colleague and brag about my new phone’s design.

----- Kay 20.12.10 12:07

2010. To tell it my new phone & I have moved on.

----- Bontemps 20.12.10 11:58

I’d call santa and tell him that i have been nice this year, and allready got my present (my shiny new phone). Just to let him know that he could give my original present to someone less fortunate. Merry christmas everyone, and happy holidays.

----- Joakim Høydal 20.12.10 11:57

You would make my wife one happy reseptionist

----- Shan 20.12.10 11:55

I’d call my sister and tell her I just a late Chritmas present for her! She just had a second child and could really use it!

----- Brian Evans 20.12.10 11:55

I’ll call my BF and we will probably talk about how cool is my new phone and then make plans…

----- Maria Lara 20.12.10 11:40

i’d call my sister to brag!

----- Anna 20.12.10 11:20

I would call my sister to brag about my new phone… and to come up with a game plan to stay sane in midst of the family madness this holiday season.

----- Diana 20.12.10 10:58

Me, me I would call the people at NOTCOT to thank them for this awsome phone and then my mom probably

----- Daniel S 20.12.10 10:31

I’ll call my 12 year old son - blow his mind with a piece of elegant new technology, and reinforce that I’m not done keeping waaay ahead of him in the learning curve… then I’ll call my boss, who gave up on that curve about 10 years ago… :)

----- Brian 20.12.10 09:07

I’d call my parents and wish them both a happy 70th, and a happy wedding anniversary, as all of these events occur on the same day!

----- Ella 20.12.10 08:34

I’d call my best friend and tell him I’m calling from my new phone!

----- Chris Wilkinson 20.12.10 08:05

I would totally call my friend who also wants the phone and be all “yo ma dude guess what?!”….

all up in his face and what not!

----- Nawaz 20.12.10 07:59

I would call my BFF in San Francisco.. not sure what i’d say though..

----- Tran 20.12.10 07:47

I would have to call my parents.

----- James D. LaCroix 20.12.10 07:30

wow it is amazing! i would call my nemesis! just to let him know i have this phone!, also i would call him from the car so that people would look puzzled at my phone!

----- ricardo garza marcos 20.12.10 06:58

Would I be able to call my friend who’s studying abroad far away and doesn’t know when she’ll return? If so, then her!

----- Jen 20.12.10 06:57

I’d call my Mom… To tell her that I had a phone in my house again (at least when my cell phone was there!

----- Mike 20.12.10 06:48

I would call the office to tell them I’m working from home using my new phone …

----- brett 20.12.10 06:13

Can you hear me now?? No?!? Well Lemme turn on my Notcot Bluetooth!!

----- James Divers 20.12.10 05:52

The first person I’d call would be my friend Christian, who’s feeling pretty good about getting an iPhone. Oh yes? I’d say. Wait’ll you get a load of my Moshi Moshi.

----- byron 20.12.10 05:51

Love it!!!! I would call my granny! love her too!

----- Celeste Aguirre 20.12.10 05:44

i would use it to call my grandpa’s hospital room and tell him how lucky we are.

----- sarah 20.12.10 05:43

My brother. We talk vinyl.

----- tony f 20.12.10 05:31

I would call my dear mother in law and tell her how sorry I am that all this snow has blocked her route and that she wont be able to make it for christmas… “Oh well maybe you’ll make it for next year!!”. ;-)

Happy Christmas every one!!

----- James 20.12.10 05:22

i’d call my forever frenemy just to wish him a happy new year! :D

----- genoveva hega d.m. 20.12.10 02:27

i would call my papa. we’re both getting too old to be too proud to call each other.

----- Vera 19.12.10 22:25

I’d call myself and say “You’re fabulous!” No, you are! No, you are.

----- AnnaBella 19.12.10 20:39

call my mom & dad, saying i got the best family in the world, u are all really irreplaceable!!

----- maria 19.12.10 18:24

I’d call my Granny!

----- Stephanie F 19.12.10 18:16

ii would call my boyfriend to tell himm how much i love him.

----- Danielle 19.12.10 17:57

I would certainly call you Jean and thank you for the present. *Hint hint*

----- Gary 19.12.10 17:37

i’ll call my mum and say, “happy birthday mum, see who’s at the door.”

----- elsie 19.12.10 17:31

easy: my grandma in Taiwan

----- steven 19.12.10 17:29

My girlfriend. We don’t talk enough. It’s a bit sad how we’ve all become so detached - relying on text and IM. Wish we could go back to a world of only telephony. Maybe our relationships would be last longer.

----- Ray 19.12.10 17:29

I would call God and tell him perfection was found on earth.

----- Corey S 19.12.10 17:19

My new friend in Estonia. :-)

----- james 19.12.10 16:45

I’d call my boss and tell him I was sick, then I’d call my honey and talk all day long :p

----- Ian S. 19.12.10 16:37

probably my sweetie to tell her that i’ve a new shiny

----- metis 19.12.10 15:56

I’d call my girlfriend (probably working on the desk 3 feets away) and brag about my new gift. She’d probably go on about how much stuff I have laying on my desk, and I’d try and convince her THIS one is worth it.

----- Gabriel P 19.12.10 15:19

I’d call my mom & dad. I would say that I love them and i miss them too.

----- EtienneR 19.12.10 15:09

My cousin Anita in Australia over Skype since she appreciates great design, and so I could show her the beauty of the phone over the video chat! =)

----- Emily E 19.12.10 14:35

I would call my friend Dasha who lives in Brussels and she wont be back till june!

----- Aljosa 19.12.10 14:26

I’d call my best friend of course, to tell her about my awesome new phone.

----- Lara 19.12.10 13:56

i would call the one that got away

----- LA 19.12.10 13:49

If I won this phone, I would call my not-so-amazing boyfriend. He’s a total pain in the butt sometimes, and lazy as hell, but he likes interesting things, and although he drives me crazy, i love him to death. He LOVES this phone, and if I won it, I would call him on it just to tell him that I won it, and that I am talking on it at the moment, and that I am rushing over to bring it to him as soon as possible. :)

----- Jaime 19.12.10 13:36

I would call my daughter and listen to her blabber nonsense about nothing!


----- Aaron 19.12.10 12:41

I would call my mother- we live in different parts of the country, and she’s been lonely since my dad passed on, so it’s nice to catch up and make sure she’s feeling okay (she’s been sick recently)

----- Hannah 19.12.10 12:08

I’d call my mom to wish her happy holidays.

----- Allen 19.12.10 11:59

my brother…to make him jealous! :)

----- Natalie Kay 19.12.10 11:22

I’d take winning this awsome phone as a lucky streak and use it to call my favorite radio station to try and win something else! I’ve always wanted to win something on the radio :P

----- Natalia 19.12.10 10:45

I would give this to my daughter so when I call her I don’t have to worry about the radiation frying her brain

----- Karen 19.12.10 10:16

I would call Santa, to tell him that he doesn’t need to get me anything for Christmas because Notcot had to be all awesome and give me an awesome phone… also always love the blog regardless.

----- Ryland Wemlinger 19.12.10 10:14

I would call my best friend :)

----- Yen 19.12.10 09:43

I would call my designer brother who hepped me to the Notcot site(s) in the first place… He’s one of few folks in my life who would fully dig how groovy that handset is.

----- Rayna 19.12.10 09:35

I’d call my best friend Luke and tell him about my plans for the Holidays.

----- Roman 19.12.10 09:29

This would be the perfect gift for a friend of mine… so hopefully he’d call me first. He used to be the kind of guy who hated new technology… he had an old, simple corded phone, the kind that doesn’t even have speed dial. But recently he’s embraced new tech… he got a blackberry, and it’s like his baby. This would really bridge the gap between the two.

----- Joey L. 19.12.10 09:22

I would call David Turpin and try to meet up and buy him some mochi. Because his Moshi Moshi phone is amazing.

----- J Alexander 19.12.10 08:53

My mom, tell her she needs to check the dryer for clothes. She’s always forgetting about the dryer.

----- Syif 19.12.10 08:48

I will call my ‘gadget-freak’ friend, Batara, who will extremely envy about my new stylish phone ha-ha-ha. Gotcha!

----- Risca 19.12.10 08:39

This guy half way around the world.

Tell him the little things that are happening in my life.. including winning a beautiful phone that I hope to be able to use with him one day.

----- Pei 19.12.10 08:38

I will call my ‘gadget-freak’ friend, Batara, who will extremely envy about my new stylish phone ha-ha-ha. Gotcha!

----- Risca 19.12.10 08:36

my one and only niece whom i miss very much!

----- jay 19.12.10 07:33

I’d call my friend and tell him how cool this little gadget is.

----- Gaetan 19.12.10 06:56

My ex-boss who thought it would be a good idea to lay off people the week before Christmas!

----- jeff 19.12.10 06:46

I would call my sister and apologize.

----- Darin 19.12.10 05:02

I’d call this really cute girl I have this ginormous crush on and ask her out on a date :D

----- Jeff 19.12.10 02:24

I would call President Obama and ask him WTF!

----- Mundy Hackett 19.12.10 02:06

I’d call Mr. David Turpin and say, “Moshi Moshi”, this is a neat phone!

----- Gary H. 19.12.10 01:59

I would call my ex-girlfriend. Tell her that I love the way you lie.

----- Clement King Lam 19.12.10 01:27

I would call my friend who is a designer and say: “This is a designer call. Come and see my new phone”

----- ioana 19.12.10 01:25

Call my girl in SoCal and have my weekly hours long talk

----- Stephanie 19.12.10 00:20

Call my i-phone loving roommate and say, “Guess what Notcot.com sent me for Christmas? ;)”

----- BilalTariq 19.12.10 00:18

I would call my friend Jenn in California first and since we haven’t seen each other since she moved out of Denver several months ago, we have lots to catch up on! And I would make her incredibly jealous is I won!

----- Anh 18.12.10 23:09

i’d call the white house… and ask what national procedure is for the zombie apocalypse…. it is important you know.

----- Jon 18.12.10 22:46

I would call my parents since they’re always wanting me to call them more often. This phone definitely is reminiscent of the old school corded phones of the past with modern panache and lovely aesthetics.

----- will i am 18.12.10 22:45

My brother in LA, cause he is the only missing from my house right now. I would ask him when he plans to come back and tease him endlessly, as older sisters are supposed to.

----- Maggie 18.12.10 22:24

I would call my hubby of course unless I’m already with him. In that case it would be my best friend and we’d probably talk about food.

----- Selina Wong 18.12.10 21:00

The first person I would call would be my buddy Eddy who moved to Singapore earlier this year. Haven’t been keeping in touch like I should…

----- Ryan J 18.12.10 20:46

I’d call my mom and tell her that she can stop worrying about me getting brain tumors now.

----- Lisa 18.12.10 20:30

my husband (to test it).

----- Audrey R 18.12.10 20:04

First I’d try my cell phone just to make sure I didn’t set it up all funky. Then I’d call my fave Chinese restaurant and place an order. Then I’d call my niece and sister to catch up with them.

----- JonahA 18.12.10 19:56

The first Person I would call would be our Art Director to tell him I would not be coming into work today because I won this AWESOME phone on NOTCOT and I will need to make phone calls and marvel at its sleek design for a few hours! He would be very jealous! ;)

----- Patrick Delaney 18.12.10 19:55


----- Christina in Eugene 18.12.10 19:29

I would call Santa~coz i’ve been good for the year~hahaha

----- Andy 18.12.10 19:18

My mom. We have the best phone conversations.

----- Denise 18.12.10 19:05

I would call my best friend who i have not spoken to, its been two weeks (argument)and try to patch things up before the holidays

----- James Element 18.12.10 18:53

my mom to tell her i love her

----- Edward 18.12.10 18:37

I would call my dad and brothers to tell them I love them and that I’ll see them soon.

----- Justin 18.12.10 18:00

I’d call my 82 year old dad - the only person left in the world I communicate with solely by telephone. :)

----- Kent Boyer 18.12.10 17:56

neil armstrong and ask him: “who would you’ve called when you landed on the moon?”

----- Jan 18.12.10 17:12

I would call my uncle who will envy me for winning the phone. I can’t wait !!!!

----- David 18.12.10 16:33

I would call the girl who does return my calls, and leave a verbose and heartfelt message telling her, that although we have so much to talk about, I am calling you because I just won this amazing beautiful phone because of you. True Story

----- Bret 18.12.10 16:07

I would call my sister and see how she was doing.

----- matthew harrison smith 18.12.10 16:06

I would call my mom … just to say “hello”

----- Lisa 18.12.10 16:03

this is very cool!

----- Joey 18.12.10 16:00

Being a true Scotsman, I would wait for someone I know to call me!

----- John Lister 18.12.10 15:57

My friend Amy. We live far away from each other and need to talk more.

----- John 18.12.10 15:39

I’d call my dad and tell him how exited I am : D

----- Grete 18.12.10 15:37

I’d call grandpa and tell him about my trip to Korea. He was stationed there in the war.

----- Riley 18.12.10 15:27

I would call my sister in England and tell her I’m coming for Christmas.

----- Lucas Diaz 18.12.10 15:27

i would call you!

----- josipa 18.12.10 15:15

My friend Rebecca Taylor. We don’t talk enough.

----- Allison 18.12.10 15:07

i would call my wife’s cell phone, not to talk, but to find it because she always misplaces it.

----- rich 18.12.10 15:06

Awesome!! Actually this phone may be cool for my place, haha. It would definitely be a showpiece in my livingroom. First I’d call my mom. My mom takes care of grandma so I’d be able to talk to them both. My mom would be excited for me because she likes when good things happen to me. I’m sure we’d talk about how I’m doing & if I’m getting enough work. My mom always worries about me.

----- Scott Yates 18.12.10 14:13

I’d call you to thank you, or my grandmother, a wild sassy Southern lady who always had the best saucy jokes, ‘cept she passed away five years ago; but i still miss her and always think of her when it comes to phone calls, and she’d like the shiny gorgeousness that is this phone!

----- leigh 18.12.10 14:05

I’d call my bestie Paul.

----- Eric 18.12.10 14:00

I’d call my older brother, who constantly rags on me for being a “Mac Zealot” and remind him how much cooler I am because of my new kick-ass handset!

----- The Slapster 18.12.10 13:37


----- TB 18.12.10 13:29

I would call my partner in crime and best friend, only to brag about my new phone then to surprise him with it as a holiday gift! :)

----- Gina 18.12.10 12:43

I’d prank call Steve Jobs from a Starbucks, and order 4,000 iPhones to go.

----- Taylor 18.12.10 12:30

I would call Moose since he always as something to say

----- jeremy B 18.12.10 12:18

I’d call you to say thanks and that this fab phone turned my world stylish. Mosi Mosi Kiss Kiss Yum Yum.

----- Barbara 18.12.10 12:01

I would definitely call my best friend.

----- Michael 18.12.10 12:01

I would call your wife.

----- ZachZZ 18.12.10 11:48

I’d call my friend in Taiwan to tell him how awesome my new Moshi Moshi phone is, and to convince him to get one for himself!

----- Payton 18.12.10 11:39

I would call me dentist!

I want one of these for christmas more than I want my two front teeth!

----- Heather 18.12.10 11:17

I want one of these for christmas more than i want my two front teeth!

----- Heather 18.12.10 11:16

my mom

----- dylan 18.12.10 11:04

I would call my gramma, and ask her what to bring for Christmas dinner.

----- Lucas Lund 18.12.10 10:26

i would call my boyfriend

----- zsofia ginter 18.12.10 10:23

I would call my high school art teacher, congratulate her on her 70th birthday and say “thank you” for pushing me to pursue my work.

----- Anthony 18.12.10 10:13

I would call my Dad, and talk him into moving closer to me so we could spend more time together.

----- Daimian 18.12.10 10:11

I’d call my boyfriend & make him super jealous by telling him what I now own & what he does not now own.

----- Jenny! 18.12.10 10:04

I would call my designer son. He introduced me to Notcot before I know what a RSS feed was.

----- Adrianne 18.12.10 09:57

I will definitely call Sahy. Let him know I love him.

----- Stavti 18.12.10 09:51

I would call a friend who owns a burger phone and say: “Now I have a cooler phone than you!”.

----- Camila F. 18.12.10 09:31

Who am I gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!

----- Christina 18.12.10 09:27

My mum, of course! And to tell her I love her!

----- Hamza Efalah 18.12.10 09:14

I would call my girlfriend and tell her how elegant this would look in our living room when we move into our new place!

----- justin 18.12.10 08:56

I would call Archibald Rumpadink and ask him to return my typewriter

----- Jonathan 18.12.10 08:51

The first person I would call is my little sister. She lives on the other side of the world, but she always finds time to talk with her big brother.

----- Philip 18.12.10 08:44

I’d call the President of the United States, if only i could get through to him!

----- Marc 18.12.10 08:06

I’d probably leave it up to fate to decide who should be the fist to have a conversation with me on such a cool phone. So I think I’d probably wait for the first call to come in and just tell the lucky person about it, sort of share the joy a little.

----- Enmanuel 18.12.10 07:55

I’d call my parents, but wouldn’t be able to talk much as I’d be preoccupied in swooning over the awesomeness of the handset!

----- Rosie 18.12.10 07:52

Hope I get one of these. This is cool.

----- Jb 18.12.10 07:50

I’m in Canada so I’d call all of my childhood friends in the states and friends across the country. First I would call my good friend over in Portland, OR and ask him how his son is doing with learning to speak. Then we’d talk about Volkswagens and skateboarding before I said goodbye and promised to make it out there in the fall.

----- Anders 18.12.10 07:26

I would call my kid in Hong Kong and say get your butt up and go to class!

----- Forsythia Hopkins 18.12.10 07:25

I would call my best friend!

----- Allison 18.12.10 07:23

I would call my architect friend Myles and say, “Hey! your not the only one who can have stylish things!”

----- Angela Nguyen 18.12.10 07:22

I would call my mom…my husband works from a home office, so we see each other all the time…but, my mother recently moved to a new town and has been lonely during these holidays.

----- Sandra 18.12.10 07:14

I would call my sister. She’s my best friend, and even though we only live 4.5 miles apart, we still talk every day on our cell phones.

----- Erin 18.12.10 07:12

I’d call my friend who’s outside of Phnom Phem completing her first year of Peace Corps :)

----- Laura 18.12.10 06:54

I would totally call my wife and son on this slick phone!

----- metacyde 18.12.10 06:43

This is so SHARP! I would love to have this for my office!

----- Ed 18.12.10 06:43

I’d call my mom…hows it going? hey how does this thing sound on your end, cuz it looks cool as hell

----- keith messina 18.12.10 06:34

I’d have to call my good friends in Oz, talking’s all good but wish we could see them face to face more!

----- bailey 18.12.10 06:16

I’d call my sister whose birthday is New Year’s Eve and wish her a happy birthday.

----- j.harris 18.12.10 05:53

I would call my buddy at apple design labs and say “yo—-moshi moshi?”

----- anthony serdula 18.12.10 05:51

I would call my dad telling him about my new bluetooth handset

----- Bianca 18.12.10 05:50

One phone call?

Well in the motion pictures they always ring their partners. So I’d call my girlfriend and as her to bring bail.

----- WILL D 18.12.10 05:36

my sister, or my momma… in that order so whom ever was available and tell them i love em dearly, and how rad this win was! cause i never win anything lol

----- lish 18.12.10 05:28

As much as I’d like to say someone cool and awesome, I’d probably end up calling myself first, because I always get so excited whenever I get a new handset that I want the first number I ring to connect instantly (and sadly for me, my friends and family have lives) - I can’t imagine the conversation with myself on the other line to be very rich though…

----- Vivian Wong 18.12.10 04:59

i would call my brother!!

----- sueen 18.12.10 04:49

I would call Elvis, unless the handset comes in red in which case I’d call Batman

----- nathaniel 18.12.10 04:36

I would call my colleague and friend Sylvia, and tell her a lot of funny stuff about my dreams :)

----- Vinh 18.12.10 04:34

I’d call my wife to tell her I love her. Even if she was just in the next room.

----- Keith 18.12.10 04:18

I’d call my cell phone number to realize whether I am daydreaming or not…I’ve never had such a fantastic phone…

----- federica 18.12.10 04:17

ahhhhhh what a silly question !!! I would call 1-800-NOTCOT to say THANK YOU of course !!!

----- Alain Z. 18.12.10 03:57

I’d call work to phone in sick and spend the rest of the day then polishing my fingerprints from the handset!

----- James 18.12.10 03:55

i’d call 911 cause that phone is on fiiire! lol jk i’d call hhmmm.. my mom in the philippines!:) AND TELL HER THAT I LOOOVE HER!

----- Kenny Garcia 18.12.10 03:20

I would give a long awaited phone call to someone on the other side of the world.

----- Nestor Jaz Dutan 18.12.10 03:18

I’d call my girlfriend and say, “Saranghaeyo.”

----- Jeremy 18.12.10 03:13

I would call a girl I’ve liked for a while now and ask her out… It sounds cheesy but if I win I will have to do it even though this girl is so stylish, pretty and delightfully weird that I’m am a little scared of her.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 18.12.10 03:11

I’d call my best friends, cousins, and perhaps random people, internationally, to brag about my brand new phone and how sweet it is.. then end up paying a lot for international calling.

----- Ann 18.12.10 03:04

I’d call my Mom and tell her I finally got a desk phone!

----- missmarymary 18.12.10 02:50

I would call in sick to work. Then I would just sit at home all day and call all the folks in my phone book and ask them “what’s shaken?!”

----- Vinny W 18.12.10 02:41

Damn! I just read over the details and apparently this is a cell phone. In any case, I’d call my mom and tell her she can stop. texting. me.

----- Katya 18.12.10 02:28

I’d probably call my mom and tell her that I finally got a land line

----- Katya 18.12.10 02:26

That all depends on when and where! Definitely my soul mates…..husband, daughter, or son.
Looks sook cool. I seem to be on a gadget roll, so the phone would fit right in! Thank you, and peaceful holidays to everyone that reads this! xo

----- Linda powers 18.12.10 01:38

I’d call my mom!

----- Lauren Padilla 18.12.10 01:34

Call my best buddy and yak away about the sweet design of the handset and see how long he takes to hang up on me :D

----- Mike 18.12.10 01:19

I would call headquarters. I can’t tell you what I would say to them, because THAT is CLASSIFIED.

----- Jeffery 18.12.10 01:18

I would call my sweetiepie in Boston and tell him what I’d won!

----- Sharon 18.12.10 01:14

It doesnt really matter who id call first. I do know that I would respond, “moshi moshi” everytime I answered it though. On second thought, I know who i’d call….Bill Nye the Science Guy. I got questions up the wazoo for that lanky know-it-all. Like how do they get champagne corks in the bottle and why do guys have nipples?! WHY!!!??

----- xanderpants 17.12.10 23:55

My girlfriend!!

----- Collin Banko 17.12.10 23:10

I would call my little niece: she has just start talking, and probably she has a lot to tell.

----- enrica 17.12.10 23:04

I would call my parents!

----- Joe Wasserman 17.12.10 22:59

I’d call my best friend, Alice.

----- Leslie 17.12.10 21:36

I’d call my best friend. He’s one of the only people I can actually talk on the phone to for an extended period of time.

----- Margaret 17.12.10 21:32

Order take-out !

----- e sherman 17.12.10 20:46

I would return my mum’s calls.

----- Tooky 17.12.10 20:24

i would call my brother, just so i could brag to him about the phone!

----- curtis 17.12.10 20:11

I would call my parents in Seoul, Korea!

----- Christine Yoon 17.12.10 19:11

I would probably call my family and actually connect with them on a better level.

----- Ben Mouch 17.12.10 19:08

I would call my hot co-worker.

----- David 17.12.10 18:16

My best friend Leah and we’d probably chat about all things hip.

----- Laura R 17.12.10 17:50

I would call my sister :)

----- Megan 17.12.10 17:44

I’d call Santa and check with him about the package that’s arriving for my dearest.

----- Licheng 17.12.10 17:43

I would call my love. I was a nerdy and nerdy-looking engineer when we meet. Now i am a stylish nerdy engineer. I would say thank you and I love you to her.

----- David 17.12.10 17:41

I would call my love. She has been slowly increasing my sense of style. I was a very nerdy and nerdy-looking engineer when we met, and now I am a nerdy but stylish engineer. So i would call her and say thank you and that I love her.

----- David 17.12.10 17:38

I’d call my cell phone to make sure the thing works ;)

----- Adrien 17.12.10 17:12

I’d call my Mom for the daily chat about this and that and nothing at all. Thanks for the chance to win it!

----- Amanda Davis 17.12.10 17:09

My mom, of course.

----- Juan 17.12.10 16:45

Probably call my friend Jen, to brag that my awesome new handset finally arrived!

----- Jeremy 17.12.10 16:05

My mum!

----- Jonathan 17.12.10 16:03

I’d have to call Adriana Rossi in Uraguay to talk about stuff. I bumped into her while commenting on the ‘World Mapped by Facebook’ link. She’s pretty cool.

----- Nigel Henry 17.12.10 15:31

I love it! handsfree because you can hold it with your shoulder! I would call my wife without it to ask her to give it back, because I fear she’ll steal it.

----- Thomas 17.12.10 14:48

Awesome design.. I love the form and super high gloss finish on this phone… I would call myself with this..

----- Eugene Kim 17.12.10 14:10

I would call my new friend because she’s so interesting and then I’d let her do the talking.

----- Iris 17.12.10 13:48

I would call my Mom. Duh.

----- Gabriel G 17.12.10 13:36

I would call my friend in Germany first. I rarely speak with her on the telephone and have been trying for years to get her on Skype! This is such a cool looking phone!

----- Pamela 17.12.10 13:24

My mom. As it should be. I’ll spare you all the conversation…

----- Jessi 17.12.10 13:17

First person to get a call from me would be my Dad who I would describe the phone and how amazing it is and how he would need to get one also and my phone finally won’t drop my calls like my old one did. We would discuss school and then I would ask him to hand the phone to my mother. She and I would talk about the holidays and then I would surprise her with how I had won a new phone she would be so excited and brag to everyone she knows and then we would have a normal mother daughter conversation and she would say everything she had to do that day while I patiently listen to her repeat things.

----- Aleigha 17.12.10 13:13

I would call mom in Canada, and let her know if it’s a boy or a girl :)

----- Nuno Gomes 17.12.10 13:12

I would call my mom! She worries about me using my phone without a bluetooth device, so she’d be very excited.

----- Liz 17.12.10 13:06

1800NOTCOT1. thanks for the awesome phone!

----- Jacob 17.12.10 12:59

I’d call Santa first to thank him for getting me that phone! Then my girlfriend, that conversation I can’t comment on here ;)

----- Robert 17.12.10 12:58

My friend Gem. Partly because she lives far away and we need a catchup. But mainly because she’s lovely.

----- Emma W 17.12.10 12:43

Im currently snowed in at my mates house so I would “Phone Home” & speak to my sister to get the lowdown on the snowdown!

----- Joanne 17.12.10 12:42

I’d call my childhood telephone number just to see if anyone is using it and ask if I am there.

----- k.moan 17.12.10 12:38

I would call my twin brother to congratulate him as he plans to propose to his girlfriend of three years shortly before the contest deadline.

----- Amy 17.12.10 12:34

First person I’d call would be 911! I love chatting with the operators over there and asking how they are feeling that day and then they hang up in my face!

----- mark Y. 17.12.10 12:32

My husband. How you doing honey? I got a new phone!

----- sindy 17.12.10 12:32

I would call my grandma who lives in another city and tell how I miss her and I will be setting a system to her home in order to call her with video chat over skype!

----- Ben 17.12.10 12:31

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