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Holiday Giveaway #30: Kidrobot- 12.23.10

krmain.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jennifer in Northbrook, IL!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #30 is here ~ and today our friends from Kidrobot are giving away a SECOND giveaway! A Blind Box Tower of Treats from the following series: Amanda Visell’s Tic Toc Mini Series, The Simpsons Mini Series 2, Chumps Mini FIgures, and De La Soul 3 Pack. Aren’t they amazing? You can see details of each set on the next page (as well as a coupon!)… and honestly no matter what happens this holiday season, there is an inescapable joy and delight to opening a mountain of blind box toys!!! Something deviously fun about the pain and pleasure of not knowing which you’ll get perhaps?

For a chance to win, you can EITHER leave a COMMENT or TWEET @NOTCOT with #2010Toy by midnight on Dec 27th (PST) ~ tell me your favorite toy of 2010 - bonus points (that don’t effect your odds! but just for fun!) if you link a picture of it!

I’ll pick a random winner (that actually tells me their fave toy of 2010!) from from the tweets and comments! (If it’s a commenter they will be emailed, if twitter, D messaged, so make sure you’re following!)

kidrobot1.jpg Amanda Visell’s Tic Toc Mini Series

kidrobot2.jpg The Simpsons Mini Series 2

kidrobot4.jpg Chumps Mini FIgures

delasoul.jpg De La Soul 3 Pack

For a chance to win Blind Box Tower of Treats from the following series: Amanda Visell’s Tic Toc Mini Series, The Simpsons Mini Series 2, Chumps Mini FIgures, and De La Soul 3 Pack from Kidrobot, you can EITHER leave a COMMENT or TWEET @NOTCOT with #2010Toy by midnight on Dec 27th (PST) ~ tell me your favorite toy of 2010 - bonus points (that don’t effect your odds! but just for fun!) if you link a picture of it! And i’ll pick a random winner from from the tweets and comments! (If it’s a commenter they will be emailed, if twitter, D messaged, so make sure you’re following!)

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: kidrobot.jpg

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i can’t get over how cool my son’s hungry hippos game is, nothing new, but very cool toy!

----- bailey 27.12.10 23:37

your favorite toy of 2010 - my tiny arcade cocktail table. art design of the classic arcade game Joust and Mario Bros: http://mayawaikiki.tumblr.com/post/2448592783/after-reading-the-this-tiny-cocktail-arcade-is-a … 12” monitor, this 2-player mini arcade cabinet can have 1000s of games. What a toy! And only weights 5lbs and doesn’t take up too much space.

----- maya 27.12.10 23:05

Kaws 10ft companion!

----- Will Goodan 27.12.10 22:59

Popville by Boisrobert and Rigaud. Perfect in its simplicity.

----- Anthony 27.12.10 20:32

My favorite toy of 2010 is the otomatone. a cute note that you use as an instrument. check it out! http://www.melodyinyourhead.com/music-of-the-world/the-otomatone

----- Melissa Ehret 27.12.10 17:13

I LOVE kidrobot and know exactly how great the feeling of opening the unknown is. !!!!!

----- Molly Proctor 27.12.10 17:05

I got a nice fluffy pillow.

----- Tristan 27.12.10 15:02

My ipad has been the most used “toy” this year, ever since my generous bf gave it to me for my birthday.

----- somerset 27.12.10 11:08

Me want. Kid Robot is awesome.

----- Jesse Kirsch 27.12.10 10:33

My favorite toy this year was Buckyballs. They are pretty much impossible to put down

----- Diana 27.12.10 09:31

I want that tin Rosie the Robot figure!!

----- JB 27.12.10 08:27

Those toys are fun and fabulous! My favorite toy in 2010 - well, it’s a game. Naruto Shippuden on PS3. Not my usual thing at ALL, but it’s loads of fun.

----- Robyn 27.12.10 08:25

My favorite toy for all of time will be James Jarvis troll, amazing !!

----- Pol 27.12.10 07:57

Jeffrey Lamm”s real fighting greasebat!!!

----- tony f 27.12.10 07:50

My favorite toy of 2010 probably has to be the Vandal Express by Seen.
I have tons of toys… it makes it hard to pick one. My collection dates back to pre Kidrobot. I started collecting “urban vinyls” in early 2000.

----- Jason Ice 27.12.10 07:07

Favorite toy of 2010 would have to be my IPad. Did like “Black in White” by Luke Chueh as well.

----- Scott B 27.12.10 06:00

----- Eloisa Perissi 27.12.10 05:49

my favorite toy of 2010 is lunartik mini teas. so tiny and adorable!

----- merve 27.12.10 03:01

them de la souls are dope!

----- eug 26.12.10 23:24

My son’s favorite toy is a Japanese metal beyblade. Let it rip.


----- Nick 26.12.10 20:56

Wooden Bender from Futurama!

----- N Keitlah 26.12.10 20:30

I received a handmade stuffed animal from my friend which can be seen at his blog here:

If I don’t win, you should at least give him the prize for making such an amazing toy! Everything (including eyes, nose, teeth, poseable body and leather nipples, hah) were handmade. If I could put more exclamation points in this post, I would!

----- Victor Carinha 26.12.10 19:23

Bucky Balls! For sure!

----- Lisa 26.12.10 19:19

----- Craig crogdor Phillipson 26.12.10 17:37

my new ipad!

----- Bianca 26.12.10 17:31

Duh! The Otamatone! Cute and fun! http://otamatone.com/

----- Sean 26.12.10 17:11

My favorite toy this year has been my new canon T2i! Between its video and photographic capabilities I couldnt ask for a better starter DSLR!

----- Clay Hefner 26.12.10 16:15

hands down the Android collectibles.

----- Martin 26.12.10 16:13

Peculiar, but awesome is the nerf warlock. Because playing with medieval weaponry made into a safe and soft toy is hilarious and it is oddly cathartic as you beat someone with it.

----- christine edison 26.12.10 15:22

Fav toy = for sure beyond all doubt the new Holt Hyde doll from Monster High.

----- Phillip 26.12.10 15:02

It’s a tie between my adopted Snow Leopard from World Wildlife Fund (they sent a plush lion but more meaningful is the live one that I’m sponsoring this year) and my Oh No Sushi guy, a toy so sweet and eccentrically twisted - the green one. LOVE LOVE LOVE both!

----- leigh 26.12.10 15:01

I love the Kidrobot Simpsons! ^_^

----- Carlie 26.12.10 14:25

Tie between Good Poopicorn and Evil Poopicorn by Amanda Visell. Nothing quite as good as magical, mythical, vinyl excrement.

----- Riley 26.12.10 14:24

I definitely love the Dunny Bunny series. Somewhat strange but cute, what a great combination. http://www.kidrobot.com/Toys/MiniFigures/2ToneDunnySeries3Inch.html

----- Shannon Lubben 26.12.10 13:22

My favourite toy of 2010 was definitely noferin’s jibibuts. they’re really well made and can stand alone as decoration-i wish i had more of them!


----- Jess 26.12.10 12:40

Tegu jungle blocks. They are the best!

----- Aljosa 26.12.10 11:42

I have wanted the De La Soul pack forever. ohhh

----- delbear 26.12.10 11:24


----- Linh 26.12.10 08:16

Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers plushes FTW

----- alex 26.12.10 08:09

Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers plushes FTW

----- alex 26.12.10 08:09

As for 2010 toys, my favourite toy would most likely be the 2010 Simpsons Zombie Family!
Just the look of each one gives me chills of enjoyment! And as a big HUGE fan of the Simpsons for since I was 5 (18 now), it struck me away as soon as I saw it become available!

----- Kevin 26.12.10 03:39

So nice of them to do this. Maybe if a miracle happens this will help me complete my Simpsons collection :)

----- Kevin 26.12.10 03:01

My favorite series has been the Kidrobot Carnies 3” series. I only have 2 because I can’t afford to buy them often. I like this series because they look like old black & white cartoons. Very creative series. I’ll send actual pic of my 2 from my twitter account @SickPigeon.
Hope you enjoy looking at this cool series.

----- Scott Yates 26.12.10 02:38

disney’s Vinylmation sets takes the crown for this years best toys for sure! http://as7.disneystore.com/is/image/DisneyShopping/400156117803?$mercdetail$

----- Kenny Garcia 26.12.10 01:46

Amanda Vissell’s - 6” Pink Elephant - Vampire Edition is the tops.

----- xanderpants 25.12.10 23:48

this would be my favorite toy of 2010. sorry don’t know any, really

----- dima 25.12.10 22:45

Favorite toy would have to be Gloomy Bear 5 inch Threat Editions. HE is so cute and crazy. check him out ———>

----- John Berry 25.12.10 21:53

Celcius! Too bad he seems to be sold out everywhere…grrr.

----- jessi 25.12.10 21:02

My favorite toy of the year was the iPhone 4

----- Darrel 25.12.10 19:21

I gotta admit that this Tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld toy is completely bad-a$$!! Happy Holidaze!


----- Gregory R 25.12.10 18:23

the gingerbread house our family decorated this morning!

----- daniel 25.12.10 14:57

My favorite ‘toy’ of the year would have to be the set of Whiskey Stones I received as a gift! (To say nothing of the single malt Yamazaki that I’m using with them!)

----- Jan 25.12.10 14:14

My hand-made Angel doll that currently acts as a piece of christmas decoration

----- Tony 25.12.10 13:14

my fav toy of 2010 is the Fighting J from ThreeA. It was the coolest figure Ive seen all year

----- steven 25.12.10 11:34

I got a iPhone 4! It’s the only nice thing I got this year.

----- Tooky 25.12.10 11:25

I don’t really know if this is a 2010 toy, but I got it this year: my little Gandhi, who sits on a spring and can sway back and forth, very calming: http://flic.kr/p/94xTUu

----- Valeria Mezzano 25.12.10 10:39

Favorite toy this year was definitely my new(old) turntable.

----- Dan 25.12.10 10:35

My favorite toy(s) was the False Friends figurines. The amount of detail and craftsmanship is just jaw-dropping.

----- luis 25.12.10 09:56

my pretty lady whale: http://tinyurl.com/2dwfclo

----- jennifer 25.12.10 00:33

It is a doll, although I am not sure wheather I will call it a toy:
I will probably never own one of those… But it is Christmas, you never know ;)

----- Antoana 24.12.10 23:45

Favorite toy of 2010 has to be the iPad.. that counts, right? Favorite kids’ toy.. IKEA’s soft plush play food… especially the breakfast set: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40185756

----- Tran 24.12.10 23:20


----- james 24.12.10 22:21

my favorite 2010 toy is The Prostitute by Parra:
I am so happy it will be mine next year!

----- ioana 24.12.10 19:36

Poopicorn from Tic Toc Apocalypse is my favorite. I didn’t get one, but the figures I did get were amazing. I love the whole series!

----- Susan Kelley 24.12.10 19:35

De La Soul Mini Pack 3

----- Rudy Valenta 24.12.10 18:48

Favourite toy would probably have to be our new Nerf Gun :)

----- Maddy 24.12.10 18:40

loving the Simpsons series, but the best i personally received was a miniature buffalo the girlfriend gave me.

----- nicholas 24.12.10 16:53


----- Paul 24.12.10 15:58

My favorite toy of every year is the Cardboard Box. Limitless possibilities!

----- Jake Sepulveda 24.12.10 15:50

My favorite toy of 2010 was the Amanda Visell – Fat Cat Miao and cheese trainer.http://www.vinylpulse.com/2009/08/amanda-visell-fat-cat-miao.html

----- Matthew 24.12.10 13:53

My fav toy of 2010 is the all new super cool TDL 3-Speaker boombox! It doesn’t really come out til 2011, but thats all i can think about!

----- Kathleen 24.12.10 13:29

I love my new Hello Kitty Mimobot that I got as my Reddit Secret Santa present!

----- Michelle 24.12.10 13:24

My favorite toy of 2010 is naked bitches high on Benadryl.

----- Oss 24.12.10 12:51

My 10 year old housemate visited Japan with a classmate this past summer.
i told him he had to bring me back a cool toy that was particularly Japanese in design.
i was pleasantly surprised that he brought m back a vinyl anniversary edition of MechaGodzilla.
Which coincidentally enough, a vinyl MechaGodzilla was the first figure i owned as a child
And is still one of my most prized possessions to this day.
Now he has a updated buddy with which to wreak havoc :3

----- Scotty 24.12.10 12:42

Favorite toy of 2010 — my iPhone 4. Love love love. :))

----- Marie 24.12.10 12:39

Nerf guns!

----- Khanh 24.12.10 12:29

My favorite toy of this year was a sweet wood yoyo that I stumbled upon. Hard to do tricks with it, but nothing is more meditative than whirling.

----- Jim 24.12.10 12:14

By far my favourite toys are the Arts&Crafts series by Momiji, who make tiny kokeshi dolls. Although they do not come in blindboxes, they do come with little holes in their bases for you to leave little notes to the person you are giving it to, which is adorable. My favourite of the series is pin cushion and my mother will be receiving Yarn for christmas! You can check out the whole series here: http://www.tesora.com.au/Momiji-Arts-and-Crafts-Range-Limited-Edition__100.htm

----- Kim D 24.12.10 12:03

The very traditional wooden toys from The White Company. I loved the London bus, but they’re all sold out now. The black cab is pretty cool too though!


----- Rosie 24.12.10 11:34

Cheesy but, two stuffed dogs that have magnets in their mouths so that they’re drawn together to kiss.

----- Danielle 24.12.10 11:00

My favorite toy is the iPad (not quite of 2010, but I just got back from the Peace Corps so it’s new to me).

----- Marie 24.12.10 10:43

I have to say my favourite toy is Mr Clement’s Astrolapin. I bought it in LA on a visit. That same visit landed me an internship which brought me back to LA and while I was there, I dedicated my final portfolio for school to Astrolapin Postcard series. I also brought it along to Australia & New Zealand and photographed it there as well. Astrolapin has been a true travel buddy for me and has been to and experience all that I had experienced.

Here is one of my shots.
And for fun, my collection so far… http://www.flickr.com/photos/31962572@N00/5287900637/

Happy Holidays everyone!

----- Rosanna 24.12.10 10:27

My little brother snagged me a Nerf Recon and I love it, I already modded it and have had many battles with him. As far as designer toys, I’ve been buying Lunartik’s I

----- Chris 24.12.10 10:14

Kidrobot’s 2-tone series Dunny. The Huck Gee & Angry Woebots ones were epic.

----- Andy 24.12.10 09:52

My favourite toy of 2010 has to be the iPad; for obvious reasons

----- James 24.12.10 09:37

I really like the look of Gary Taxali’s retro wooden toys.

----- Mike 24.12.10 09:25

The Kidrobot store in Dallas closed! I’d love to win!

----- Kent Boyer 24.12.10 08:26

the gryffin from the tic toc series is my absolute favorite!

----- megan 24.12.10 08:08

My favorite toy would have to be the lego star wars. I really love building the giant AT AT walkers :D

----- rolfe bautista 24.12.10 08:02

I love Simpsons Kid Robot series 2.

----- Erik 24.12.10 07:53

my favorite toy of 2010 was the Green Lantern plane from Fisher Price. is that lame?

----- tom 24.12.10 07:37

i’ve been king of obsessed with obtaining a marimekko be@rbrick

----- audrey r 24.12.10 06:46

Favourite toy that I’ve bought this year is the Playboy `Miss November 1978` figure ;)

----- Jonathan 24.12.10 06:15

Franc. My fluffy stuffed monkey given by a freind.


----- Calvin 24.12.10 06:03

My favourite toy of this year was the 3A WWRp large martins. So much detail and work into the figures, unbelievable.

----- Jessica Bagnall 24.12.10 05:30

My favorite toy for 2010 is my new Xbox kinect.

----- Valerie Theberge 24.12.10 05:19

My favorite toy of 2010 would have to be my O-no Sushi set by Anthony Bell!

----- Nick 24.12.10 05:14


----- inoffesnive 24.12.10 04:55

Fave toy: Toy Story Lego Army Men.

----- Jeremy 24.12.10 03:54

i want to see the original mon chi chi make a come back, still one of my favorite toys:)

----- lish 24.12.10 03:24

Final Fantasy VII figurines!! Especially the ones from Advent Children. Man, they look so cool. I wish I could own just ONE, but I need to pay off my college loans first. I hate being responsible!



----- Mari Baquir 24.12.10 03:07

I was a big fan of Amanda Visell’s first series, but the tic toc series is simply amazing. I only have one right now but I love it!

----- Eric 24.12.10 03:05

My 1 terabyte external hard drive to store all my artwork on!

----- The Keith 24.12.10 02:54

Wow…um tough to choose only one. Here’s one of the many greats from this year…It’s by Rohby and it’s one of his Dunny Mechs for the “Rohby Vs. Phu - The Confrontation” show.

----- Vinny W 24.12.10 02:19

Something I got for my daughter, and expected to be unexciting - but turned out to be absolutely awesome is a Bitty Buttons (Lalaloopsy). A floppy vinyl rag doll.

----- Witchylana 24.12.10 02:03

Definitely the: “Kaws OriginalFake Companion Be@rbrick”:


The 1000% is not a toy, it’s art.

----- Piet Seurs 24.12.10 01:31

My yummy breakfast coffee cup keychain !

----- Melanie 24.12.10 01:14

The slinky!!! I was in Philly when the son of the ‘inventor/discoverer’ of the slinky was handing out autographs. I just happened to bumpt into that and it reminded me of the good ‘ol days, when I had my own Slinky. Hours of wholesome fun (finding out from how high I could drop it)

----- Grace 24.12.10 00:59

My Nikon d90:)

----- Agnieszka 24.12.10 00:46

My favorite toy of 2010 is the Garfield x the Hundreds vinyl toy

----- Desiree G 24.12.10 00:41

my favorite toy this year was my rediscovered amiga 500 and a bunch of old school games like turrican and moonstone.

----- tom 24.12.10 00:36

My favorite toy was my new nikon D60! ^_^

----- Ian S. 24.12.10 00:22

My favourite toy this year was the nerf vulcan automatic heavy blaster.
What can i say? I like shooting people with foam darts!


----- Becky 24.12.10 00:06

My favorite toy ever are my Street Sharks with their swinging arm motions!

----- Jason 24.12.10 00:00

My fav toy this year is my glow in the dark little Cthulu action figure with dismemberable victims. It’s totally awesome.

----- Mark Yturralde 23.12.10 23:56

transparencies and projectors are my favorite toys.

----- Kelsey J 23.12.10 23:23

favorite toy of 2010…the android figures!

----- Jenn B 23.12.10 23:11

Kid Robot’s DJ Lance

----- Max 23.12.10 23:00

my ipod touch! such a great, multipurpose, toy.

----- quinn 23.12.10 22:45

The zombie bart is soooooo cool

----- Ivan Bravo 23.12.10 22:45

My favorite toy in 2010 was my Dremel…but those Tic Toc figures are absolutely droolworthy.

----- Meghan 23.12.10 22:36

my favorite toy is the only toy i got this year. A vintage wooden character. Its incredible, I gave him the name “JuanDiego”.

----- Nestor Jaz Dutan 23.12.10 22:18


----- dylan 23.12.10 21:59

what with the crappy economy, and the wife being knocked up again, i have restrained myself this year. however, i was given some legos that make the space needle, the guggenheim, and empire space building. they fit on at my desk at work.

----- rich 23.12.10 21:50

A return of a childhood favorite “Magic Sand”, the sand that doesn’t get wet! The brand I was able to find this year is Aqua Sand.

----- Brian 23.12.10 21:49

I don’t even remember what they’re called but when I was visiting a friend in Canada there were the most adorable little tattooed plastic animals that balled up and came with weird magnetized flower homes. When you put the animal on its home it pops open. That sounds…really bizarre when I describe it. They were quite cute though!

----- Margaret 23.12.10 21:47

i love the Luke Chueh Blood & Fuzz 8 Inch Dunny

----- ZeroBaBo 23.12.10 21:40

My favorite toy of 2010 has form and function: the darth vader usb drive!!


----- David 23.12.10 21:38

My favorite toy for 2010? Canon 5D MKII :)

----- Kathria 23.12.10 21:28

Can I call the iPhone 4 a toy? I play with it all the time…loves me some Angry Birds and the NPR Music app, and the Netflix app!

----- Tom 23.12.10 21:20

My favorite toy this year was PIPEROID paper pipe robots! :D

----- Justin R 23.12.10 21:18

Munny figures. I have to say they make amazing gifts. Esp. if you take the time to customize them for someone.

----- Ray 23.12.10 21:16

My favorite toy this year is Sweety by Stephane Levallois:


----- Robert 23.12.10 21:15

My favorite toy of the year would have to be Uprisings by Kozyndan

----- Sydney 23.12.10 20:59

The sing-a-majig is so addictive. I can’t wait for Christmas so my daughter opens hers!

Gonna have to go see how much these kid robot things are, though. I think my tween would die for them and her birthday is coming soon.

----- Thomas 23.12.10 20:47

disney’s vinylnation collaboration. the mystery toy story cubes were too cute!

----- sarah 23.12.10 20:46

De La Soul for SURE. They deserve all of the flattery they can get.

----- Anders 23.12.10 20:44

Dunny 2010!

----- Peter 23.12.10 20:41

My favorite toy this year was a plush sushi roll I got for my 21st birthday : )

----- Meagan Gonzaga 23.12.10 20:30

My favorite toy/vinyl figure of 2010 are the Farenheit and Celsius figures by Rotobox :)

----- Benjamin D. 23.12.10 20:29

My favorite toy of 2010 is one of my friends personal creations. The cock block! http://www.stitchmind.com/storetoys.php It’s just too cute and clever!

----- Leslie 23.12.10 20:27

My favorite toy of the year were the Brett Favre toys at Target!

----- Lucas Lund 23.12.10 20:24

My girlfriend’s stun gun. It’s a lot more fun than you think.

----- Carlo 23.12.10 20:23

My ipad is my favorite toy of 2010. So in love with it.

----- Monique 23.12.10 20:12

Love the Dunny 2tone series

----- Paul 23.12.10 19:59

bUcKY baLs

----- Mundy Hackett 23.12.10 19:45

My favorite toy from this year has to be the Vinylmation figures my parents brought back from their trip to Disney World.

----- Stephanie 23.12.10 19:25

3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube!

----- Emily 23.12.10 19:07

my kids wooden blocks.

----- clark 23.12.10 19:00

a stuffed donut pillow

----- Leslie 23.12.10 18:55

Lego Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

----- Tab 23.12.10 18:49

My favorite toy for all of time will be the classic Duncan Imperial Yo-yo.

----- James 23.12.10 18:44

my favorite toy of the year were the two roseart color-blanks i picked up to customize

----- murk 23.12.10 18:43

My favorite toy is still my iPhone. No need to post a pic. Pretty sure you’ve seen one. ;)

----- Daimian 23.12.10 18:37

fave toy of 2010 is the family ipad

----- caroline 23.12.10 18:23

I love my sheep pillow pet, comfy and practical!

----- Ming 23.12.10 18:17

I want some toys, my favorite toy this year was a set of glow in the dark yoyo’s I got in a toy shop

----- Daphne 23.12.10 18:02

my favorite toy of 2010 was made in the 1950’s. It’s an imitation wood slingshot - and i love it.

----- natalie 23.12.10 18:02

My favorite toy of 2010 would have to be Crazylabel’s clear GhostB! I love Bubi Au Yeung’s work.

----- Nina 23.12.10 17:58

It has got to be the Vetron Wave. I mean how cool is this? Why didn’t they invented this back when we were young? It’s like the Frisbee and the remote-controlled helicopter had a baby and poof: The Vetron Wave! Endless fun! Definitely the best toy of 2010. It brought out my inner child. I had to constantly wrestle with a 7-year old to play with it. Fun times…


----- Gary 23.12.10 17:56

My favorite toy this year isn’t technically a toy but I enjoy it as much as if it were: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/japanfan/c50f/ Lightsaber chopsticks!

----- Amanda Davis 23.12.10 17:40

buckyballs :D

----- Winnie Lam 23.12.10 17:38

A Slinky!

----- J Alexander 23.12.10 17:23

DE LA SOUL = cutely thuggish. is that cuggish or thute?
Warms both my hearts (the bad ass and the child).

----- jake dockter 23.12.10 17:03

Favorite toy of the season - Varnished Cranston Jr.

----- Alexis 23.12.10 17:00

my garbage pail dolls. then, now, and forever!

----- mooni 23.12.10 16:56

More a game than a toy; but my favorite of 2010 was Zombie Dice.

----- Jennifer 23.12.10 16:48

Got to go with the King Ken, Series II by James Jarvis. Simple, Bold, Classic!

----- Mason 23.12.10 16:47

My faveorite toy from 2010 would have to be SMOKEY 12-INCH UNFILTERED EDITION :) I love kozik

----- Justin 23.12.10 16:47

Gloomy Bear Continous Pound & MAD (Chulo) Dunny from the 2010 series!

----- Forsythia Hopkins 23.12.10 16:46

my favorite favorite! toy this year are this super cute mexican toys that are based in ancient mexican gods and goddesses.


----- marcela 23.12.10 16:46

favorite toy of 2010 has to be the super shogun stormtrooper

----- levi montez 23.12.10 16:43

Does an iPod count as a toy? I bought one this year and I’ve played around with it on many occasions. ;)

----- Victor 23.12.10 16:35

favorite toy of 2010 is the Nerf Marauder longsword. i know, not vinyl, but so much fun to play with. http://bit.ly/acBCzI

----- curtis 23.12.10 16:35

Oh yeah, boxing rabbits.

----- tudza 23.12.10 16:27

My Gandalf Plushie! If ever there’s a concern, Gandalf is there to listen haha.

----- Carly 23.12.10 16:24

My favorite toy of 2010 Tron Legacy Deluxe Sam Flynn

----- Ciaran 23.12.10 16:18

I love the Villa Sibi Dollhouse from sirch! so clean. http://www.sirch.de/de/87-villasibis.htm

----- patrick murray 23.12.10 16:17

Villa Sibi Dollhouse by Sirch - http://www.sirch.de/de/87-villasibis.htm

----- patrick murray 23.12.10 16:13

Original Fake KAWS Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Toy Set!

----- greench 23.12.10 16:12

My favorite 2010 vinyl was Lard Lad.

----- Steve 23.12.10 16:10

Being the eco buff that I am: Green Dollhouse with Furniture ALL THE WAY

----- KAL 23.12.10 15:49

My favorite “toy” that I got this year would be my new Canon Powershot camera! Haha, I’ve been looking a small camera to just take pictures of everthing I see interesting and for family, and I haven’t gotten tired of it!

----- Jearv 23.12.10 15:34

My favorite toy of 2010 is the Brown Bear Cavey!!! All the Caveys are super awesome but this one is my fave!! http://www.heycavey.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/brownbear.jpg

----- Leslie S. 23.12.10 15:23

My favorite toy of 2010 was a personal creation. DIY Munny - Speakerboxxx. Check ‘em out at http://jasonlarche.com/speakerboxxx/

----- Jay 23.12.10 15:22

Amanda Visell’s Death Dragon was just all kinds of fun. http://kronikle.kidrobot.com/amanda-visell-rides-the-death-dragon/

Her Tic Toc blind series was also pretty awesome. I still dream about getting my hands on a flying gnome from that series so winning the blind box tower keeps my dream alive!

----- Brad 23.12.10 14:57

My favorite toy of 2010 was the Playge Doctor:



----- Ryan C. 23.12.10 14:55

I don’t know if this counts as a toy but I am in love with my new Dyson DC33!

----- Gabriel G 23.12.10 14:48

Our customised Munnyworld figures (painted by WuzOne) that acted as our wedding cake toppers!


----- James 23.12.10 14:42

My favorite toy from this year was this Kozik! Dunny from the 2010 Dunny series… for once I lucked out and got one that I wanted in a blindbox! It was a big day.
Photo of toy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ztrover/5065886085/

----- Ztrover 23.12.10 14:39

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