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Holiday Giveaway #7: Normann Copenhagen- 12.01.10

9-normann.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Roxanne in Corpus Christi,TX and Meghan in Tacoma, WA!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #7 is here ~ and today our friends from Normann Copenhagen are giving two lucky readers: a Large Norm 69 Lamp!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 5th (PST) ~ sharing what lights up your life.

p.s. feel free to peek at some special coupons on the next page too!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: norman_strainer.jpg


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Music. (definitely not the sun since Seattle has turned out to be as gloomy as expected)

----- Jason 05.12.10 23:46

Friends and family; they are what make life so great, after all.

----- quinn m 05.12.10 23:28


----- Matthew Ready 05.12.10 22:42


----- Matthew Ready 05.12.10 22:41

what lights up my life is, when my two year old sings baby by justin beiber

----- carissa gonzalez 05.12.10 22:41

How many times are you allowed to enter? I am almost holding my breath I am hoping so hard that I win this. I have been thinking a lot about what lights up my life so I can put new things in each entry. Today, my puppy slept in my arms for almost two hours while I visited with friends. That lit up my life. My boyfriend’s happy voice on the phone lit up my life. The thought of surprising him with this lamp lights up my life with anticipation. The daily increases in traffic to BestNewBands lights up my life. Good design lights up my life more every day. I’ll stop pestering you and go back to holding my breath now…

----- Leona 05.12.10 21:22

Knowing that I’m going on a much needed vacation to Hong Kong in a few days. The first time leaving the country in 5 years!

----- Young 05.12.10 21:08

My excellent Wife, who has a much more impressive style than I do, but shares with me regardless.

----- The Slapster 05.12.10 20:47

I love good music… that lights up my life. :)

----- Justin R 05.12.10 20:04

the sun

----- Zepf 05.12.10 19:00

Hopefully Normann Copenhagen will light up my nights, otherwise I’ll be in the dark without family and friends and living life to the fullest.

----- james 05.12.10 18:15

Life. But more specifically hidden smiles that shine through on peoples faces when you know that their day has been made by potentially the smallest of deeds. similar to the cool face that reveals itself when someone knows that they have done something cool, funny, or awesome. but the hidden smiles are more genuinely fantastic.

----- Nate Love 05.12.10 16:07

My family and friends. :) (Cheesy, I know.)

----- Abby 05.12.10 15:42

music lights up my life…

----- alex 05.12.10 13:57

Snow falling on my exposed balcony. I get enough snow to make two whole snowmen.

----- Iva 05.12.10 13:20

Lights: What lights up my life is the chance to live. Cheesily, I’ve been stuck in a small town with nothing to do all my life. You don’t understand what it’s like to want to go to the big cities and to travel and explore when you don’t have enough money. So instead of complaining, I try to make the best of what I can. I kayak, I read, I sit on the beach, and I paint. The light of my life is ambition.

----- Angela N. 05.12.10 11:36

What lights up my life? The BF, living in Philly, and our dog Rocky!!

----- Lea 05.12.10 10:14

Nanas. I think grandmothers and grandfathers are what light up my life. I teach technology to older individuals and whenever they come in they have such high spirits and excitement to be there. It gets me all excited and brightens my day.

----- Sean Matthew Leary 05.12.10 10:12

My Wife, my twin girls and the chance to create on a daily basis.

----- Chris 05.12.10 08:06


----- Catherine 05.12.10 07:40

A massive fusion reaction floating in space.

----- Matt 05.12.10 05:33

Creative people, as an Architect I´m really moved when seeing people create new concepts, Ideas or ways to communicate, it makes me think in what makes us specials and really different from animals.

----- Jose Gabriel Rodriguez Diaz 05.12.10 03:14


----- LYDIA 04.12.10 23:50

when I listen to music in amazing places and just take time to look around. i begin to see all these beautiful things and I can’t help but feel happy.

----- Kaeo 04.12.10 22:31

cheese :)

----- Nami 04.12.10 21:57

Music lights up my life, it is awesome to come across a passionate song that just sends shivers through out my body.

----- ben mouch 04.12.10 21:52

I’m going for the concrete answer- lots of dim lamps with drum shades.

----- Alisa 04.12.10 21:40

Simple, Christ’s love :)

----- Jaime 04.12.10 19:37

It’s booootyful~

----- Carwyn 04.12.10 19:18

I light my life with wonderful friends, family and hobbies.

----- Valerie 04.12.10 18:50

seeing my gf when i wake up

----- steven 04.12.10 16:39

So cute!!

----- Diane 04.12.10 16:38

Food and good company! This light would look great in my kitchen!

----- Darrell 04.12.10 16:04


----- Paul 04.12.10 14:54

To lighten up my life a bit more perhaps I should encrust my Normann Copenhagen lamp with mylar and glass mirror bits to create my very own shiny disco ball.

----- Mark Meyerhoff 04.12.10 14:43

My dog, Schrodinger, is the brightest light in my life.

----- Samantha Scott 04.12.10 14:21

My yellow ikea shower curtain that i used as window curtains in my room lighten me up every morning!

----- Kelly 04.12.10 14:09

My hubby, DJEJ, of course! :)

----- Hoister 04.12.10 13:34

What lights up my life? Being on ice, tour skating while the sun is on my face.

----- Matt Hoving 04.12.10 13:29

my monitor lights up my life. so sad…

----- Sandy 04.12.10 13:20

My life is lit up by this lamp (written from the future).

----- Jamie Sachs 04.12.10 11:33

My family lights up my life

----- sindy 04.12.10 09:59

As cheesy as it sounds. My fiancé lights up my world. Nothing else comes even close.

----- Selina Wong 04.12.10 09:45

The good Lord lights up my life. Jesus gave us design!

----- Adam Edwards 04.12.10 09:06

books light up my life and I could read by this lamp!

----- Erin 04.12.10 08:55

Waking up because my boyfriend kisses me, lights up my dark days with only a few hours of daylight, close to the polar circle.

----- astrid 04.12.10 06:34

My family lights up my life - they keep me sane and grounded, and are there for me when I need them the most.

----- Kris 04.12.10 04:43

One of the things that lights up my life is seeing diverse people overcoming differences and wanting to learn more about each other; thus achieving understanding.

----- Katie S. 04.12.10 00:59

The twinkle lights of Christmas warm the cockles of my two-sizes too small heart.

----- Hannah 04.12.10 00:14

What lights up my life is me living my life independently and feeling good about my accomplishments. It’s a great age to be alive. :)

----- Victor 04.12.10 00:06

You light up my life, NOTCOT.org!

----- Michael 03.12.10 22:19

when my 2yo son says “we’re trouble guys!”

----- cc williams 03.12.10 22:09

I work for a non profit helping people get assistance with oil during the cold winters here in the Northeast. What lights up my life is being able to help those in need keep warm this winter.

----- Michele P. 03.12.10 20:47

daily scrolling on the Notcot.org site really lights up my life!

----- Jacqueline 03.12.10 20:15

Long trail runs with good friends, and traveling to new locations!

----- Susan Kelley 03.12.10 20:08

my lamps i got for target, plus some cool GID toys.

----- Andy 03.12.10 19:18

Other than the obvious: sun, fire, and electricity, the smiles of little children light up my life, along with unexpected and sincere compliments.

----- Lisa 03.12.10 18:36

in my apartment, what lights my san francisco nights are:
sconces from the 1930s that have been repainted over so many times they are part of the wall

----- ryin 03.12.10 16:57

My ten month old son and beautiful wife light up my life.

----- Roger Penguino 03.12.10 16:12

What lights up my life: great design! I love contemporary design and whats even better is environmentally friendly designs. If it looks good and its “green” I love it. As a graphic designer I think it is important to design for the future and think about sustainable design. Notcot is where I go to see what new designs are developing.

----- Nicole 03.12.10 15:56

In a word…food. Don’t laugh, I’m sure many of you agree!

----- Jessi 03.12.10 15:32

December 5th marks the name-day and the 10-month anniversary (the longest one i’ve had in my sad gay life) with my boyfriend, who recently decided to redecorate his old house and transform it into our love-nest. That super-stylish lamp would be the ideal present to remind him every day and night that he actually is “the light of my life”!

----- Vangelis 03.12.10 15:31

lomography lights up my life.

----- jay 03.12.10 15:30

My partner and my one eared bull terrier

----- Wesley H 03.12.10 15:15

LCD screens light up my life.

----- Gaetan 03.12.10 15:00

When I come home from work and my husband has cleaned the house. One of the best feelings ever. Rare, but great.

----- Danica 03.12.10 14:04

+++ the glow of my iPhone. many sleepless nights, googling on how to fall asleep, getting pissed that i can’t see flash based sites on my phone. getting inspired reading notcot. reading bout Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke Lamp knock offs +++

----- dan 03.12.10 12:54


----- Megan 03.12.10 11:58

My world would be bleak without the love and advocacy of my parents who encourage me, my brother who inspires me, and my friends who support me in good times and bad.

----- Alisa M. 03.12.10 11:50

a polaroid sun 600 lms flash.

my nephews & nieces.

tea lights purchased in packs of 100.

intelligent, independent online media.

late nights with friends.

Girl Talk’s “All Day”.

----- N Keitlah 03.12.10 11:39

My fiancé and all the incredible things she does for me every day—that is what lights up my life.

----- Philip Gundersen 03.12.10 11:36

I am illuminated by the friendships in my life. Those lights never go out.

----- Laurie 03.12.10 11:10

I am living for travelling so everytime I am planning my next trip it lights up my life (and I planning the next trips all the time :)

----- zsofia ginter 03.12.10 11:10

My dog, Aston.

----- Tim 03.12.10 10:54

My Girlfriend Heidi and french bulldog Hank Williams III both light up my life!

----- Stacy B. 03.12.10 10:51

I must say that is a really nice article, I already knew all this, but never thought about writing about it hehe

----- Clark Garczynski 03.12.10 10:47

waking up to see the sunrise on 5 out of 7 days a week and then getting to go out on the Charles River for an intense row, from darkness to light.

----- Grace.L 03.12.10 10:38

What lights up my life? My friends, my radio, and my chemistry

----- Marianna 03.12.10 09:55

It would be the perfect way to read bedtime stories to my two beautiful children,Olivia and Joaquin.

----- Scott Ruiz 03.12.10 09:49

Love it!!

----- Lauren 03.12.10 09:44

San Francisco lights up my life :)

----- Chris B 03.12.10 09:17

Family, friends and the opportunity to make a living doing something that I love.

----- James D. LaCroix 03.12.10 08:11

This is what lights up my life!

L - Love from my family, from God, and from all of my lovely friends.
I - Icicles on a chilly day.
G - Generosity of people in this dark and unforgiving world.
H - Home, hearth, and handmade gifts.
T - The joy and inspiration I get from reading NOTCOT!

Thanks for letting me share. :)

----- Kaylee 03.12.10 07:35

My darling boyfriend lights up my life - and we’re moving in together next May, so this would be a wonderful addition to our new little love-nest!

----- Rhiannon T. 03.12.10 07:24

My 3 boys. They may be two giant dogs and an extremely curious cat, but they still make me proud, and they still bring a great big smile to my face every day.

----- Matt 03.12.10 06:55

a blue and shiny sky in the morning

----- Luiza Barroso 03.12.10 06:21

the white snow that covered London a couple of nights ago (and still does, sort of) has lit up my life! especially because the white glaze reflects light and the nights look a lot brighter :)

----- Jorge Almeida 03.12.10 03:34

WINNING THIS…..NOTHING ELSE (I also like Penguins..)

----- Barneymac 03.12.10 03:28

I work right under a boring fluorescent tube all day every day. It would be nice to come home to this. Plus I got a paper cut at work today - going for sympathy vote too.

----- Gregobro 03.12.10 01:25

my colleagues telling me that they are happy to see me in the office after a week spent at home because of flu!

----- marieke 03.12.10 01:23

Just drove past one of the places where we see these lamps with my honey & had to stifle the desire to tell him I entered this contest in case I don’t win. Why get the poor fella’s hopes up? On the other hand: what a wonderful surprise this would be!

----- Leona 03.12.10 01:04

Anything and everything beautiful and unexpected, large or small is a radiant beam of light!

----- Grace 03.12.10 01:00

yes, goodies!

----- dima 02.12.10 23:33

Notcot lights up my life.

----- Sundeep 02.12.10 23:01

Hm, what lights up my life? Knowing that no matter what happens, friends and family will be there for me. Also the 3 fairies that I caught a few days ago that I’m keeping in a jar. Great source of light. Very “green”!

----- Dahan 02.12.10 22:16

What lights up my life? Seeing the people I love in my life happy and smiling… that lights up my life.

----- Chris 02.12.10 22:01

My nephews. One is turning 4 on the 29th of this month. The other is only 9 months old. Both are the most beautiful little children I’ve ever met in my entire life. I only get to see them during breaks, but I take every chance I get to go visit them. At school, waking up early is the greatest chore, but when I’m visiting them I don’t mind at all being woken up at 8 AM by having my eyelids pulled up with that angelic voice screaming “IT’S MORNING AYI!” (ayi means aunt in Chinese) I get to see these babies in 10 days :)

----- Lisa Pan 02.12.10 21:57

When Mr.Rochester dresses up like an old fortuneteller to find out what Jane Eyre thinks of him.

----- Kylene 02.12.10 21:52

My wonderful boyfriend Tyler lights up my life =]
So do my 2 beautiful baby kitties, Castle and Zoey, who we rescued and hand raised and bottle fed since they were 3 days old =]
And finally Moose, my tiny baby bunny! He survived a bout of seizures that started on my 21st birthday of this year. Luckily though, he got better and even lost his head tilt!
I love them all and couldnt imagine life without them!

----- Elise 02.12.10 21:45

Snuggling with my dog lights up my life!

----- Lorenzo 02.12.10 21:44

The realization that it’s never to late to follow your dream. And the courage to actually do it.

----- B Louie 02.12.10 21:37

Many happy hours spent in a machine shop. :)

----- Casey 02.12.10 21:30

good design lights up my life. that’s why im on notcot all day haha

----- Ray 02.12.10 21:21

My community of friends, and 100 watt bulbs.

----- T. W. Adler 02.12.10 20:42

not Debby Boone, that’s for sure. My dogs, my friends, my shhhhh secret fiance (we’re eloping!)

----- Genevieve 02.12.10 20:36

notcot.com lights up my everyday! Being on the small island of Singapore, you guys show me the beauty of design by the rest of the world. Thanks guys!

----- Faith 02.12.10 20:11

The dull glow of my monitors

----- Keno Leon 02.12.10 19:57

My glasses, without which I’m quite blind. The warm, familiar feeling of landing in my home city. The fact that my parents are alive and happy. And how lovely every NotCot poster seems to be.

----- Khanh 02.12.10 19:56

My daughter mia, my wife carissa, and my art. light up like light bulb!

----- Levi Montez 02.12.10 19:44

Getting a letter from a friend in the mail (the REAL mail) totally makes my day.

----- Jeremy 02.12.10 19:13

You do. Just ask Carole King.

----- eab 02.12.10 17:55

What lights up my life? I am a delivery room nurse and the smile I get when I give a Daddy his new baby for the first time is enough to light up a whole room and keep me liking my job - this is what does it for me..

----- Cindy Pigg 02.12.10 17:53

holding hands while the snow falls and that cold fresh smell that happens with the first snow.

----- Danielle 02.12.10 17:53

the fact that there is people out there that want to make a good change in the world, makes my life light up in christmas time.

----- Joseph Sarti 02.12.10 17:44

These lamps are gorgeous.

----- Brendan 02.12.10 17:40

Ideas!(insert light bulb here) Without new ideas I would live in a world of darkness. New ideas make me happy!

----- mark 02.12.10 17:04

spending time with family and friends lights up my life

----- gerry 02.12.10 17:02

The sun lights up my life - and the fluorescent tube lights above my cavernous desk in architecture studio.

----- Jeff 02.12.10 16:51

The Internet! ;)

----- CapreeK 02.12.10 16:47

I am entering again for emphasis. Another thing that lights up my life is cooking. I am a terrific cook! I will cook for you if I win this lamp. (Truthfully, I’d cook for you anyway, but: bribery!)

----- Leona 02.12.10 16:37

raw fish, bubbles and music

----- Karolien 02.12.10 16:09

Coffee lights up my life every morning. Without it, a day of darkness.

----- RYAN 02.12.10 15:48

What lights up my life? You do, baby. You do.

----- Chen 02.12.10 15:34

spending time with my family, amongst the smell of something good cookin’ up on the stove :)

----- salina 02.12.10 14:55

the love of my life. my girlfriend.

----- Collin Banko 02.12.10 14:30

Mango sorbet lights up my life!!

----- Ekat 02.12.10 14:26

Films light up my life! Like a projector to be literal

----- Jeremy B 02.12.10 14:12

The courage to completely change one’s working life, embracing the arts & design and being daily inspired by both great designers and unknown geniuses…. the emotions of seeing great designs “dress” pure luminous energy….

----- Piergiorgio 02.12.10 14:12

Photons. That’s a scientific fact.

----- Christina 02.12.10 14:10

Bulbs, tungstens, sun and my computer’s glow.
No really, going on the stage with my band. Fiordmoss.

----- Petra 02.12.10 14:00

Great design lights up my life.

----- Kay 02.12.10 13:45

I LOVE holiday lights!!!! I love them even more when they are covered with different amounts of snow!!! I am so excited for this holiday season, and this light fits right in! I love how it branches out and looks just like a tree covered in snow! Way cool!!! Would love to have one of these in my room!

----- Katie 02.12.10 13:41

My daughter’s smile and when she crawls turbo speed to me.

----- Aaron 02.12.10 13:38

the swedish christmas atmosphere lights up my life.

----- joanne 02.12.10 13:23

being a california girl in boston and living life. my friends here.

----- annie yang 02.12.10 13:15

The internet lights up my life! I love it so, so much.

----- Jenny! 02.12.10 13:04

Friends, family, and dancing my ass off.

----- Lauren 02.12.10 12:45

i’m a little bit happier every time i see a dog. you never know where they’ll be, and it’s always a little surprise too see one. they light up my life, even though i don’t have one myself.

----- Jess 02.12.10 12:27

Alyx lights up my life. She is smart and beautiful and I love her.

----- ZachZZ 02.12.10 12:19

Being creative!

----- Gabriel G 02.12.10 12:09

What lights up my life? Literature. To be able to read and remove myself from reality and travel through time and space is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

----- Roxanne 02.12.10 12:03

good design lights up my life! beautiful, simple and practical things! it makes my brain feel less clustered.

----- Tibere 02.12.10 11:59

This year has been very hard for me, work-wise, but the fact that I still have the freedom to doodle and make art right beside my sales calls always brights up my day.

----- Big Tom 02.12.10 11:48

my husband of course!

----- jenni o 02.12.10 11:43

My boyfriend’s sense of humor.

----- alliehill 02.12.10 11:40

That lamp is seriously awesome.. and will look great replacing the old ’80s era lamp hanging over my dining room table..

----- Tran 02.12.10 11:40

The little details. Life’s little details light up everything.

----- Mot V. 02.12.10 11:13

Art. And my two cats of course.

----- Cobalt 02.12.10 11:08

One of the things that lights up my life everyday, is a gold fish that I have had for almost 8 years now. She was the table’s centerpiece at my cousins wedding. She however, has lasted longer than the marriage but all the same, she lights up my life daily.

----- Vinny W 02.12.10 11:04

Volunteering and seeing others volunteer their time to help those in more need.

----- Mike 02.12.10 10:34

honestly, following my dream.
finding my passion and making the jump from UCSD engineering to design has literally brightened up my life :)

----- mark 02.12.10 10:33

What lights up my life is the reaction I see when I do something nice for a complete stranger.

----- Jasper 02.12.10 10:32

My wife lights up my life. She has a knack for saying the right encouraging words at the right time. And she sings like an angel!

----- Bruce 02.12.10 10:20

good friends and a bottle of wine

----- abbey 02.12.10 10:18

My boyfriend, my puppy and our delicious home cooked meals every night make everything bright!

----- Drew 02.12.10 09:51

i can’t help but buy up ikea’s solar powered lanterns/lights. they light up my life at night :-)

----- Anna 02.12.10 09:42

My boyfriend lights up my life! And he would love this lamp…

----- Jen 02.12.10 09:39

It lights up my life when I can make people I love smile… and when my little kitten purrs and gets all snuggly - that’s pretty great too.

----- Diana 02.12.10 09:37

My son - no question! would love to win this gorgeous lamp

----- Keren Fathi-Poor 02.12.10 09:34

My family. :)

That lamp is GORGEOUS!

----- Monica 02.12.10 09:22

The men and women of the 100% volunteer United States Military who keep us safe, every day.

----- Matt Price 02.12.10 09:01

My kitty cat’s glowing eyeballs.

----- Cill 02.12.10 08:57

6-month-old kitten, 3-year-old cat, 22-year-old boyfriend.

----- Meghan 02.12.10 08:51

Making sweet, sweet love.

----- Jamison Hibbard 02.12.10 08:44

Being around family and close friends.

----- Emily Kerns 02.12.10 08:22

What lights up my life? My amazingly tolerant bio-luminescent girlfriend :)

----- Phil 02.12.10 08:18

My mobile device, This thing does everything

----- SOUP 02.12.10 08:03

My family, my friends and my lovely pup - all add up to make my life pretty fantastic.

----- Renee Perez 02.12.10 07:52

My friends light up my life. It’s always nice to have good people around you.

----- Adrien 02.12.10 07:51

My darling boyfriend lights up my life with long conversations about the value of innovation.

----- Molly 02.12.10 07:43

very nice!

----- jb 02.12.10 07:32

What lights up my life? Too many things to list. I am so blessed to live in this country, pursue my passions and be involved in a wonderful community of people every day. I have no needs, only wants, and for that I am truly grateful. That lamp is seriously amazing, how cool is it that we can create and design and pursue the places in life that inspire us most.

----- Jeremy 02.12.10 07:32

All of my blessings light my life…good job, great family and friends, my house and pet…

----- Robin 02.12.10 07:31

Notcot lights up my life. You’re the reason I decided to make the jump from a desk job as a Mechanical Engineer into a Master’s in Architecture and every night when I’m working until 4:00 am in the darkness of the studio underneath the florescent desk lamp I think of you….

----- Michael S 02.12.10 07:03

Hugs….cant go wrong with hugs.

----- David B 02.12.10 06:47

Truthfully the sun and florescent lights actually light up my life, but what metaphorically lights up my life is what I am doing at this moment. I am madly in love, enjoying my career, and cannot complain. This light would be an amazing addition and a way to make the actual lights of my life a little bit more pleasant.

----- David Rieman 02.12.10 06:46


----- Adrian 02.12.10 06:35

My life: my wife :)

----- Rav 02.12.10 06:01

my honey we she first opens her eyes in the morning.

----- chris grebner 02.12.10 05:56

My two cats light up my life! They rely on me, miss me when I’m gone, show me affection, are fun & energetic, and are too smart for their own good!

----- Matthew K 02.12.10 05:13

definitely my big dumb puppy. she’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. she just had seven tumors removed but she still gets up and makes a big happy fuss whenever I come home, even if I was just out for a few minutes.

----- Allie 02.12.10 04:41

Monday evening long, warm baths with my boyfriend. Wine, candles, and then into bed :) I know, maybe a romantic gay cliché, but after work at Mondays, it’s a relaxing treasure.

----- Chris 02.12.10 04:39

Waking up early morning watching rays of sunlight stipes softly move on my Two sons and pregnant partner

----- David Darki 02.12.10 04:19

This sounds rather basic, but I think that random encounters are what light my life. Random encounters with ideas, with dreams and with people that are each pursuing and fulfilling those dreams that are important to them. It is the fact that quite often our meeting are random in themselves that makes it special.Ideas grow from these.

----- Richard 02.12.10 04:04

Family, friends and all getting together by a Christmas tree with twinkly lights!

----- Rosie 02.12.10 03:28

love it… first though it the amazing scandinavian design i get to live in now - it brings total joy and light to my life. but also my lovely boyfriend and family!!

----- Fonda LaShay 02.12.10 03:26

My amazing family and friends keep my life super bright!

----- Camila F. 02.12.10 02:56

Lots of candles burning, lying on the couch with my wife….

----- Raztus 02.12.10 02:50

Ok first cheesey line, my boyfriend lights up my life but his eyes light up every time he sees one of these lights in a shop window. It would be a brilliant christmas gift if i was able to give it to him.

----- kimberly 02.12.10 02:29

Meeting my friends in unexpected times

----- Marcos Paulo 02.12.10 01:57

sharp criticism from my fellas and other people around me has never failed to light up my life! guaranteed ;)

----- genoveva hega 02.12.10 01:41

my niece lights up my life =)

----- karan 02.12.10 01:09

those who ave one or maybe 2, 3, 4 or more know that already… so the finest life lighter for me is my son, wife is not a bad for some light too :D

----- martins 02.12.10 01:06

friends, family, and the kindness of those I barely know.

----- Jonathan 02.12.10 00:37

it’s simple… LED light… :)

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 02.12.10 00:25

My mom

----- Miguel 02.12.10 00:18

We are in process of buying a home, and what lights up my life more than spending the holiday season with my family and friends at the comfort of our own home.

----- Sung 02.12.10 00:12

The thought that my bedroom will look less like a creepy motel room and more like clean contemporary apartment. And my puppy.

----- Katt 02.12.10 00:11

what lights up my life is finding about a new designer and writing about it on my blog… with coffee or Gin Tonic in hand!

----- Patrick L'Aristocrate 01.12.10 23:50

Definitely my friends!

----- jennifer 01.12.10 23:47

Checking notcot everyday

----- Derek 01.12.10 23:33

Family, friends and my girlfriend!

----- Isaac 01.12.10 23:27

Good times with good friends!

----- Joe Wasserman 01.12.10 23:25

my daughter and the fetus in my wife’s belly! … oh and my wife too!

----- rich 01.12.10 23:11

My life is made brighter when I share what I have with others.

----- Leanna 01.12.10 23:10

good books and friends light up my life.

----- liz 01.12.10 23:08

getting to go home for the holidays to see the WHOLE extended family and taking over thanksgiving turkey duty. i guess it’d have to be family

----- Kye 01.12.10 23:08

getting to go home for the holidays to see the WHOLE extended family and taking over thanksgiving turkey duty. i guess it’d have to be family

----- Kye 01.12.10 23:07

A great beer and a good friend to talking about the same interests. Thats lights my life up!

----- Roman 01.12.10 22:36

My Dog Pig and my close friends!

----- Johng 01.12.10 22:10

Right now it my Christmas tree, my first since moving away from home.

----- Tom 01.12.10 22:03

What lights up my life? Bright color, my dog, my friends, my books. What lights up my room? Right now, a bare light bulb hanging from a string.

----- John C. 01.12.10 22:00

What lights up my life is knowing that my fiance although ineligible for an American visa for two years loves me.

----- Owen 01.12.10 21:57

What lights up my life is pie.

----- Meg 01.12.10 21:33

I teach art lessons to children..what lights up my life is when a 4 year old student remembers the definition of Value in art- from light to dark (shows me with her hands covering her eyes to show dark). And today a 3 year old student’s mother thanks me for teaching her son how to write his name after only a few classes. All he needed was a rainbow colored pencil to do so! What lights up my life is seeing how I influence children through my love of art.

----- whitney 01.12.10 20:57

What lights up my life? Making friends, family and even strangers smile.

----- justin 01.12.10 20:43

What lights up my life? The sunlight filtering in through the window making my room less dungeon and more living space like.

----- Lea Hiltenkamp 01.12.10 20:27

I want that. It would look amazing in my foyer!

----- Willa Wilson 01.12.10 20:16

My best friend Kayla lights up my life.

----- alison 01.12.10 20:10

my husband.

----- sarah 01.12.10 20:03

so many things light up my life - but what comes to mind is spending time with good friends and consuming tasty mexican food!

----- lauren 01.12.10 19:55

My husband!

----- Sandra 01.12.10 19:54

Tumblr. Interacting with people on there who share the same interests.

----- james 01.12.10 19:53

My BF and my cute licky puppy. :P

----- Tooky 01.12.10 19:47

My family, friends and pets are what make my life shine.

----- neonsocks 01.12.10 19:44

Baking/baked goods/sweets light up my life!

----- Jen 01.12.10 19:37

My son. Out there in the world making his way. Sunny days.

----- Adrianne 01.12.10 19:31

My coworkers and their unrelenting and unfeigned cheerfulness.

----- Sam 01.12.10 19:20

Really well designed or beautiful art work (mostly abstract)

Its kinda sad when i get butterflies over art.

And creepy. But worth trying to create, hoping someone else is as sick as me.

----- Sean Monaghan 01.12.10 19:18

Anoria lights up my life.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 01.12.10 19:11

LED streetlights!

----- Spencer 01.12.10 19:11

Spending time with my girlfriend and family, relaxing and taking in the world.

----- Eugene 01.12.10 18:48

My girlfriends smile!

----- Justin Caldwell 01.12.10 18:46


----- Mikelle W. 01.12.10 18:37

My wife.

----- JC 01.12.10 18:35

My MOM!!!

----- Yoshio 01.12.10 18:35

my wife lights up my life.

----- jay P 01.12.10 18:32

Tyler lights up my life, every time I see his face, hold his hand, feel his warming presence, I feel light enter my world.

----- Matthew Weaver 01.12.10 18:26

My baby dog Henry!

----- Allison 01.12.10 18:22

my 2 ragdoll kittens: Pimms & Winston!

----- becky 01.12.10 18:17

simple things made well. with considerations in design, innovation, and sheer can’t live without it characteristics.

----- MR. HAYNES 01.12.10 18:15


----- Kristen 01.12.10 18:05

Every Friday, two people at the office make a vegetarian meal to share with the entire staff. We all take turns cooking, which means lots of recipe sharing, delicious food and feelings of solidarity. My co-workers are practically the only people I know in this city; they light up my life.

----- Bonnie 01.12.10 18:00

Books and my boyfriend. Life would be dismal without books……and not so great without my boyfriend either.

----- Jennifer 01.12.10 17:49

my three kids light up my life! Especially after a long day at work.. they make me beam with their home-welcoming hugs.

----- Doran Chang 01.12.10 17:31

my daily dose of design

----- benxue 01.12.10 17:24

The ability to think creatively every day in my line of work.

----- Aura 01.12.10 17:17

What light’s up my life? My pet bird. His little innocent, sweet tweets are what get me through the hard times!

----- Annelise A. 01.12.10 17:07

nothing. i live in a basement. it’s sad really.
a lamp would really brighten the place up a bit.

----- inoffensive 01.12.10 17:04

My pet hedgehog and BF.

----- Jared 01.12.10 17:03

What lights up my life? A good sense of humor, coffee in the morning, clean laundry, simple things, being aware, being alive, embracing the hardships and learning to appreciate, finding inspiration in the ordinary.

----- Ami 01.12.10 17:01

My wife’s smile lights up my life!

----- Mundy Hackett 01.12.10 16:55

My kitty cat lights up my life everyday.

----- Danielle 01.12.10 16:54

What lights up my life? Making friends, family and even strangers smile.

----- justin 01.12.10 16:51

What lights up my life? Making friends, family and even strangers smile.

----- justin 01.12.10 16:50

Being able to do what I love every single day, illustrate… that’s what lights up my life.

----- Kathryn Elyse 01.12.10 16:46

My kids, good design, travel, and NOTCOT.org of course!!!!!!!

----- Mikell Johnson 01.12.10 16:42

Participating in Sub for Santa lights up my life! Puts things into perspective every year.

----- Karene 01.12.10 16:42

My life is lit by the constant marvel of the beautiful complexity of the universe, the thrill of the unknown, and by the glowing ember at the end of this fat spleef. Keep it up, NOTCOT, this lamp is a classic!

----- Jeffery 01.12.10 16:37

My sister would love this lamp! She is a stay at home, which is beyond impressive to me - her two little girls light up both of our lives!

----- KC Culleen 01.12.10 16:35

Mostly high fives from the Pope. Mostly.

----- cole 01.12.10 15:59

My boyfriend, and Christmas lights!

----- Megan 01.12.10 15:56

my husband is my sparkler. also, danish modernism lights up my life ;)

----- melissa 01.12.10 15:52

What lights my life, is seeing all the Christmas trees everywhere. Nothing brings a smile to my face like the holiday season!

----- Lucas Lund 01.12.10 15:51

This lamp would definitely light up my day!!

----- Daniel 01.12.10 15:41

I think what lights my life the most has to be hope. I always hope for a better future, and try to keep in mind that if things go wrong now, then they might be better soon!

----- Sele 01.12.10 15:39

My family :)

----- Bianca 01.12.10 15:38

What lights up my life currently is finishing my end of term papers. Each paper I knock off my list, the closer I am to going home for the holidays and seeing all my family and friends, my mom’s cooking…just love.

----- Elaine 01.12.10 15:35

Ooooh, love these giveaways!
Hmmm, something that lights up my life. Oh man, postcards! I take part in postcard exchanges so several times a week I receive postcards in the mail from Finland, Japan, Germany, South Africa, US etc and boy every morning is brighter when I read them. :)

----- Ayla 01.12.10 15:28

The sun! Not getting too much of if these days.

----- Megan 01.12.10 15:24

A night in on the couch, watching a movie with my gal and our cuddly cat, Gustav.

----- Jason 01.12.10 15:24

Having a job that allows me to work with my hands and design everyday.

----- g 01.12.10 15:24

music, art, good weather (which includes lightning storms) … those moments where you choose to observe xox

----- lish 01.12.10 15:24

Smiles. And hugs. And conscientious choices.

----- Lynnea 01.12.10 15:22

The light of my life is lights. And the sun.

----- Kim 01.12.10 15:14

My curious george flashlight! (His hat opens and light shines out, lovely)

----- Maia 01.12.10 15:12

dont laugh….. driving on the freeway, windows down, music playing really really loud!

----- kacy 01.12.10 15:03

my meager, and a little smashed, artificial christmas tree that i decorated last night! it may be tiny but its all ive got to remind me of home during the holidays. its performing marvelously!

----- lkieh 01.12.10 15:02

my daughter’s face

----- Ryan 01.12.10 14:53

my crazy cats light up my life with laughter every day.

----- somerset 01.12.10 14:48

This collapsible strainer! Probably the best piece of kitchenware I have ever seen!

----- Baptiste 01.12.10 14:44

that would be my husband, who is awesome at everything he does, and doubly wonderful at being a loving, and loved, partner.

----- Olga 01.12.10 14:44

My Scottie and my Westie.

----- Austin 01.12.10 14:43

Well I’m an artist, and a Social. The things that light up my art is the joy I get out of creating pieces of art. Also socializing and meeting new people brighten up my life entirely :’D hehe

----- Jonathan H Alfaro 01.12.10 14:41

What lights up my life? A whole bunch of ugly light fixtures! Save my lights with a Norm 69!

----- John 01.12.10 14:35

Just to clarify— I am dedicated to entering all of the contests you’re running because they’re all so cool, but if you let me win one, this would be the best one. You would help me score so many points, and I LOVE scoring points!

----- Leona 01.12.10 14:29

what lights up my life? having NOTCOT around to compile all of the things i like on one website, making my holiday shopping a bit easier. (until i see a typography screenprint i want all to myself.)

----- Marshall Cox 01.12.10 14:28

The smell of snow, watching kids laugh, and late night sleepover conversations in a warm bed with snacks and a good friend.

----- Cameron 01.12.10 14:25

Decorating cookies with neon icing.

----- Courtney 01.12.10 14:24

Jean, I kid you not: my boyfriend and I have been lusting after this exact lamp for our new place. We carried around the Ikea knock-off for a while the other night, but we couldn’t do it. We wanted the real thing, so we decided to hold out. If you let me win this contest and surprise him with it, it would light up both his life and our lovely home!

Some things that light up my life pre-lamp are my puppy, the way my Philip thinks about things, putting away my beautiful dishes in a finished kitchen, being good at my job, blessing others through the work I do, having found happiness (finally!) in eating healthy most of the time, and making a decent living doing something I like while working for myself.

----- Leona 01.12.10 14:18

Being a two year breast cancer survivor, I now allow the simplest things in life to light up my life daily!

----- Forsythia Hopkins 01.12.10 14:17

my boyfriend lights up my life. i would love to put this lamp in our new place!

----- Jenna 01.12.10 14:17

Wrinkle pups, bowties, and dreams of owning a beautiful chandelier one day light up my life!

----- Martine 01.12.10 14:12

My recently acquired Crimbus bush is all lit up for the holidays and is the light of my life!

----- Marc Espowood 01.12.10 14:09

a no nonsense french bulldog named Miss Higgins. She puts up with my shenanigans everyday.

----- Nike Chapman 01.12.10 14:09

My niece is definitely the light of my life.
That girl can make me smile on the worst of days, and never fails to make me laugh.
She’s 1 and a half, and I taught her to say “Nom nom nom” when she eats… you can’t not love her :p

----- Mikaela 01.12.10 14:05

lovely pendant lights!!

----- eli 01.12.10 14:04

Knowing I can come home to a family lights up my life.

----- Eric 01.12.10 14:02

A lowly Ikea lamp that makes me cringe.

----- amongmany 01.12.10 14:00

My impending knee surgery lights up my life because I’ll no longer feel like a 90 year old man trapped in a… uh… let’s say 25 year old’s body.

----- Krista 01.12.10 14:00

My girlfriend, cats, family and my little niece light up my life.

----- Raven 01.12.10 13:56

nba basketball!

----- Ryan 01.12.10 13:51

I have to single out the two new lights that came home with me this year, one fierce little Boston Terrier and one big, warm Boxer. Love you girls :)

----- timeismine 01.12.10 13:51

Any Sunny clear warm day brightens it up!
or a good spiced hot cider on a cold night in front of the fire!!
thats does it!

----- Mark 01.12.10 13:48

fresh design lights up my life.

----- chrismay 01.12.10 13:47

Fire breathing! Bright plumes of flame that combine my love of fire, and circus craft!

----- Ian 01.12.10 13:45

My wife and my future!

----- Wicks! 01.12.10 13:44

Reading lights up my life; when all else fails I know i’ve got a book around somewhere for entertainment. Often lightbulbs are lighting up my reading, so I clearly know the importance of a nice lamp :)
Also, my birthday is this weekend. I’m just saying

----- Mikey 01.12.10 13:43

My family and friends light up my life! Yeah, it’s cheesy to say that but I’m older now and I’m really begining to appreciate how lucky I truly am for having such amazing and supportive people in my life. They really do make my life perfect :)

----- Hananh Kay 01.12.10 13:43

My kids and husband light up my life daily!

----- kali 01.12.10 13:41

A Sunny Day In Glasgow!

----- Anthony Flores 01.12.10 13:41

Not so good IKEA lamps light up my life so I could use it for sure…

----- Alexis 01.12.10 13:40

My 3-1/2 year old granddaughter, Nora—she lights up a room just by being…well…by being Nora!

----- Jodi 01.12.10 13:37

My husband, in all his dorkness, lights up my life. We laugh often.

----- reva skie 01.12.10 13:29

This Christmas and New Years spent with my boyfriend…that lights up my life. :)

----- Rebecca 01.12.10 13:26

Creative people and good design, particularly socially beneficial design, light up my life!

----- Diana 01.12.10 13:26

L’Amour ! (with a big A, please!!)

----- Laura 01.12.10 13:18

My husband lights up my life. Each and every day.

----- Stephanie Fisher 01.12.10 13:18

My kid Lulu’s laughter lights up my life and everyone around her too!

----- Souris 01.12.10 13:17

today my life is lighten by crappy mass produced chinese paper lamps. if you’re human… save me please ! cheers to you all design addicted from the snowy swiss alps, steve

----- Steve 01.12.10 13:15

My family + community light up my life! And also the fact that i am fortunate enough to be able to turn the lights, heat, appliances on - at the flick of a switch - everyday. Small gesture, huge privilege.

----- Jennifer 01.12.10 13:15

It lights up my life to live a train ride away from Copenhagen. All the design beauty I see on Notcot comes to life!

----- marissa 01.12.10 13:15

What lights up my life is design! Great design!

----- jb 01.12.10 13:14

Please, bring light into my life that’s not track lighting.

----- Lindsay 01.12.10 13:12

I have a great 60’s mod lamp with globes that is one of my favorite ithngs in our living room- so that literally lights up my life :)

----- devin 01.12.10 13:11

from cars to graphics to fashion & furniture, design of all things lights up my life!

----- Ann N. 01.12.10 13:10

Making my girlfriend smile lights up my life. This lamp would be the perfect gift to do just that!

----- Matt 01.12.10 13:10

what lights up my life? the innumerable ways people use to reach out to each other across the distance. love is a human condition and even though our worlds get bigger, we can always find a way to bring it back to the basics: http://gizmodo.com/5702753/i-hope-this-gets-to-you-a-viral-love-letter

----- Aimee 01.12.10 13:10

My friends and family lights up my life :)

----- Ming 01.12.10 13:08

My dogs light up my life. No matter what is happening in the world or in my life, my dogs change my mood and make me feel good.

----- Alan 01.12.10 13:08

Art and music light up my life!

----- Becky 01.12.10 13:08

It’s the little things that light up my life, like kicking back with an IBC Cream Soda and a bag of Reese’s Pieces. Delicious.

Also that trivet is pretty pretty.

----- Brian 01.12.10 13:06

usually no overhead lighting lights up my life (i don’t like them), but this one is really pretty.

----- mine 01.12.10 13:05

LOVE THIS! Friends and Family light up my life!

----- Justin 01.12.10 13:05

My Wife and Daughter, My Community, & Making Things with My Hands.

----- Brian 01.12.10 13:05

The quiet scratching of pencil on paper…

----- Andrew Meteor 01.12.10 13:04

LED’s, power compacts, and my wife

----- JD 01.12.10 13:04

right now in my office: an apple 32” cinema screen
when i get home from work: my boston terrier’s dance of joy and a hug from my husband
before bed: the glow of my iphone as i set my alarm
my life: family, friends, food, the world of possibility

----- Audrey 01.12.10 13:02

My wife and dog light up my life.

----- tony f 01.12.10 13:01

My two cats, who are always ready for a snuggle and are good listeners. My husband is pretty great too.

----- Sarah 01.12.10 13:01

Helping people lights up my life.

----- lara 01.12.10 13:00

My wonderful boyfriend, family, and dog light up my life! Just hugging any of them automatically warms me up :)

----- tam 01.12.10 12:59

At home, my family lights up my life.

At work, the little flickering bulb lights up my windowless office and in turn, my life.

----- George 01.12.10 12:58

design definitely lights up my life!

----- brent 01.12.10 12:58

Bright colours lights up my life. I always dress very brightly because it makes me feel incredible. I think that colour has the power to influence your mood so yeah, bright ones make me feel like a double rainbow in the skyyy! So intense.

----- Bibi 01.12.10 12:54

When looking to the online world, the daily links on NOTCOT truly light up my life.

----- Nick 01.12.10 12:52

Every night, the blue light of Samsung Mobile, lights up my life. This beacon, on the corner of Wilshire, shall forever be my nightlight.

----- Jeremy Sueper 01.12.10 12:51

My two puppies light up my life every single day!

----- Letizia Lorenzana 01.12.10 12:51

My partner =)

----- Kat 01.12.10 12:51

Seeing success from hard work lights up my life.

----- Kelsey 01.12.10 12:48

my friends definitely are the ones who light up my life! This year started out horrible and has turned into one of the best ever!

----- Charlie Price 01.12.10 12:46

NOTCOT lights up my life everyday! Yeah, kissin’ ass, but I want the lamp!

----- Daimian 01.12.10 12:46

What lights up my life? Currently, my laptop screen as my lamp died over the weekend, and it’s December, I’m in college, broke, and I’m spending my money on gifts for everyone else.

----- Mette Christ 01.12.10 12:43

My Amazing friends keep my life very bright.

----- Damoy 01.12.10 12:41

I live in darkness. Lamps are needed.

----- april_d 01.12.10 12:27

What lights up my life is seeing everybody getting involved for World AIDS day (1 dec)

----- Anthony 01.12.10 12:27

what lights up my life? My son, my wife and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

----- Bryan 01.12.10 12:27


----- Deirdre 01.12.10 12:21

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