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Holiday TV Streaming- 12.13.10

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TVs really are like artwork in the house these days ~ when it takes up so much visual real estate in a room, bar, etc, you really can’t leave it off as a big black screen of nothingness! So the big question is, what do you leave on? And with so many apps and channels and dvd collections and everything these days, i’ve been bouncing the idea around with friends about what we’d possibly leave on in the background streaming while people were over and not actually focused on the TV… which things look pretty and interesting enough to glance at now and then… things you don’t necessarily need to be full engrossed in to have moments of enjoyment from… and yet, you could also plop down on the couch and lose yourself in them if that bored and trying to survive the holidays? So, we’ve pulled together a rather random smattering of films and shows that came up, as well as some apps that help you get the job done too! Check out our list on the next page!


The Incredibles

sapps1.jpg YouTube App


It Happened One Night
La Dolce Vita
To Catch a Thief

sapps5.jpg Netflix App


The Story of the Weeping Camel

sapps6.jpg Blockbuster App


Planet Earth
Tiger: Spy In the Jungle

sapps4.jpg CinemaNow App


The Fifth Element
Blade Runner
The Princess Bride

sapps3.jpg Hulu Plus App

And you can never go wrong with any Bond flicks or futurama! moremovies.jpg 007 Full James Bond Collection
Futurama Complete Set - in a Bender Head!

“This sponsored post is brought to you by Samsung Electronics America - content is mine, and they are enabling me to do my thing! The amount and types of Apps available on Samsung Smart TVs vary depending on TV Technology and Model. Make sure to check www.samsung.com/apps to see a complete list of apps available on Samsung Smart TVs and which apps are available on specific models. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Samsung Electronics or its partners.”

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inception is streaming over at blockbuster

----- john 13.12.10 00:01

inception isn’t streaming on netflix; nor is weeping camel. just checked and unless you have some special plan i don’t; it’s not there.

----- jason 12.12.10 23:31

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