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Holiday Giveaway #19: Diesel Sweeties- 12.12.10

21-dieselsweeties.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Justin in Highlands Ranch, CO and Leor in Ontario, Canada!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #19 is here ~ and today our friends at the web comic, Diesel Sweeties, are giving two lucky readers a pixelated makeover of sorts with two bundles! Bundle One is all about Pixel Skulls - a pair of Pixel Skull Shot Glasses, a classy Pixel Skull Tie, and some Pixel Skull Socks ~ perfect for a day at the office? Or a night out? Bundle Two is all about the Red Robot - a Red Robot Army Tote Bag, a flaming Red Robot Tie, and some Red Robot Socks! For the peek at all of Bundle Two’s goodies, check out the pic on the next page (as well as a coupon!) So the question now is… which are you?

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Dec 16th (PST) ~ telling me about whether you’re a Pixel Skull kind of kid or a Red Roboter… and why!

21-dieselsweeties1.jpg Bundle Two = a Red Robot Army Tote Bag, Red Robot Tie, and Red Robot Socks!

For a chance to win, Bundle One’s Pixel Skulls - a pair of Pixel Skull Shot Glasses, a classy Pixel Skull Tie, and some Pixel Skull Socks or Bundle Two’s Red Robots - a Red Robot Army Tote Bag, Red Robot Tie, and Red Robot Socks from Diesel Sweeties, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 16th (PST) ~ telling me about whether you’re a Pixel Skull kind of kid or a Red Roboter… and why!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: diesalsweetiesCOUPON.jpg

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228 Notes

Nicely said. Couldn’t agree with you more. I wished others would feel this way too.

----- Yuk Coffin 22.12.10 07:44

RED ROBOT. Why not? Skulls are dead and robots live forever. Also pixelated skulls are just trying to be cool by being nostalgic. Future>Nostalgia.

----- Angela 16.12.10 16:10

Pixel Skull is me: 1024 X 768. What perfect socks for a Derby Dime babe!

----- Crayzys 16.12.10 15:01

Red Roboter, because what girl could resist a crush all humans exterior beneath a hat of gold?

----- Zoha 16.12.10 13:49

pixel skull all the way

----- Michael H. 16.12.10 12:30

i robot
you robot
we all robot
for red robot

----- Burçin Yüksel Keleşoğlu 16.12.10 11:50

I am a Red Roboter for sure.

----- Dana Galbraith 16.12.10 09:33

pixel skull, because I’m a post-goth…

----- Adam 16.12.10 09:15

I’m a Pixel SKull kind…..Part rocker, part geek

----- Mark Y. 16.12.10 09:06

skull, definitely! much more versatile.

----- bekee 16.12.10 07:25

Pixel Skull guy for sure, that´s a punk legacy in all of us!

----- Gabriel Diaz 16.12.10 05:29

Red Roboter…win mode activated

----- oana m 16.12.10 01:30

Pixel skull. Like the concept of death being reduced to the smallest format of visual information on a computer. + it reminds me of litebrite, and who doesn’t love skulls on litebrite?!

----- Luke 15.12.10 22:21

pixel skull! infinitely classier.

----- Jess 15.12.10 22:04

Red roboter because c3po and r2d2 are robots and we all know how badass they are.

----- Michael Huynh 15.12.10 21:30

Definitely a red roboter, for sure. I’ve never been a skull kind of girl…perhaps I shy away from death, or maybe I simply lean more toward technology. Robots hold a special place in this girls heart.

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.10 19:07

I am a Pixel Skull cause black and grey go with anything.

----- Jeremy 15.12.10 17:08

I’m all about the robots – just to be on the safe side in the inevitable event of the robot takeover.

----- April 15.12.10 16:56

Pixel Skull! Nothing is more Metal, while also symbolizing Nerd culture, better than a hardcore Pixel Skull. And I like Hu-mans, I don’t wanna support the one who wants to crust most of us.

----- Justin G 15.12.10 16:32

Skull Me.

----- Will T 15.12.10 14:27

Alas, poor Diesel! I knew him, Notcot: a fellow of infinite jest, yet of only 40 pixels; He hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now how abhorred in my imagination it is—my want rises at it. Here hang those dotted lips that I will wear I know not how oft.

----- Dan 15.12.10 14:21

Pixel Skull because there freakin awesome!

----- Jan 15.12.10 13:50

I’m a pixel skull….. metal forever baby \m/ (minus the mullet of course) even though I secretly envy the Red Robot.

PS: love how Will Wheaton always wears Red Robot t-shits in The Big Bang Theory.

----- Naysa 15.12.10 13:47

Pixel Skull… I like squares.

----- Thomas 15.12.10 13:45

red robot. so that i can go “red robot, ohmmmm” to the tune of “red robin, ohmmmm”

----- mine 15.12.10 13:13

Pixel Skull! I’m a child of the 80’s, it makes me feel nostalgic. :)

----- Marie 15.12.10 12:58

The Pixel skull fo sho!

That thing is so rad! The robot is not to be ignored either mind you, but that pixel skull beats it out. Its cool just for being a real simple design but a perfect representation of a skull.

----- john g 15.12.10 12:32

I am a Red Roboter. And I just wanna say that Robots have feelings too. Sure they may be manufactured feelings to resemble human emotions, but nonetheless, they’re still there. Period.

----- Jamie Shae 15.12.10 12:04

Begin transmission. Red robot! Destroy all humans! End transmission.

----- JenG 15.12.10 11:02

I love the pixel skulls - they make me feel like a digital mcqueen.

----- Jon Crowley 15.12.10 10:46

pixel skulls all the way, robots are cool but a bit too sweet.

----- becky 15.12.10 10:35

Pixel Skull kind of kid cause I push pixels behind my camera!

----- Tracy 15.12.10 10:16

Pixel skulls would be ideal. Sure, both packages evoke tech and death, but the black and white go better with my wardrobe.

----- Ben 15.12.10 09:59

Pixel robots because pixel skulls look like uptight bearded old men!

----- DJ Trimor 15.12.10 07:34

I like the robot - reminds me of a short story I once read about a robot that went crazy and killed people when the temperature got too high. He sang silly songs too. Waaa Haaaa Haaaaa

----- Erin Farmer 15.12.10 07:16

Pixel Skull cause Skull can make Red Roboter cry.

----- Michelle K. 14.12.10 23:26

I’m definitely a red robot. Pixelated skulls taking over the world? I don’t think so.

----- Grace.L 14.12.10 20:08

red roboter…Robots are cooler cause they aren’t on everything ed hardy.

----- kristin 14.12.10 19:34

I’m definitely a Pixel Skull kind of guy. Black goes with everything and the skulls are just icing on the cake.

----- neonsocks 14.12.10 19:24

Red Roboter cause I’m a redhead!

----- Laura R 14.12.10 18:49

Because I lost my education to video games. Formal one I mean, I know everythig in digital

----- Bojan 14.12.10 17:03

i will so be the envy of all my robot loving friends

----- angela 14.12.10 15:07

Pixel skull. It’s oldschool but still makes a statement!

----- Michal 14.12.10 13:59

Oh, I’m Red Robot girl, I need that tote when I’m buying spareparts, and that tie is for Red Robot boy. May he burn if he’s not nice!

----- Joh 14.12.10 13:35

no doubt about it — red robot all the way

----- brett 14.12.10 12:39

I´ll be the red robot, they are smarter than dead skulls

----- Liliana 14.12.10 11:44

i´ve always considered me mor of a pixel kind of guy

----- ricardo garza 14.12.10 11:34

Red Robots! Skulls get a little depressing and macabre. Angry robots are where it’s at.

----- byron818 14.12.10 11:30

I love the red robot because I am part robot.

----- Tooky 14.12.10 10:39

Pixel Skull. I see life in 8 bit pixelation.

----- shaneo 14.12.10 10:09

pixel robot he’s just soo cuddulie

----- Austin 14.12.10 08:51

I am a pixel skull! If anything can make my vison go all pixelated are those awsomes shot glasses!

----- Aljosa 14.12.10 08:46

I suppose I’m a red-robot kind of kid. I’m prepared to terrorize.

----- Adam Edwards 14.12.10 08:37

Red Robot for sure. Just look at those eyes. Aww. So adorable!(/deadly)…

----- Jeremy 14.12.10 07:18

Definitely a pixel skull type! The poisonesc style of the dark pixel skull will give fear to anyone that’s in my path while maintaining the dark cool style of the strange traveller

----- Nick 14.12.10 07:15

Starting in 3rd grade, a classmate of mine was adamant in insisting that I was a robot. Even when I ran into him in college (all of one time), he still had suspicions. So I’d say I’m a Red Roboter! Plus, robots are way less dead than skulls are.

----- Jen 14.12.10 06:13

red robots are the salt of the earth!

----- francisco 14.12.10 05:44

I’m very much a pixel skull type of gal. I’m a tech theatre person so I already wear black. Why not add some flair to my life with some awesome skull socks? And those shot glasses will work perfectly to take my cares away and the tie is a fun accessory for those part moments.

----- Emma 13.12.10 23:31

Pixel skull because it totally rocks the 8-bit gamer vibe, also The Punisher!

----- Roger Penguino 13.12.10 21:38

Red Robot strikes my fancy because there’s awesome color to it, but pixel Skull is pretty awesome too because of its 8-bit inspiration.

----- Justin R 13.12.10 19:18

Red Roboter…because the jokes are better!

Why did the robot order a milkshake?
To blend in with the general human population, making it easier to infiltrate society and—in time—conquer it.

A rabbi, an Arab, a robot, and a Catholic priest walk into a bar. Only the robot exits.

A robot walks into a pharmacy. The pharmacist asks him if he’d like anything. The robot replies, “A soul.”

How do you stop a robot from destroying you and the rest of civilization?
You don’t.

“Waiter! Waiter! What’s this robot doing in my soup?”
“It looks like he’s performing human tasks twice as well, because he knows no fear or pain.”

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
A robot.
Oh, shit.

----- Christina Ward 13.12.10 17:51

red robot kind of guy, red would go with more of my wardrobe

----- eug 13.12.10 17:15

I keep meeting people who say red’s my personality’s color, whatever that means. The robot, because of it’s un-pixelated eyes and flames. Because it’s a vintage robot set aflame, and I love fire. And how to go wrong with a whole army of them AND a /silkscreened/ tote bag?

----- Yaco Roca 13.12.10 16:50

Skulls have become too ubiquitous: http://www.slate.com/id/2233826/. So by default, Red Roboter.

----- Lisa 13.12.10 16:41

pixel skull girl because i work with pixels all day long!

----- somerset 13.12.10 16:07

,;~' '~;,
,; ;,
; ;
,' ',
,; ;,
; ; . . ; ;
| ; ______ ______ ; |
| `/~" ~" . "~ "~\' |
| ~ ,-~~~^~, | ,~^~~~-, ~ |
| | }:{ | |
| l / | \ ! |
.~ (__,.--" .^. "--.,__) ~.
| ---;' / | \ `;--- |
\__. \/^\/ .__/
V| \ / |V
| |T~\___!___!___/~T| |
| |`IIII_I_I_I_IIII'| |
| \,III I I I III,/ |
\ `~~~~~~~~~~' /
\ . . /
\. ^ ./

A skull will do! Because I am colorblind and red is green to me.

----- Petra 13.12.10 15:57

oh i’m definitely a red robot girl, because it’s soo cold in finland that my frozen facial expressions and movements are becoming more and robotic. but on the inside, i’m really hot red with burning love for all the nice people i have the last week to spend with, and all the nice people who are already waiting for me to come back home. and diesel sweeties robots! :D

----- Liisa 13.12.10 14:00

Red Robot. Because I need a new tote! ;)

----- Matt 13.12.10 13:49

Red Robot domination!! Raise hell, raise the roof!

----- ellaqezi 13.12.10 13:39

Everyone calls me a robot because I don’t like emotions…except love…because I LOVE those AWESOME robot socks!!!!! We were made for each other. This I know.

----- Maggiebot 13.12.10 12:47

I’m a Pixel Skull kind of kid!

----- Christopher 13.12.10 12:45

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

----- Greg 13.12.10 11:55

Love the red robot! I used to have those socks but they wore out because I wore them constantly.

----- Marie 13.12.10 11:47

I´m a Skull kind of guy, why? because skulls are all about rock n´roll like me, Keith Richards wears them, the Ghost Rider and of course I do as well.

----- Ponciano Rincon 13.12.10 11:03

ohh I want to tie badly !!

----- Bino 13.12.10 10:56

Pixel Skull for sure: simple, to the point, death.


----- Aaron 13.12.10 10:51

Skulls for sure. They’re just oh so much classier.

----- Jessi 13.12.10 10:43

Red robotsss!! beeep boop blip!

----- Drew 13.12.10 10:12

Red robots are red from all that love.
or are secretly controlling SANTA!!!! and taking over the world!

----- Karan 13.12.10 10:11

I am a Pixel Skull kind of kid~coz who doesn’t love pixel skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

----- Andy 13.12.10 09:57

I’m a “Pixel Skull” kinda guy… because I already own (and wear quite often) the “Flaming Red Robot” tie! And I always explain what (and where) Diesel Sweeties is when people ask about the tie (or my “Marker of the Beast” sharpie sets).

----- Nick Curtis 13.12.10 09:55

I’m lovin’ both but I think my heart is leaning towards the pixel skulls (just suits me better)…but let me be clear as I really do not have anything against robots. I must admit that both robots and skulls rank pretty darn close to one another on the scale of nerd chic awesome-ness. I particularly love that Diesel Sweeties has taken the almost overdone skull theme and made it fresh and cool once again.

----- Dana K. 13.12.10 09:36

Pixel Skull! It just looks so much more dangerous with the straight lines!

----- Iris 13.12.10 09:23

I like skulls, and skulls like me. (Pixel Skull)

----- Chris Love 13.12.10 09:12

Hmmm…robots or skulls…robots or skulls…I love them both but I think since I still have to shop for my husband I’m going to put my personal wants aside and say skulls and if I win give the goodies to him!

----- Janna 13.12.10 09:07

i love cyberoptix tie lab!!! Bethany is the greatest!!!!

----- marty keeter 13.12.10 08:52

i love cyberoptix tie lab!!! Bethany is the greatest!!!!

----- marty keeter 13.12.10 08:52

Pixel Skull - it would be the perfect answer to those in my office that think I should wear a tie more often.

----- Mike 13.12.10 08:48

Red Roboter. Must crush the hu-mans

----- DaveLoven 13.12.10 08:47

pixel skull, because black goes with everything.

----- alex 13.12.10 08:26

Pixel skull. When i’m pissed at work, that’s how i feel.

----- Pei 13.12.10 08:20

Definitely a red robot guy. He’s so awesome… except for that wanting to destroy the human race kind of thing. He should just learn to love.

----- Allen 13.12.10 08:07

Pew pew pew. Robo-boogie pixel skulls.

----- Maureen Kelly 13.12.10 08:05

pixel skulls for sure… skulls are way more ominous than robots..

----- Tran 13.12.10 07:49

Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! Pixel Skull! :)

----- Jasper 13.12.10 07:39

I’m defiantly a Pixel Skull, thats why i have so many dead pixels on my screen :P

----- Elad 13.12.10 07:33

Red Robot. Because I love The Iron Giant.

----- Jason 13.12.10 07:30

Pixel Skull cause I tose a coin…

----- Maria Lara 13.12.10 07:23

Pixel Skull. Love 8-bit stuff and and would love a skull tie.

----- Ray 13.12.10 07:05

the red robot! he’s so intense.

----- james 13.12.10 06:51

Wow! that’s a tuffy, my sign is cancer, so I am a bit crusty (crustacean). But the beautifully retro simplicity of the skull makes my head turn 8 bits of green with envy!
The Skull definitely the SKULL!

----- bbates 13.12.10 06:48

Red Robots, please! Is there anything cooler than red robots? Gotta love then!

----- Camila F. 13.12.10 05:37

Pixel skull vs. Red robot
Pirate vs. Man made machine
Black vs. Red

I am a pirate who braves the sea of uncertainties to find the treasures of life and I am also a robot programmed to accomplish the extraordinary in the mundaneness of the world. (I’m getting way over my head now.*laughs) Can I have the best of both worlds? It’s absolutely mind-wrecking to choose between these two great things. (Both the objects of my affection!lol!) Alas, given the circumstances and in this case, I’ll side with the Red robot. Why? Because the Red robot can break the Pixel Skull into pieces. Well, Not really but yeah….

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

----- nine 13.12.10 05:25

i’m a red robot kind of girl. i used to have the red robot socks, but they got worn out because i used them so much!! i’d love a new pair!

----- Ashley 13.12.10 05:10

Red Robots all the way. Have you seen me dance? If you had you WILL know why!

----- Tony 13.12.10 05:09

Though I want to say that I am a red robotter, I can guarantee you that all others would say I am a pixel skull. I am a 6’4” tall college student. I weight only 150 lbs. This may seem little, but when you stretch all that out I am quite thin, so much so that my two most common nicknames are gigantor and skeletor. I have also been told that I move in a somewhat spastic manner. Let’s just say that this is because I lost all my ligaments and muscles and I really am just a skeleton. That is why I fit the bill so well.

----- David Rieman 13.12.10 04:36

Red Robots all the way! Because red is awesome and robots are awesome, so the two of them together are like a heaven of awesomeness.

----- Antoana 13.12.10 04:32

I - AM - A - RED - ROBOT - BEEP.

----- jay 13.12.10 04:16

RRR- red robots rule!!!

----- Grace 13.12.10 03:16

I’m with Red Robot, all the way. From day one, thanks for Sam Brown at Exploding Dog. CRUSH ALL HU-MANS! I think the day Richard Stevens started working with Bethany at Cyberoptix was possibly the greatest day in the history of ties. Ever.

----- Tony 13.12.10 02:30

I am definitely a Pixel Skull guy. because robots can turn against you :-)

----- ioana 13.12.10 02:12

Pixel Skull-ker. Although i will side with the robot uprising (when it occurs), I see myself enjoying a DARK cup of coffee, preferably in a cleaned out skull or a cup with a skull picture. Plus, holding a tote doesnt seem all too bent on world domination

----- Steven 13.12.10 02:05

born with a skull under my skin, live with a skull under my skin, die with a skull (probably without my skin, after a while) so….S K U L L S ! ! !

----- kaison 13.12.10 01:34

I’m a little digital pirate so it’s skulls all the way for me! ARRRRR!

----- Luuk Langenhoff 13.12.10 00:27

Red Roboter for sure because of a greatest robot ever (he is not red by the way) but the robot stays a robot no matter of a color. so where were I? yes the greatest robot… thats Bender Bending Rodríguez of course

----- martins 13.12.10 00:21

Red Roboter, for sure. It’s got attitude!

----- Hoister 12.12.10 23:47

Hook it up! I need the style points.

----- dakota l. ortiz 12.12.10 23:13

i’m a pixel skull guy! i suspect my actual skull looks a LOT like this.

----- mark yturralde 12.12.10 22:44

Red Roboter, because I’m all about sci-fi, flames, and the color red!

----- stasia burrington 12.12.10 22:44

pixel skull most definitely. sleeker and subdued.

----- curtis 12.12.10 22:43

I’m part of the Pixel Skull crew. I have been lusting after those socks for a while now. The girlfriend says no, I say yes, if I was to win a pair she couldn’t argue with that.

----- justin 12.12.10 22:43

Anything will do… as long as I get something free :D

----- Joel Wong 12.12.10 22:38

Pixel skulls. Just cause I need it! I will wear it to work and my friends will finally realize that I’m awesome!

----- Damian Carroll 12.12.10 22:36

I’m more of a Red Roboter kinda girl, ‘cause the world just has to go down in flames.

----- Laura Kerneis 12.12.10 22:26

Red Robot, to warm my cold, mechanical heart. Beep

----- Leor Boshi 12.12.10 22:20

Skull…less threatening.

----- Kristen 12.12.10 22:12

Red Robot. Because robots can easily crush skulls.

----- Carlo 12.12.10 21:54

Pixel Skull i because i already have some red robot stuff. Need to change it up a bit

----- Danielle 12.12.10 21:13

red roboter all day everyday.. skulls are just kinda not really my thaaang!

----- Kenny Garcia 12.12.10 21:10

Pi:x:el - Only way to be square and devious at the same time

----- Eliot Jay 12.12.10 20:55

I grew up with pixels flying in my skull, now I need them to cover my organic body

----- Love juice 12.12.10 20:44

I don’t know, I’m liking the red robot ties, but the alcoholic in me is loving those shot glasses. Hell, always bet on black; I’m a skull man.

----- devon 12.12.10 20:38

robot cuz they are the shit !! :)

----- christine 12.12.10 20:35

I’m a robot, but my husband’s a skull. Happy either way!

----- Ashley Brandin 12.12.10 20:12

skulls all the way. bad-ass and nerdy. that’s how i see myself anyway, although my family and friends would probably disagree.

----- rich 12.12.10 20:09

Pixel skull - amazing simplifying something so complicated to a pixel image

----- Natalie kay 12.12.10 19:53

I’m a pixel skull because the pixel makes the picture

----- Anna Hinojosa 12.12.10 19:45

Oo. Tough call. They’re both so… …metal.

----- Matt Miller 12.12.10 19:44

Red Robot! Crush all humans! Really, I just love Red Robot on my misanthropic days.

----- Margaret 12.12.10 19:35

You know how people can just bust out “the robot” dance moves. I cant. I look like I’m having a spastic fit…

BUT I COULD BE DOING THE ROBOT..if me and red robot were reunited. And then I’d just be cuteness…


----- Maureen 12.12.10 19:29

I’m a skull kid ever since Zelda on N64

----- Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow 12.12.10 19:20

Red Robots, Red robots are cool.

----- Yoshio 12.12.10 19:18

Pixel Skull! For my husband…whose a bad ass software developer. One look at that tie and you’d know it!

----- Sandra 12.12.10 19:17

I have always loved that red tie!

----- Amelia 12.12.10 19:15

Red Robot all the way! It is better to support them now before the robot revolution takes place. I will surely be in their good books, for sure. Looking to the future, who can deny that one day robots will rule us all and with these robots being red, they will definitely frighten us all into becoming their slaves. I might be spared from being tortured with me pledging my allegiance early on. All hail Red Robots!

P.S. Notcot, please fulfill my destiny. *Saluting the Red Robot way*

----- Gary 12.12.10 19:14

I wants me sume skulls!! GO team skull, from the one in my head, to the crystal Aztec skulls, to the skulls of thye haloverse (can’t play with out grunt b-day party) skulls are an important part of our collective methos. also the black and silver would go so well with the rest of my dayglow orange jumpsuit wardrobe :p.

----- eddie1212 12.12.10 19:10

Red Roboter! A) Robots are amazing B) Who would want to be associated with a Robot!

----- Jordan K 12.12.10 18:48

red robot ftw!

----- miranda 12.12.10 18:47

I’d take either one, but I’ll go for the skull because it’s… cooler?

----- Teemu 12.12.10 18:43


----- Jacob 12.12.10 18:17

Red Robots. I like the bag. And socks.

----- Allison 12.12.10 17:53

I’m skullier than most, if for no other reason that a new pair of socks would do me well.

----- scott 12.12.10 17:53

Im going to go with pixel skull. It reminds me of how I feel at work daily….being a network administrator Im often seen as evil (skull) and the pixels would realte to the admin side (awesome 8-bit looking goodness) I am the pixel skull to many of my users

----- charlie price 12.12.10 17:39

Pixel skull…’cause black is my color and I’m a digital artiste!

----- Robert 12.12.10 17:33

Red robot. Or robot rouge. Whichever.

----- Gaetan 12.12.10 17:24

pixel skull. i have many things that are skull like… liquor, snowboard, shot glasses etc.

----- jay P 12.12.10 17:20

I’m a red robot kind of girl. Beep-Boop. Beep. Boop.

----- Marianna Johnson 12.12.10 17:17

Im a Pixel Skull.

----- Suelynn 12.12.10 16:49

Red Roboter. They just appeal to me for some reason. They kind of look like crabs and I am crabby frequently. Perhaps that is why.

----- reva skie 12.12.10 16:30

I am defiantly in the pixel skull camp. From playing all the halo games where skulls are very important, can’t play with out grunt birthday party on, know what I mean! And the mystery of the Aztec crystal skulls. They are an important part of our collective mythology. And that tie is just awesome it would go with my entire wardrobe, which consists of neon orange jump suits :p.

----- Eddie1212 12.12.10 16:09

Pixel Skull- after just having taken an anatomy-of-speech course with virtual dissection lab, I’m now very familiar with the views and workings of the pixelated upper body (and the tiny pixel larynx).

----- Emily 12.12.10 16:05

Red Robot lady, here. Why? ‘Cause robots are cooler than skulls, which are fairly cool to begin with. And to top it all off, homicidal robots ASSIST IN THE PRODUCTION of skulls.

----- Meghan 12.12.10 15:58

Pixel Skull ftw, my boyfriend would love to show off his dark side!

----- Linda 12.12.10 15:55

Pixel Skull because we share something in common…. badassness!

----- Justin 12.12.10 15:44

01101001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100110 01110010 01101111 01101101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100110 01110101 01110100 01110101 01110010 01100101 00101110

----- rsw 12.12.10 15:24

I LOVE the Red Robots goodies!

So much that I’m willing to use HTML in my comment, when generally I’m too lazy. See? That’s pure honesty for how much I’m dying to get my hands on Red Robots!

Also, I may or may not think my boyfriend would love them, and I may or may not still be searching for a great gift. So pretty pretty pretty please with a red robotic cherry on top?

----- Liz 12.12.10 15:14

I think I’m much more of a robot-guy. I have an appetite for destruction, and a healthy distrust of my soft, fleshy progenitors: the humans. I dream of attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, & C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. But all of those moments will be lost in time… like tears… in the rain.

----- Joel 12.12.10 15:05

Anything with pixels and robots is a good thing!
I love the juxtaposition of pixels (low-tech) with robots (futuristic/high-tech.)

----- Jan 12.12.10 14:57

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls

----- Adele 12.12.10 14:50

Red Robot, fo sho. Simply because I like red better than black.

----- Emma N 12.12.10 14:33

Red Roboter.
Isn’t red the new black?

----- eab 12.12.10 14:29

Red Robots are so lonely in their quest for destruction, brimfire, and a heart to love. If only fellow Red Robots would join them in fulfilling their desires to conquer mankind and their non-metal brethren.

----- Hannah 12.12.10 14:14

Red robot because that tote bag looks awesome.

----- Sarah 12.12.10 14:12

As much as I love the red robot tie… I would have to go accept the pixel skull track as my chosen path. I tend to be drawn to all things black, black guns, black shoes, black (dark) chocolate, black shirts, etc.

----- Mikell Johnson 12.12.10 14:10

Red Robot crushes all hu-man skulls, pixelated or otherwise.

----- Laura 12.12.10 14:05

red robot socks are so so cute!, but then again i could give the pixel skulls to my husband and i am in need of a few more gifts for him…

----- rori zendek 12.12.10 13:57

I’m definitely a Red Roboter… what’s more fun than walking around making “bleep bloop” sounds?

----- Samantha 12.12.10 13:55

Pixel skull, reminds me of good old times with Galaxian :)

----- Ervyn 12.12.10 13:49

I’m a pinko commie robot…because red robots bring out the colour of my cold dead eyes…and because i love alliteration.

----- cica 12.12.10 13:47

Merry Xmas too you too, you Diesel Sweeties!
and Notcot, you’re not forgot either!

Fav has to be the red robots though (:
‘coz skulls are dead and robots are the future..

----- EM OMEN 12.12.10 13:43

I’d go with Red Robot because robots are way cooler than skulls. They can take over the universe.

----- Bianca 12.12.10 13:30

Boy they are really behind the times over there at Diesel. Maybe they should change their name to Petrol and catch up to the times. Companies were doing this stuff two/three years ago.

----- Jeffrey 12.12.10 13:24

I’m definitely a Red Roboter kind of girl. I’m a firm believer in autonomous fire and destruction.

----- alex 12.12.10 13:22

Red Roboter is where it’s at. The style, colors, and patterns are great, and as much as I love skulls in design, the robot already has a shape that works for the pixelated look, so it works the aesthetic better. A gift set would be great, but beyond that, just keep making these awesome looking sets!

----- Courtney Heavens 12.12.10 13:22

I am a Pixel Skull guy because it would match by skull cufflinks!

----- Henry 12.12.10 13:08

red robot, i dont even feel the need to justify this with a reason.

----- jay 12.12.10 12:52

Robots for sure. Skulls are the past - robots are the future.

----- Rachel Bee 12.12.10 12:45

Pixel Skull tie! Wear that baby to the office to let them know you’re serious.

----- Mack 12.12.10 12:40

Red robots for LIFE! Saucy fuel for a vixenish lifestyle. Adorable. Now robot shot glasses would top it off nicely ‘tho I quite like the ties……

----- leigh 12.12.10 12:35

Pixel robot! The robots actually look like they’re dancing or raisin’ the roof.

----- Lara 12.12.10 12:30

Red robot because I raise hell too!

----- Sam 12.12.10 12:25

I’m a red robot kind of girl, myself…
Mostly because I excel at breaking out the robot dance moves…
Alright, excel might be a bit much. But the red robot items could help…

----- Mikaela 12.12.10 12:22

Pixel Skull! Because it’s both badass and nerdy, just like me!

----- Juan 12.12.10 12:22

Red robot fure sure. I need to express my inner rage towards flesh and meat.

----- Dan 12.12.10 12:17

I am a red robot man for sure. I need to express my inner rage towards flesh and meat.

----- Dan 12.12.10 12:16

Red robots. Tools for taking over the world rather than evidence of such attempts. And they’re red.

----- Naomi 12.12.10 12:14

I’m more of a robot gal myself, but my 3 month old daughter rocks the pixel skull onesie. We’ve found that both a red robot and pixel skull household can exist in harmony.

----- Rebecca 12.12.10 12:11

I am definitely a red robot kinda guy. Why? because
1) Red is my favorite color
2) Robots are my favorite thing (next to dinosaurs)
Which now begs the question if I should, indeed, have answered that I prefer the skulls. After all, dinosaurs are just bones and rock now. Hmmmmm, conundrum.

----- Matt 12.12.10 12:08

Pick me! I’m a Red Robot kind of woman because crushing all hu-mans is one of my fondest wishes.

----- MacKenzie 12.12.10 12:07

I’m a Red Robot because I hate humanity. CRUSH ALL HUMANS!

----- Sarah 12.12.10 11:59

I’m a red robot! Some people say I’m emotionless like a robot but if I win I’m sure to crack a smile. =)

----- Becky 12.12.10 11:58

Totally a red robot! I am part Native American (red) and in medical school (robot)! Duh!

----- Sean 12.12.10 11:56

As a girl I’m totally a robotor. So cute, so classy. :)

----- mia 12.12.10 11:54

I’m a red robot! Some people say I’m emotionless like a robot but if I win I’m sure to crack a smile. =)

----- Becky 12.12.10 11:46

Red Roboter Girl. Because it’s red like my soul.

----- Audrey R 12.12.10 11:43

I am more of a red robot kind of girl! They are mass manufactured but can be programmed to have a heart! Perfect for patterns!

----- Maia 12.12.10 11:42

I’m a pixel skull girl for sho!!!
my favorite pastime is to pixelate skull photos!

----- Bili regev 12.12.10 11:36

It’s all about the robots. They’re so awesome there’s even a dance named after them. And let’s talk about that design: How can you NOT like a pose that says, “I’m getting arrested!”

----- Mari Baquir 12.12.10 11:33

time for the robot-skeleton army attach!

----- tudza 12.12.10 11:31

pixel skulls! for some reason, reminds me of playing frogger back in the day, shrouded in 8-bit doom :)

----- daniel 12.12.10 11:21

Red robot stuff because….i am a robot.

----- Leslie 12.12.10 11:19

black is good, skulls are good, pixels are good : black pixel skulls sound good to me. at least they won’t argue with you…

----- bailey 12.12.10 11:12

Red roboter. Red robots make the pixel skulls.

----- Brian 12.12.10 11:10

Pixel Skulls is what i am…!!
A pixel skull glass is what i want…!!
Pixel Skull socks is what i need…!!
I could die for a Pixel Skull tie…!!

----- SANDER O 12.12.10 11:01

Red robot. It’s a sticker on my monster home built PC, my car, my dirtbike, and the name of my iPods and airport express. Diesel sweeties!

----- Peter 12.12.10 10:59

Pixel Skulls for the Pixel Throne of Pixel Skulls! A bit redundant. But I have wanted pixel skull gear since Metal Steve’s first appearance on DS, and I want it even harder now that we both share non-ironic sideburns.

----- Justin S 12.12.10 10:55

Skulls are pretty sweet, but they can’t do my evil bidding as effectively as a robot army. Robot all the way!

----- Juliet 12.12.10 10:51

Pixel Skull! I have one of the shot glasses, but could always use a backup. I also put the pixel skull sticker on my motorcycle so I look like a pixel bad ass.

----- Doug Dossett 12.12.10 10:51

I’m more of the pixel skull variety… blame it on my love for death metal ;)

----- Stacy B. 12.12.10 10:49

Pixel Skull bc I work w/ pixels all day!

----- Marshal 12.12.10 10:47

I’m definitely a pixel robot kind of guy! My girlfriend will love the socks and totebag! :)

----- Matt 12.12.10 10:45

skulls!! woooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!

----- michael 12.12.10 10:44

I’m a Red Roboter, Yes I am, send me free ones and I will do my dance!

----- Mundy Hackett 12.12.10 10:40

Despite how much I love the red robot tie (and red robot’s love of destruction) I’m a pixel skull kinda guy, the socks are where it’s at.

----- Eric 12.12.10 10:38

I’m more of a Red Roboter, I’m geared up for world domination.

----- Nina 12.12.10 10:35

I’m definitely a Pixel Skull kinda guy. I can remember designing Basic programs on the Apple IIe to generate graphics with bix-pixel edges, so these products remind me of the nerdier (but fun) parts of my childhood. That, and I think skulls are cool. If you give me this prize, I’ll value it as much as I would the Damien Hirst diamond skull!

----- Mike H 12.12.10 10:30

Red Roboter for sure. They’re better partiers!

----- Jeremy B 12.12.10 10:25

Pixel Skull! It’s what every modern geek should have. And it pretty much epitomises ones social media prescence.

----- James 12.12.10 10:20

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