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New Signal Process BreakOut Pedal - 12.22.10

pedal1.jpg On new uses for the iPhone/iPad, or old iPhones… love the idea of adding it to your guitar/music gear as your latest super versatile Pedal! This just came in to NOTCOT.org submissions and was so cool it needed a featured post! New Signal Process BreakOut Pedal - “Boutique audio interface for the iPad and iPhone, handmade in Portland, OR by group of artist tech misfits obsessed with Alice Coltrane records and pranking friends.” Made from high quality hardware, it allows you music to be passed through the iPhone/iPad and right through and ready for your amp ~ “It literally breaks out of the iPhone’s headphone jack, so you can use all your favorite recording, signal processing and sampling apps. It’s mono design fits in perfectly with effects pedals and amplifiers. The internal circuitry solves all signal, feedback and detection issues you may have sending guitar and line signals in and out of the iPhone and iPad, and allows for a plethora of uses, on stage, in the field, and at home, with guitars, mics, amps, PAs, etc.” Awesome, right? See more pics of the ! New Signal Process BreakOut Pedal on the next page!




Exciting stuff in the FAQ:

I would really like a stomp switch instead of the toggle….is that possible?
Yes! Our custom shop has been building a few of these pedals for friends that were interested. If you are interested, contact us at the email below and we will try and make it happen for you!

You can contact them at : hello@newsignalprocess.com



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Hello, I’m very interested in the New Signal Process Breakout Pedal with a footswitch, but I couldn’t find the “email below” on your blog anywhere……. Do you know what that email is? Regards

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