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Gift Guide: Birthday Randomness- 12.08.10

birthdaymain.jpg Click HereGift Guide time! In addition to the NOTCOT Holiday Coupons and the many Holiday Giveaways that will be unfolding daily… and this week’s are sponsored by Starbucks who is celebrating their 12 Days of Sharing with us, hiding fun goodies, which are popping out from behind NOTCOT.org posts!

As for today’s theme, i always do a birthday wishlist of randomness i’ve been loving/craving on the 8th! So here we go… a little of this, a little of that ~ a bunch of stuff that’s caught my eye lately!

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if you scroll down this post the suit cases that gradually get bigger seem to do some sort of fun optical sensory thing, Ive been doing it for quite some time, does anyone else see what Im trying to explain

----- CANDICE G 09.12.10 09:28

i want all of it!! especially the globe trotter trunks

----- christopher pereira 08.12.10 12:27

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