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Holiday Giveaway #15: Dead Zebra Inc.- 12.08.10

17-deadzebra.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Wow, these guys really went all around the world! Congrats to Ken in Seattle, WA, Maria in Doral, FL, Tara in Seattle, WA, Iva in Slovenia, Antoana in Kent, UK, Jennifer in Vienna, VA, Gabriele in Richmond, Canada, Eugene in San Francisco, CA, Shane in Cedar Rapids, IA, and Pei-Yun in Singapore.

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #15 is here ~ and today our friends from Dead Zebra Inc. are giving 10 lucky readers: a Special Limited Edition Holiday Android! I couldn’t think of a more special giveaway to do on my birthday for you guys! It’s absolutely adorable! Snowdroid? See a few more peeks of him on the next page!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 12th (PST) ~ sharing something about your love of snow - or android! - or both!


How adorable is that little carrot nose?


And if you want to see what the adorable androids looked like before this limited winter edition… deadzebra3.jpg

And here are a few peeks from when i unboxed the first series! android7.jpg

android18.jpg (glow guy was definitely my favorite!)

For a chance to win a Special Limited Edition Holiday Android from Dead Zebra, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 12th (PST) ~ sharing something about your love of snow - or android! - or both!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: deadzebra.jpg

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Unfortunately I live in north east Australia AKA ‘the devils armpit’…
no snow. But I do love Android! I have one and I feel smarter cause i have a smart phone.

----- damian carroll 12.12.10 21:42

Snow: quenches hunger and thirst simultaneously…

----- EJ 12.12.10 20:49

I Love the Snow because it covers up the brown grass on my lawn….

----- Rob 12.12.10 20:45

i like snow cause its a non-newtonian fluid.
i like androids cause i can name my phone andy.

----- Eung Ray 12.12.10 20:06

I love that when it snows there are a bunch of snowmen, snow angels, and an occasional igloo on campus. It makes it much friendlier!

----- Margaret 12.12.10 19:59

Great giveaway!! I love it when it snows because it looks so beautiful and I rarely get to see snow since I live in LA! Also snow can be made into awesome snowmen!! And of course fun snowball fights!!! :D

----- Leslie S. 12.12.10 19:45

The beauty of snow is just like that of spring blossoms. They don’t last forever, but for a brief moment, you can look closely at the beautiful pattern of a snowflake before it disappears in your palm.

----- Jan 12.12.10 19:11

I’ve been searching around for the android collectible!

----- Martin 12.12.10 19:04

Love going snow tubing in the winter! Hanging out with friends and having a good ol’ snowball fight!

----- Jordan K 12.12.10 18:56


----- jay P 12.12.10 17:30

omg snow, i wished it would snow here in SF i have to go all the way to tahoe for that; but snow, it makes everything look so beautiful with how it lines the rooftops and covers the trees. and nothing beats throwing snowballs at each other. nothing

----- Winnie Lam 12.12.10 17:29

I live in Canada, snow and robots to remove snow are my day to day half the year. This toy is my life in vinyl form

----- Chris Brett 12.12.10 17:12

I should win because I could build the world’s largest snowman after the 20” of snow that was dumped on my house yesterday. My roof is still holding it, but the Metrodome wasn’t so lucky…

----- Tim 12.12.10 16:27

I collect vinyl figs AND have a Moto Droid! GOTTA HAVE THIS FIG!!

----- Justin 12.12.10 16:00

dope! real dope!

----- Jalani 12.12.10 15:51

It is very unlikely for two snowflakes to be exactly alike due to the roughly 10^19 water molecules which make up a snowflake. And viewed under a microscope, they really are beautiful…

----- Emily 12.12.10 15:35

Having lived in non-snow states all my life, I’m completely in love with the idea of snow. Of course I’ve been in it, but having a whole season dedicated to it is mesmerizing to me!

----- eab 12.12.10 14:39

I love to make snow cream. You add some snow and sweet milk together and its like a milkshake

----- Henry 12.12.10 13:09

Snow makes me think of my boyfriend who I met in the coldest place in Canada.

----- mia 12.12.10 12:01

How can you NOT love snow? It’s gift the world gives you for suffering through months of freezing temperatures and cold wetness without the joy of powder. When that first snowflake drops, it feels like you’ve just trumped the rain. Sure, you had nothing to do with changing it from a liquid to a solid, but somehow you still get a sick satisfaction from avoiding getting rained on. Not to mention, snow sports are way better than rain sports.

----- Mari Baquir 12.12.10 11:30

snow would be brilliant if it wasn’t so cold and bright white. suggestion : colorful and warm would be much more fun…

----- bailey 12.12.10 11:09

Snow gives the trees such a beautiful wintercoat. Walking through the woods is my favorite thing to do if it snowed the entire day. The contrast of darkbrown/black and white, the light fog above the waters, I can simply stare at it the entire day.

----- Mikki 12.12.10 11:06

We had our first little flurries of the season here the other day, and I may have snuck outside without my jacket during a rehearsal break just to stand around and watch the snow come down.

----- Justin S 12.12.10 10:52

We almost never ever have snow here in my hometown. Snow is like a dream. Last time it happened I fell in love (and still is). Waiting for the next snow for good things to come.

----- Stav 12.12.10 09:40

How adorable! We never get snow here, so it would be awesome sauce to have a day to play in the white stuff!

----- jacqueline 12.12.10 08:38

i love the snow because it is simply beautiful to watch fall.

----- nicole 12.12.10 08:35

I would love to get one of these little guys for X-mas! With all the snow, it would be great to have some company when it’s cold. :)

----- Jasper 12.12.10 08:10

I love the snow because it is so pure and virginal. It covers up all the dark and trashy things and wipes the slate clean-until it melts. But sad for me I live at the beach and have only seen snow here once in 12 years. I grew up in Connecticut and had lots of snow. I really miss it and this little android snowman would help me not to miss the snow so very much.

----- Cindy Pigg 12.12.10 03:45

I love snow for its ability to be shaped into almost anything. I bet that upcoming Android-enchanced snow will be even bette! More customizable, more free. It might even shape itself if you ask nicely :)

----- Maciej Warchal 12.12.10 03:40

I love the fact that the snow is amazingly pure and white until the moment which men arrive and touch it - that it’s filthy grey!

----- Bili regev 12.12.10 01:58

I love android because it dressed up as a pirate for Halloween!

----- Amy 12.12.10 01:11

snow makes everything warmer after unbelievably chilly days and it allows us to have the biggest snowfights and the weirdest snowmen ever. Gimme snow, not icy mud that freeze my toes

----- ellaqezi 12.12.10 00:48

I lova the smell of the fresh snow, and it is always fun to have nice walk while it is still snowing.

----- Böbe 12.12.10 00:48

Snow is great when you can go toboganning using the trays from the cafeteria at college!

----- Susanne 11.12.10 22:45

I love snow because every time we have it where I live, we all get to stay home!

----- nikita 11.12.10 21:06

The snow smell is intoxicating. It always brings smiles to everyone, especially when followed by the sun gleaming.

----- Jeremy 11.12.10 20:34

Q. What do I love about Snow?
A. The weather-appropriate puns that come with! Ex. “There really is no stopping when you are on a roll”.

Yes, I am that obnoxious. Yes, I do love androids- thank you for asking.

----- Kylie 11.12.10 20:07


----- Darrel 11.12.10 17:15

Ooooh, have you seen those Calvin & Hobbes snowcreations? I make a new one every year, or at least try! It takes a couple of days usually, and you have to wait for the right kind of snow, but…. man. Even if the neighbours are horrified, there’s a true sense of accomplishment when you finish. Also? My thirteen year old cousins think I am the coolest person around.

----- Ayla 11.12.10 11:53

Snow robot toys, a match made in heaven.

----- Erwin John Labra 11.12.10 11:20

i found out today there’s a sledding hill in baltimore called suicide hill.

the next time it snows two feet here…!!!

----- genie 11.12.10 10:49

I love snow because every year I can make a snow toilet out of it! Complete with a wall with toilet paper, and brown rocks inside the bowl.

----- Sandy 11.12.10 10:41

I’ll be honest, I really hated snow until last year. I grew up in Florida but have moved around the midwest quite a bit the past few years. Last year my girlfriend and I stayed in Wisconsin for Christmas and it was my first ever “White Christmas.” It really made the Holiday something special. I’ll always look back at that one being one of the best.

----- Jason 11.12.10 08:28

I would marry a robotic snowman. Out of pure love, that is.

----- Yileen 11.12.10 06:58

01100010 01100101 01100011 01100001 01110101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100100 01101111 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01101100 01101111 01101110 01100101 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01000011 01101000 01110010 01101001 01110011 01110100 01101101 01100001 01110011 (because I am a robot and I don’t want to be lonely this Christmas)

----- Eric Flavin 11.12.10 03:59

I love android

----- alian 11.12.10 02:48

Snow is blankets the ground when all is too grey to see.

----- Jeremy 11.12.10 01:47

I love the snow because it is a perfectly valid excuse to stay at home and day drink! Also snow angels, etc.

----- Andrew 10.12.10 19:11

Growing up in the western US I took snow for granted. Then I moved to southern Florida for five years and suddenly realized how wonderful seasons really are. Now I’m living in NYC and can’t wait for the first big snow. It’s going to be so much fun!

----- Amy 10.12.10 17:31

I HATE it when you wake up at 4 a.m. to go to work, only to find your car covered in 2-feet of snow!

Oh wait…snow is fantastic.

----- Aron 10.12.10 14:32

It snowed today!! Well, flurried. In DC. already. brilliant.

----- Allen 10.12.10 13:54

I loved sledding as a little kid and I love snowball fights as an adult.

----- Seth 10.12.10 13:15

I love snow because it looks like everything is coated in sugar icing. Although deep down inside I know the icing is made to look like snow :)

----- Iva 10.12.10 12:48

I love Android! The phones that Android/Google have are the best…I want the new Samsung Vibrant or the HTC G2. :)

----- Carrie 10.12.10 12:20

I LOVE snowshoeing in the mountains with the dogs. Love. :)

----- Marie 10.12.10 11:50

I miss snow! The best snow is the first snowfall - my friends and I always made a point to grab our crazy carpets and attempt to go sledding on the first snowfall of the year! We mostly came home with muddy bums, but we always felt accomplished for pioneering the first sled track of the season!

----- Martine 10.12.10 11:46

these are too cool for school.. and the office.
We just had a meter (33.333 inches) of snow.. ho ho ho.

----- Adrian 10.12.10 09:49

I love skiing and on the lift back up the mountain, breaking out my Droid X to listen to music and snap gorgeous pics!

----- neonsocks 10.12.10 05:51

I want snow in Malaysia! Make a wish and let it happens.

----- Taryn Chew 10.12.10 05:00

I like the way fresh snow makes it look like a totally different world outside. As for Android, I really like the clean aesthetics.

----- Mike 10.12.10 00:33

I love the feeling of looking out the window and seeing a completely different landscape, especially when the blizzard is still raging and it looks like a postcard.

----- Jess 09.12.10 23:00

i loved seeing my niece play in the snow for the first time, and of course, snow boarding!

----- Stephanie 09.12.10 22:46

What I love most about snow is the way it changes the light during the night. If you open your eyes at night, you already know it’s snowing, even before you look out the window, just because everything’s lit up, a bit brighter than moonlight.

----- Tarza 09.12.10 21:20

+++ havin an iphone with less than satisfactory reception always been curious about androids. emotionally i can totally relate to androids i am sort of robotic and vacant oh wait that just how i am at work. when you say “snow” do you mean the stuff i use to snort in college? in my old age i just say NO thanks uh maybe, yeah no you pusher or do you mean the stuff i

----- dan 09.12.10 20:46

I love the crunching of snow under my feet. Definitely worth the snow.

----- Danielle 09.12.10 20:39

i love the first fall, especially when it happens at night.. and then the following morning, you can just see the shimmer coming from the blanket of snow all around you! aaahh..

----- libys11 09.12.10 19:50

Snow + Android = Angry Birds Holiday!

----- Lee U. 09.12.10 19:02

In Thailand, we are tropical country. we got only rainy season and summer . I haven’t seen snow in real life before. i wish this little cute Android snowman will bring me snowy weather at 35 degree Celsius temperature.

----- noother 09.12.10 18:27

I love Android for letting me have a cool, useful phone without it having to be an iPhone!

----- Gabriel G 09.12.10 17:51

It melts in your mouth and your hand

----- Yoshio 09.12.10 17:33

android snow would be so lovable, as it would shovel it self up, and make snow-bots of itself.

----- eug 09.12.10 16:53

No doubt the Australians have all drawn upon the lack of snow in the country, besides the occasional snowing down south in the mountains, I think most of us would enjoy the idea of a cold and wintery Christmas (replicated in this android) rather than the heat stroke, watermelon guzzling few months it is.

----- Carly 09.12.10 16:02

And I love a good snowfight, but then again, who doesn’t?

----- Antoana 09.12.10 15:57

I love the way snow can be so clean and pure, it is also great how it can be so soft and then when made into a snowball it becomes so hard

----- Louise buckingham 09.12.10 15:56

I love when you fall on your back in the snow and wave your arms to make an angel. You feel cold, and happy and you are surrounded by the blue skies above and the immaculate whiteness of the surrounding snow. You feel burning cold (or are they hot?) bits on your face. You will laugh. And the snow will remember the angel you were for just these seconds.

----- Tony 09.12.10 15:56

i want to make a snow android this year

----- ricardo garza 09.12.10 15:46

Snow x Android i love me a little of both!

----- Kenny Garcia 09.12.10 15:40

There’s no snow in my country, this Android could bring a little white into my christmas!!! :D

----- Maria Lara 09.12.10 14:53

I love how snow softly floats down from the sky and slowly covers up your neighborhood and eventually you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

----- Gabriele 09.12.10 14:38

Snow means: Cold nights, Hot food, Warm drinks and snuggles! Oh yea you can’t for get the snowmen! [happy belated birthday!]

----- Tony Badu 09.12.10 14:11

Snow is pretty.. It does not need an explanation. My personal link to snow is the fact I was born the 22nd of December 1985 in the Netherlands and on that day the worst snowfall since the 40s was recorded. Even more; the number one hit of my birthday in the Netherlands was Elton John with the song Nikita (a terrible song but) with a very snowy music video.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 09.12.10 14:09

snow means (possible) days off. bonus.

----- alex 09.12.10 14:00

I love my droid being with me on a snowy weather. He is the one that remebers it all and reminds me about it 6 months later when heat becomes soo anoying.

----- Kubaa 09.12.10 13:35

Holiday Android would brighten my day as we only got 2 days of snow this year then the rain came and took it away. Give me some snow back in the form of a holiday Android and I can relieve the life our snowman had all too briefly.

----- Gary 09.12.10 13:14

all i have to say is, I

----- Evan 09.12.10 13:12

I loved snowstorms in Seattle, because they didn’t know how to deal with it. Downtown shut down, people sledding in the streets and such. Lovely.

----- Meghan 09.12.10 12:57

Come home Mr. Snowpants! The yetis are waiting for you.

----- Jenny 09.12.10 12:53

My favourite kind of snow is the light and fluffy kind, the kind that just falls onto you in little clumps and you can make out each snowflake.

----- Elaine 09.12.10 12:38

i love how quiet the streets get when its snowing outside. it turns the city into this magical little place, almost like inside of a snow globe.

----- ken 09.12.10 12:36

Android OS for the smartphone rocks. Both more user friendly and faster than Apple!

----- Jeremy 09.12.10 12:21

Snow means winter..
winter means season’s changing!
Winter season means Snowboarding!!
and then sitting back in front of a toasty fire with a hot apple cider relaxing with some good music!!
doesn’t get any better than that!! Boo Ya!

----- mark Y. 09.12.10 12:18

Last year after the first snow of the East Coast Snowpocalypse, a local shopping center decided to plow all of the snow in the entire parking lot into a big pile in one corner that was, quite literally, 5 stories high. And just left it there. As it was closest to the Chipotle, it was dubbed Mount Chipotle. It only grew after the two additional snow storms a month or so later. There were rumors of cars buried beneath it. In the day you could see the twisted remains of shopping carts that resulted from people trying to ride them down the mountain. A group known as the Mount Chipotle Research team started a pool for people to bet on when it would finally melt, and Chipotle even chipped in some gift certificates to the winner. JUNE. It lasted until JUNE.
It was amazing. Snow all through the spring and almost into the summer, in Virginia. Fingers crossed for a Mount Chipotle 2 this year.

----- Jeremy 09.12.10 11:59

In the meadow we can build a snow man! Then pretend that he is android!

----- virginia 09.12.10 11:45

What do I love about snow? That it is kind enough not to fall at my house (sorry, but I love me some sunshine!), but it is only a very short drive away when I want to snowboard.

----- Diana 09.12.10 11:29

Oh my god I want!

----- Kendrick 09.12.10 10:57

Omg…i got my first android phone about 3 month ago, im still figuring out what all it does, it keeps amazing me,,,luv luv luv it…however i DONT wanna drop it in the snow :)

----- keith messina 09.12.10 10:53

I love snow because I never get it. I live in a country where, right now, I’m December, it’s still warm enough for me to walk around in a t shirt (and no, I’m not in the southern hemisphere, I’m in Europe).

Snow, to me, is something rare and precious and magic. I only saw snow, real, honest to god, everywhere, snow, twice in my life. I never saw snow falling.

I never did a snowman.

I need a snowman in my life, to make up for that, no?

----- Beatriz 09.12.10 10:35

Last winter I built a giant Easter Island tiki head on my front yard instead of a snowman! As for androids…yeah I’m a Star Wars nerd ;)

----- Robert 09.12.10 10:19

We go visit the in-laws in Chicago every year. Last year, we traipsed through the snow to get to our favorite toys store - Rotofugi. So glad my kids have my love of plastic art toys!

----- Shelby 09.12.10 10:14

I love fumbling around with my gloves so that I can get to my HTC Hero’s touchscreen.

----- Dan 09.12.10 10:03

Even though the whole of england comes to a standstill when it snows! everyone loves it. How snow can make so many people happy is crazy!

----- Sam Foster 09.12.10 09:58

Snow means I get to wear my puffy fuchsia boots that have been said to resemble astronaut boots.

----- Jen 09.12.10 09:37

Freshly fallen snow may be one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen – and I’m from the Northeast (US), so it’s not like I’m not used to it! And Android is pretty magical too :)

----- April 09.12.10 09:21

I’ve never touched snow.. but the first thing I’ll do is make snow angels because Hollywood makes that moment seem like the most special moment in the world :)

----- Moksha 09.12.10 09:12

Oooh, I want him on my tree.

----- Eric 09.12.10 09:00

Living in the South we don’t get snow very often. I love that when we do get snow it is like the world as we know it has stopped and we have been left to our own devices. And then you go inside and get some Hot Cocoa, which I LOVE!

----- justin 09.12.10 08:56

I love snow. But I hate snow. It’s a love hate relationship. You know how that goes.

----- Lucas Lund 09.12.10 08:56

shoveling snow is the best!

----- tony F 09.12.10 08:45

Snow robot android big fun time !!

----- morgan 09.12.10 08:44

love this little snow android… winter just got more magical! :)

----- kim 09.12.10 08:43

snow is awesome. i love it. it is my best friend. and my only friend

----- kristin Tate 09.12.10 08:31

2 words. Snow Fort.

----- shaneo 09.12.10 08:18

Wrapping up warm to go out and putting my snow boots and earmuffs on!

----- Rosie 09.12.10 08:10

android is the best. keeps improving all the time

----- Scott Y. 09.12.10 07:48

love Android OS! got an evo 4g and never looked back, I mean you can get a full version of Angry Birds for free!

----- Andy 09.12.10 07:41

This is where I got my other android figure. I have the standard origninal green one. I need to get some more. It snowed here last weekend, but not enough for a snow man. I love how snow makes everything look peaceful and calm.

----- Evan 09.12.10 07:40

I love robots, the snow droid is a perfect example of the versatility of Android. Does Apple have a droid for snow? I don’t think so.

----- scott 09.12.10 07:32

I love snow and had to learn to drive in it which was extremely scary ! moved to the midwest from florida. I like when it snows at night and it silence the city and I also love the crunching sound it makes when you walk on it.

----- Marcos 09.12.10 07:29

I love how flakey and powdery it is when it first lands on the ground. I also like how it clumps and becomes ammunition in a snowball fight. being surrounded by a landscape of white makes me really happy

----- Pei 09.12.10 07:28

I live in a country where there is no snow, but all of our Christmas decorations have snow in them. So snow for us is kind of like a happy illusion, just like Christmas =D
But hey, we have Android mobile phones and we might even find crooked knock-off Android toys…
I really want the real thing, if you can’t make it snow here, can you at least send me the cute Android toy? ~.^

----- Juliana Suzuki 09.12.10 05:21

My first experience of snow during christmas was in December last yr. I was packing my dorm room ready to head back home to Australia after 5 months of study abroad. At about 4am it started to snow. I just sat at the window and watched it fall for an hour before I ran out to dance around in the snow. I remember writing my name into it. The next day on the bus to the airport a friend I had made on the first day in the US saw it and texted me that he had seen it. Best feeling ever. So Snow for me is somewhat bittersweet but amazing and suprising

----- Emma 09.12.10 05:14

I love snow and Android so much I’m going to make an Android Snowman!

----- Paul 09.12.10 05:02

I love snow! I am studying abroad in a country with a hot, tropical climate… Can’t wait to go home this Christmas and experience the icy cold breeze!

----- Benjamin D. 09.12.10 04:39

Now This will be like winter Christmas… a perfect christmas ornament to go with my mum old fashion deco … wonder would my mum notice it “been cheeky” ^V^

----- JiA 09.12.10 03:53

we have the snowiest day this winter going on right now here in Riga.
but about snow, here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Smilla%27s_Feeling_for_Snow
love it

----- martins 09.12.10 03:16

I live in a very non snowing climate (Brazil), so whenever I get to see snow is always a fantastic event!

----- Camila F. 09.12.10 02:22

I love stepping into the really crunch snow, which, with a little bit of weight, suddenly gives way and your foot falls into the fluffy snow underneath.

----- james 09.12.10 02:10

I actually dropped my Droid Incredible IN the snow and it still works! Plus, it has awesome super snow powers now.

----- Matt 09.12.10 02:10

I love the snow because we get snow days!

----- Dann 09.12.10 01:53

I’m going to Tahoe this weekend! So excited!!!!

The snow’s going to be so much fun, and even better, it’s going to be so beautiful up there.

----- jennifer 09.12.10 01:04

Snow = snowboard = snowman = snowdroid… definily I like it!

----- Kivrin 09.12.10 01:01

Lovee this Android! Absolutely adorable!

----- Karen 09.12.10 00:11

Lovee this Android. Absolutely adorable!

----- Karen 09.12.10 00:10

It’s my first time living abroad, I was from the Philippines where Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. I recently moved to the UAE, yes the desert, where there is no SNOW and Christmas too. It is kinda sad but I still have enough reason to celebrate cos my bday happens to be on the 24th too. I would love to get this gift because not only am I in love with Android but because this is a nice way to remind me that I can still celebrate Christmas wherever I am.

----- Kenna 09.12.10 00:06

The only thing I like about snow is that it makes the world quiet.

----- John C 09.12.10 00:04

Snow is like angel’s feathers, it falls down when angel play or have party upstairs:). Moscow is in snow today, its everywhere, its calm and beautyfull

----- Maris 08.12.10 23:48

I love snow even here never snows…

----- Pol 08.12.10 23:37

snow is nice to look at just after it falls. i don’t know much about snow since i’ve been in non snowing climates my whole life, but i have plenty of experience with androids.

----- caroline 08.12.10 23:12

Snow is the soundless manifestation of water. Unlike rain, it brings a serene visual rather than sound. It changes the environment giving it a purity of a white vast layer that can conceal the deterioration of the landscape.

----- joseph 08.12.10 22:59

i want to make an android snowman!

----- becky 08.12.10 22:23

I stay in Singapore so we don’t experience snow for like, whole year round. Haha. It’s practically 365 days of tropical weather! Some may like it, but I always yearn for cccccold and snowy weather.

Where you can catch falling snowflakes on your tongue. Always dreaming about it.

Android is even cooler when he/she/it is a snowman. If I do get him/she/it, I’d give it to my boyfriend who has an android phone (that I love snatching away to play games) :). Merry Christmas everyone!

----- shuhui 08.12.10 22:05

I love EVERYTHING about snow. i love the way it looks, how it sparkles like glitter in the sun, the way it feels, it’s cold and soothing; yet sharp and piercing. I love the way it tastes so crisp, cold, and fresh. I LOVE IT. I love the consistency because there is nothing like it in the world. I love how every single snowflake is completely unique and perfectly amazing.

----- Jaime 08.12.10 21:43

I love the idea of snow- how each flake has its own pattern, how it blankets everything in fluffy whiteness, and how good it feels near a fire with hot chocolate looking out at the quiet snowed-in world. I only wish I lived in a place where we got such beautiful snow… a snowman android would be more than consolation. =D

----- Hannah 08.12.10 21:40

I won’t lie about how much I love snow, cause I actually don’t love it that much. It’s very pretty indeed in the hills and mountains and it gives me pleasure when I wanna go snowboarding or when I wanna make a snowfight with somebody or when I wanna take pictures of snowy landscape(s). But when it comes to shoveling… that’s where my love for snow evaporates. :)

----- Lea B. 08.12.10 21:40

Today my green card application was submitted - I feel so lucky! Today I also came to know about the Android snowman, so cute and pure, makes me believe life is beautiful and miracles do happen, *:)

----- Navin 08.12.10 21:31

“Take me to your leader!” * 1 day before my BD received a call the Android buddies have arrived! Drove to the San Francisco store on Castro to pick them up; don’t remember being so excited to open each mystery box and to hold the figurines, it was like being in love, before the first kiss! If I’m lucky to win the snowflake buddy, I’ll take him to a good home, *:) Let it snow!

----- Gergana 08.12.10 21:25

i miss getting the day off of school because of the snow.

----- rich 08.12.10 21:09

Snow is Awesome . Android is Awesome.

----- Willie 08.12.10 21:05

I love adorable little figures on my desk staring at me telling me to do my homework.

----- Jason 08.12.10 21:03

I’m 39 years old and I’ve always loved snow. However, now that I have kids it’s even better. The shear excitement they get when it snows always brings a smile to my face (even just thinking about it). :)

----- Michael 08.12.10 20:56

I love the sound of snow crunching underfoot.

----- John 08.12.10 20:47

Being in South Africa, snow does not come around often, but when it does, or I travel to somewhere with snow, it is the most magical thing ever. Making snow angels is one of life’s greatest pleasures !

----- Mark 08.12.10 20:47

I really really love snow… when it’s on the hills and mountains, or under my skis or snowboard. And if it would only fall in those places. I would love it even more!!!

----- Mikell Johnson 08.12.10 20:43

I love Android, I love snow, but I don’t love snow on my Android teehee.

----- Tommy N. 08.12.10 20:37

We don’t get much snow in South Texas but we did get it two yrs in a row a few yrs back. We went crazy! Also, I love love love my HTC EVO phone with android.

----- Mr. Vela 08.12.10 20:21

I love snow although we don’t really get any here in Tucson ,AZ… But the little town of Mt. Lemmon next to Tucson is a great place to go on the winter and have some fun with snow in the desert many times a year… me and my family and friends love going there because it’s so beautiful and is only 40-60min drive up the mountain to the town, just amazing!!

----- Jaime Figueroa 08.12.10 20:14

How cute! That’d be the best stocking stuffer for my Android obsessed Dad. THough it’d be super hard to not keep it for myself!

----- Tabby 08.12.10 20:05

the joy of snow is the fact that sometimes is not only the reason to close school but the fact that i can take pictures of snow with my android.

----- Joseph Sarti 08.12.10 20:00

…and i forgot to wish YOU a happy birthday!

----- cheryl 08.12.10 19:45

i’ve never really seen snow fall but that android is adorable!

----- cheryl 08.12.10 19:43

I love how when it’s snowy outside, my pale pale skin looks tan in comparison.

----- Allison 08.12.10 19:34

I love how yellow snow glistens in the moonlight!

----- Mundy Hackett 08.12.10 19:04

I love how snow brightens up a gloomy day! Also writing words in the snow is fun!

----- Iris 08.12.10 18:26

It’s an android snowman that could live in a tropical island like mine. What’s not to love about that, plus it’s awesome.

----- Leida 08.12.10 18:25

i love when snowflakes stay on my nose and eyelashes

----- Audrey R 08.12.10 18:24

Snow is sedative. Once the roads, trees, and houses are covered in snow, it makes the world seem like an eerie dreamworld, but it’s strangely comforting. This is why I love snow.

----- Sabina 08.12.10 18:14

I love the snow! It’s gorgeous and this little snowman would make my desk so much more enjoyable!

----- Sarah 08.12.10 17:50

i live in Australia so Snow is far and few between… but i would love to have a cliched white christmas.


----- Brendon 08.12.10 17:20


----- Ryan 08.12.10 17:19

One of my favorite places to be is skiing at night, riding up a ski lift and looking at all the bright lights across the snow. Everything is blue, and looking up at the lights you can see the swirling billows of snowflakes. There’s something ethereal about it; it’s like watching a billion falling stars.

----- Megan 08.12.10 16:43

I love snow because it is cold and pretty
I love android because because I love my android phone

----- Bianca 08.12.10 16:37

I just wanted to say that I hope you have a happy birthday, Jean! Thanks for all you do at NOTCOT!

----- taryn 08.12.10 16:23

I love how android allows customizing of the UI. (but still a Apple fan)

----- Alan 08.12.10 16:19

my love for snow is in the mountains when i slash through powder with my snowboard. and even to the point where i eat it. :)

----- George Yoo 08.12.10 16:16

Snowboarding! I’m going in two weeks can’t wait!

----- Rico Larroque 08.12.10 16:12

Nothing better than the first snow of the year at 5am…. soft, silent, beauty.

----- Gwindell 08.12.10 16:09

Snow = WIN
Android = FTW

Wish me luck.

----- Excelso 08.12.10 15:56

I love snow because it is so clean and bright and the perfect winter blanket to fall on during crazy snowball fights. Also, it makes sledding possible and that’s is a plus :)

This prize is so awesome! Thanks for the chance!

----- Dee 08.12.10 15:51

I love the snow because it reminds me of a blank canvas.
A new kind of beginning where I can create and allow my
imagination to run wild. Snow really is an inspiration
to creativity.

----- Sabrina 08.12.10 15:41

*Do you know what a snowflake tastes like?

----- Nina 08.12.10 15:39

I love the snow because it makes everything look fresh and new. Nothing beats an evening run under a full moon through fresh snow. Oh and I love my Android as well!

----- Adam 08.12.10 15:18

I’m a fan of android but currently I don’t own one. I was pretty happy to hear about the new google phone. It looks awesome, maybe I’ll get one this time. I actually wanted the original green android, but by the time I found out about it, they were sold out long ago.. haha, i’m still waiting for restocks by Andrew. Wish me luck :D

----- Sam 08.12.10 15:16

My android phone alerts me when snow starts falling. ^_^

----- Melissa 08.12.10 15:03

i love it, so cute!

----- aline 08.12.10 15:02

I used to live in Michigan so Im well acquainted with it. Now I live in San Francisco and get to drive TO the snow to enjoy it, rather than just having to deal with it. So its way more enjoyable!

And I have my new Android phone and LOVE IT! Best phone Ive ever had.

I would not mix the snow and the Android phone together though, not a good combo. :)

----- johng 08.12.10 14:53

There’s nothing better than tromping around in fresh snow.

----- Hazel 08.12.10 14:34

swing out the show angels!

----- jay 08.12.10 14:31

being as snow is a huge rarity near the south west us, i’d say my favorite thing about snow is it’s instant ability to completely change an atmosphere and place. android is a robot, and i love most robots!

----- nico. 08.12.10 14:31

I love love love snow! Last week, it snowed for the first time this winter in Glasgow. My friend Al had never seen snow, so we went outside at midnight and had an impromptu snowball fight with a bunch of other people from my residence hall. It was perfect!

----- Megan 08.12.10 14:31

I love when you can see animal footprints in fresh snow. Like little bird footprints, or squirrels. They’re so tiny and delicate and adorable.

----- April B. 08.12.10 14:27

holy crap all the pranks over at prankpower are incredible, gotta check em out

----- Alysa Antonson 08.12.10 14:22

Happy Birthday! My favorite thing to do in snow is sledding! serious fun

----- lish 08.12.10 14:20

I love how snow dampens sound and makes the earth seem quiet…

----- Stacy B. 08.12.10 14:05

The best thing about snow is doing donuts. Big fatty donuts.

----- Parker Castano 08.12.10 14:04

Snow is so mesmerizing when it falls.

----- Tyler Platts 08.12.10 14:03

I absolutely adore robots. Or androids. Or all of them. It’s THE perfect holiday gift.

----- Brittany Platts 08.12.10 13:59

snow? wassthat? its forty degrees celsius here! the A/C is on full time. i’m putting iceblocks on my head to melt down through my hair! its so hot the kangaroos are fanning their balls! i’m hoping the little snow-android will make me cooler just by looking at him. having said that, i will be infinitely cooler in the eyes of my kid with my own android toy!

----- eban 08.12.10 13:57

I live in California so snow is kind of foreign to me but I love android because my friend got a part time job selling android products and he finally got enough money to pay me back.

----- Eric 08.12.10 13:55

i love that it doesn’t snow in santa barbara, but that means i have to travel to see snow (and usually the sun ends up following me there!). i need a snowandroid to keep the snow with me!

----- somerset 08.12.10 13:54

I like to write my name in the snow … you know what I mean, right?

----- Brian 08.12.10 13:52

I love how fresh it feels outside right after it snows! I’m learning to develop for android right now and I’d love to have this little guy on my desk to inspire! (Especially since it never snows where I live…)

----- Colby 08.12.10 13:51

I love snow….especially when I’m on top of a mountain away from all the urban sounds of the city and snow is swirling around in the air. There’s nothing like it.

----- Anh 08.12.10 13:40

I love how snow “cleanses” and makes everything pure again. I love playing in it (yes, I am a kid at heart). and I love when it makes everything peaceful and silent.

----- ACE 08.12.10 13:39

I love being snowed in. When snow blankets the world, dimming the lights, muffling sound and you feel like it’s just you and the one you love in a wonderland. Then you run inside and warm up with hot chocolate in front of the fire!

----- Aprille 08.12.10 13:38

I love being inside, discovering that it has started to snow, then run outside and just stay there underneath those white fluffy flakes.

----- Grete 08.12.10 13:14

I love snow because you can put it in a ball and use it as a weapon. I love android because we all know that below that cutesy green skin lies a cold blooded robot killing machine. Just imagine the snow balls that thing could throw, and with machine like efficiency, we’d all be bowing to our snow robot overlords within months.

And then spring would come.

----- Daniel 08.12.10 13:11

I love the crystals and the fun of catching them on your tongue. we used to make snow cones from the fresh snow with soda and freshly fallen snow. We lived in rural Wyo. so finding clean snow was not an issue.

----- Christina 08.12.10 13:06

Informer by SNOW is one a great lyrical gem. “A licky Boom Boom Down”

----- Michael C 08.12.10 13:04

I love the first snw fall of the season because everything jsut loks so magical when its covered in glittery whiteness. I also love making snowmen, thats always fun.

----- Becky 08.12.10 12:58

i loveeee how robots are impervious to snowballs

----- steven 08.12.10 12:58

I love snow because my cables out.
I love androids when they dream of electric sheep.

----- Dan Jones 08.12.10 12:56

I Like snow, because it reminds me of the good times we had when i was a little kid, when we would go to my grandparents cabin in the woods for summer break and Especially Christmas time, because it never snowed at our own house.

----- Paul Greenwood 08.12.10 12:54

I love snow coz I can have hotpot and go to hotspring~~~~~~WOOHOO~

----- Andy 08.12.10 12:52

We got snow here over the weekend, and the next day at least half a dozen snowmen turned up. But none had legs…

----- Colin 08.12.10 12:38

My favorite thing about snow is the virgin untouched landscape it makes when it first starts accumulating on lawns and roof tops.

----- Jennifer 08.12.10 12:38

I love the feeling of the first snow, sticking out my tongue to catch the snowflakes. Snow makes me feel like a kid again.

----- Emma 08.12.10 12:35

I love snow because I get to make snow angels.

----- aldo 08.12.10 12:34

I love snow so much that I moved to Erie, PA, and I love the lake effect snow here. ^_^

----- Leslie 08.12.10 12:34

It’s currently snowing like crazy out my window and I just love it… a wonderful excuse to stay in and sew Christmas presents!

----- Samantha 08.12.10 12:33

I love Android because is open-source, free, and customizable. How can’t you have this adorable Android? :)

----- Francesco 08.12.10 12:33

I love snowboarding and I have a huge passion for Android!! I am a collector of the Andrew Bell series and own every figure up to this point.

Hopefully I can score the lastest special addition for the holidays!

----- Brian 08.12.10 12:31

I love how there is an Android figure that will represent winter weather that I don’t tend to get where I live. Hooray for snow!

----- Heather L. 08.12.10 12:29

Frosty, how you’ve changed from when I first met you as a child. Gone is the corncob pipe, no doubt a wise choice as snow cancer in magical snowmen who smoke un-filtered tobacco is high. Gone is the button nose, replaced with a short, nubby carrot which certainly must be easier to keep in place than trying to thread a button into snow, and makes for a much more flattering profile. Your cheeks blush with bright snowflakes, just as I remember. Familiar are your top hat and scarf, yet much more trendy, and slightly Gothic. What is the oddly placed wooden pole protruding from the left posterior of your head?

… Hey, do you remember that girl Annika from Scandinavia, Idaho? She was hanging out with us that day we were chasing you here and there all around the square. I know you were sweet on her mom so I thought you might have kept in touch. I think I left my math book in her bag that day. I wouldn’t care all these years later but apparently I’ve accrued a huge fine with the school district and it’s effecting my credit score. It’s important to have good credit if you want to adopt a gorilla. I want to fight crime and thought it would be cool to have a gorilla as a side kick.

----- Chad 08.12.10 12:28

I love snow because it reminds me of snow cones and shaved ice! but when I taste it, it just tastes like asphalt =[

----- Simon 08.12.10 12:21

I don’t know if I love more Android or the snow, just give me both!

----- David 08.12.10 12:10

I always like the snow because it reminds me of Charlie Brown Christmas cartoons :)

----- Jacen Spector 08.12.10 12:07

Eating snow is fun. Om nom nom ^_^

----- Collin 08.12.10 12:06

I love snow because it means that classes get canceled and I get to stay home and bake cookies and drink hot chocolate and tea all day!!

----- Ashley 08.12.10 12:05

The way a blanket of snow can take something so familiar and completely transform a landscape or environment into something so foreign.

----- Eric 08.12.10 12:01

i love when a fresh snowfall blankets everything.
not in love with shoveling, though!

----- daniel 08.12.10 12:01

We used to go see Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular every year -ironically, of course* - back when we had jobs. Each year we would drag friends along, the only others being our dear pals from Texas.
One of our fave “numbers” was this hilariously craptastic thing featuring the coordinated sweater-wearing “The New Yorkers(tm). The song involved snow.Yay snow! How they loved snow. Things they love to do in the snow. Going through the usual snow-tivities, and really needing just.one.more.line was the nutty” I’ll was my hair in the snow!”.
As you do. So to this day whenever it has snowed up here, I alert my pals down in Texas, that I am about to go wash my hair.
Well, we think it’s funny.
* eventually we ran out of people willing to go with us. Around that same time we realised we were getting all choked up at some of our ol’familiar parts and were no longer able truthfully say we were ironically attending.

----- eekahil 08.12.10 11:56

I love snow, I just wish it occurred more in TX. And for the record android>iphone =P

----- Wyley 08.12.10 11:52

favorite part of fresh snowfall - all the light reflected off of the snow makes everything so bright.

----- AJ 08.12.10 11:50

I love how snow is white and fresh and cold- I love how Androids are cool and fun. Andy and Gary did a great job on this one!

----- Ryan C. 08.12.10 11:49

You can’t beat a good snowman! We opted for more of a realistic approach this year:


----- Sam 08.12.10 11:48

I love snow and Android. I can however say that my Android has ever put me into a risky driving situation, quite the opposite really as it helps me find where I am going if I am lost!

If we had Android powered snow it would be much more useful, as I am sure there would be an app to shovel itself from the driveway as well as turning into many different snowman shapes.

----- Mike 08.12.10 11:47

Snow is amazing stuff - I love to build with it, throw it at loved ones, and eat it on occasion. The sky is kind of like a giant snow cone maker at this time of year :)

----- Tomiko 08.12.10 11:45

I love snow because it gives me a feeling of “timeless joy”

----- vevera 08.12.10 11:43

You can’t beat a good snowman! We went for more of a realist approach this year:


----- Sam 08.12.10 11:42

I like snow because we never get snow in the bay area

----- Al 08.12.10 11:37

nothing compares to the sound of my skis gliding on the intact surface of the snow, very early in the morning, when I’m the first one out on the slope, and everything is so peaceful, the air is clear, only I’m making any sound, and the snow is smooth and even everywhere, except from my track which meanders nicely behind me… it’s probably the most relaxing thing I can imagine.

----- zsofia ginter 08.12.10 11:35

I love the snow, and everyone around me hates it so I say “bleehhh”. It is a creation of heaven brought to us by tiny angels from the children who cut their unique shapes. Each snowflakes unique shape is like a fingerprint on the atmosphere. That is why I love snow. I love my android incredible because I can take pictures of these lovely creations descending upon us from the grey-ish abyss that is the snowy sky. I also love the tiny robot that pops up everytime I call the ones I love.

----- Shera Farmer 08.12.10 11:34

Even though there is no snow, oh I just know that this snowdroid will bring me snow, when he’s back home with me.

----- Alex M 08.12.10 11:33

I love snow because it gives me an urge to make Clavin and Hobbes-esque snowmen.

----- Spencer 08.12.10 11:32

My love for snow? I love that feeling of fingers almost falling off, and then having loved ones nurse them back to health through hand holding. :3

----- Victor 08.12.10 11:29

There’s something about snow that always makes me feel like a little kid again, especially if there’s enough of it to have a snowball fight. Sadly that rarely happens where I live now, but I love it when it does :)

----- Rene 08.12.10 11:26

Snow is an amazing thing as it gets you out of school and work here.

----- Hendrix 08.12.10 11:25

It doesn’t snow much where I live now. :( I’d love to get into a snowball fight again! I want to built a giant snowball and catapult towards my victim! Bawahahaha!

----- Nina 08.12.10 11:21

I love my evo, I live for Android UI and collecting. Snow is cool too I guess :)

----- alex 08.12.10 11:15

I love how my Android phone tells me when to expect snow! And I love bundling up in my favorite scarf, mittens, fuzzy socks and boots.

----- Jessica K. 08.12.10 11:15

I am canadian, I have lived in canada all my life, I’ve never been out of the country (not even to the US) so for all my life I had snowy winters. I used to love snow when I was a child because I am a very creative person and I could build castles and fort and dog horses and snowman of course and play in my own world. but growing up I’ve start to develop haneous feelings regarding snow. for me it was only cold, wet, windy season and it bugged me. but last year I met my boyfriend who is from south-france, so where he come from they don’t have snow and for him it’s beautiful and fun. skating, snowboarding, skying, it’s new to him and seeing him so exited about snow mades me reconciliate with it. to love snow, you have to let your children heart speaks.

----- christine 08.12.10 11:15

We don’t get much snow in Texas, maybe once every two years. But when snow does come around, I love that the streets close down, everyone is out and about, and there is a snowman in front of every house.

----- alliehill 08.12.10 11:13

Snow is magical. It makes people happy. It brings people together sometimes by trapping them in places. Snow is fun the cold dry air when you walk out side and memories of christmas trees and hot chocolate. The first fresh powder in the morning when you go snowboarding. The many snowball fights and forts you share with friends. The shoveling you have to do to make some money for presents when you’re younger. The feeling of looking outside the window when you wake up and school is canceled. Android makes me happy for the fact that you can do so much and those little characters make everyone happy. Snowmen are the best.

----- Gregorio Feliciano 08.12.10 11:13

The wonderful thing about snow, I feel, is the sense of possibility it grants to a scene. Maybe it’s the newness the above poster pointed out, but it just seems to have an air of invention about it.

----- Phil 08.12.10 11:12

Snow is nice because of how quiet everything seems to get, the normally busy world around us just seems to go “shhhh.” People get closer to hear each other and share their warmth.

----- Johnny 08.12.10 11:11

Having been born in Iowa, I can think of nothing more fun than walking through the snow with my android talking to my girl friend. But alas, I live in Hawaii and I have an AT&T IPhone and the coverage is lousy and she dumped me.

----- Kyle Morrison 08.12.10 11:10

I love snow because it makes kids happy and excited and it puts me in a better mood knowing that the holiday season is in full effect, I also love Android because it makes me see how dynamic an OS can be and doesn’t tie me down to what the company wants me to have, everyones Android is unique and you could tell who the person is just by seeing his or her screen or apps.

----- George K 08.12.10 11:06

i love snow the most when i am sitting cozily inside my apartment, watching it fall on my neighbor’s lawn.

i love snow the least when i am standing in a pile of it waiting for the dang bus!

----- Chessie 08.12.10 11:05

I love both snow and Adnroids!

----- RiggsIsMoney 08.12.10 11:02

Snow, IS winter BAM! bottom line. Without it kids cant learn and teach others how to make or build igloo’s on street corners. With out it there is no snowball fights. There certinatly wouldnt be snowball making equipment either (its still a silly concept to me). We wouldnt need layers upon layers upon layers of clothes, gloves, hats and scarfs (which my mom makes and i absolutley love). So my closing argument sentence it without snow where would we be? Where would the childrens imagination go? does is migrate? does it hibernate? WELL IT SHOULDNT!

----- Danae Marchand 08.12.10 11:00

I love yellow snow! Looks so yummy, might try some now. Hang on… What the…?!? If only someone had warned me!

----- Jonathan 08.12.10 11:00

I love snow when it keeps you from having to go into work and I love Android for how well it keeps me entertained on snow days! They are the perfect combination.

----- Ryan 08.12.10 10:59

That is SO ADORABLE!!.. my favorite thing about snow? how you can see the individual snowflake shapes when you catch them in a black mitten (during a light snow flurry.. not during a blizzard).

----- Tran 08.12.10 10:57

I love snowboarding and snowball fights!

----- Chris Wilkinson 08.12.10 10:55

i can’t say too much about android because i don’t have one but snow has always seemed like home to me. maybe it’s because i was born in the winter or because i would spend ever winter on the slopes but there’s really nothing like snow [weird cause i really hate rain]. and of course there was always that big cup of hot chocolate to come back to after helping my father shovel.

----- Kye 08.12.10 10:54

I love winter.. because there is snow! Building snow caves, castles, and snowboarding rock!

----- Tyler 08.12.10 10:53

I love this adorable snowman, how inspiring is this, VERY!

----- Walter Silva 08.12.10 10:52

I abhor snow. It’s cold, wet, uncomfortable and makes my workload rocket. However, my Android-powered phone is the exact opposite. It is loving, entertains me for hours and connects me to people I love.

And I’d also like one of these toys as they were NEVER available in the UK, and the web sales went out at crazy o’clock for anyone outside of the US.

----- James 08.12.10 10:50

Awwww, Happy Birthday! My birthday was on Monday. Just got myself an Android and I love it. This is so cute.

----- Kevin 08.12.10 10:50

People tell me a name of one person who does not love the snow & the android…think..nun…

----- arnob 08.12.10 10:49

I don’t like snow, but I love this snowman!

----- Max 08.12.10 10:49

I love these little androids! They keep me company while I work. Sure would be nice to have a holiday snowdroid to help me thru the next few weeks! :)

----- alice 08.12.10 10:48

Top 5 Reasons I Love Snow

5. It initiates the snow animation on my HTC EVO.
4. Snowball fights are much better than dirt ball fights.
3. Two words: Snow Angels
2. Two more words: Snow Forts
1. When it comes down especially thick, reminds me of Frank Miller art.

----- Charles 08.12.10 10:48

I love how the Android figures are as amazing as the phones!

----- Nima 08.12.10 10:45

i just moved to chicago from phoenix and i experienced my first snow last weekend and we are gona get some more this weekend… im hella excited. and i also just got and htc android 2 and took lots of pictures of me playing in the snow with it

----- Edward 08.12.10 10:45

SNOW makes me glow because its so bright! Every morning waking up to snow, makes my room bright. I love SNOW because you can shape it in different sizes and throw it at your loved ones without them getting mad :) (tough loving) You can build things and it’ll stay = snowman, igloos, unlike dirty sand. SNOW is just pretty overall

ANDROID is just awesome because of how fast and easy it moves and works! D R O I D!

----- Rosanna 08.12.10 10:44

I love my androids and unfortunately wombats and other Android lovers have stopped me from getting many. Here’s hoping!! :)

----- Caroline 08.12.10 10:42

Snow is wonderful. Hope we have a white Christmas this year!

----- Jay 08.12.10 10:42

Riding your bike in the snow is the best. THE BEST.
_| |_
/( . )\
( . )

----- Dave 08.12.10 10:39

love the android! so much better than iphone.

----- Jacob 08.12.10 10:38

I love my evo, I live for Android UI and collecting. Snow is cool too I guess :)

----- alex 08.12.10 10:38

snow is awesome, it means ski season is upon us!
android is equally awesome, not quite in snow though. my android phone syncing with my google gmail contacts and calendar is the best.

----- edgar 08.12.10 10:37

I love snow, and I love Android. However, I do not like the thought of my Android falling in the snow and tripping an overly sensitive water damage indicator.:)

Happy Holiday!

----- Matt 08.12.10 10:37

Well, I love all of Andrew Bell’s work and I’m a huge fan of Android in general… so would definitely love to get one of these. And, I’m looking out my window and the snow on the ground and know that it wants to be a snowman. :)

----- Pooka 08.12.10 10:37

Love it when it snows around Christmas time. Not just because it makes things more festive, but because high school buddies and I go sledding down the hill on my parents property. Its about the only time of year where we’re all home at the same time. The only thing that’s missing now that we’re 30, is the sleepover that happens after we get done sledding. :)

----- Woody 08.12.10 10:36

I love snow and android because they both let you do what you want with it.

----- Robert 08.12.10 10:36

I love android! My chrome themes are android based and I have an android phone. It’s also freezing here, but it won’t snow! I think this wonderful android would make up for it!

----- Sean 08.12.10 10:35

My android phone is the only phone i have ever truly loved. It has unleashed the inner nerd in me and has me tinkering with different setting on a regular basis!

----- Steve 08.12.10 10:35

Snow ball fights! And the little android is so cute!

----- Tooky 08.12.10 10:34

I’d like this android to go with my EVO! Let’s go frosty-droid!

----- Dave 08.12.10 10:34

This San Diego girl/Bay Area transplant doesn’t know much snow, but I do know that I love my friends who are all Android geeks, and nothing would make me happier than being to leave the Snowdroid in one of their stockings this Christmas.

----- Shannon 08.12.10 10:33

I saw these a week ago and absolutely want one. My boyfriend is an android freak and i would love to give him one for christmas. Though he doesn’t care to shovel snow, this little guy is so adorable who couldn’t love him.

----- kim 08.12.10 10:26

I love android, i love google, i love this!!!!!!!!

----- ivan Bravo 08.12.10 10:17

I once was riding in a sled with another person, and as we were descending the mountain, I saw a tree in front of us. I thought we were going to crash, so I bailed, similar to how in the movies when the person just rolls out of the car. Needless to say, the person crashed.

I love snow.

----- quinn 08.12.10 10:16

My favorite thing about snow has to be when it’s really sticky and everything gets plastered. Overnight minimalist palette.

----- Jessi 08.12.10 10:16

I love android and snow too, But I never mix the two…
I want taste if I have lucky Thanks ;)

----- Heka 08.12.10 10:15

I love snow so much! But sadly it never snows in LA so it would be nice to have a tiny un-meltable snowman for my house!

----- Drew 08.12.10 10:15

I absolutely LOVE snow… I can’t wait for our first big snow of the year so I can put on my boots and go tubing with my coworkers/friends!

----- Teri 08.12.10 10:13

I love android! saved me from my glichey iphone.

----- Anna 08.12.10 10:07

I love the way the snow makes me feel cold on the outside yet warm on the inside & I love the way it looks when it sparkles so to have a Holiday Android as my friend would be so cool because I could enjoy looking at him & look at the snow with him lol

----- Dean Strudwick 08.12.10 10:05

I live in the Mid-Atlantic, so now is a way of winter around these parts. I don’t care if I am an adult, I get a child-like glee when I hear snow in the forecast! It makes the world so pretty and clean, how can you not love it? We may have had over 80” of snow last winter and I had to shovel almost all of it out of my driveway, but it’s one of the best parts of winter!

----- Christina 08.12.10 10:03

I love Android (and my LG Ally) because it brings my Gmail and Google Calendar everywhere I take my phone!

----- James 08.12.10 10:02

Snow makes me happy! Androids make me happier! Thanks for the chance.

----- Andrew Meteor 08.12.10 09:58

I still look forward to snow every year. We rarely get any in the Pacific NW, but when we do I feel like a child and hope for a ‘snow day’ from work so I can play outside.

----- Pamela 08.12.10 09:58

i love how snow smells. is that weird? that brisk cold that invades your senses and makes you feel clear and bright.

----- curtis 08.12.10 09:57

Awwww! It’s an android snowman! I didn’t the android figures could get any cuter, but I was totally wrong!

----- Tami 08.12.10 09:55

I love to play with/in snow and also how it causes everyone to cozy up inside with friends and family.

----- Jared 08.12.10 09:52

I love seeing my kids play on the snow, I like to look at the snow when is falling down such a nice event.

----- sindy 08.12.10 09:47

Oh so cool!!!! I love blind box vinyl toys. I understand these aren’t blind box but it’s a very cool figure. I’ve bought a few small pieces like Kid Robot stuff when I’ve had extra money. I’d love a chance at such a cool piece. So here goes.
I love snow! I’m a snowboarder of many years & look forward to winter as soon as it leaves. I also like when it snows at my work. I work at a psych hospital for children in Washington State. The kids love snow & you really can see joy in so many of their faces when they get to play in it, it seems to bring peace.
As far as androids here goes.
I … am …. pre-cise-ly …. 23.5746% ….. An-droid (in my best android voice)

----- Scott Yates 08.12.10 09:45

I love how an anagram for Android is Odd Iran. :)

----- Silas Cutler 08.12.10 09:41

Still waiting for the first snow here in NYC. Time to head west to Colorado in the meantime… Happy Birthday!

----- Kevin 08.12.10 09:41

Why do I love snow? One word: Snowzilla. Every year he emerges from the wintery depths to protect my lawn and wreak havoc on the neighborhood children.

----- Marissa 08.12.10 09:38

I would share some love for the snow but at the moment all the snow here has melted and im really hoping it dont snow here before wednesday or I will be stuck at uni for Christmas :(

----- Natalie 08.12.10 09:37

I love when it’s snows and suddenly everything gets quiet.

----- Jo 08.12.10 09:35

I love how clean the snow is when it’s fresh.
I love how bright it makes my neighborhood feel.
I love how the sky is orange when it snows.
I love rolling a snowman.
I love snow because it’s pure and natural.

----- Ray 08.12.10 09:35

I love snow because… it makes my city beautiful again. After the leaves have fallen off the trees my city looks pretty bleak in the Fall. But once it snows it’s covered in a puffy blanket of white. :)

----- Jes 08.12.10 09:31

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