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Bowery Hotel NYC- 01.23.11

bowery0.jpg Ack. It’s supposed to be the coldest night in a while here in NYC tonight! I guess it’s a good thing i just hopped the train down from Boston and got settled into the Bowery Hotel in NYC… definitely sounds like it ought to be a room service kind of night… lows of 5 degrees do not sound fun! Be it through laziness or busyness or indecisiveness, i’ve recently begun trying out the GoldSmith services of the fabulous Mr & Mrs Smith… it’s quite magical really, they’ll introduce you to your personal consultant who will take care of you when it comes to booking at any of their destinations as well as automatic room upgrades, airport lounge passes, loyalty plan and more… the part that has been the most fun so far, is it’s been far too fun emailing with my GoldSmith concierge, Jasmine. She’s made my life and inbox easier AND more amusing. While i’ll be testing things out more throughout the year, it’s already been a pleasure having them help me extend my stay in Boston last night at the XV Beacon (i’ve even ended up with a XV Beacon CD upon check out because of the Mr & Mrs Smith connection), and now they’ve worked out a press rate for me at the Bowery Hotel.

But i digress, back to the Bowery Hotel, my new home for the next few days, it’s adorable, and you simply must see the design details… i love their logo! And that they have a big calendar i can scribble on as i try to plan out the upcoming week… It’s so cold out, i totally got in and hopped into the comfy bed to work on the macbook air right now… SO cozy! And love the dark hardwood floors as well… go check it all out on the next page!

I have a thing for these digital keys that are shaped like traditional keys… XV Beacon did it too… less wallet friendly, but far cuter than those mag strip cards… bowery00.jpg

Isn’t the stained glass a nice touch? bowery2.jpg





A peek into the bar/closet… cute woody stand alone with curtains and wallpaper inside… bowery7.jpg


Nothing like a nice big bath tub… bowery13.jpg

And they even have the teeny tiny mini Marvis toothpastes! As well as amenities by C.O. Bigelow… bowery10.jpg


How cute is this little stool? bowery15.jpg


Oooh, and on cute little surprises that just arrived… wine.jpg

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