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Roll n’ Pour Jiggers + Macallan + Mooo- 01.21.11

jigger1.jpg Leave it to The Macallan Ambassador, Graeme Russell, to always find me the fascinating design details in the world of Macallan. After yesterday’s Masters of Photography Albert Watson launch in NYC, we hopped a train up to Boston for a scotch tasting dinner at Mooo in the XV Beacon (where i’m currently curled up in the four poster bed with the toasty fireplace at my toes). Design discovery of the dinner? Vintage Roll n’ Pour Jigger… this particular design makes me think of a unicorn! Also, take a peek at the vintage Macallan’s (awesome labels and bottles) and photographs from the Watson limited edition series that adorn our table in their wine cellar on the next page…

p.s. Any Boston shopping tips? I have some free time tomorrow to wander Boston for the first time in years and years before hopping a train back to NYC on sunday…











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CarneVino in the Palazzo Las Vegas uses jiggers very similar to the one pictured. I’ve been searching for a similar item for at least three years! Any US leads greatly appreciated.


----- Paul T 08.05.11 20:58

Im in Paris France, looking where to buy a roll and pour jigger. Can you give me any ideas where to start looking? Looking for a vintage parisian type.

----- Michelle 23.01.11 15:09

Lovely post. I have been on the hunt for a good roll and pour jigger, but the only decent options are on UK sites. Stateside suggestions would be appreciated - completely dig the model shown here.

----- CH 23.01.11 13:52

This is not a shopping tip but I can get you a walk through of the Boston Opera House this afternoon. It’s an amazing old building.

----- Jeff 22.01.11 08:32

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