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Checkered Droplets at Morgans Hotel- 01.31.11

droplets1.jpg Ok, don’t laugh, but i totally spent way too long this morning staring at the droplets in the Morgans Hotel shower. THEY HAVE CHECKERBOARD PATTERNS! And logically, it’s not even remotely a mystery how they appear, and indeed, i have found an upside to the rather intense bathrooms i complained about in the Penthouse post. And beyond staring at them too long in the shower, and flicking water at the glass to make MORE… first thing when i was done rinsing and repeating, i ran out and grabbed my dlsr to take pics of them to share with you while i sit here at the airport waiting to head back to sunny socal. Ahhhh, random shower inspiration. See more on the next page…

p.s. do you think the designer thought about this magical effect when they chose to make such crazy over-tiled walls?




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3 Notes

love this idea. So unexpected!

----- Ariel 27.06.11 08:31

Love that! Many a miniscule reflection, Escher-esque. Kudos to the designer if they did indeed realize and even intend the effect, though I’m thinking it’s merely a happy accident. :)

----- Deborah Davis 17.06.11 23:47

Nice pics !!

----- eve Politanoff 31.01.11 11:48

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