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Penthouse - Morgans Hotel New York- 01.30.11

penthouse0.jpg Ever have one of those magical weekends that you just don’t want to end? And even though it was only a brief 48 hours, you’re filled with nostalgia thinking about it already? Sitting in another room at the Morgans Hotel, before finally concluding this nearly 2 week east coast winter adventure tomorrow, i’m definitely feeling that! Dear Morgans Hotel ~ thanks for a magical, otherworldly inspiring weekend literally on top of the world in your perfectly cozy, minimalist penthouse with stunning NYC views. It turned out to be the ideal backdrop to some random adventures. The various shades of grey cubist carpets, furniture, walls, and more were just interesting yet subdued enough not to take over your consciousness, and really let the view and great company take center stage!

The Morgans Hotel Penthouse: the “spacious duplex Manhattan Penthouse at Morgans is a masterwork of timeless form and contemporary function, boasting its own greenhouse, kitchen, media room, dramatic spiral staircase, and two terraces with stunning city views. Updated by Andrée Putman in 2008, the new design retains the original spirit of the quintessential jetsetter’s private New York City apartment, but incorporates a sense of playfulness with touches like a modular and adaptable sofa and a Putman-designed lamp, Compas dans l’Oeil.” And the details are just beautiful… sitting on the couch and around the dinner table this weekend, we couldn’t help discussing which aspects we’d want to incorporate into our own homes, there was something cozily appealing about the set up, and the two decks with Empire views constantly take your breath away… ready to peek at the details? See lots of pics on the next page!

p.s. you’ve already seen the inspiring quote postcards i shot from the penthouse snowiness here! It just took me a bit longer to get to sharing the penthouse itself!


You enter on the 19th floor… greeted by the helix of a staircase with media room on the right and a little hallway to the bedroom on the left… penthouse2.jpg

The bedroom is a larger version of the usual Morgans Hotel room… penthouse3.jpg

… complete with my favorite detail ~ these built in couches with windows behind… and subtle door handles that lead you spacious closets and drawers! penthouse4.jpg

The desks have cute mini vanity mirrors you can flip right out of them… penthouse5.jpg

Perhaps the most intense and my least favorite aspect of the rooms… the checkerboard bathrooms are a bit dizzying… penthouse6.jpg



Now… back up the staircase! penthouse9.jpg

On the floor above you reach a spacious room… penthouse10.jpg

Flanked by two patios with completely different feels… you have the kitchen, couch area, and dining area surrounded by views… penthouse11.jpg


Ridiculously comfortable, and perfect to have about a half dozen people relaxing and discussing any and everything for hours on end… penthouse13.jpg

My favorite of the two patios…. definitely the little woody one we hung out smoking cigars and sipping scotch on… also adorable lighting at night, particularly dramatic with the snowy look… penthouse14.jpg


And at night… with dramatic clouds… the Empire State Building just looms above us so glowingly… penthouse16.jpg

It really was quite a magical place to meet up and relax… have dinner, and chat into the night! penthouse17.jpg

Stunning! penthouse18.jpg

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Things I love: The spiral staircase, amazing views, and that really cool checkerboard floor. The bathroom though….the get dizzy just looking at it in a photo!

----- Cody 02.08.16 18:59

This is pretty nice!! I love the window views in this one.

----- Willow 04.02.11 12:09

Memories of Morgans - we stayed there in 1988, when it was about the only “boutique” hotel around. The thing that epitomised their approach for me was that the hotel had no restaurant - it was just accepted that since you were in New York, they would get hold of anything you wanted to eat, anytime.

----- Richard Osborne 01.02.11 12:29

Hi Jacinta, they are hand applied silver leaf and seemed woody.

----- jean/NOTCOT 31.01.11 17:32

was just wondering what materials were used for the closets (where the built in couches are)?


----- jacinta 31.01.11 11:00

That shower is awesome. Checker board will never go out of style. We used to draw checkers on our Vans shoes when we were kids. Those industrial sinks are just cool.
Thanks for the wonderful pictures

----- christopher 31.01.11 06:58

We stayed here on our first visit to NYC two years ago - they’d double booked our room, so we got put in the penthouse! A.MAZING!! Lovely hotel - even the regular rooms are lovely! The bar next door’s cool too. xx

----- Toby 31.01.11 06:03

What do you prefer, the standard hotel in NYC or Morgans Hotel in NYC? They both look so trendy.

----- Jordan 31.01.11 01:41

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