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Dyson Digital Slim DC 35- 01.17.11

dysonslim0.jpg Wow. On fun packages that arrived this weekend… i’m currently fascinated by the Dyson Digital Slim DC 35 Multi Floor… it’s a cordless vacuum, it embodies my favorite parts of all of things Dyson, and is an evolved version of my most used cleaning tool, the old DC 16 hand held. It’s like a smaller version, with more sucking power (dual power modes even!), has a removable battery, an extension tube, and a ball jointed, motorized head with carbon fiber bristles like the full vacuums. I won’t deny i’m more of a fan of the matte metallic blue accent vs the old glossy yellow as well. Ready to see the unboxing and details up close? Take a peek at the next page… there’s also a comparison shot of it to the old DC 16.

P.s. This is definitely replacing my poor old DC 16, and seems to be doing a pretty good job on carpet with the motorized head as well… so perhaps it will take over my other vacuum as well…


And now for the unbox! dysonslim1.jpg








The wall mounting dock even holds the other attachments… dysonslim10.jpg

But alternately, you can also skip the dock and plug the wall charger right into the DC 35, or just into the removable battery. dysonslim11.jpg

Here’s a comparison shot of it with my trusty old DC 16… dysonslim12.jpg

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4 Notes

what’s the battery life like on this?

----- jason 18.01.11 21:44

Uh, jean. May I borrow that stick this weekend?

----- babamoto 18.01.11 18:45

That is killer design, strong almost robotic device.

----- Zampik 18.01.11 00:23

So cute. You are so lucky you get to have these gadgets !

----- Ray 17.01.11 22:06

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