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Sunset + Beach + CLS 63 AMG- 01.16.11

sunsetamg0.jpg Mmmmm. Another late late night (4:30 already?), but bubbling with inspiration and giddiness, i had to share these pictures with you before sleeping. Spent about 6 or so hours cruising around with the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG today… from Rancho Santa Fe wandering east into the mountains to Julian (mmm pie) and down and around through more rolling hills right up to the border of Mexico before looping into downtown San Diego for lunch at the Andaz, a quick jaunt through Coronado… and then i couldn’t resist and raced over to my absolute favorite car/beach spot from my college days (you used to find me there listening to music and curled up reading in my car), where you can pull right up to the sand and nearly touch the sea… the ideal sunset spot to make everything in your mind seem irrelevant in an instant.

So. PERFECT sunset. PERFECT beach spot. And PERFECT car. Driving the CLS 63 AMG is absolute bliss. The growling purr of the engine can’t help but make you grin… and it seems to have solved my dilemma where cars have been one of my hardest design objects to shoot passionately. Apparently i just hadn’t found the right one to inspire me. But after an incredibly fun day of driving and exploring rural east county goodness and reminiscing about my san diego past, pulling up to the sunset at my favorite car/beach zen spot… and catching sunset by mere moments… the glow was utterly magical to say the least. And the way the sunset lit and reflected off the cars curves was mind blowing. Naturally, i couldn’t help taking a bunch of pictures… take a peek on the next page!









There’s something i am so drawn to with the aggressive curvatures on the hood of the car… sunsetamg10.jpg



Perhaps every day should end like this?

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hi I am Alex from Germany and I was there on the event as well. I drove an M5 some months ago and I have to say - when you get the possibilty to try out the CLS 63 AMG - do it! It is something completely different!

----- Alex Kahl @probefahrer 05.02.11 17:15

Scott - you’re exactly right :)

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.01.11 06:13

Although, I am a BMW enthusiast…these pictures are beautiful. This looks like the cove between Del Mar Heights and Torrey Pines. Am I right?

----- Scott 21.01.11 02:06

if that’s cardiff, that’s my favorite beach spot also

----- randi 17.01.11 12:42

You can see the rear on the this post ~ also James’ comment over there explains why nicely… http://www.notcot.com/archives/2011/01/mercedes-benz-amg-cls-63.php#comment-726094

----- jean/NOTCOT 17.01.11 08:48

Not one pictures of the back?? how can we have a full vision of car without a back view??

----- steven 17.01.11 06:01

Excellent use of the sunset - really shows of the lines of this beast!

----- Rey 16.01.11 07:41

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