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Luceplan HOPE - Making Of- 01.09.11

hope0.jpg Luceplan HOPE light by Francisco Gomez Paz - i fell madly in love with the Hope light in Milan last year. And what better icon to celebrate 5 years of NOTCOT (embarking on our 6th this year!) and an end to 2010 with?

I didn’t expect it to be fully built upon arrival, but i hadn’t given much thought to HOW the lamp is assembled either. The process and packaging is amazing. SO well thought out. Down to the white gloves with grippy bits so you don’t scratch/dirty the lenses… well protected lenses you can clip together only one way, and bend ever so gently. The way it mounts to the ceiling fixture, with another anchor to distribute the weight. The way you can adjust the height easily even after installing… They even include special clothes to clean the lenses with… So thoughtful, love the process as much as the light! Anyhow, i could gush on, but it makes far more sense in pictures. And now, my living room is filled with Hope, and i can’t stop grinning every time i get lost staring at/into it. See it all on the next page!


Unboxing, love how even the cardboard within is perfectly designed to hold the box of lenses on top of the main structure. hope2.jpg

Unboxing the box… hope3.jpg

Top two tiers, lenses, next GLOVES, then the brackets for the lenses… hope4.jpg



Nicely laid out instructions… hope7.jpg



The gloves! hope10.jpg

The lenses… hope11.jpg

These are fun even on their own… hope12.jpg

… or attached to the brackets… hope13.jpg

Large and small lens attached to a bracket… repeat… hope15.jpg

The main structure mounted to the ceiling… hope16.jpg

First the bottom row attached… then working my way up… hope17.jpg

And it’s complete! hope18.jpg



View from below… hope21.jpg

And the gloves and cleaning cloths and instructions… ready for whatever comes next! hope22.jpg

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3 Notes

Have been drooling over Hope since y ou first saw it—how is it in your home?

----- Meg 29.04.12 16:20

It looks great!
And much better in Live :)

----- Ignacio 13.01.11 11:49

Sooo cool! Looks like such a nice experience! No wonder it got both the Red Dot and GOOD Design Awards last year. =)

----- D'zorro 10.01.11 09:18

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