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Oakley 3D Optics + Macallan 25 at CES- 01.10.11

oakley3d1.jpg CES was a lot more relaxed this year when Friday night i hid out with Oakley’s 3D Optics Team and Macallan in a suite party and so many amazing friends popped by too… also the perfect way to get a relaxed, fun view of their new 3D glasses while sipping some delicious Macallan 25 (omg, so good) and also play with their ice balls… and the vegas views from up in the Aria were a gorgeous sparkling backdrop! And in between, i couldn’t help taking a bunch of silly pictures you’ll have to peek at on the next page!

Oh! And i learned a lot about the 3D glasses world too… i’ll admit at first i couldn’t understand why i needed some if i didn’t have a 3D tv, but imaging going to someone’s house who does have one (and not enough glasses for everyone) or bringing your own that are more comfortable, better optics (and definitely look better) than the ones in theaters? Also, who knows where those others have been??? Whether i’m ready to have a pair handy in my purse at all times remains to be seen… and imagine a sports bar looking like this? But i’m definitely warming up to the idea of having my own for when those 3D situations do pop up! Anyhow, back to the pics! See more pics of the view, the glasses, the Macallan, and more on the next page!

Had to find a way to show you the view! and the glasses… and the bed! oakley3d2.jpg

It was far more fun watching crazy Oakley videos with ski/snowboard tricks and machinery… than the usual animated kids features! oakley3d3.jpg

Hehe… now macallan just needs a 3D video playing on a flexiscreen label! oakley3d4.jpg

More details on the optics side of the Oakley’s 3D Optics here. oakley3d5.jpg

Isn’t that view just stunning? oakley3d7.jpg

Would be awesome is someday these could double as my sunglasses too and i didn’t need to switch? oakley3d8.jpg


And the legendary Macallan Ice Ball machine! oakley3d10.jpg

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by chance what hotel is that at CES?

----- Ilmari 10.01.11 16:57

OMG I love the ice ball machine! mmmm that would be the best giveaway ever! hehe well I’m just saying. Also is it just a matter of time to see 3D Folding Wayfarers then? =)

----- D'zorro 10.01.11 10:05

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