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Gift Guide - Kids On The Go- 01.04.11

ggkidsongo.jpgThis is the last of three gift guides for those on the GO! This content series is brought to you by Intel AppUp℠. Find free and paid apps for your lifestyle. Get started.

Gift Guide time! This time ideas for the Kids On The Go ~ unlike the Business Traveler on the Go list and the Jetsetter On The Go list… here’s one for traveling with KIDS! (Particularly the younger ones! So, some fun ideas for newer parents transitioning from jetsetter to jetsetter and a half?) Check out the product picks on the next page!

yondi.jpg Yondi - travel pillow buddies for flights and long trips

dinobox.jpg Dino Box - some fun drawing/stencils will keep them busy!

airplay.jpg Star Kids’ Airplay baby toys that slip right on to a normal airplane seat tray table.

trunki.jpg Trunki Kid’s suitcases, perfect for carryon, pull along, and they can ride it… as well as decorate the various creature options!

boon.jpg Boon Snack Ball, Boon Squirt Baby food dispensing spoon, and Boon Fluid Sippy cup.

booboo.jpg Boo Boo First Aid Kit

kideo.jpg Kideo - while making use of your laptop and that inflight wifi… KIDEO! Its a nicely curated, safe youtube player for kids from Poke.

jetset7.jpg Dell Inspiron Duo - a whole new type of device ready for all those Intel AppUp℠ goodies… as well as fun games and more!

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