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Joby Origami with Robert Lang at CES- 01.09.11

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Truly one of the awesomest booth design discoveries in my first few minutes at CES, Joby’s newest iPad case Ori is so inspired by Origami, that they tapped THE origami guru, Robert Lang to help them make a stop motion origami video, as well as this gorgeous booth structure! The structure is an absolutely mesmerizing geometric multifaceted modular origami piece made up of 112 19.75” square sheets, one side mirrored, one side white. Each pyramid ends up about 12” per side, and the overall sculpture is 80” x 48” x 18”. It took about 2 days of folding and assembly! And they shipped it over WHOLE in a crate! Both Robert and the guys at Joby were kind enough to even send over making of pics… so check out not only booth pics and the stop motion video on the next page, but see it from a single folded piece to getting to the show floor as well!

p.s. Interesting how this piece and the Polaroid mirrored tessellation are similar…




As you can see, as much as i tried to focus on the product, i just kept staring UP. Amazing thing is no ights inside the structure, just a few Joby torches clinging to the sides of the poles and aiming light upwards at the mirrored facets! joby4.jpg


Such an incredible stop motion origami video!!!

Lets try this backwards… from the crate… to how it got there! joby5.jpg








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Exquisite. And clips from my favorite movie, Between the Folds, are there too. http://BetweenTheFolds.com

----- Andy 09.01.11 10:06

cross reference:
holding something neat up with super ugly sticks.

----- bob 09.01.11 10:02

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