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Polaroid Booth at CES- 01.08.11

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Polaroid’s booth had some lovely design details this year. Just to get it out of the way first, let’s acknowledge and move on from the whole Lady Gaga creative director and the grey label products press event. Ugh. Anyhow, what i liked over at their booth are the weird geometric mirrored tessellation growth protruding from within, their use of what looked like black painted raw wood which was a great contrast to the techy textures, and fun graphic design! Oh, and their huge polaroid framed screens really made me want one in my office flipping through NOTCOT.org posts! Take a peek at the details on the next page…


polaroid3.jpg It was hard to tell if it was hard or soft, but it definitely has a certain kind of hang to it… maybe mirrored triangles glued on some felty like surface? Couldn’t get close enough to it, but it also kind of had that egg carton, molded paper like look…

polaroid4.jpg See? Something about the screens/brightness against that muted textured natural black looked great!


These were a bit bill like… had a construction site vibe… but love the outline… polaroid6.jpg

And on a tangent, awesome styling for the font and the box for their sunglass line through the decades… polaroid7.jpg

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