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Morgans Hotel Inspiration- 01.28.11

morganscard1.jpg Just checked into the Morgans Hotel Penthouse… 1,500 square feet of hide away overlooking midtown to bring some fun folks together from around the globe to brainstorm a bit together and relax… and the first thing to grab me are the quote postcards they leave on your pillow. Fun, inspiring, nice clean typography, and the type of quotes that are perfect for the trouble we’re about to get up to! And as you’ll see, i had a bit of fun shooting them off the penthouse patios with the stunning snowy, glistening NYC backdrop… See all the Oscar Wilde, Mae West, and Woody Allen quotes from the The School Of Life’s IDEAS TO LIVE BY… postcard series for Morgans Hotel on the next page.






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Just stayed there last week and loved it. Great hotel.

----- Marc 28.01.11 16:50

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