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Victorinox Tomo designed by Abitax- 01.08.11

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On unexpected discoveries at CES, deep in the Victorinox booth, amongst the excitement of their adorable new USB drives (love the Presentation Master)… my jaw dropped a little when i spotted a case of something so different tucked away. Freshly arrived with the Victorinox CEO, Carl Elsener yesterday, their team barely had information on this new design collaboration that just arrived! Luckily, Carl was kind enough to passionately explain the story behind this gorgeous new design collaboration. The Victorinox Tomo (meaning friend in japanese) is a beautifully designed and packaged minimalist knife by Tokyo designers, Abitax! The packaging is made of molded recycled paper, just like egg cartons! (But the Swiss variation, which is apparently a thicker, denser version than our American ones.) Apparently, Abitax was smitten with Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, but wanted something even more streamlined, so they designed not only the product concept, but also the packaging, before proposing it to Victorinox. They even have 14 colors they wanted to launch with, but initially we will see 7: Red, White, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and a lighter Minty Green. The handles are in a matte, hard plastic feeling nylon, and seem perfect for everywhere from design stores as small gifts, to customizable corporate gifts. There is a Victorinox logo subtly pressed into the handle, as well as one on the exterior and interior of the packaging. You have to see more of the packaging and product up close on the next page!







While the name Abitax didn’t register at first, as soon as i realized they were the designers behind the stunning little clip on light… it all made perfect sense! victomo9a.jpg

And don’t their new lighter colors match perfectly with the new Tomo? victomo9b.jpg

Love their business card holder as well! victomo9c.jpg

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Hi, the Victorinox Tomo is a great product. I made an unboxing of it the other day, you might want to check it here: http://luxuryactivist.com/?p=1989

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