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Absolut + Cotton Candy Foie Gras Pops- 02.16.11

foie1.jpg First things first, sorry i’ve been quiet. Bottom line, ferverish for a few days that ends up being strep - sucks. Combined with a bit of travel craziness, and right into Grammy parties in LA, i might have overextended a little this month… BUT loading up on antibiotics, chicken soup, coconut water, pudding, etc… and hopefully back to normal by tomorrow?

That being said ~ Cotton Candy Foie Gras Lollipops at The Bazaar at the SLS in Beverly Hills are always awesome. Especially when you have the guy there making them non stop, its mesmerizing. Popped by Primary Wave’s annual Pre-Grammy Party, this year celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary. On fun stuff to share, it was a great chance to try out the new Absolut Wild Tea (black tea + elderflower!) in some of their new cocktails… and being The Bazaar the food was of course molecular gastronomy goodness… and my favorites have always been their Cotton Candy Foie Gras Lollies and the dark chocolate covered pop rocks… so i couldn’t help taking lots of pics of the Lollipop guy set up outside at the party doing his thing! Check it all out on the next page!



Cotton Candy set up! Foie Gras cubes are in the drawer… foie2.jpg

Rolled in some crispy goodness… foie3.jpg

Swirled in cotton candy… foie4.jpg

And there it is! foie6.jpg

It literally melts in your mouth! foie7.jpg

Now, as for the Absolut ~ here are the drinks they concocted ~ The Platinum which is Absolut Wild Tea with Domaine de Canton, Simple Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, Lychee Liqueur, and Soda water was delicious! foie8.jpg

“Cocktails Perfected” foie9.jpg

There’s something about the Absolut font/branding that still makes me happy… foie10.jpg


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Sorry to be a downer, I love your site, but please reconsider promoting the eating of foie gras.

Does this look delicious?! :


----- Laura 18.02.11 09:30

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