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Deportistas Flipbooks- 02.16.11

flippy00.jpg Mmmm, simple amusements. Adorable little design/art bookstore (La Valise in Mexico City) ~ cute little glass case ~ filled with ~ FLIPBOOKS! And not any flipbooks… but adorably cheeky beautifully illustrated ones that end with a twist that makes you giggle, then turn and make anyone around you watch it as you flip it again and again. Silly as they are, these are my favorite little goodies i brought back from the trip, and i’ve been dying to share them with you!

The Deportistas series of 4 flipbooks from Tumbona Ediciones by the awesome creative studio Eramos Tantos. AND, i was absolutely giddy when i found the animated version of all 4 in the series (Diving, Fencing, Hurdling, and Weight Lifting) set to music! (Previously i was trying to figure out how to make videos to show you as i flipped through them.) Truly an awesme homage to Tex Avery ~ we need more of this in our lives! So take a peek at the video, pics of the real flip books, and screen grabs on the next page!

First ~ check out the video of all 4 mini flip books animated ~ and put to music!

A peek at the books in real life… they are SUPER cute, and other than the cover have no text, so the perfect gift for anyone! flippy0.jpg



I barely noticed in the video that this guy had full on fangs… thank goodness for super slow-mo flip boooking! flippy3.jpg




This is the incredible little must see store i found in La Roma ~ La Valise ~ Zacatecas 126; 52-55-5564-9013 No website yet unfortunately, but it’s by the same guys as Chic by Accident flipbook0.jpg

And for graphic inspiration ~ screen grabs! deport1.jpg













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