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Adding Passport Pages- 03.01.11

passport0.jpg It’s back! I felt so free again this morning when my passport came back. There’s something about not having a passport on hand that feels like being trapped… albeit trapped in a HUGE country. On fun firsts, i finally reached the point where i had to add passport pages. One of the silly things i have been curious about since i was a kid, it now looks a bit frankensteined with completely different pages sewn and taped into the center! So, of course i had to take some pics to share the details of how it turned out! Take a peek on the next page… they even had some fun with the quotes and graphics!


New pages are even a little smaller! passport2.jpg

I loved the design of the old pages, with the state seals covering them subtly… passport3.jpg

The supplementary pages announce themselves in a few languages and with an official seal… passport4.jpg

Each page has an alphabet instead of a page number… and colorful scenes of America adorn them with quotes up top… passport5.jpg

Like this one “It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.” John Paul Jones passport6.jpg

They got cheeky with this one ~ in the very center they sew the extra pages into the actual passport… and the quote reads “A big iron needle stitching the country together.” Jessamyn West… with the railroad tracks running through as well… passport7.jpg

Official info inside with another seal… passport8.jpg

And the end of the new section ~ page X ~ is taped to the old one! passport9.jpg

Now unless i can fill these all before 2013, i don’t know whether i can see what an additional add on would look like…. how big can these things get?!?!?!

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One of my friend has an passport endowed 3 times pages,each time 24 pages,so 24*4=96 pages…Amazing,it seems like
An dictionary,when he pull out of his pocket on airplane,people seat next to him ask: are you carry on an Bible? :)
Actually the biggest passport(without add pages) is the passport issued by Singapore,Non-biometric passport with 98 pages.

----- Musuli 06.11.12 07:34

God, I love E.U. and all of those Schengen Agreement and traveling with an I.D. only things

----- Marcin Sierant 07.03.11 11:08

How big can the passport get?

I have seen passports where they take an old passport and sew/staple it right into the middle of a new passport.

It’s pretty ugly and unwieldy, but necessary when you have active visas in the old passport that need to be added to the new one. (In this instance, they were US Visas in an Indian passport.)

----- James 02.03.11 12:34

Those new pages are in the newly designed passports. My friend and I both applied for passports in 2006 for a trip, mine needed additional paperwork because of my citizenship at birth, so mine came from a different facility than hers. She got the fancy new ones with thicker cover and the lovely color/quote depictions on the pages like your addition; mine on the other hand came as the old style, with the state seals and nothing fancy going on. I can’t wait to get a new passport to enjoy the new look myself!

----- Adri 02.03.11 08:06

The first of the new pages you show made me happy! I grew up about a mile from where that photograph of Mt. Moran and the Grand Tetons was taken - Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park. I miss the feel of the old pages, but I like seeing different parts of the country with the quotes.

----- katalia 01.03.11 15:40

Wow, the American passport looks really nice compared to the German one. We have a few green pages with a rose Bundesadler in the middle.

----- Matt 01.03.11 15:39

I had those pages added last year, and my passport expires the same as yours, 2013. Glad I am not the only one who noticed the weird frankenstein results of two totally different page styles and how they are just sort of taped in there. And the new pages are also darker and cover up the lovely stamps. Your passport fees at work….

----- Tim 01.03.11 14:46

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