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Moon: Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso- 03.01.11

moon1.jpg That - up there - became a chair. As beautiful as the Tokujin Yoshioka Moon chairs for Moroso are, its the initial water color sketches that inspired the chairs that really grab me! There is a messy simplicity i just can’t resist… anyhow, starving and really ought to get to lunch, but wanted to share this one before running out! See how the chairs turned out on the next page, as well as more watercolors!





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I really enjoy your work and have been followinq it for quite some time now. I invite you to visit the booth PortugalBrands in Via Tortona 32, torneria 2, Milan. A great opportunity to meet the best of what has been done in the Portuguese design and exchange some ideas. Thank you and congratulations!

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