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Banksy Gets Plexi’d- 03.09.11

banksysaved.jpg In case i don’t say it enough ~ you, readers, are awesome! And when i get fun emails with pictures of running into Banksy’s being covered in LA that a reader’s wife sent him… how can i not share? (Thanks, Abner!)

So what’s the story? My wife was with her brothers, sister in law and 2 year old niece hunting for Banksys and they encountered that scene: Banksy was being preserved. Here is how she describes it: I asked who had told them to cover it up, it had been the owner of the building who had asked them to do this. They only said, “Him, the guy that made it.” Photo credits to Sandra Gonzalez! While it’s tempting to veer into the state of the cultural perception of Banksy… or discuss shark jumping, or impressive impact beyond the street art/art world… How about we just revel in the amusement of turning a corner and running into a team of guys trying to plexiglass the side of a building? Take a peek at the close up on the next page too…

p.s. it’d be perfect if someone added imagery ON the plexi of the guys putting it up. And then added another layer above that to protect it… and so on… and so on… street art sandwich?


Here are pics from Banksy’s site of the original: banksysaved2.jpg


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I don’t think it should be covered or preserved.
Isn’t that the point of street art? The art being out in public, and creating it without being caught or interrupted. The materials that street artists use only last for so long…I don’t think they are putting it on sides of buildings or in alley ways so it will last forever.
The thrill is that they have gotten past the system, or “the Man” and got their work up. The rest, and nature, will then takes it’s course.

----- Maggie 12.03.11 10:00

We’re doing it in Baltimore too! Would have loved if Gaia’s work had been plexi’d, but we’ll have to settle for an article in the paper and a couple pictures.

Baltimore Sun Article: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-vozzella-rooster-jesus-20110309,0,3773665.story

Pictures: http://www.fatcap.com/graffiti/57666-gaia-baltimore.html

----- Ben 10.03.11 15:03

What about when the plexiglass turns yellow from the sun?

----- Conan 10.03.11 09:00

they’ve done the same in manchester, england.
covered the piece in a big box of plexiglass, which has now been completeley covered in graffiti…!



----- noelieboy 10.03.11 03:51


When I saw this I instantly remembered this video I think Banksy has to be tickled that people are cutting walls and ripping down billboards after he scrawls a few lines…nothing agains the guy hes brilliant its just funny

----- rick 09.03.11 20:25

Well the last plexi covered banksy (the little diver), I knew was in Melbourne where a vandal poured paint from the gap on the top of the cover.. I think Banksy would’ve appreciated the gesture

----- subfauna 09.03.11 15:56

I would do the same if there was a Banksy on my building, but I think that would trap moisture. Meaning the protective cover would end up destroying it.

----- taciturnforsale 09.03.11 15:15

I agree with John: it’s a very constructive choice!

----- elisabetta 09.03.11 14:28

I love the idea of a street art sandwich! Pretty cool to see the work being preserved

----- John 09.03.11 12:23

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